VigLink vs SkimLinks – Which Affiliate Network Is Better?

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If you’re looking for a winner in the VigLink vs SkimLinks battle, this guide will be of great help to you.

VigLink and SkimLinks are two networks that come to mind when you think of affiliate networks. As such, you need to know all there is to know about them before you decide to sign up with one.

How Do Affiliate Networks Work?

When looking for platforms to promote affiliate products, you may find many sources, but getting your website approved is not easy. Affiliate networks screen applicants before selecting people who are trustworthy enough to promote their suppliers’ products or services.

The process of signing up for affiliate networks involves:

  • The screening of your website
  • Requesting merchants for permission to promote their products.

However, most new websites find it difficult to get approval since they don’t really have any sales records to strengthen their case. Some merchants may also reject you if you don’t belong to the list of countries where their products can be promoted. Many only accept applications for affiliates in the USA.

If you want to avoid these issues and get involved in the process of making money through your blog or website, then you are likely to benefit by using VigLink or SkimLinks.

VigLink and SkimLinks make it easier for your website to be accepted for an affiliate marketing program. The process is faster, and you don’t need to wait for merchants to respond to and accept your application. These two platforms have partnerships with thousands of merchants, which means that you can join a program and start making money straight away.  

These merchants provide products and/or services across most sectors, making it easy for you to choose which ones you want to promote.

A major benefit both these platforms offer is that you don’t need to conceal your affiliate links within your website. Just place the regular link, and VigLink or SkimLinks will take it from there. You won’t need permission for each and every promotion.

Another plus point is that instead of promoting different items through different affiliate programs and having to deal with the hassle of payment with each client, with SkimLinks or VigLink, all your money will be transferred to you at once. Apart from having one collective income, the amount you’ll have to pay in taxes will also be reduced.

Now that you know a bit about the benefits that both affiliate networks offer, it’s time to take a look at how they work:


VigLink Affiliate Network

VigLink is an affiliate network that connects affiliates to vendors/merchants. It currently has partnerships with around 12,500 merchants. Their technology is designed to scan your website and add the relevant links where required so that you can earn a commission every time someone clicks on the affiliate link.

What VigLink Has to Offer

  • VigLink helps you monetize your content to help your website earn money. This is done by scanning your website and inserting links where appropriate. This means you can churn out more content without having to go through the hassle of adding affiliate links or outsourcing the process. If VigLink is used the right way, you can earn a steady income through it.
  • It is an influencer network. If you’re a vendor, you can work through VigLink without having to set up your own independent affiliate program. This gives you access to a larger marketing network, which helps you advertise to a much wider audience.   
  • The entire process is automatic – once you install the network code, VigLink will scan your website and find links and phrases that can be monetized for maximum income. If you want, you can specify what links you want your users to be directed to by setting up parameters on your account dashboard. If you don’t want to be that hands-on, you can let VigLink stay in charge of the process.
  • For vendors, VigLink is not just a single promotional platform – it provides access to different websites and social media platforms where you can optimize your links and spread your brand’s name. This essentially makes social media integration easy.

How to Get Started on VigLink

If you have a well-designed website and are not already promoting products from other networks, the process is quite easy. To begin, click the sign-up button and fill out the required information. Make sure you enter your information correctly since everything you enter will be verified. This is especially true for your website traffic statistics and the sources of this traffic.

Once your info has been verified and approved, you will receive a code that you will have to install on your website for link automation. The network will automatically link your website with programs that are likely to generate the most income. In other words, earning commissions is automatic.

Who is VigLink Suitable for?

Regardless of where you’re publishing your content, make sure you install the code that VigLink gives you. Since you don’t need to renew any expired links, you don’t have to sign up for separate affiliate programs. This makes using VigLink to monetize your website incredibly easy and convenient. If, at any point, a vendor does not wish to promote through VigLink anymore, the network will automatically remove the appropriate links.

You’re likely to earn a decent sum as opposed to just a few cents per click, as is the case with Google AdSense. In fact, VigLink doesn’t have a pay per click plan. It has a Pay Per Action plan, which basically means that some action, such as a sale, submitting a phone number, etc., must be completed to earn revenue.

While you shouldn’t expect to rake in the cash early on, you’re likely to gain more commission through VigLink than with pretty much any other affiliate network.

VigLink also has a referral program that you can make use of to add to your earnings. For every person who joins as a result of your referral, you’ll earn some money as commission. This is more profitable if a publisher joins through your referral, as you can expect bigger commissions.

How to Earn Through VigLink

Depending on where you live, you can choose from one of their existing payment options:

  1. PayPal- available for all countries
  2. ACH- only available for those based in the USA
  3. Checks- only available for those based in the USA
  4. Wire Transfer- available for all countries.

PayPal withdrawal has a minimum $10 limit while the other payment options have a minimum $50 limit. This is a step up from other affiliate networks where you need to earn a minimum of at least $100.

Advantages of Using VigLink

  • VigLink won’t have a negative impact on SEO traffic since it has a good reputation in the digital world. Your website ranking remains unaffected since VigLink doesn’t alter your links but still directs its offers to the landing page. This benefits you, but mostly VigLink, since their landing page is the one being displayed.
  • It saves time since the entire process is automated, and you don’t need to add any of the links yourself.

Disadvantages of Using VigLink

  • Since the process is controlled by VigLink, you don’t get to control the type of affiliate links that are added to your website. This may result in a lower conversion rate since not all of the links will be relevant, and the CTA (Call to Action) won’t persuade your entire audience.
  • You can impact this by writing reviews on products available in the network. This is likely to make the links more relevant.
  • If you wish to make a substantial profit, you need a significant amount of traffic on your website. This is because many people are likely to ignore the links, and only a small percent will actually click and act on these links.
  • Commissions are generally on the lower side. VigLink may place affiliate links for Amazon, etc. which will pay a commission of around 1-10% per product. Some of this commission will be taken by VigLink, and if a product only costs a few dollars, there’s not a lot that you can earn from such a sale.

Is VigLink Worth Joining?

Now that you know what VigLink is all about, the final decision to join is up to you. VigLink is ideal for people who don’t want to deal with the hassle of joining various affiliate programs. The process of joining this affiliate network is quite easy, and you can start earning commissions almost immediately (based on your site traffic).

VigLink is timely with its payments, and there are many users who have earned thousands every month through this affiliate network.

VigLink is a good option if your website receives plenty of traffic. However, you can gauge your earnings overtime and consider changing the network if you’re not happy with how much money you’re earning.


SkimLinks Affiliate Network

SkimLinks is one of the oldest affiliate networks and currently has partnerships with over 48,500 merchants. It is also considered to be one of the best affiliate programs to join since it has partnerships with merchants that would not likely approve your application if you applied on your own.

SkimLinks lets you keep track of your affiliate efforts through analytics reports on the dashboard. Many people also consider SkimLinks to be the most powerful tool for affiliate marketing.

How SkimLinks Works

SkimLinks involves 4 main parties:

  • The merchants who pay SkimLinks to promote their goods and services. This allows SkimLinks to pay its advertisers after taking its commission.
  • The publishers who advertise and receive the commissions.
  • The network that brings the two together.
  • The customer, who takes action (or should ideally). It’s the customers’ actions that allow merchants and publishers to earn revenue.

Essentially, SkimLinks is the middle man and makes it easy for publishers to find merchants to promote.  

How to Get Started on SkimLinks

If you have a solid website (or blog), signing up for SkimLinks will be quick and easy. Fill out the required information and make sure you’re honest since all of it will be verified before your application is rejected or approved.

Generally, websites with high traffic from the USA, Europe, and Australia are likely to be approved. Apart from this, you need to meet the criteria for the minimum set level of site traffic in order to be eligible for SkimLinks – this traffic also needs to be consistent over time.

You also need to have content that’s legit and isn’t too similar to other websites in the same industry. The better your content, the higher your chances of being accepted.

If you have plenty of affiliate links already existing on your website, SkimLinks may reject your application.

Make sure your website has had at least a few months to generate some level of site traffic. Brand new websites won’t be considered. SkimLinks generally gets back with a response within 2-3 days.

Once your application has been approved, you can work with any merchant you want to without having to fill out a separate application.

You can also start earning revenue almost immediately since SkimLinks will automatically add affiliate links that are relevant to the content on your webpage.

The Main Features of SkimLinks

SkimLinks makes use of certain technologies to help you earn commission:

  • SkimLinks – this feature can convert all the normal links on your website into affiliate links, which helps you save time. You will need to specify the URL you want converted.

This feature can be utilized by installing propriety software on your server.

  • SkimWords – this allows SkimLinks to pick up words on your website that coincide with products they’re trying to promote and adds the relevant affiliate links. Again, this helps you save time.
  • Showcase – you will need to add a JavaScript code on your website, which will enable SkimLinks to bring out all the relevant products that can be promoted. These may be displayed in the form of a banner or a carousel on your website.
  • Affiliate Dashboard – through the dashboard, you can track the offers being promoted in real-time. You can see all your activity over the past month in terms of the number of clicks and the sales generated. This will tell you which of SkimLinks’ features helped to generate the most revenue so that you optimize your content accordingly. You can also view hourly statistics through the dashboard.

SkimLinks does the work automatically, so the only difficult part is actually getting approved. Even this will be easy if you have a good quality website (or blog). Once you’re in, you can promote any of the 60,000 products listed on the network.

Keeping Tabs on Your Performance on SkimLinks

SkimLinks provides you with statistics about your progress so that you can improve your marketing efforts. You’ll get statistics such as:

  • Daily analytics reports that provide information on the conversion rate, earnings, clicks, order value, etc.
  • Merchant analytics reports.
  • Site analytic reports which display your site’s performance.
  • Product insight reports that show the products your referrals buy.
  • Unaffiliated clicks analytics reports that show the links on your page that aren’t affiliate links.  
  • Page insight reports. These give you a list of pages that generated sales from affiliate vendors.

Advantages of SkimLinks

  • SkimLinks provides significantly higher commissions than most affiliate marketing networks – as high as 25%.
  • The entire process is automated, and SkimLinks automatically adds relevant affiliate links to your webpages. This will help you earn commissions a lot faster.
  • You won’t have to deal with the hassle of fixing broken links since affiliate links cannot be changed.
  • You can obtain detailed analytics reports that will help you gauge your performance. This will enable you to improve your performance and earn a better commission.

Disadvantages of SkimLinks

  • Getting approved by SkimLinks is difficult, especially if you’re a new website with very low site traffic. Sites that have traffic from the USA, Europe, and Australia will be considered first. If you haven’t established your site, your application may get rejected.
  • SkimLinks only pays once a month, which may be a hassle for affiliate marketers who may be used to networks that pay twice a month or even once a week.
  • Despite having plenty of merchants on board, the niches they operate in are limited and are mostly focused on lifestyle, fashion, electronics, etc. That said, you still have plenty of merchants to choose from to monetize your website (or blog).
  • Since SkimLinks is the middleman, it will take a fair share of the commission before it reaches you.

Who is SkimLinks Suitable for?

If your website is well-established and has plenty of traffic, SkimLinks can help you monetize it in a way that nets you the maximum amount of revenue. Rather than spending hours searching for separate products to promote on separate sections of your website, you can pass on the responsibility to SkimLinks, who will place the right links and ads where required.

If you operate a forum, you can monetize it through SkimLinks. Any link published on the platform will become an affiliate link. This can generate quite a bit of revenue.

You have to focus on increasing your website traffic if you want to be eligible for SkimLinks, but it’s well worth the effort once you start working with the affiliate network.

How to Earn Through SkimLinks

You receive your commissions every 30 days, and payments are made either through bank deposit or PayPal. The availability of these options may vary depending on where you live. For citizens of the USA and the UK, both options are available. If you are based in the US, you can also receive checks.

You need to earn a minimum of $10 to be eligible for payment.

So, Which Affiliate Network Should You Choose?

Despite having similar functions, SkimLinks offers more features than VigLink, such as the option to choose from more vendors and obtaining detailed statistics about your affiliate marketing activities.

Both work well with their publishers and are timely with payments. However, VigLink pays more frequently. Another point in favor of VigLink is that the criteria for being accepted are not as stringent SkimLinks’.

The best way to break the tie is to see what kind of merchants both platforms have to find the ones relevant to you. If you have multiple websites (or blogs) and find that both affiliate networks have relevant vendors (merchants), you can choose different affiliate networks for different sites.

Since the end goal is to earn revenue, make sure you choose the network that helps you get better site traffic and monetization. You will have to consider the magnitude and traffic of your site before choosing your winner in the VigLink vs SkimLinks debate.