Native Advertising Companies (Enhance the ROIs of Your Campaigns)

Native Advertising Companies

If you’re planning on making native advertising part of your online marketing campaign, you need to know about the best native advertising companies that can help you in this endeavor.

Native advertising is incredibly effective when it comes to running successful advertising campaigns for your business on the web.

Understanding Native Advertising

Native advertising is a form of advertising in which the paid ads blend in with the feel, function, and look of the media format where they appear. Unlike the flashy, bright ads that pop on your screen or those that are constantly displayed as a banner while you’re scrolling through a website, native ads appear as though they are a part of the webpage you’re on.

Native ads are most commonly found as recommended content on web pages or in your social media feed. You won’t even realize that it’s an ad while you’re randomly scrolling through the website. The entire purpose of native advertising is to make ads non-disruptive. This means that the ads shouldn’t be forced onto the reader.

Native Advertising Companies

Native advertising is a great way to advertise your business without irritating your audience. If you wish to implement this form of advertisement in your marketing campaign, you will need to get in touch with a native advertising company. This list of the best native advertisement companies will help you partner with the company that’s right for you and your business.

1. Outbrain

Outbrain Native Advertising Company

Outbrain is a content discovery platform that gives its users access to top publications such as ESPN and CNN. Native ads that are displayed through Outbrain usually include content in the form of recommendations. These recommendations intrigue the user and make them want to continue the research spree that they’re on.

Outbrain lets its users promote videos, articles, slideshows, infographics, and other forms of media. It works on the CPC (cost per click) model, which means that you are charged a fee only when someone clicks on the content that you are promoting.

This native advertising platform comes with a number of features and tools that allow its users to analyze the reach of their online advertising campaigns.

2. Taboola

Taboola Native Advertising Company

After Outbrain, Taboola is the most well-known native advertising company that you will come across. It started off as a service that recommended videos but has become a leading platform for content discovery.

Taboola serves content on a number of major publishing websites, such as NBC, Yahoo!, and Mail Online. It allows its users to get accurate, real-time insights about their online marketing campaigns. The analytics dashboard makes the analysis of a campaign’s performance simpler and quicker and allows the users to adjust their strategies accordingly.

The pricing model of Taboola is similar to Outbrain. It provides an additional option where users can pay more per click to get access to the top publishers on the internet.

3. Sharethrough

Sharethrough Native Advertising Company

According to Sharethrough, it is the largest platform in the world that provides an in-feed ad exchange. It has publishers like Real Simple, Forbes, and People on its panel. This makes way for your content to reach as many as 247 million viewers all around the world.

Its audience targeting feature helps your content reach a wider, more relevant audience. Sharethrough also offers tools for tracking content quality. Along with this, you will have access to features like a creative optimization system and content cards as well.

All these features provide you with an enhanced native advertising experience. Sharethrough is committed to providing its users with all the tools they need to be successful in the advertising sphere.  

4. AdsNative

AdsNative has video ad formats that provide its users with an opportunity to put their best content out in front of thousands of viewers around the world. It has a network of more than 1000 publishers in a variety of different industries.

AdsNative uses in-ad and in-feed placement strategies. These give users different advertising options, including in-article, in-app, in-feed, end-of-post, and custom placement. AdsNative comes with a feature called white-label that gives its users access to the infrastructure and technology of the system within their own network.

This native advertising platform lets you deliver reports, develop custom dashboards, and monitor campaigns. All of this and more makes AdsNative a great choice if you’re looking to run a native advertising campaign.

5. TripleLift

TripleLift Native Advertising Company

TripleLift does things differently than most other native advertising companies. Rather than the placement of ads, TripleLift focuses more on its image-delivery technology. The company’s Computer Vision tool can read images and format them to be displayed perfectly on all types of devices. TripleLift focuses on its USP and uses the OpenRTB platform in order to access the largest ad exchange of the industry.

TripleLift works through bidding. All you have to do is bid for ad space. If you win in your bid attempt, TripleLift identifies your caption assets along with the image you’re using. It then uses its technology to format your content to fit into a native ad with a high-quality image.

TripleLift is an ideal native advertising company to approach if you’re focused on advertising through visuals.

6. Nativo

Nativo Native Advertising Company

Nativo is a programmatic platform that helps improve the performance of native ads by as much as 300%. It serves the content within the editorial stream of the publisher, making sure that each ad matches the feel and the look of the publication where the ad is to be displayed.

With Nativo, you can deliver your content automatically through the process of native advertising. Moreover, you are also given access to tools such as Nativo’s native-specific analysis system that helps you analyze the performance of your online advertising campaign.

7. Instinctive

Instinctive Native Advertising Company

Instinctive is one of the best native advertising companies as it helps you align your brand with the function, fit, and form of the platform where you wish to publish your native ad. You can syndicate your videos and blog articles to various publishers that are present on Instinctive’s network.

With Instinctive, your advertisements are 100% viewable. The native advertising platform also offers numerous benefits, such as an enterprise-grade console, in-depth viewer attention metrics, and programmatic integration. These features aid you in taking your online marketing campaign from an entry-level one to a full-fledged powerhouse.

8. Revcontent

Revcontent Native Advertising Company

Revcontent is one of the fastest-growing native advertising companies in the world. One of the reasons why it has climbed up the ladder so fast is that it runs on a model of a 20% revenue share, which makes the company highly profit-oriented for both publishers and advertisers.

Revcontent has a number of prominent publishers in its network, including NBC News, Forbes, and CBS. It offers its users an extremely responsive widget, infinite scroll options, unlimited API customization, and gallery implementations.

Revcontent provides its users with the ability to fully control the optimization of their ads. The excellent audience targeting and an option to chose the publisher and the country makes Revcontent one of the best companies to approach for your native advertisement campaigns.


MGID Native Advertising Company

MGID is one of the oldest native advertising companies. It has been accredited with a massive network of affiliates, brand managers, media buyers, publishers, and online retailers. MGID gives you an opportunity to display your native ads on more than 3000 entertainment and lifestyle websites. And that’s not all! MGID has as many as 52 categories; this means that you can choose the audience that you can best advertise to.

The targeting options that MGID offers are remarkable. These include device, location, and browser type. The widgets that MGID develops for your native advertising campaigns are cohesive with the design of the website where they are published. The best thing about opting for MGID is that your native ads are compatible with all types of devices.  

10. Earnify

Earnify Native Advertising Company

Earnify is a popular name when it comes to native advertising companies. It offers massive benefits to both publishers and advertisers. Publishers can enjoy lightning-fast payment processing and exceptional revenue shares while advertisers get excellent traffic and superior targeting.

It operates on a CPA model. Earnify reviews the websites before they can approve them. You get access to a real-time reporting feature with Earnify. All the processes that go on through this native advertising platform are fairly smooth, which makes this platform an ideal and hassle-free option for publishers and advertisers both.

There is no doubt that native advertising is one of the most efficient forms of advertising. However, when you set out on a mission to find the best native advertising company for your online marketing content, you will find yourself surrounded by endless options. The list of the best native advertising companies that we have compiled for you provides will not only provide you with the best native advertising companies for your advertising campaigns but will also save your time and effort.