What If All the Volcanoes in the World Erupted At Once?

What if All the Volcanoes in the World Erupted at Once?

Flying Rocks and Magma

The first thing that you would notice is the sound of explosions all around the planet. The explosive eruptions churn out tones of ash, rocks, and gas, which can completely wipe out nearby areas. It is impossible to outrun this hot giant cloud. The rocks can go up to a temperature of 1,830°F (1,000°C) and travel at a speed of 450 mph (700 KPH).

However, that is mostly what will happen if a super volcano erupts. Not all volcanoes erupt in the same way. Some volcanoes may steadily eject magma to the ground instead of violently expelling it into the air (which you’re probably more familiar with after watching all those disaster movies).