Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy [12 Ways of Building One]

Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you want to boost your business in today’s technology-oriented world, you will need a successful social media marketing strategy.

Social media marketing has massive potential when it comes to attracting new customers and increasing sales.

According to statistics, about 97% of small-scale businesses use social media to attract new customers. However, 85% of business owners aren’t sure as to which social media tools to use and how to use them.

To make the most of this enormous platform and extract the highest benefit for your business, you need to have a solid social media marketing strategy.

1. Use Chatbots

Chatbot Chatting Software

A chatbot is a software program that can simulate a conversation with a human user in the user’s natural language. This is done through different mediums like applications, telephones, websites, and mobile apps. The best thing about chatbots is that they can be easily integrated with different social media platforms, which also happens to be the most common channel through which consumers interact with businesses nowadays.

If you are wondering how chatbots can be part of a successful social media marketing strategy, we can break down the details for you.

The integration of chatbots takes customer service to an all-new level. Prospective customers may belong to any part of the world and from any time zone. The use of chatbots will ensure that any queries the customer may have are addressed then and there, without delay.

The use of chatbots started with Facebook Messenger chatbots, but with advancements and developments in all areas of social media, it is now possible to integrate chatbots into other social media platforms like Twitter, WeChat, Kik, etc.

Having a chatbot as a part of your social media marketing strategy will not only result in increased traffic but will also boost your sales and increase your customer retention rates!

2. Create a Personalized Customer Experience

A Happy Customer Rating 5 Stars

Back in the day, ads were very in-your-face and were directed at entire groups of people surfing the net. When you clicked on these ads, you were usually directed to a company’s official website or a social media profile. It seemed like the brands were only trying to sell their products to you instead of working on making the whole experience enjoyable.

The probability of a customer making a purchase is high when they are made to feel important. Trying to deliver a personalized experience for your customers will have a significantly positive impact on your sales.

Chatbots, as mentioned earlier, make your social media profile super-responsive, but that’s not the only thing they do. They assist you in delivering a personalized experience for your customers. One of the most successful social media marketing strategies includes not linking an ad to your website or social media profile; instead, link an ad to a messenger window where visitors can interact with a chatbot.

What difference will that make? Well, a customer isn’t going to part with their hard-earned money so easily. They want their concerns to be addressed before they spend their money. When you link an ad to a messenger window, a visitor can get answers to their questions right away. Quickly addressing their concerns and providing them with the information they need means that they’ll end up buying your product instead of going to a competitor.

3. Create an Efficient Content Marketing Strategy

Social Media Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most prominent forms of marketing, and it has been so for quite some time now. Delivering content to your audience in a compelling and engaging manner is not enough. You need to establish a content marketing strategy that serves to enhance the content that you produce.

An efficient content marketing strategy doesn’t just include the delivery of the content that your audience reads; it also includes the timing and frequency of the posts that you publish and the content that you share.

If a certain blog post generates a significant amount of traffic, you might be tempted to think that this traffic will last forever, or that this is the template that all your future blog posts should follow. This is not the case at all. Timing means everything in content marketing. You need to be consistent with the timing and frequency because you want your customers to have something new to read every time they visit. Moreover, the quality of the content should be such that the audience looks forward to reading something new.

In addition, knowing what time the traffic is highest on your website can greatly help in delivering the impact you want. Delivering the right content at the wrong time will fail to produce the effect you expected. Therefore, make notes and remember that an efficient content marketing strategy is one of the most important pieces of a successful social media marketing strategy.

4. Build a Community

Web Community

Like we stated earlier, customers feel more inclined to purchase a product if they feel connected to a brand. This is why you must let your audience know who you are and what you stand for. As much as likes, follows, and shares are vital when we talk about establishing an online presence, interacting with your audience on an emotional level is also important.

Building a community will really help you be on the same page as your audience. Sharing posts that reflect your emotions and humor and show off your brand’s personality will help your audience actually feel connected to your brand.

You don’t have to keep sharing stuff related to your products and services. There are a number of things that you can do instead. These include:

  • Asking questions
  • Gathering your audience’s opinions
  • Sharing newsworthy information
  • Sharing and liking your audience’s posts rather than just the other way round
  • Asking them directly to like and share your content

5. Jazz Up Your Social Media Profile

Social Media Profile Attracting Viewers

Jazzing up your social media profile is one of the most promising ways of attracting prospective customers. Nobody likes boring social media profiles, i.e., those that only post when they have to talk about their products, and only do so in text form.

To make sure that your audience does not un-follow you and/or stop liking, sharing, and commenting on your posts, you need to spice up your profile. You can do this by sharing some interesting podcasts, videos, and attractive imagery every now and then. This will keep your profile interesting and will also maintain and even increase the level of engagement that your audience has with your brand.  

6. Use Brand Advocates

Have you ever visited a restaurant because a friend kept raving about it? Or have you ever canceled your plan to visit a new eatery just because someone you know had a really bad experience there? Well, this is called word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth can be used as a powerful marketing tool.

Most businesses focus completely on attracting new customers and forget to leverage their existing, loyal customers. For every business, their employees and customers/fans are two assets that can help the business flourish. Instead of spending all your efforts on finding new customers, use your employees and loyal customers as brand advocates for social media advocacy.

Your brand advocates or social media advocates can share their positive experiences and reviews about your brand with their network of people. Because they had good experiences with your brand, they are more likely to share this with their network of people.

Social media advocacy is purely based on the word-of-mouth principle. Leveraging the social networks of people who are your regular customers is a smart social media marketing strategy that will get you increased traffic and boosted sales.

7. Create Social Media Profiles on Relevant Channels

Social Media Apps

In the desperation to reach as many customers as possible, many companies end up making social media profiles on every social media channel available. However, this mindset will not get you anywhere. To be able to reach the maximum number of people, it is necessary to focus your efforts on building social media profiles only on the relevant channels.

For example, if you run a clothing business, a LinkedIn profile may not be relevant. Similarly, if you are offering content writing services, a Pinterest profile would be meaningless.

You should invest your time, effort, and resources in areas that will bring some form of return to your business. To be able to do that, you have to understand your target audience; what they like, and what their needs are. Having a good understanding of buyer personas is the key to deciding which social media platforms are relevant for your business and which are not.

8. Establish a Budget for Social Media Marketing

The secret to running a successful business is budgeting. The smarter you are with your budget, the greater the revenue you are able to generate. Just like you establish budgets for all marketing campaigns and activities, you should do the same for social media marketing as well.

Assigning a budget to your social media marketing efforts is very important. Once you allocate the budget, the second most important thing is to design a strategy that will make use of this budget in the most cost-effective manner.

How does budgeting contribute to a successful social media marketing strategy? With a budget in mind, you will be able to plan your social media marketing methods accordingly. You will have a fair idea of which marketing avenues are a possibility for your business. Most importantly, you will refrain from making any impulsive marketing decisions that will not bring you any sort of gain and might just harm your business in the long run.

9. Run Cross-Channel Campaigns

Running cross-channel marketing campaigns is another very promising social media marketing strategy. Talking about the current age, the number of people using the internet is greater than ever before. They are constantly online on numerous social media platforms.

Using cross-channel campaigns means running social media marketing campaigns on multiple channels, so the chances of a potential customer coming across your campaign are high. Even if a potential customer isn’t online on one social media platform and misses your advertisement or a campaign there, he or she may come across it on another social media platform where they are online.

Running just any campaign on any platform is not enough. You can’t just run a campaign on   Facebook and expect it to be just as successful on Instagram. The campaign that you run needs to be tailor-made for the platform that you’re using. This only adds to the effectiveness of your cross-channel campaign. It also means that a potential customer will not see the same exact post on two different platforms. That might be a turnoff for them.

Making use of multiple social media platforms is something a lot of companies fail at. They make social media profiles on all available social media platforms but fail to integrate them all. Running cross-channel campaigns keeps all social media profiles active, and hence, keeps the audience engaged on all platforms.

10. Go Live for Your Customers

Most of the time, the audience is only given access to marketing content that has been specifically planned and designed for them. However, allowing your audience to get a sneak peek of what goes on behind the scenes will make them feel important and a part of your brand.

There are numerous ways of telling your brand’s story to your customers, but going live takes it to a whole new level. Allowing your audience an insight into the ‘restricted access’ areas of your facility, showing how you do stuff, where you work, and who your team members are will really make a difference.

Your audience will feel like they know you well and that they can trust you. When there is trust, there is loyalty, and what does any brand need from its customers? Loyalty. Going live can help your brand in unimaginable ways!

11. Video Marketing

Video marketing is yet another contributor to a successful social media marketing strategy. Anything that leaves a visual impact is remembered for a longer period of time. Visuals leave a deep-seated effect on an audience, and that is why video marketers manage to get up to 66% more leads every year than marketers using other forms of content.

Video marketing is sure to get positive results for any brand. To get positive results with the help of this social media marketing strategy, you need to think out of the box and come up with innovative ideas.

The catchier the concept, the stronger its impact will be. Just marketing your brand through videos will not get you anywhere; including the right content and the right approach in the video will make all the difference.

12. Use Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is content that never gets old. It is content that people are always looking for. If you wish to stay on top of your audience’s search lists, sharing evergreen content on your social media platforms is the way to do it.

Sharing a piece of evergreen content will help you appear on the search list every time a potential customer searches for that content, no matter how long ago you shared that piece. If the visitor likes your content, they may share it on their social media profile, which will generate additional traffic to your brand’s social media profile. This is a recurring cycle that will greatly benefit your brand.

Active sharing is very important for any brand’s social media presence, and using evergreen content will do the job for you.

Social media can prove to be a very powerful tool for marketing if used in the right way. Establishing a successful social media marketing strategy is an important step towards building an online presence for your brand, and thus, should be given due attention.