Make Money Selling Soap on Etsy | A Comprehensive Guide

Make Money Selling Soap On Etsy

A lot of people can make money selling soap on Etsy because homemade soap is in high demand now. This is mainly due to the huge community of people who love homemade, organic soap – soap that has no chemicals added to it.

The health aspect of homemade soaps is just one of the reasons why it’s so popular. There’s also the fact that these soaps can be custom made, so they can be given as gifts to your friends and family. Before you start selling your homemade soaps on Etsy, you need to know what all it entails.

Read on for a guide on how to make money selling soap on Etsy.

Make Money Selling Soap on Etsy – The Rules and Regulations

There are some things that you have to keep in mind when you design an online store to sell soap. There are some laws about soap that you should take into consideration. Since they are a cosmetic item, you need to consider rules set out by the FTC, FDA, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

If you want to ensure that you’re able to make a profit and keep yourself out of trouble with the authority, then you need to do your research before you start selling soaps on Etsy.

How to Start

There are many kinds of soap that you can make since there are unlimited combinations of styles, looks, and scents that you can choose from. You will also be able to find different recipes online to make soap. Start simple so that you can get the hang of it before moving on to the tougher recipes.

Getting the Equipment

You will need different types of equipment if you’re looking to make money selling soap on Etsy. There are effectively two main ways to make soap. There are:

For each type of soap making, you will need the right sort of equipment for it, so remember that it’s an added expense that you have to bear. You can go as small or big as you want. Some people start off with industrial equipment, but that isn’t necessarily a good idea for a beginner. You probably have all the small-scale equipment in your kitchen. These include glass bowls, crockpots, spoons, and baking sheets. However, you may need to purchase other items like a thermometer, stick blender, and kitchen scale.

If you are starting without any supplies or equipment at all, you may need to keep $300-$500 separate for this venture.

How Much Profit Can You Make

The thing about owning your own Etsy store is that you have the freedom to price things as you see fit. You can design a good profit margin for yourself to make sure that you can turn this into a successful store. You will have to do your research to make sure that you are competitive with your prices. There are many different styles of soap that come at different price points.

There are around 15,000 listings on Etsy for soap selling from 49 cents all the way to $5,000. The average price range for soap is $2 to $4. Some offer multiple bars while some sell one at a time. You will have to look at the costs you are incurring and price your products according to that. If you are using high-quality materials and scents, it will probably sell at a higher price.  

There are plenty of people making thousands of dollars through their online stores, but you have to make sure that your product is worth it. You will have to build on customer loyalty to make sure that you have a steady stream of cash coming in from your online store.

How to Sell Them Properly

A Bar Of Handmade Soap

To make money selling soap on Etsy, you have to learn how to sell your soap properly. There are different ways to sell soap in a way that garners you a lot of buyers. You need to design certain goals and plan out how big you want your business to be. You should also keep in mind how much time you are willing to give to this new project so that you can stay dedicated to its growth.

As long as you are prepared, you will be able to design a strategy that results in success. You will need proper packaging materials to make sure that the soaps look attractive. For your online store, you need to make sure that you skillfully take pictures of your products so that you can display them properly. Etsy allows you to create a store in minutes, but you should make sure that your store goes well with your brand.

By selling soaps on this platform, you will have plenty of people ready to invest in your business since Etsy gets millions of visitors each year. You can also employ a successful advertising strategy online since there are plenty of ways to promote your brand.

You should also consider different marketing strategies. One powerful tool is social media, since you can start gaining attention through different online platforms. There are plenty of tools that you can use to spread content on social media, and the main plus point is that it’s cheap!

Etsy also makes it easy to design banners, sidebars, and other promotional content for your website. You can use different marketing strategies like discounts, deals, and coupons to entice new customers and offer them great products to turn them into loyal customers. Soaps are also a popular gift, and by offering different gift baskets or gift cards, you can make more money.

You need to consider the different marketing and production side of things if you plan to make money selling soaps on Etsy. You should do ample research into recipes, prices, costs, materials, marketing, and other aspects of having a successful online store if you’re looking to turn this into a viable business venture.


Beautiful Handmade Soap For Customers

To make money selling soaps on Etsy, the most important thing is to actually enjoy it! Soap making is a fun activity that can be quite calming and soothing. Making money from the venture is just a plus point, but it’s an endeavor that can prove to be quite profitable!