Which Vintage Puzzles Are Valuable/Collectible? What’s Old Is Gold

Which Vintage Puzzles Are Valuable/Collectible

Which vintage puzzles are valuable/collectible? This is a common question among individuals who often keep an eye out for the rarest looking, antique puzzles available on the market.

If you consider yourself as a puzzle collector with a hobby of collecting the most valuable vintage puzzles, you need to first understand that the value attached to your puzzles is based on multiple factors and not just age.

Like any other common collector’s items such as coins, stamps and baseball cards, the price of your vintage puzzle depends on numerous factors such as visual appeal, craftsmanship, rarity, condition, historical interest, manufacturer and state of the market today.

The first jigsaw puzzles were manufactured by mapmakers in the late 1700s. They mounted maps on hardwood and cut puzzle pieces using a marquetry saw. During the period of Great Depression, jigsaw puzzles gained immense popularity as they offered a recyclable, long-lasting and cheap form of entertainment. Therefore, jigsaw puzzles go way back!

Now the real question is: which vintage puzzles are valuable/collectible? Whether you are looking for jigsaw puzzles that offer entertainment or simply add value to your vintage collection, we have got you covered! Here is a mini-guide to some of the best valuable vintage puzzles available on the market:

Antique World Map by Nautilus Puzzles

Map Of The World Puzzle

The Antique World Map by Nautilus Puzzles is a 555-piece Victorian-cut, full color jigsaw puzzle. The wooden laser cut map pieces are constructed using the finest finishes and inks to create a clear, crisp, image. The random jigsaw puzzle pieces are designed to provide users with an amazing tactile experience and challenge the puzzler.

Not only does it make for an ideal collectible item but if you want to make use of the vintage product, it also offers hours of puzzling enjoyment. The Antique World Map by Nautilus Puzzles is a perfect gift for history lovers and puzzle doers. The Finnish Birch Plywood that is used in the manufacturing of this vintage piece is harvested from forests that have been managed in a sustainable manner.

The advanced cutting technique used in to create this jigsaw puzzle ensures that every little piece is a work of art. Furthermore, the sturdy wooden construction of this puzzle allows you to add it to your valuable vintage collection and also hand it down as an heirloom to the next generation!

The Little Mermaid Jigsaw Puzzle by Thomas Kinkade – The Disney Collection

The Little Mermaid Jigsaw Puzzle by Thomas Kinkade is an ideal product to be added in your vintage puzzle collection. It offers a perfect combination of distinctive aesthetics and family entertainment. The 750-piece puzzle is a beautifully detailed work of art that depicts Prince Eric and Ariel from the popular Disney romantic fantasy film, The Little Mermaid.

Thomas Kinkade is known, as the Painter of Light and thus, this jigsaw puzzle created by him is a valuable item for all vintage Disney puzzle collectors. The challenging, innovate puzzle is proudly manufactured in the USA and therefore, it offers the premium quality you are looking for in your vintage collectible item.

Mickey Through the Years – 90th Anniversary Edition

Disney Vintage Puzzles

Mickey Through the Years is the largest Disney Mickey puzzle created. This 90th anniversary edition puzzle consists of 40,320 pieces, making it a perfect valuable item for individuals looking to add a Disney vintage puzzle in their collection. The puzzle contains some of Mickey’s best moments in Disney history.

The manufacturer of this product, Ravenburger has put together premium quality components to provide collectors with the highest-quality puzzle in terms of both material and content. No matter how small or large the puzzle is – each piece is made precisely so that it fits perfectly every single time. The pieces are punched with extreme accuracy and precision using Softclick Technology. Therefore, every time you connect two pieces together, you will be able to hear a soft click.

Ravensburger is dedicated to offer a signature experience to its customers with their premium puzzles. Get the Mickey Through the Years jigsaw puzzle today that features the most incredible moments of Mickey’s career in the span of 9 long decades in the form of a scrapbook!

Things to Consider When Buying Collectible Vintage Puzzles

Like any other market, the value of puzzles rise and fall. This can be quite frustrating if you have been collecting expensive items religiously only to see their value drop! Following are some reasons for the value of vintage puzzles dropping:

Limited Editions

Before buying a product, make sure that the puzzle you see described as “limited edition” is actually one. If a product doesn’t state a specific figure such as “limited to 100 copies”, then it should be avoided, as the true limit of the number of puzzles available may be endless.

Media Hype

It is very much possible for a product to become extremely popular among buyers because of a great deal of media coverage. However, as soon as the media buzz dies away, there might be nothing left to stimulate demand of the puzzle and values may drop immensely!

Production Motive

The motive behind the production of a vintage puzzle plays an essential role in determining its value in the market. If a puzzle was produced on demand for a specific event, then its value may increase when production ceases, especially if the puzzle becomes iconic. However, if a puzzle was only created for the purpose of generating profits, then its popularity may be short-lived.

Our Final Thoughts

Now that you know the answer to the question: which vintage puzzles are valuable/collectible, we hope you are ready to expand your antique collection!

Puzzle building in itself is a pastime that continues to bring friends and families together for hours of stress-relieving and relaxing entertainment. Put a halt to using digital devices and instead have fun assembling these jigsaw puzzles!

More importantly, second-hand jigsaw puzzles are quite popular and great sellers on online stores such as Amazon and eBay. If you are a puzzle collector and have the money to spend on these items, you should invest in some antique puzzles right away!