What Is Black Gold Worth – What Doesn’t Glitter Can Still Be Gold

What Is Black Gold Worth

With black gold making waves in the jewelry market, one major question that pops up in the mind of customers is; what is black gold worth?

For decades, gold has been regarded as an important metal that acts as the foundation of the entire financial system. It is considered to be a sign of power, prosperity, and wealth. This metal is one of the oldest elements discovered by human beings and its jewelry applications date back to the earliest of civilizations. As an investment, it’s also a great way to ensure some form of financial stability, as the price of gold rarely dips in worth.

While gold remains to be one of the most widely used metals in jewelry due to its timeless beauty and regal appearance, there is much more to gold than just this, it also offers amazing health benefits. Moreover, it is available in various different colors, adding to its diversity in the jewelry business.

You must be familiar with trendy rose gold and elegant white gold. However, when it comes to black gold, not many people are aware of the metal or its full potential. While there may be several reasons to invest in jewelry made of black gold, most individuals choose it for its unique characteristics. Black gold rings are real attention-grabbers and these unique pieces are more likely to be noticed, giving an advantage to people looking to show off their major investments.

If you are looking for answers to questions such as: What is black gold? What is black gold worth? How to keep black gold shiny and clean? We have got you covered! Use this mini-guide to know everything about black gold and invest in a unique jewelry piece that is sure to keep all eyes on you!

What Is Black Gold?

Regular Gold Turned Into Black Gold

Black gold doesn’t occur in nature. This originally yellow gold goes through some manipulation in order to be transformed into black. Following are some methods used to create black gold:


Alloys are a mixture of two or more metals. They are generally used as a base metal in the manufacturing of filled or plated jewelry. Black gold is also produced in a similar manner. Darker metals like cobalt are mixed with gold to create black gold. When black gold is created using alloys, the ratio always remains the same; three parts gold to one part metal. Technically, a proper metal mixture isn’t formed. Instead, the surface of gold is simply covered with a layer of black.


When it comes to the creation of black gold, electroplating is the most popular and widely used method. While the name sounds quite complex, the process is actually very simple. A black finish is achieved by plating gold with either black ruthenium or rhodium. This process is one of the most economic ones used to form black gold. This trusted process results in an elegant and eye-catching sleek finish. However, electroplated black layers tend to wear out quicker than plating formed using other methods.

Laser Treatment

As technology is rapidly taking over the world, black gold is now widely created using a modern method known as femtosecond laser. In this process, a pulse of high volume energy is applied to alter the surface of the metal. In result, the metal darkens until it completely becomes black.

Out of all the processes used to create black gold, the femtosecond laser treatments offers the most durable and long-lasting product. Quality and efficiency, however, has a price. As treating gold using laser requires skill and technique, it is quite costly. Therefore, it isn’t used widely – yet.

With the constantly increasing demand of colored gold in the jewelry market, it’s reasonable to assume that this treatment method will become affordable and more easily available over time.

What Is Black Gold Worth?

Different Kinds Of Black Jewelry

As black gold is rapidly gaining popularity in the jewelry market, the costs associated with it continue to escalate. If you are interested in purchasing gold jewelry for the sole purpose of investment, fine metal such as silver, black gold and yellow gold are seen as ideal choices. One main thing that people should know before investing in black gold is that it holds the same value as the gold that is underneath the plating. The plating process doesn’t increase or decrease its worth in any sort.

Black gold is gradually carving its deserved place in the jewelry industry. As the metal has unique properties, it is quickly gaining popularity as wedding bands and engagement rings. One incredible thing about black gold jewelry is that the surface plating can be easily removed as per your liking. If you think that your desire to buy a black gold wedding or engagement ring is just a phase that will end sooner or later, you can easily return black gold to its original state of clear or white-plated ring.

Black gold jewelry isn’t sold widely; therefore, finding it can prove to be quite a challenging task. As with any other type of jewelry investment, you’ll want to purchase black gold from a reliable retailer. Black gold jewelry is eye-catching, bold, and unique. If you love statement jewelry pieces, investing in black gold might just be the right choice for you!

Black Gold Jewelry Maintenance

Following are some helpful tips you can use to keep your black gold shiny and clean:

  • Use a gentle jewelry cleaner or cleanser that is non-abrasive to clean black gold jewelry. Alternatively, you can make a mixture of dish soap and warm water and rub your black gold with it using a soft cloth or brush.
  • As black gold jewelry is plated, you need to make sure not to bump or rub it as it can scratch the surface and cause the gold base to become exposed.
  • As with any other type of plated jewelry, black gold might require replating at some time down the road due to normal wear and tear. Replating gold can help rejuvenate its original shine and luster.
  • Try to store your black gold jewelry pieces in a fabric-lined box, away from floating particles and dust that can scratch and damage it.


We understand that “What is black gold worth?” is a common question among frequent jewelry buyers. We hope that with all the aforementioned information about black gold, you found something worth your while.  Remember to always consider buying from a reputable seller. If you see a jewelry item made of black gold online that you absolutely love, ask the seller to email you a picture of the actual finished ring. This well help you make an informed decision and enjoy maximum benefit from your investment!