43 Online Business Marketing Courses for Free (and for a Fee)

Online Business Marketing Courses

Online business marketing courses have made it incredibly easy for anyone to learn from the comfort of their home.

Whether your the owner of a multi-million dollar enterprise or you’re running a mom and pop store—you need expertise and tools to market your business.

There was a time not long ago when education was a privilege and luxury. Things have changed and technology has brought about the free dispersion of knowledge. As a business owner, you can educate yourself on how to give your business a competitive advantage through better marketing.

When there are huge budgets and dedicated departments taking care of the marketing function within your organization, perhaps you don’t have much to worry about. However, for a new entrepreneur or someone looking to make it big, marketing knowledge can be a game changer.

There are several resources online available for you to learn about the different aspects of online business marketing to your heart’s content. Whatever your end goal may be, these free (and some not free) online digital and business marketing courses can help you get where you want. Here are 43 of them for you to consider.

Free Online Business Marketing Courses

When we said free, we meant mostly free. But don’t judge us on this statement just yet! Here are the several free options for you to look into.

Google Ad Grants Online Marketing Challenge

As they say, let’s start with the best. And who could teach marketing better than the giant itself? Google has developed many programs to help young entrepreneurs and artists. And it is not far behind in the field of marketing either.

This is where Google Ad Grants Online Marketing Challenge (OMC) comes in. The competition itself is an excellent opportunity for students to learn and challenge themselves. The real treasure, however, is the resources provided for free on signing up.

Enter Google Academy. There are multiple channels on the ‘resources’ tab that will take you to your preferred learning domain. Learn more about them right here!

1. Google Academy for Ads

The Academy for Ads gives you small courses that you can master in one sitting. It introduces you to Google’s ad products and equips you with specific skills you will need to succeed online. If you earn achievements, you can call yourself Google certified!

2. The Digital Garage

To master digital marketing in one place, The Digital Garage is your best bet. It provides free courses on everything from search to social media.

If you complete all 26 levels, you earn a certificate of proficiency.

3. Google Best Practices

This Best Practice series is based on search engine marketing tactics. Here you will find advance-level tips for Google Ads optimization as well. What better than to learn from the master itself?

4. Ad Grants

This series of courses covers everything from structuring content to delivering it. Choosing the right keywords and choosing target audiences are essential parts of this course. Learn more about Google Ad Grants on the dedicated page.

5. Analytics Academy

If you are interested in receiving training on Google Analytics from Google itself, join the Analytics Academy community and test your knowledge.

6. Primer App

Do you want all of this on the smaller screen and on-the-go? The Primer App by Google delivers small marketing lessons that you can go through anywhere as long as you have five minutes. Learn new strategies every day!

7. Think with Google Tools

You can improve your business marketing strategies by using Think with Google Tools. These tools can help you strengthen your marketing game by mastering your understanding of consumer trends and insights.


EdX Homepage

Regardless of what you’re looking for, there is an EdX course for it. Similar is the case with online business marketing courses on the website. Here are some that our worth your time.

8. Marketing Management from USM

The University of Maryland is offering a MicroMasters Program for people who want to learn marketing. Once the course is complete, you get a certification, which is never a bad thing.

9. Marketing Segmentation Analysis from USQ

This course has been developed by the prestigious University of Queensland. Marketing Segmentation Analysis enables you to develop skills that can help meet customer needs. Give yourself an edge over your competition with this course.

10. Online Marketing Strategies from Curtin University

The main strengths of this Curtin University course is brand building. Their focus is on helping students understand how to build the credibility of a business through marketing. And the best part is, it is open for enrollment right now!

11. Marketing Analytics from Berkeley

This course from the University of California is a good all-rounder. Its key strengths include training in competitive analysis, use of data and development of strategies. It also focuses on improving the customer experience for better customer satisfaction.

Constant Contact

Social Media Guide from Constant Contact

12. Social Media 101

For people just starting on their social media marketing journey, the Quickstarter is the perfect opportunity. There are step-by-step instructions that will guide you in building your image across all relevant social media platforms.


Coursera Welcome Page

Another fantastic resource available on the web is Coursera. It has been hailed multiple times as the best interface for learning in terms of convenience. And it is surely living up to its name with its online business marketing courses. Have a look at some of the better ones on their website.

13. Digital Marketing- University of Illinois

This 4.5 rated specialization course offers you in-depth insights into all things digital marketing. Industry experts share the latest digital marketing trends and skills for free. The course sheds light on important topics such as digital marketing analytics, SEO, social media marketing, and 3D printing. And it further helps in digitally creating, distributing, and promoting your product or services.

Registrations start soon, so get ready to roll up your sleeves.

14. Introduction to Marketing- UPenn

The top instructors from Wharton’s marketing department have come together to teach you this course. Branding, customer centricity, and practical marketing strategies are the three main components of this course. It is available in multiple languages and with a flexible schedule so you can fit it around your schedule.

15. Marketing Analytics- University of Virginia

You can enroll in this Marketing Analytic course for free on the Coursera website. It offers insight into the world of consumer choices and what they mean. It teaches you how to interpret the wealth of data available and use it to your advantage when developing online marketing strategies for your business.

16. Marketing in a Digital World- University of Illinois

This course comes from the University of Illinois. In the syllabus you will find extensive information on the digital tools available and instructions on how to use them.

There are 150,000 learners subscribed today, which tells you a little bit about its popularity.


Welcome Page for Udemy

Udemy is currently one of the top online academies for all kinds of courses. Depending on the specifics of your desired proficiency, you type in the keyword and use the ‘filter’ option. Lo and behold, you’ll have a free course in front of you. Let’s take a look at some of the better courses they offer!

17. SEO Tutorial and Training

Udemy gives you an option to choose from three SEO courses that approach the subject from different angles.

The first two are SEO introductory courses that teach you the basics. There is the SEO Tutorial for Beginners and What is SEO? So, you have a hang of the basics and understand how SEO can be used to market your business online? Now, it’s time to go for the SEO Training Course developed by Moz.

The courses will provide you end-to-end knowledge of SEO practices and how you can incorporate them into a successful business marketing strategy.

18. Advanced Social Media Marketing

If you are new to generating leads on digital platforms and would like to learn more about this, you can look into this course. The Advanced Social Media Marketing course lets you in on the secrets of entering Facebook groups and finding specified niche audiences.

With this course, you can learn how to attract qualified, motivated clients that are likely to convert. And, of course, how to keep them!

19. Social Media Management

This course encompasses all things related to developing your social media marketing strategies. For instance, you will learn how to use SMM for business outreach, for blogging and audience building, and the importance of having a dedicated team for all this.

This comprehensive course is of immense help for social media managers and executives alike. And you can take the course on-the-go with your smartphone or tablet.

There are a ton of other free courses in the same vein that you can access on Udemy. From Google AdWords to digital marketing fundamentals, you can choose whatever is most relevant to your business marketing needs.

CopyBlogger Marketing Email Course

20. Internet Marketing Email Course

This Internet Marketing for Smart People Email Course does not give you all the information at once. Instead, it sends you emails, in 20 installments, so you learn something new every day. And with little investment!

Learn about content marketing, SEO, keyword research, and the basics of copywriting through this interesting course. There are bonus offers too! For instance, those who like going the extra mile can peruse CopyBlogger’s 16 high-impact eBooks.

HubSpot Academy

Hubspot Academy Website

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that HubSpot is the hub for some of the best online business marketing courses. Some of the industry’s leading experts offer courses on the platform. Here are some classes they offer.

21. Inbound Marketing Training

Inbound marketing helps in the successful promotion of your business for qualified leads. And this course will teach you how to do precisely that. Discover the methodology of inbound and how to tailor it to your particular needs.

The best thing about these courses is how they prioritize user experience. For instance, each chapter is narrated by a different expert, so the viewer gets a fresh perspective each time. Moreover, the lessons are split into 6 parts, 15 videos, and 4 quizzes.

22. Content Marketing

This Content Marketing certification course gives you an overview of how to become an effective content marketer. With 53 videos covering different topics in over 6 hours of screen time, HubSpot promises to teach you more than what you signed up for.

The best of the best will give you excellent content creation frameworks. Additionally, you will find ways to create and re-purpose content that everyone will love. Become a powerhouse of content creation with this one.

23. Content Strategy Course

To add on to the previous point, content creation without a good content marketing strategy is doomed to fail. This is why you must take this Content Strategy Course with the previous one.

To grab the attention of viable customers, it is essential for your brand to have a story. This is what you will learn to create here.

Building a brand image, planning a long-term strategy, and effectively promoting content are all covered under the syllabus. No doubt, building your brand up from the ground is a difficult task. But nothing’s stopping you if you are dedicated and informed enough!

24. Instagram Marketing Strategy Course

Instagram Marketing Course Preview

Instagram is the next big thing as far as social media popularity is concerned. Because of the ease of access and the user-friendly interface, it is fast becoming the platform of choice for this generation.

This course helps in developing an End-to-End Instagram Marketing Strategy for Your Business. Crystal King is someone who knows the ins and outs of Instagram content creation. And she will share her experiences and insights with you.

25. SEO Training

If the basics of SEO are what you are looking for, look into this SEO Training Course. This course is specifically aimed at building sustainable traffic for business growth. With this course, you can evaluate and improve your site’s SEO and hopefully bump it up in search engine results. The harder you work on SEO, the more exposure your business website gets.


The Canvas Network

Canvas Network may not have a direct link to marketing courses, but it sure is a great resource for learning about other areas that will come in handy in marketing!

26. Communications Boot Camp

With this free and self-paced course in communication, any business owner can learn to market like a pro! Topics focus on building media relations, composing targeted messages, and improving social media performance.


Alison Welcome Page

The Alison website contains over a thousand different courses in nine categories for you to choose from. All of them are completely free to access and you can study at your own pace. You have a choice between certificate courses, diploma courses, and learning paths.

They each take different amounts of investment and time. Here are a few marketing-related courses you can check out.

27. Marketing Management Diploma

This course is designed to teach students practical marketing management skills. It will take you through the most essential tools used in business marketing, such as market research and analytics. You are sure to give your marketing knowledge a boost by enrolling here.

28. Introduction to Marketing

This Alison course introduces you to the process of marketing and teaches you the core tenets behind a marketing strategy that is viable for success. You will hear real examples from different corporations and learn about the evolution of marketing theory through the ages.

29. Fundamentals of Marketing

This one is a crash course if you’re a complete beginner to marketing a business online. Since it understands that the online marketing space is incredibly competitive, it gives business owners the tools and clarity in concepts to navigate it better.

MIT Open Courseware

Welcome Page for MIT

We are pretty sure that MIT does not jump to mind when you’re thinking of online business marketing courses. Yet, the prestigious MIT (supported by other schools) has made its elite-level education available for everyone with an internet connection.

Here are our favorite free courses from the MIT Open Courseware.

30. Marketing Management

From the Sloan School of Management comes this interesting course designed to serve as an introduction to marketing theory. Although much different in practice, it is essential that as beginners you invest time in developing a theoretical understanding behind strategy creation and implementation.

31. Marketing Strategy

This graduate-level course developed by the same school aims to help learners understand the importance of having an all-encompassing strategy. You will learn how to evaluate your business’s potential, and strategize and plan for the long run.

32. Strategic Marketing

It’s not news to anyone that marketing cannot be random. Successful marketing does not mean getting the most engagement. It has to stem from the overall business strategy. If you’re interested in this topic, this course is worth considering.

33. Entrepreneurial Marketing

If you have a start-up that you are serious about building from the ground up, this is the right course for you. You will receive an understanding of targeted marketing, and learn about the methods of marketing, and how to go about creating successful marketing strategies.  

Entrepreneurs can gain an edge over the competition by using the tools available to them to the best advantage. You will also learn to apply this knowledge in a flexible way to your business in particular.


Welcome Page for DS106

34. Non-Course Course

What DS106 calls a ‘non-course’ course is actually an interesting take on digital marketing. Instead of going about it in the usual manner, it tells you how to present your brand’s story. It does not get technical, and the focus is on how to tell a story online, and how to gauge success. You will learn all of this from DS106 open course.

Future Learn

Future Learn Welcome Page

Like other course-hosting websites, Future Learn has several courses from reliable Universities and great teachers. While many courses are paid and can be accessed for a small monthly fee, there are a couple you can do for free and still learn a lot.

35. Marketing Analytics

If you are hoping to join and complete this course successfully, you need to dedicate a minimum of 5 weeks to the course. You’ll learn how to use marketing analytics and develop strategies after getting a handle on data.

Every decision you take for your brand is crucial and needs to be backed up with data. And this is exactly what the course teaches you.

36. Social Media Analytics

From the Queensland University of Technology comes this very informative and useful social media analytics course. It teaches you how to analyze the user data you find on social media websites.

Software like Tableau are also taught so that you can analyze, identify trends and patterns in data, and then use it for the benefit of your business.

Class Central

Class Central Intro

37. Marketing Digital- Galileo University

This free marketing course tells you everything you need to know about marketing your content in the digital world.

With it, you learn about building communication with your current and potential customers just sitting at home waiting to be engaged.

38. Viral Marketing and Contagious Content

Who hasn’t seen an ad or two going viral and reaching millions more than expected? Well, you can learn how to create content that spreads like wildfire too. This is the main calling card of this the course.

It takes you through ideas and what makes them stick, goes over human behaviors, and discusses the role of social influences. You will learn a lot about what makes something click. And over time, you will be able to create viral content too!

Online Business Marketing Courses for a Fee

We gave you plenty of options for courses that require you to spend absolutely nothing. Now, what about those that come at a price? Let us take a look at some of the best online business marketing courses for a fee.


Lynda Courses Offered

Although not a free resource, Lynda offers highly curated courses ranging in subjects from software development to photography. Marketing isn’t that far behind either.

Here are a few interesting online business marketing courses for you.

39. Marketing Foundations- Automation

Automation is taking over the marketing world by a storm. Which business does not want to conserve energy and labor by outsourcing some part of its operations? And who better to outsource to than automated bots?

The Marketing Foundations course will maximize your efficiency by teaching you everything you need to know about automation in marketing. Learn about follow-up messages, chatbots, on-boarding, and off-boarding flows, dynamic personalization, and meta tags.

40. Marketing Ethics

Expert Dierdre Breakenridge teaches you how integrity can make or break the image of a brand. To earn the trust of customers, ethics must come first.

The Marketing Ethics course will help you analyze the ethics of your brand, and then recondition it to be better. If a brand is believed to be ethical, its marketability rises drastically.

41. Digital Marketing Trends

In this course, Martin Waxman talks about the latest trends in marketing. The digital world has rules of its own, and he is here to acquaint you with them. The newest tools and techniques will be made available to you. And you can employ these in your marketing strategy to make it stand out.


42. The Complete Digital Marketing Course

Learn Digital Marketing

This course might seem quite expensive at first glance, but not when you consider what it offers. Twelve separate courses come in the package of one. From market research, WordPress, copywriting, email marketing, SEO, Google AdWords, analytics, almost every area of online marketing is covered.

A huge plus: it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

43. Digital Marketing Masterclass

You can go even bigger with Udemy’s digital marketing masterclass. It includes 23 courses rolled into one. It’s quite expensive but there is a reason it’s called a masterclass.

Other Business Marketing Resources

If you are not one of those people who can manage a course that requires considerable time investment, you can look into alternative resources. As the attention span of this generation decreases, videos and podcasts have emerged as practical alternatives to weeks-long courses. Through short videos or clips, you can learn a lot about your area of interest.


If there is any website we are all familiar with, it is the video giant of the world, YouTube. While it continues to be an excellent source of entertainment, DIY instructions, and cat videos, YouTube can also be utilized as an amazing source of learning.

People have learned how to optimize their websites end-to-end with these videos, and they have achieved results they would not have otherwise.

Here are a few videos you can check out if you are interested in an introduction to online marketing for businesses. Put them on while you workout or watch them in bed. With YouTube, you can learn on-the-go.

An Introduction to Marketing- Peter Hitchen

YouTube Video Screenshot

This resource is a lesson by Peter Hitchen from the University of Essex. In this 45+ minute video, you will learn about marketing, brand management, and discourse about strong brands. This may be an exciting way to build your knowledge in this field. You can find it for free on YouTube.

Marketing 101 and Fundamentals

Marketing 101

This video from SelfLearn is an hour and 30-minute long detailed discussion on marketing 101. It starts off explaining what marketing is, how it can serve your needs, and what you need to hone your craft and become a successful marketer. You will further learn tips and tricks to make your brand relatable to your target market online.

Ted Talks

Ted Talks

TED may not be the place to learn technical marketing skills. However, it is the perfect place to come to when you want to learn something new, or you want to feel inspired. That is exactly what these three Ted Talks do with your favorite topic.

Give them a watch for a fresh perspective on branding, marketing, digital ads, and even physics!

Sarah Willersdorf: What Brands Can Learn from Online Dating

In this witty and fascinating talk, Sarah Willersdorf talks about online dating apps and what they can teach brands about today’s consumer. She calls today’s generation one raised on 140 characters or less. So, what about marketing can you learn from the 3-5 seconds people spend swiping left or right for a date? You’ll find out.

Kristi Rogers: Where Are Our Digital Ads Going?

Advertising researcher, Kristi Rogers, gives her insight on the ad culture of today and predicts what it could be in the future. Hint: it involves advanced mathematics!

Daniel Schnitzer: Inventing is the Easy Part. Marketing Takes Work

Daniel Schnitzer argues that it takes more than an invention to change the world: it takes good marketing. In this talk, he explains how important the market is for the success and growth of the developing world.

Dan Cobley: What Physics Taught Me About Marketing

Can you think of two subjects more divorced from each other than marketing and physics? In his Ted Talk, Dan Cobley combines his two passions. He tells us how they can be viewed together using Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle: the scientific method, and the second law of thermodynamics.

As we approach the end of our expansive list of online business marketing courses, we hope you’ve found some useful information. Joining and finishing a new course on your own may be difficult and daunting at first. But you can get pretty far ahead with a little bit of dedication and hard work.