Part-time Online Writing Jobs from Home [7 Profitable Niches]

Part Time Online Writing Jobs From Home

If you’re looking to become your own boss, part-time, online writing jobs from home is a good option. You get to set your own hours, you make money and you answer to no one – other than the clients, of course!

Based on this factor, it’s definitely a very attractive option.

Plus, the writing industry is also taking off so you’ll see there are more remote freelance writing jobs in the market. When you’re just starting out though, part-time online writing jobs might not be the money-making option that you previously thought it to be.

This is because it does take some time to start earning good money. When you’re just starting out, remote freelance writing jobs will only garner you enough money to make it a supplementary income. When you stay the course, you’ll be able to get more projects which will help you make more money as well.

The aim here is to work harder and smarter. Being realistic about part-time online writing jobs is also necessary. This ensures that you won’t be disappointed by how slow your progress is. You need to be willing to put in the hard work, dedication and investment to weather through the first few months of this job.

Once you really settle into the flow of things, you’ll have no problems monetarily but it’s always getting started that is the hardest. Lucky for you, if you’re thinking about opting for online writing jobs, we’ve created this nifty guide to help you get started.

9 Essential Skills You Need for Part-time Online Writing Jobs from Home

When it comes to part-time online writing jobs, you need to make sure that your skill sets accommodate a large array of tasks.

Remote freelance writing jobs are similar to being a freelance writer, although not on such a large scale. Just remember that you’re now going to be your own boss. So, if anything goes wrong, you’re directly responsible for it.

Despite this fact, if you possess the following essential skills, you’ll see that writing jobs from home aren’t as intimidating as you might have previously assumed.

1. Organizational Skills

You’re responsible for organizing your day, in accordance with your schedule, your priorities, projects and more. For most remote freelance writing jobs, this is an area where someone might struggle. This then translates into missed deadlines, faulty submissions and angry or upset clients.

With the right organizational skills, you can inject a semblance of order into your daily routine. Most people who’re working part-time online writing jobs from home are doing so because they’re also raising kids or have other priorities.

By applying organizational skills here, you can make sure that your work is done in an orderly manner. Based on how you organize your work, you can easily turn the client’s frown upside down by speeding up work submission. A happy client is more likely to turn into a repeat customer for you.

So, your organizational skills can help you build up a good rapport with the clients as well as build a good portfolio!

2. Project Management

All your projects are going to be managed by you. You don’t get an assistant, a manager, a partner or even a co-worker on your projects. Again, when you’re working remote freelance writing jobs, you’re responsible for handling all the work.

A good idea is to use project management tools and luckily there are plenty of free tools available online. These can help you keep track of the work you need to do, client details as well as knowing which projects are finished and which are still ongoing.

Trello is a good tool that allows you to create work boards so you can keep track of the progress you make on each project. Plus, you can also rely on Google Sheets to not only track the progress on projects but also to manage income earned and costs. This is an important area to consider.

There are chances your clients could ask for a refund and doing this can be difficult without keeping track of the project expense. 

3. Editing Content

Your ability to proofread and edit your work is a necessity with part-time online writing jobs because again, you are responsible for this area as well. It’s not possible to work with or hire an editor when you’re just starting out. With a small budget, you cannot shoulder their expense as well as your own.

Instead, you need to rely on your own abilities and with the help of online editing tools. Two amazing tools that you should use are the Hemingway App and Grammarly. Both are great free editing tools. And Grammarly offers professional editing for a subscription of $11 only!

This is because when you’re editing, you want to do more than just check spelling and grammar. You want to make sure that you’re using the proper tenses, the sentences are not difficult to read and there’s no repetition and redundancy. Knowing what to cut out and what to keep is important.

Luckily, these tools also keep track of the readability of the text so you can rest assured that your content is going to be on-point.

4. Flexibility in Work

Flexibility in your work should also reflect in the kind of content you’re looking to make. A flexible writer is one who can handle different types of projects. Not all writing projects are the same as you’ll see once you start looking for writing jobs.

Writing projects can range from articles, blogs, web copy, PR pieces, cover letters, emails etc. Each type has its own writing style, target audience, readability, CTA and even writing structure. If you’re not aware of this, your writing style will be very rigid.

It should be noted that most writers work in one major niche industry but they do have a flexible writing style. This allows them to not only take on diverse projects but also increases their chances to earn more money.

You will eventually have the freedom to pick your own niche for your work. But, when you’re just starting out, it is better to adopt a more flexible approach. It might seem intimidating but if you view it as a learning experience, you’ll do just fine.

5. Understanding of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is utilized to increase the visibility of the content you write. It’s based on the usage of various keywords and components that are all picked up Google and Bing’s search engines. All online content uses SEO to a certain degree.

So, if you’re getting remote freelance writing jobs for online content, you have to make sure that you are of aware of the latest SEO practices. In this case, you will have to know how to use Google AdSense, AdWords, Yoast and other useful tools.

The good news here is that it doesn’t take a lot of time to learn how to use these tools. Plus, knowing them adds more value to your skills. You can handle more online jobs and even branch out to become a freelance SEO specialist.

Not all online writers are well versed in SEO so this is a feature that will make your work and services stand out more.

6. Improve Your Writing

It’s common sense to conclude that if you have poor writing skills, you’re not going to be successful with working on writing jobs from home. You will actually struggle to make your clients happy. Don’t be afraid to admit to your shortcomings here.

Now, once you do realize that there is room for improvement, take the appropriate measures to do so. Sign up for an online writing course or a class. Getting certification for web copywriting or other forms of writing will also be a plus point for you.

It gives your clients more confidence and trust in your work and also allows you to stand out from the competition in the market. Once you start looking for remote freelance writing jobs, you’ll see that there are a lot of writers. So, to get an edge over the competition you need to make sure that your clients see you as the best of the best.

By showing your certification, you’re also showcasing that you’re willing to learn, are dedicated to quality and are not afraid to improve your work as needed.

7. Researching Topics

All writing, even online writing, is heavily based on research. While we no longer rely on physical library books, researching stuff online is a necessity. With researching skills, you need to be able to understand how search engines work, what keywords to write, what links to follow, plus short cuts that refine results.

How good your researching skills are will also reflect in the content you create. If you research poorly, you’re going to get poor content and an unhappy client. Most clients understand that you’re not related to their industry but, you should still be able to do the right kind of research to gain the right kind of information so that you can write relevant content.

If you’re not sure about your researching skills, try to test them out on your own. Pick a mock topic or project and pretend you have to write an article on it. Now, see how and what you’re able to research. Grade yourself and be as critical as a client would be when submitting the work.

This allows you to identify areas that you need to work on. It also helps point out any errors or mistakes that you are making which could be hindering the quality of your work.

8. Being Original

With the universality of the Internet, most people aren’t too conscientious about copyright laws and rights. However, more and more rules are being introduced to help stop plagiarism. You need to provide 100% original work to your clients.

Any plagiarized content can land your client in trouble and ruin your credibility. Most clients can find themselves being subjected to libel lawsuits because of this issue. So, make sure that you have content that is 100% original, even if you’re using someone else’s work as a guideline.

A good tool to use here is Copyscape. This allows you to run a professional search that compares your content with other content that’s available on the internet. Articles, blog posts and other content pieces that have similar sentences, phrases or more can be highlighted with it.

This gives you a good opportunity to correct any issues, any mistakes and similarities in the content you are submitting. It also ensures that you’re more confident about providing 100% original work to your clients.

9. Confidence in Yourself

Always be confident in your services, your ability to write and your capacity to get the job done right. Confidence will net you more part-time online writing jobs from home because clients will trust that you will get the job done. When you have the skills, you shouldn’t be afraid to flaunt them too.

Just remember not to oversell yourself here. Confidence is great but overdoing it can land you in trouble. You will have to face a lot of embarrassment when you’re unable to deliver on the promises you make. Keep things realistic, light and make promises that you can deliver on.

It also makes it easier for you to make your current clients happy which will also net you more clients. In this manner, you can grow a good reputation and be known as a very reliable writer.

Being confident in your ability to write will allow you to say yes to that many more opportunities. If you’re being shy about it, you could find it difficult for you to pitch for remote freelance writing jobs that you come across. If you’re confident, this isn’t daunting at all.

Tips to Help You Make Serious Money with Remote Freelance Writing Jobs

9 Tips to Help Make Serious Money with Remote Freelance Writing Jobs  

We’ve mentioned earlier that you’ll have difficulty during the early months when you’re working online writing jobs from home, but you cannot quit! You have to stay consistence and once you get the ball rolling, you can turn this option into the main source of income.

Doing so can be tricky but if you follow the points mentioned here, you should have no trouble in making serious money with remote freelance writing jobs:

1. Set Your Own Prices

It can be very annoying to spend so much time writing, researching, editing, and optimizing the content for SEO to only walk away with $5 for it. That’s a lot of hard work for too little money. You’re going to have to learn how to play smart here.

In this case, you want to make your own job postings and list down your rates either on an hourly basis or a per-project basis. This allows you to take your own working hours and effort into account so that you don’t feel like you’re being ripped off.

Remember to take a cursory look at the market competitive price rates that other writers have. The trick here is to not price your services too high but avoid making them too low as well. You can also make your services more attractive by offering introductory packages and discounts for repeat clients.

Also, research ways that you can add value to your services which can also justify your asking price. Transparency here also makes them happier with the prices.

2. Pick a Niche

While we talked earlier about how your writing skills should be flexible enough to accommodate different writing types, you will eventually have to pick a niche. A niche allows you to specialize in one kind of content. You’ll find that some part-time online writing jobs from home are mostly for blogging, or web content or even eBook writing.

Plus, don’t worry if you haven’t picked a niche yet. Sometimes, it will pick you. Just look at the most common type of projects you’re getting. If you’re working mostly on PR pieces and understand that writing style, that’s your niche.

If you’re picking a niche, you have to make sure that you’re dedicated to it as well. Become an expert in this writing style and you can eventually be considered as the go-to writer. Most remote freelance writing jobs are looking for such specialists.

Once you become one, you will be inundated with various writing projects. Another thing to keep in mind is that this might take time. So until then, just work on improving your writing skills.

3. You Have to Reach Out First

When you’re starting out, the wrong approach is to believe that your clients will find you. That’s not possible. If you are very new to remote freelance writing jobs, you don’t have enough market credibility or visibility to be sought after.

Most online writing jobs are usually posted on platforms such as Freelancer, Upwork or People per Hour. The posters are looking for writers to approach them instead of vice versa. So, if you see a post for a freelance job, respond to it.

You’ll be asked for samples, and based on your previous work, you might be appointed to work on the project. Some postings can have their rates mentioned, whereas, for others, you might have to negotiate a bit. Always consider this factor when you’re replying for a freelance writing job.

This ensures that you’re not wasting your time, applying for a job that won’t pay you well. However, being proactive in finding your first few gigs will play a huge role in your ability to earn more. Once you have an established reputation, you can take a less active role here.

4. Market Your Services

One of the major, non-writing related areas that you need to focus on includes marketing your writing service. This is one way that you’ll be able to connect to your target audience. You want to get the word out that you’re looking for remote freelance writing jobs.

Marketing yourself can be pretty tricky and it does involve the use of various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram. Additionally, you have to highlight just why working with you is such a good idea.

Most writers also run their own blogs, have a website, or a YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, Twitter and more. This is part and parcel of working online writing jobs. This is also what ensures that you’re able to write part-time and turn this into a good way to earn a lot of money.

5. Exploring Payment Options

If you want to make it easy for clients to work with you, you need to sort out your payment options as well. This makes a profound impact and you’ll notice it right away when you start working with websites such as Freelancer or People per Hour.

PayPal is one of the best ways to work jobs from home. You’ll also be able to rest assured that you’ll get confirmed payments. The universality of PayPal makes it a favorite but there are also other secure transaction platforms.

Many of your clients won’t be paying you on Venmo or Cash App. These are more casual financial apps made so that you can split or send money to your friends or other acquaintances. Using these with your clients will make you look unprofessional and also possibly mistaken you for a scam. You want to have properly formatted invoices, your own branding, legitimate details so you come across as an authority in your field.

With professional payment options, you’re able to showcase that you’re serious about remote freelance writing jobs and you’re dedicated to this chosen mode.

6. Having a Working Area for Yourself

Always make sure that when you’re going to start writing or working on online writing jobs, you have a special area designated for it. Most people prefer to go work at a café or other quiet place like the library.

However, these aren’t the only available options. The whole point of remote freelance writing jobs is flexibility. You can write from anywhere you want but, make sure you have a room or corner of the house where you can sit peacefully, without getting disturbed or bothered.

Concentrating on the task at hand is necessary. You’ll be surprised to see the myriad of distractions that come your way when you don’t have a proper work area. Additionally, this also gives you a concentrated area to keep your notes, paperwork and more.

The main things you need to have are a laptop, a dedicated email address, a Skype address for conference calls or meetings and a PayPal account. Once you have these, you’re all set to go!

7. Prioritizing Working on Your Own Hours

One of the worst things about working from home is how easy it is to lose track of time. Most stay-at-home mums or caretakers get part-time online writing jobs as a means of earning an income while also looking after their family. However, are you really earning much if you can only spare two to three hours for remote freelance writing jobs?

Instead, you should try to divide the available time so that you’re able to increase your earning capacity. Remember that the more work you put into your writing projects, the more you will get from that avenue. Make things easier for yourself by prioritizing your hours and maintaining a schedule for your work.

It also ensures that you’re able to avoid getting distracted, have missed deadlines or feel that you have too much on your plate. By dividing your time properly, you’re able to do more, maintain a proper work-life balance and not feel so drained.

Many new parents also try out remote freelance writing jobs as a way to assimilate themselves to timelines, work demands and project work again before they have to go back to work.

8. Standing Out From the Competition

You need to stand out from the competition in the market and you can do that through your marketing and your work. This means that you not only produce quality content but you also add value to your services. Don’t be scared to go the extra mile for your clients.

This step also allows you to build a relationship with them, plus repeat clients can be some of your biggest sources of income. With repeat client discounts, referral discounts, images, SEO services and more, you offer your clients an experience like no other.

Just be sure not to offer them ordinary fluff. By adding value, you are able to make your clients feel happy about working with you. They also won’t have any issues paying your asking price for a project when they know you are offering them quality work.

It’s always the small steps that make a defining impact here. That’s why to make sure that you don’t skip anything when you’re looking to make a career out of online writing jobs.

9. Networking with Other Writers

One of the most overlooked areas when it comes to making solid money through part-time online writing jobs is networking. This is a small, social skill you need so that you’re able to work with other writers, build contacts and learn about writing jobs. It’s going to be one of the major pillars through which you can prop up your writing career.

Don’t shy away from going to meet and greets and attending writing workshops. You’re not an author so you’re not going to meet fans; you’re going to meet industry professionals who’re not afraid to mentor other writers. With their insight, you can also bypass many common pitfalls of remote freelance writing jobs.

Proper networking also ensures that you’re aware of all the available opportunities. It also means that when someone has a job available, they will instinctively reach out to you “because they know a guy.” Getting jobs through your network also builds a certain amount of trust too.

You can trust the client to pay what was agreed and the client can trust you to provide quality work because someone close to them can vouch for your services.

With these tips, you can double your earning capacity with part-time online writing jobs in a few short months.

Profitable Niches for Part-time Online Writing from Home

7 Profitable Niches for Part-time Online Writing Jobs from Home

Apart from knowing how to make serious money and the skill sets you need for remote freelance writing jobs, you also need to know which ones are profitable and which ones aren’t. Writing jobs are usually posted with these niches in mind.

There can be some with a little bit of overlap but it’s not very common with writing jobs. Nonetheless, when you’re picking a niche, you should look for the more profitable ones. While these have a lot more competition among writers, there’s also a higher chance that you’re able to get consistent jobs in this manner.

Now, profitable niches can fluctuate from time to time but there are a few who show consistent growth in this area. For this reason, we’re listing a down a few of the most profitable niches for aspiring writers:

1. Speech and CV Writing

Writing resumes and speeches is something that never runs out of demand regardless of the year or advancements made in technology. In fact, good resumes and speeches are needed now more than ever. For this reason, this is a good niche to pick.

Additionally, you can also charge some good money for resumes. This is because resume formats can differ based on the position or industry that one is applying to. As an added bonus, if you’re good at this, you can consistently get referral clients from happy customers.

With speech writing, you can also charge good money for your writing services because there can be different types of speeches. In one, you’re convincing someone regarding your ideas and services, whereas, in others, you might have to write for formal occasions.

Finding remote freelance writing jobs in this niche is also going to be easy but newbies might face tough competition from older, more experienced writers.

2. Web Copy for Small Businesses

Every single day, an e-Commerce business or a startup is created. Do you have any idea how many part-time online writing jobs they create? This niche is not only extremely popular, it is also consistently growing. While you might not be able to charge specialized prices as you would with speech writing, you can make up the difference through sheer volume.

You can also find various industry specific projects which are also in line with your writing style. For example: Suppose you really like pets. So, remote freelance writing jobs for pet based businesses will be really easy, not to mention interesting for you.

The diversity and large volume of writing jobs are offset by the fact that you’re going to face fierce competition. However, unlike resume writing, you’ll find that clients in this niche are more willing to take chances on new writers. This is a great niche to start building a portfolio and reputation from.

Most writers love the diversity of the projects which is why they never switch to another niche.

3. Script Writing for Videos

You might have noticed a trend that there are more and more videos online. In fact, explainer videos are taking the market by storm and, so are part-time online writing jobs for script writing. This niche is a bit picky and can be confusing but if you start out small, there’s major growth here.

Once you get the hang of explainer video scripts, you can try your hands on other video features as per the client’s requirements. Sometimes, it also helps you make connected content as well.

For example: suppose you have a project for articles and a video script. You can write them all in the same tone, line or light to ensure that there’s a certain pleasant continuity for the reader. It might seem odd at the time but apply it practically and you’ll see what we mean here.

Transitioning from reading to watching and vice versa can be annoying but when the material is connected, it increases readability.

With around 80% of the content online being some form of video, it’s easy to see that this niche is definitely growing.

4. Email Marketing

Wrongfully assumed to be a dated practice, email marketing allows you to work on a number of high volume remote freelance writing projects. All you need to do is understand this writing style, the different components and the way the clients want to engage with their audience.

The scope for growth and building a relationship with your clients is huge here because almost all types of businesses make use of email marketing. It’s not just big brands though, solo entrepreneurs are also more likely to use email marketing for their subscribers.

If you’re looking to get into this niche, you should also learn about the different tools such as MailChimp, Active Campaign or other popular email marketing platforms. These can allow you to craft email marketing content for anyone.

An added bonus here is that this is a high paying niche with a very serious chance of building repeat clients.

5. Ghostwriting for Other Platforms

Love to write but can’t take the criticism? You might be perfect for ghostwriting. Ghostwriting relates to when you’re producing content for clients that is published, printed or sold in their name. Once the project is over, all rights are handed over to the client.

Not only is this niche growing, it is also very lucrative. You can end up writing eBooks, guides or other material, including blogs and articles too. Just remember that most remote freelance writing jobs are meant for this niche. A large number of new authors have books written by ghostwriters.

You do have to remember that most ghostwriting projects can take months and you’ll have to work closely with the client. It’s not easy to write a gripping novella in a day or two. However, these projects can also pay well and if you’re good at it, you can expect to see a lot more work coming your way.

Making it your niche is a good idea but also be prepared to see your work getting published or winning awards under someone else’s name.

6. eCommerce Inventory or Product Descriptions

With the rise of Amazon, more and more businesses are opening eCommerce stores. However, there’s always meant to be content next to the product images. The better this content is, the higher the chances that the product’s going to be bought!

That’s why you will find a lot of remote freelance writing jobs that are focused on product descriptions for eCommerce inventories and products. They’re usually high paying but beware, the projects can be extremely extensive, especially if there’s a large inventory involved.

Some of it can also be challenging because there are only so many ways that you can describe a shirt but, if you can build a reputation for yourself in this niche, you can stand to get big money. Plus, most big brands are likely to work with only one writer so this is a great niche.

Just remember that you’re not going to get big clients when you’re starting out. Slow and steady work for part-time writing will come pouring in with this niche though.

7. Product Reviews

Did you know that a huge amount of online shoppers rely on product reviews? Plus with the new buyer habits, it is easy to see that product reviews can make a huge impact on whether or not a potential customer buys or avails the product or service. You’ll find that there are more remote freelance writing jobs available in the market now.

All you have to do in these is review a product from any industry and write about it. The best part about this niche is that it can have its own minor niches as well.

For example: Product reviews about games differ greatly from product reviews about clothes or makeup. Plus, based on the company you are working with, your work can be diverse. You’ll also get more opportunities to network, build a portfolio and more here.

With these niches and the help of the tips mentioned in this article, you should be able to have no problem in making good money from remote freelance writing jobs!