Online Marketing Affiliate Program (54 of the Best to Monetize Your Sites)

Online Marketing Affiliate Program

Joining the best online marketing affiliate program can help you progress as an affiliate marketer and effectively monetize your sites.

There is a difference between online marketing and affiliate marketing – for those of you who don’t know.

Online marketing is the marketing of services or products using digital technologies on mobile phones, the Internet, and any other digital medium. Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, is a type of online marketing that is performance-based. Businesses offer online marketing affiliate programs that allow affiliates to earn high commissions by referring visitors on their sites to those businesses.

The industry of affiliate marketing is quite vast, and has become a key source of earning an income online for many professional website owners and bloggers.

An effective affiliate marketing strategy and this guide to online marketing affiliate programs can work wonders. Below, we have meticulously reviewed and catalogued over 50 high-paying online affiliate marketing programs to help you make the most of your marketing skills. Read on to get started with your money-making process.

1. Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify Affiliates’ Page

Shopify has over 500,000 stores worldwide. They have everything one requires to start their online store. They offer shopping carts, website builders, store management tools, payment processing, analytics features, web hosting, and much more. Empower your audience through this platform and get the financial support you desire while you are at it.

Shopify pays a whopping commission of $58 for every user that signs up for their paid plan using your unique referral link. Their cookie duration is 30 days. You also receive a 200% commission on the total expense of a monthly subscription which comes to a total of approximately $2,400! Moreover, every time a user signs of for the Shopify Plus account, you receive straight $2,000 as bounty payment. Join the program for free today.

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2. Leadpages Affiliate Program

Leadpages Affiliates’ Page

Leadpages helps startup businesses collect leads, connect with an audience, and land sales. It is an online tool that lets you build websites, alert bars, pop-ups, landing pages and much more. The Leadpages Affiliate Partner Program is only open to Leadpages’ clients. Every paying customer that you refer helps you earn a 30% recurring commission. Their cookie lasts for 30 days.

Now and then, Leadpages run special offers such as providing a bonus of $5,000  to the affiliate marketers who drive more than 10 sales within a given date. They also provide their affiliates access to sidebar images, social media-friendly links, and attractive banners. Moreover, you can share your unique affiliate link to any free content page such as a video or a blog rather than specifically posting it to a product page.

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3. Constant Contact Affiliate Program

Constant Contact Affiliates’ Page

Constant Contact has been serving bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses for more than 20 years now. It is one of the most powerful platforms for email marketing, and allows you to earn unlimited commissions. Their affiliate program makes it simple for affiliate marketers to get started with the process, get paid, and to finally track their referrals.

You get to earn $5  for every referral that signs up to Constant Contact’s free trial. Moreover, they pay you $105  when a user referred by you pays for a full account. You can apply to the program for free. Once you are enrolled, you can simply place links and ads to Constant Contact on your affiliate website.

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4. Affiliate Program Affiliates’ Page is one of the world’s best contextual advertising programs. Basically, this platform is a large pool of advertisers which helps you maximize your monetization. is not only known for its extraordinary performance, but also for its remarkable Ambassador program. Their affiliate program allows you to earn extra income by recommending the great service provided by them. offers various display ads, contextual ads, and customizable native ads. You can simply utilize all of these tools without going through the hassle of implementing any additional coding. This affiliate program allows you to earn 10% commission on every referral earnings for the first whole year.

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5. ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

ClickFunnels Home Page

ClickFunnels was created for entrepreneurs and small businesses that don’t have a command on coding. The platform allows you build beautiful pages to help you grow your business online. ClickFunnels offers an affiliate program to their affiliate marketers in order to help them pay for their dream car. All you need to do is refer 100 customers to ClickFunnels in order to get started.

As soon as you get 100 active members, you can lease your dream car and send the proof to ClickFunnels that you got it. As long as you keep the count of active members more than 100, ClickFunnels will send you a check for $500  to reimburse the payment you made. Lastly, in any month that you score at least 200 active members, ClickFunnels will send you a check for $1000  in order to reimburse your payments. Join today to take a step towards getting that car you always wished for!

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6. Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr Affiliates’ Page

Founded in 2010, Fiverr is an online platform for freelance services. This marketplace provides freelancers a space to offer services to customers from all around the world. You can boost your commission-based earnings by driving maximum traffic to Fiverr. From WordPress and logo design to whiteboard explainer videos, they have it all.

By joining the Fiverr affiliate program, you get to enjoy multiple benefits. You get paid up to $150  for every first-time buyer. Their dynamic CPA model allows you to enjoy lifetime attribution without any referral limit. Moreover, Fiverr provides you access to tutorials, professional support, and most importantly, a dedicated affiliate manager. In addition to all these benefits, you also receive access to their easy-to-use dashboards in order to manage and monitor your marketing campaigns with ease and convenience.

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7. Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting Affiliate Program

Kinsta Affiliates’ Page

Kinsta provides cloud-based hosting on Google Apps servers. This premium WordPress hosting company, offering high-performance hosting, allows you to run your site on the same infrastructure as Google. Kinsta affiliate program offers you true profit sharing by providing you recurring commissions. They pay you for the lifetime of your referred customer, allowing you to earn a passive income.

Their cookies last for 60 days. For every referral you get to earn an initial commission of up to $500  which is followed by a 10% monthly payment. The initial payment depends on the type of plan your referral purchases.

  • Starter Plan: $50
  • Pro Plan: $100
  • Business Plan: $150
  • Enterprise Plan: $500

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8. FATJOE Affiliate Program

FATJO Affiliates’ Page

FATJOE is one of the fastest growing content creation and link building agencies in the world. The platform has helped hundreds of agencies market their content and secure prominent links. The FATJOE affiliate program allows you to earn 10% commission on every sale you make. This includes any recurring orders as well as one-off purchases that customers place.

This SEO affiliate program offers cookie duration of 30 days. Even if you refer a customer and they don’t sign up right away, you don’t lose out. You need to have a PayPal account in order to get paid. FATJOE pays their affiliates directly after two months of earning the commissions.

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9. Spocket Affiliate Program

Spocket Affiliates’ Page

Spocket helps thousands of entrepreneurs manage their dropshipping businesses in a smooth manner. The affiliate program offered by Spocket allows you to select the best products to promote and sell from thousands of suppliers worldwide. As an affiliate marketer, you get the opportunity to earn up to $450  per subscriber with Spocket’s Partner Program.

To earn through this program, all you need to do is spread the word about Spocket using blogs, social media, and videos. Then, get your followers and friends to sign-up for Spocket. For every new user that you bring to the platform, you earn a great commission. Spocket offers the following 3 tiers of commission to their affiliates:

  • Bronze: Up to $297 per subscriber (20%)
  • Silver: Up to $371.25 per subscriber (25%)
  • Gold: Up to $445.50 per subscriber (30%)

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10. LiveChat Partner Program

LiveChat Partners’ Page

LiveChat is an online help desk and chat software used by thousands of businesses across 150 countries. Through the LiveChat affiliate program, you get to earn a recurring 20% commission for every customer that you refer. They believe that their customers stay with them for the long run, and therefore, they pay their affiliates multiple times over the lifetime of a user.

LiveChat offers a simple Campaign Builder to their marketers in order to help them customize their affiliate links. You also get to offer special deals on LiveChat plans to the visitors on your site to encourage them to sign up. Lastly, their cookies last for 120 days.

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11. Thrive Themes Affiliate Program

Thrive Themes Affiliates’ Page

Thrive Themes has a wide range of WordPress themes that are conversion focused. The themes on this platform are built for readability, clarity, and speed. Moreover, they are packed with amazing features that help businesses make their website-building process easier. The Thrive Themes affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn 35% of each sale.

Thrive Themes gives their affiliates access to a support system to help them with any questions, suggestions, or doubts they might have. They also help you keep track of the traffic you send their way. Along with the traffic, they also provide you with the statistics of the sales you make, and the money that you are paid. Lastly, Thrive Themes also pays yearly commissions if you sell their membership to customers!

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12. ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Program

ThirstyAffiliates Affiliates’ Page

ThirstyAffiliates is a clever tool that is specially designed to help website owners and bloggers earn more money online. All you need to do is promote the platform and earn a generous 30% of the referred sale. With the ThirstyAffiliates affiliate program, you get access to remarkable reports which include regular admin email reports, along with tables and charts filled with useful statistics.

The platform automatically links your affiliate links through a keyword, provides support for importing from third party APIs, and helps you manage your affiliate links effectively. Lastly, with the Automatic 404 Checker offered by this program, which performs proactive link checking, you will never have to miss another affiliate link 404 error.

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13. Printful Affiliate Program

Printful Affiliates’ Page

Printful is an online platform that allows you to create and sell custom products on the Internet. They provide easy print-on-demand fulfillment and drop shipping warehouse services to their customers. Their customizable products include hoodies, sweatshirts, blankets, sweatpants, laptop cases, throw pillows, and much more.

The Printful affiliate program helps entrepreneurs launch their online businesses. Creating an affiliate account is completely free. Printful also provides their affiliates with marketing resources, materials, and affiliate marketing tips to help them up their game. They pay affiliates to link new customers to Printful. You get to earn 10% recurring commission of their fulfillment price for 9 months! Lastly, you will need a PayPal account in order to cash out all your earnings.

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14. SiteGround Affiliate Hosting Program

SiteGround Affiliates’ Page

SiteGround is a web hosting platform that allows their customers to manage their websites with ease. They provide remarkable services and tools for seamless site building. Along with the great commissions that they offer, their quality of service is one of the top reasons for affiliates to endorse them. With the SiteGround affiliate program, you get to earn high commissions with short withhold periods and weekly payouts.

Their commission-plans are divided into the following four tiers:

  • 1 – 5 sales: $50 / sale
  • 6 – 19 sales: $75 / sale
  • 11 – 20 sales: $100 / sale
  • 21+ sales: Custom commissions

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15. VigLink Affiliate Program

VigLink Affiliates’ Page

VigLink is an outbound-traffic monetization service for bloggers, forums, and publishers. They specialize in in-text marketing and advertising. The VigLink affiliate program allows you to generate great revenue with your content. The installation process is extremely easy. VigLink’s technology functions in the background, and automatically converts any ordinary product link into a monetized link.

Whether you are an editorial site, a social media influencer, or a blogger, your audience greatly relies on your content to make important and valuable purchase decisions. Help your readers by delivering powerful insights while using VigLink’s range of reporting metrics and tools side-by-side in order to generate more revenue. Every time you refer a fellow publisher to their platform, you get paid 35% of their commission for the first year! Use the ready-made display ads provided by Souvrn//Commerce and start promoting them today!

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16. BeRush Affiliate Program

BeRush Affiliates’ Page

SemRush is a SaaS business that specializes in competitive analysis and SEO tools for digital marketers. SemRush offers the BeRush affiliate program, which is an all-in-one marketing toolkit for professional online marketers. As an affiliate, you get to earn 40% recurring commissions on each initial sale and all subscription renewals.

Once you join the program, you get access to SemRush’s excellent customer support, complete statistics, and promo materials. They also offer a cookie life of 10 years and provide two payments in a single month. They pre-approve all their affiliate applications so all you need to do is go through a speedy sign-up process in order to get started. One downside to this program is that in order to be paid twice a month, you need to reach a minimum threshold.

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17. Affiliate Program Affiliates’ Page is a chatbot platform that helps you make chatbots for your website without any code. It is one of the best chatbot tools for support, marketing, and sales, and is trusted by thousands of customers. They provide a simple drag and drop platform to collect feedback, learn about their customers, and qualify their leads. Partner with to generate a recurring 30% commission every month! In addition, they pay you a bonus of $50  every time you close 10 customers.

Following is a breakdown of the minimum and the maximum amount you can earn through their 3 different plans:

  • Lite Plan
    • 5 referrals: $28.5 / month
    • 200 referrals: $1140 / month
  • Standard Plan
    • 5 referrals: $58.5 / month
    • 200 referrals: $2340 / month
  • Plus Plan
    • 5 referrals: $103.5 / month
    • 200 referrals: $4140 / month

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18. WP Engine WordPress Affiliate Program

WP Engine Affiliates’ Page

WP Engine is a WordPress Digital Experience Platform that drives your online business forward at a faster pace. They offer WordPress developer and hosting experience on an architecture that delivers unmatched security, scalability, and speed for your websites. The WP Engine affiliate program allows you to earn a minimum commission of $200  for WP Engine sales.

WP Engine’s affiliates get to offer their customers exclusive affiliate discounts. You can also promote their StudioPress themes to earn a 35% commission of the generated sales. Moreover, the two-tiered affiliate program allows you to get paid for referring customers as well as referring affiliates. You get to earn $50  for each of their referrals. Lastly, they offer a cookie window of 60 days.

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19. The Apple Services Performance Partners Program

iTunes Affiliates’ Page

iTunes is an Internet radio broadcaster, the client app for iTunes Store, a media library, media player, and mobile device management utility. It is used to buy, organize, play, and download digital multimedia on computers running the Windows operating systems and macOS. The Apple Services Performance Partners Program offers unique opportunities to their valued partners.

You get to link millions of books, TV shows, movies, songs, albums, and audiobooks to your website or app. They make linking easy by offering tools such as the Apple Books Toolbox, Identity Guidelines, Apple Music Toolbox, and more. This program also allows you to earn great commissions through referred memberships to the Apple Music platform and qualifying sales.

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20. Sandals Affiliate Program

Sandals Affiliate’s Page

Sandals is one of the most highly advertised and well-recognized names to any individual interested in Caribbean resort travel. Not only are they all-inclusive, but they also offer luxury to their customers. From romantic honeymoons to free destination weddings, they offer it all. If you have audience readers who are looking for a tropical getaway, this affiliate program might be your ticket to earning great commissions.

Every time a referred customer books an activity or a stay in one of the Sandals resorts, the Sandals affiliate program pays you a whopping 4% commission. Although 4% might seem like a small number at first, these luxury resorts have rates that range from $150 to 2000  a day. A romantic week in a Sandals Resort booked by a referred customer can earn you tons of money! Moreover, they offer a cookie-duration of 60 days.

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21. TourRadar Affiliate Program

TourRadar Affiliates’ Page

TourRadar is a reviews-website and an online travel agency that specializes in multi-day tours. They guarantee the best selection of quality tours, the best prices, safe and secure payments, and 24/7 customer support. If your readers are interested in travel, start promoting the travel services offered by TourRadar in order to make a profit for yourself.

To set up as an affiliate, all you need to do is choose from the two programs available on their site to participate in. Once you have selected a program, you can start promoting the platform. They allow their affiliates to enjoy a competitive commission rate of 5% on every sale they make. Moreover, they provide a tracking period of 90 days, increasing your chances of earning money in case your website users take their time to finalize any bookings.

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22. Infusionsoft Referral Program

Infusionsoft Referrals’ Page

Infusionsoft is a private company that offers a sales and email marketing platform to small businesses. They also offer products to help businesses manage and optimize marketing automation, customer lifecycle, ecommerce, lead capture, and customer relationship management. In order to earn cash, all you need to do is spread the word about this platform.

The Infusionsoft referral program pays their affiliates a commission of $100  for every successful referral. A customer who doesn’t cancel their Keap subscription within the initial 30 days is considered to be a success. Infusionsoft also offers your referrals a 50% discount for the first 3 months of signing-up.

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23. VIP Cars Affiliate Program

VIP Cars Affiliates’ Page

VIP Cars are one of the leading car rental brokers, with branches all over the world. They cater to both leisure travelers and businesses. Their tie-ups with reputable brands allow them to offer long-term and monthly rentals, along with a premium car fleet that includes van, economy, and luxury rentals.

Become a VIP Cars partner to increase your revenue to a great extent. Their set up process is extremely simple, and their integration resources are easy-to-use. They provide their affiliates with commissions from 50% to 75% for every referred booking. With the SSL Encryption technology, you can be assured that all transactions are safe and secure.

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24. SailingEurope Affiliate Program

SailingEurope Affiliates’ Page

SailingEurope is an online site that offers the best skippered yacht charter deals all throughout Europe. The SailingEurope affiliate program is free to join. The sign-up is extremely easy and doesn’t require you to have any technical knowledge. All you need to do is generate traffic and sales for their website and receive a commission payment in return.

They supply a range of textual links and attractive banners to their affiliates so that they can place them on their affiliate site. You can login anytime to check the number of sales you made, and the amount of traffic you brought to their site. You can also monitor your account balance to see how your banners and links are performing. SailingEurope pays you €50 for every referred sale you make.

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25. Boatbookings Charter Yacht Affiliate Program

Boatbookings Affiliates’ Page

Boatbookings is a worldwide leader in crewed super yachts, motor, or sailing yacht vacations, boat rental, and luxury yacht charter. If you think your audience readers might be interested in any of the mentioned services, joining Boatbookings affiliate program might be the right choice for you.

Boatbookings earns a commission on the net charter value of a boat. This doesn’t include APA or any other additional items ordered. Affiliate marketers earn 20% as a base rate on that commission. These rates can escalate if you are referring multiple customers. Every time a client comes back to Boatbookings, affiliate marketers earn an additional commission of 10% on the second purchase. They offer a cookie life of 30 days.

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26. ADT Residential Security Services Affiliate Program

ADT Affiliates’ Page

ADT is a well-reputed name in the home security industry throughout Canada and the US. Customers can lease equipment from ADT, or bring their own for home security, medical response, home automation, and disaster protection. Once you join their program, you will have access to top-end resources that will help you optimize your marketing campaigns.

They provide their affiliates commissions up to $165 per closed sale. All you need to do is send the visitors on your website to ADT, and let their sales team handle the rest. Fill the form on their website to sign-up with their program and get started.

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27. Spy-Fy Affiliate Program

Spy-Fy Affiliates’ Page

Spy-Fy helps organizations protect their privacy by providing simple yet effective hardware solutions. They provide premium privacy gadgets to businesses, and brand them with their logos. This allows companies to show their employees and clients how much they care about their privacy. Their products include RFID blocking cards, webcam covers, USB data blockers, and privacy kits.

Spy-Fy requires entrepreneurial minded individuals who can make use of their personal sale-platforms to help them grow. The Spy-Fy affiliate program offers varying commissions on all the gear that is purchased by your referrals.

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28. OneDrone Affiliate Program

OneDrone Affiliates’ Page

OneDrone covers almost all major brands from the world of first-person view (FPV) / unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). They have partnered with Team BlackSheep (TBS) and are one of the largest distributors of TBS products in Europe. The affiliate program offered by this one-stop drone shop is completely free and allows members to earn revenue by promoting the platform or their products.

Any purchases that are made by customers after clicking on the affiliate links provided by OneDrone allow you to earn a 3% commission.

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29. National Debt Relief Affiliate Program

National Debt Relief Affiliates’ Page

National Debt Relief is one of the best-rated and most-trusted debt settlement options in the US. They help individuals resolve their debt issues effectively. If you believe that your readers can benefit from their service, refer them to National Debt Relief. This will not only benefit your audience, but also allow you to earn a noticeable commission.

The leads you find must live in a qualified state, have at least $10,000 unsecured credit card debt, and should be looking for help. With their Pay Per Lead Program, you can earn $27.50  per qualified quote request. In addition, with their Pay Per Call Program, you get to earn $41  per qualified phone call.

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30. MediTravels Affiliate Program

MediTravels Affiliates’ Page

Meditravels is a growing business. They offer global healthcare options to European and North American patients at a very low cost. Their global partner-networks are some of the world’s best accredited healthcare facilities. Along with providing basic healthcare coverage with their packages, they provide a wide range of benefits to patients and their families.

The Meditravels affiliate program allows you to help people in need and earn some money while you are at it. They pay their affiliate marketers for medical tourism leads. Every time an individual referred by you books a treatment with Meditravels, they pay you $100 .

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31. Gaiam Affiliate Program

Gaiam Affiliates’ Page

Gaiam is a leading lifestyle brand that sells fitness, wellness, and yoga products. Joining the Gaiam affiliate program will allow you to enjoy multiple benefits. They offer generous commissions of up to 10%. They provide compelling and attractive banners to their affiliates in order to help them maximize their conversion rate. Gaiam also releases frequent newsletters that contain detailed product information, as well as ideas to help you increase your commissions.

They make payments through the LinkShare Affiliate Network and you don’t need to meet any minimum threshold in order to receive payments. Not only is it extremely easy to set up with this program, but it is also completely free. Moreover, as an affiliate you get a dedicated responsive affiliate team that assists you in the process of maximizing your sales.

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32. Essentia Affiliate Program

Essentia Affiliates’ Page

Essentia is a company that sells pressure-relieving mattresses that do not give off gas and toxins. It is the ideal solution for individuals that value an organic lifestyle, are suffering from diseases like cancer, are sensitive to chemicals, are seeking higher quality sleep, and choose prevention over chronic chemical exposure.

Essentia’s affiliate program offers commissions of up to $350  per referred sale. This program is run by Impact, and thus, you get access to your personal dashboard where you can track your real-time performance. They also provide their affiliates with social media assets, videos, professionally designed banners, and access to exclusive offers for their audience. If you believe that your audience members can benefit from Essentia’s products, go ahead and avail this opportunity right away.

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33. DreamHost Affiliate Program

DreamHost Affiliates’ Page

DreamHost helps people own and control their digital presence. Every time an individual posts something online, they shouldn’t have to worry about someone mining their personal data for their marketing purposes. DreamHost provides an open platform that gives people freedom to control any data they share. They host over 1.5 million websites, applications, and WordPress blogs for designers, small business, developers, and more.

DreamHost affiliate program makes it easy for you to sell their services and products, and get paid in return. For every referred sign-up, DreamHost pays you a specific amount of money. They offer these payment plans to their affiliate marketers:

  • Shared Starter
    • Monthly Plan Payout: $15 / referral
    • Yearly Plan Payout: $50 / referral
  • Shared Unlimited
    • Monthly Plan Payout: $30 / referral
    • Yearly Plan Payout: $100 / referral
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server)
    • Monthly Plan Payout: $30 / referral
    • Yearly Plan Payout: $100 / referral
  • DreamPress (WordPress Hosting)
    • Monthly Plan Payout: $150 / referral
    • Yearly Plan Payout: $150 / referral
  • Dedicated Server
    • Monthly Plan Payout: $200 / referral
    • Yearly Plan Payout: $200 / referral

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34. Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

Amazon Associates Affiliates’ Page

Amazon Associates is like an affiliate network. It is extremely easy and free to join. Once you sign up to become an Amazon Associate, you get access to affiliate links to Amazon products. You can then earn great commissions by advertising any products sold on Amazon. With millions of options available, you will have several products suitable for your audience; no matter what your niche is.

In order to join this affiliate program, all you need to do is sign-up for the program and wait for an approval. You can earn up to 10% in advertising fees from qualifying purchases.

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35. eBay Partner Network

eBay Affiliates’ Page

eBay is an American multinational ecommerce corporation. It facilitates business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer sales through its website. Similar to Amazon Associate’s affiliate network, eBay allows you to promote and sell your choice of products from the millions of options available on their site.

The eBay Partner Network pays their affiliates a commission of 50-70% of auction fees. For each item that you sell, eBay charges the seller an auction fee. You then earn a percentage of that cut that eBay earns from that particular purchase. The cookie duration is 10 days for auction items, and 24 hours for ‘buy it now’ products.

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36. AliExpress Affiliate Program

AliExpress Affiliates’ Page

AliExpress is a Chinese online retail service that is owned by the Alibaba Group. It is made up of numerous small businesses that offer products to international buyers on the Web. AliExpress offers an online marketing affiliate program to affiliates, allowing them to earn commission of up to 50%.

There are many sellers on AliExpress that are willing to pay affiliate marketers a percentage from the purchase made by their referred buyer. The percentage ranges from 2% to 50%. Their strategy is simple; the more buyers you bring to their platform, the more you get paid.

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37. Skimlinks Referral Program

Skimlinks Affiliates’ Page

Skimlinks helps online publishers that specialize in contextual in-text advertising monetize their content. They connect publishers to a network of more than 48,000 merchants worldwide. Thousands of publishers trust Skimlinks to power a key revenue stream for them. This process contributes up to 25% of their profits each year. Help your audience to enhance their editorial experiences and optimize their advertising game by referring Skimlinks to them.

Skimlinks offers 35% of their share of commission to their affiliates from any publisher they refer to them in their first year with the organization. After you sign up with their affiliate program, all you need to do is copy a short code into the footer of your website and continue to publish your content as usual. Every time a reader makes a purchase through your link, you earn a commission.

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38. ClickBank Affiliate Program

ClickBank Affiliates’ Page

ClickBank is an online marketing affiliate program. They partner with digital marketers that sell their high-quality products and pay them commissions as high as 75%. They believe that quality marketing is worth paying for. With tens of thousands of products available in their online marketplace, you get to choose products that match your niche, and which you want to promote.

They pay their affiliate marketers as often as every week, depending on their personal preference. ClickBank’s HOPLINK tracking system enables you to get credit for the sales you make even if a referred customer waits up to 60 days to buy a product after clicking your affiliate link. They also provide advanced reports, giving you access to detailed information about clicks, impressions, and sales for your chosen offers.

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39. Rakuten Affiliate Program

Rakuten Affiliates’ Page

Rakuten Marketing, also formerly known as LinkShare, is an online affiliate marketing service provider. This pay-for-performance affiliate marketing network offers affiliates from all around the world an opportunity to promote the platform and drive in revenue through it. They believe that success comes down to partnerships. Therefore, they link publishers and advertisers to reach increased and relevant audience and drive repeat sales.

Their Affiliate for Advertisers program allows you to drive performance for your online business through innovative technology and superior service. In addition, their Affiliate for Publishers program enables you to partner with recognized and reputable brands, and earn commissions directly from your affiliate websites.

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40. Hubspot Affiliate Program

Hubspot Affiliates’ Page

HubSpot develops and markets software products for inbound sales and marketing. Its services and products aim to provide efficient tools for content management, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and web analytics.

All you need to do is embed their affiliate links in your content in order to take advantage of what the HubSpot affiliate program has to offer. For every product that is purchased by your referral, you can earn up to $1,000  in commission. The commission you will receive will depend on the tier of the product sold:

  • Basic / Starter: $250
  • CMS / Professional: $500
  • Enterprise: $1,000

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41. AWeber Customer Referral Program

AWeber Affiliates’ Page

AWeber is an online email marketing platform that allows hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses to create and send compelling emails. By doing so, entrepreneurs are empowered to connect with customers in ways that can help them grow their businesses.

Their in-house Customer Referral Program offers affiliates a lifetime commission of 30%. Their cookie life is 12 months. The sign-up is completely free, and the program offers monthly payouts. Set up your free advocate membership and start earning customer referral payments!

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42. ConvertKit Affiliate Program

ConvertKit Affiliates’ Page

ConvertKit is the ultimate email marketing software for creators. It helps businesses connect with their audience in an effective manner. They believe that an email list is the biggest asset a business can have. ConvertKit allows businesses to grow their audience and eventually help them grow their income.

The ConvertKit affiliate program pays you a 30% commission for every individual that signs up to their platform through your affiliate link. For as long as the ConvertKit account of that particular referred customer stays active, you receive a recurring commission every month. Their cookie window is 30 days.

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43. GetResponse Affiliate Program

GetResponse Affiliates’ Page

GetResponse is an email marketing platform that helps businesses promote their services, sell products, and grow their audience. They help entrepreneurs send appealing emails that engage and sell. They provide ready-made workflows to their customers, and help them generate leads with compelling landing pages.

GetResponse offers their affiliates with two different commission programs. Their Affiliate Bounty Program allows you to earn a generous one-time commission of $100  for every account that you refer. On the other hand, their Affiliate Recurring Program enables you to earn sustainable long-term revenue of recurring 33% monthly commission. With both their programs, you can enjoy free marketing materials, monthly payouts, and real-time earning statistics.

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44. Coursera Affiliate Program

Coursera Affiliates’ Page

Coursera is an online learning platform that offers massive specializations, online courses, and degrees. The online marketing affiliate program offered by Coursera allows you to earn up to 45% commission on thousands of courses and specializations.

They provide text links and custom banners in the unique format that their affiliates desire. You also get access to their affiliate newsletters which consist of ideas to help you optimize your marketing strategies, and make the most of your content. This affiliate program runs on the LinkShare network. Along with the 20-45% on commissions, they offer their affiliates bonuses for strong performance.

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45. Teachable Affiliate Program

Teachable Affiliates’ Page

Teachable allows you to create and sell online courses. At Teachable, they believe that every individual has a unique and valuable set of skills and experience. Hence they provide a platform to teachers for their students to sign-up to, view curriculum and previews in an easy manner and finally purchase the courses they are selling. The user-friendly interface makes the process even easier.

Teachable pays 30% commission with a 90-day cookie life through their affiliate program. With monthly paying customers, they pay their affiliates recurring commissions. Once you refer someone to their platform, you earn commissions for as long as that individual remains a paying customer. The money is deposited straight into your PayPal account. Lastly, you can always access your unique affiliate code and track your performance through your affiliate portal.

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46. BigCommerce Affiliate Program

BigCommerce is a private technology company that provides a SaaS ecommerce platform. Its features include web hosting, search engine optimization, customer groups and segmentation, and more. The BigCommerce affiliate program provides you pre-made banners, emails, referral links, and more to help you promote their platform with ease and convenience. With the content developed by BigCommerce, you don’t need to waste your money and time on creating content by linking to webinars or blogs.

The BigCommerce affiliate program enables you to earn 200% of a referred customer’s first monthly payment. If the visitor you referred becomes an enterprise customer, you get to earn a whopping amount of $1,500! There are no obligations, commission caps, or minimum commitments you need to fulfill in order to get payouts. Their cookies last for 90 days.

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47. 3dcart Affiliate Program

3dcart Affiliates’ Page

3dcart is a robust and complete ecommerce platform. The main purpose of the platform is to help the owners of online stores to thrive in a competitive marketplace. Businesses owners can use the hundreds of features and tools available in the software to effectively start, operate, and maintain a successful online business with greater efficiency and ease.

The 3dcart affiliate program pays affiliates 300% commission on each referred customer. This program is run on both the ShareASale and Commission Junction networks. Both these networks offer the same cookie life and commission rate. Therefore it is up to you to make a final decision and choose the platform that suits you best.

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48. Volusion Affiliate Program

Volusion Affiliates’ Page

Volusion is an ecommerce platform that offers exceptional store-building tools and features. They provide their customers with assistance related to web design, security, search engine optimization, domain purchase, and cart integration.

The Volusion affiliate program offers affiliates 200% commission on the first monthly payment that their referred customers make. The commission can range anywhere from $29  to $299. With Volusion’s Prime custom tier, your income can go even higher than the specified range. Their cookie duration is 45 days. As an affiliate marketer, Volusion will give you access to marketing resources and materials to help you with your promotional efforts.

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49. Yves Rocher Affiliate Program

Yves Rocher Affiliates’ Page

Yves Rocher is a leading cosmetics and beauty brand. They offer a wide range of botanical beauty goods including makeup, fragrances, and skin and body care products. Moreover, they offer superior experience to their customers. For instance, with every purchase, they give out a free gift.

This affiliate program offers a relatively high commission rate in the business-to-customer retail space. Affiliates get a chance to earn a generous commission of 15% on all sales. Like most other programs on our list of the best online marketing affiliate programs, marketers get access to creative assets, such as promotional banners to use on their social media accounts and sites. The cookie window closes in 30 days.

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50. Scentbird Affiliate Program

Scentbird Affiliates’ Page

Scentbird is a designer perfume program that is subscription-based and provides a 30-day perfume supply for only $14.95  a month. Consumers get to choose from 450 difference fragrances from top designers, such as Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford, Gucci, and more.

With the Scentbird affiliate program, you get to share unique scents that customers can’t resist signing up for. They offer a commission of $14  to their affiliates on all Scentbird subscription sign-ups. Their cookie length is 45 days. Scentbird provides their affiliate marketers with product links, text links, and banners in order to help them make as many sales as possible. 

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51. BH Cosmetics Affiliate Program

BH Cosmetics Affiliates’ Page

BH Cosmetics is an innovative beauty brand. They are dedicated to and passionate about bringing cruelty-free cosmetics into the market. The BH Cosmetics affiliate program allows you to earn commission on purchases as well as amazing bonuses on strong performance.

Every time you direct a visitor from your website to BH Cosmetics, you earn a commission of 8% on every purchase they make within the first 60 days of their visit. This affiliate program offers marketers exclusive access to banners and coupons that they can use on their blogs, websites, or emails. They also deliver affiliate newsletters every month in order to encourage affiliates to perform at their best.

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52. TripAdvisor Travel Affiliate Program

TripAdvisor Travel Affiliates’ Page

TripAdvisor is a restaurant and travel website organization that shows restaurant and hotel reviews, accommodation bookings, and other content related to travelling. The TripAdvisor Travel affiliate program allows you to earn additional revenue, and provide the audience readers on your site with access to more than 760 million reviews and 500,000 hotel pages.

Once a reader on your site clicks on a link that directs them to one of TripAdvisor’s partner sites, you get to earn a 50% commission from the revenue they generate. This means that you don’t need to wait for a purchase to be made by your referral in order to earn money.

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53. Cheapflights Affiliate Program

Cheapflights Affiliates’ Page

Cheapflights is a travel fare metasearch engine and aggregator. The travel comparison site publishes flight costs and compares prices from various suppliers. Refer Cheapflights to your readers to help them find the most inexpensive plane tickets.

Cheapflights affiliate program pays you a flat fee of $0.25 on every click-out for mobile and $0.45 on every click-out for tablet and desktop. Affiliates get access to attractive banners, travel widgets, search boxes, and other creative assets that help them generate high revenues.

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54. Momondo Affiliate Program

Momondo Affiliates’ Page

Like Cheapflights, Momondo is also a travel fare metasearch engine and aggregator. It operates a travel information blog called Inspiration. This global travel search website compares cheap car rental, flights, and hotel deals. Partner with Momondo to help your readers with their flights and other travel-related bookings.

Every time a visitor on your site clicks on your affiliate link, Momondo pays you a flat rate of $0.45 on every click-out for mobile, and $0.65 on every click-out for tablet and desktop. Moreover, if your website has 200,000+ unique monthly viewers, Momondo encourages you to reach out to them directly by sending them an email.

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When making your final decision about which affiliate program to choose, remember to keep a few important elements in mind. Consider how well-established your following on the Internet is, who makes up your audience, and the products and services they might be interested in.

There is no limit to the number of online marketing affiliate programs you can sign-up for. Select one from the list above, and start earning a hefty income using your online platform and marketing skills!