What If All the Volcanoes in the World Erupted At Once?

What If All The Volcanoes In The World Erupted At Once

Minus the 500 volcanoes spread across the ocean floors, there are around 1,500 potentially active volcanoes on Earth… so naturally, it begs the question – what if all the volcanoes in the world erupted at once? What if one day you wake up and scroll through your newsfeed, only to learn that every active volcano on the planet is erupting? Would Earth be able to survive all the molten lava, ash, and scorching glass if this happened?

You should note three basic facts. Firstly, not all volcanoes are dangerous; some are extinct since they don’t have any magma left to spew out. Secondly, there are always around 10-20 volcanoes erupting somewhere on the planet. Thirdly, there are around 20 super volcanoes; the largest one is called Yellowstone. You can place the entirety of Tokyo city within its crater.