Looking To Invest: Here Are Rising Industries That You Can Invest In

Looking To Invest: Here Are Rising Industries

This blog post – “Looking to invest: here are rising industries that you can invest in” will help you find industries that you can invest your money in – industries that will prove to be incredibly profitable for you.

Investors who are looking for the right stocks in rising industries may find that the hardest part is to actually find industries to invest in. However, we’ve thought about that and have helped you out by doing the hard work for you. Narrowing your choices to certain industries and their leaders can make the task much more viable.

So, without further ado, here are 10 rising industries that you should invest your money into.

Software as a Service

Investing In SaaS Companies

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies have seen rapid growth in the past few years. These companies rely on providing users with cloud-based services to turn a profit. Companies like Zendesk or Salesforces have formed a great customer base by providing services to clients and charging recurring fees. Both companies had growth rates of 39% and 25% in the last quarters respectively.


Invest In The Finance Industry

Fintech basically stands for financial technology, and these are companies that offer all sorts of financial services to organizations and individual customers. These services can include but are not limited to, payment solutions, financing solutions, and e-commerce platforms. Companies like Shopify and Square have seen growth of 62% and 48% respectively.


Investing In The Robotics Industry

Robotics is rapidly being touted as a rising industry. This is mainly because the sector has so many different applications. This means that there is a lot of potential for growth. iRobot and Intuitive Surgical (just to take the example of two) have seen a 24% and 20% growth respectively. The former sells a Roomba vacuum while the other sells a surgical robot called Da Vinci, which shows how varied robotic services can be.

Another reason to invest in this industry is that robots are present in almost every industry. From automobile manufacturing to food manufacturing, there are robots everywhere!

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence And Investments

AI is a rising industry because it includes growing technologies within itself. For instance, Alphabet by Google assists users in many different ways – some examples of these are Google Assistant (on Android phones), auto-generation of data, and even something seemingly small, like helping people write emails faster.

NVIDIA is also an AI giant that uses a GPU approach to fill the gap between traditional methods and AI technology growth.

Cloud Computing

Investing In Cloud Computing

Cloud computing uses off-site servers to help clients manage, store, and process their data. Two leaders in this rising industry include Amazon and Microsoft. Both provide businesses with cloud services, which helps them keep their data secure. Both businesses are also growing at a rapid rate since more and more companies require data management services.

Electric Cars

Electric Cars Are Investments For The Future

One of the fastest-growing industries in the world is the electric car industry, led by Elon Musk and his company, Tesla. Vehicles that run on electricity and battery power are becoming more popular now, especially with the growing concerns about oil and gas usage.

Tesla has soared by 85% with its recent models and is expected to continue skyrocketing by 200% in subsequent years. General Motors has also found that their electric car sales have become quite profitable.

Streaming Music

Music Streaming Services

Music sales were on a decline before streaming music became a thing. Now, music streaming firms and subscriptions for such services show that there is a lot of potential for growth. Spotify has managed to see an increase in both premium subscribers and monthly active users.


Ecommerce Stores You Should Invest In

Of course, no blog post titled “looking to invest: here are rising industries” can be complete without the eCommerce industry. Amazon and Shopify continue to be two of the world’s biggest companies, known for their massive growth. Amazon, especially, has seen spectacular growth over the years as the primary eCommerce platform for every product imaginable on the planet.

Environmental Cleanup and Remediation Services

Environment Cleanup As An Investment

The environmental cleanup and remediation industry is connected deeply to the manufacturing and construction industries. These industries are economic drivers that will never go out of style; hence, environmental cleanup services will continue to grow as well. McDermott International and Jacobs Engineering Group are both big names in the industry.

Internet Broadcasting and Publishing

Invest In Internet Broadcasting And Publishing

As online users, time spent online, and mobile connections continue to grow, so will internet broadcasting and publishing services. Online platforms, especially social media, have become a daily feature in the lives of billions of people. Companies like Alphabet, Netflix, Facebook, and Apple will continue to see growth in the coming years.

Considering the number of hours that people spend watching Netflix, and the money that the broadcasting giant is earning, it’s no secret that investing in this industry can prove to be incredibly beneficial for you.

The aim of “looking to invest: here are rising industries” was to turn your attention to rising industries that you can invest your money into. The whole purpose of an investment is to grow your money, which means that the industry you invest in needs to have room to grow. With that in mind, the industries mentioned on this list provide opportunities for people looking to see their stocks grow in value, thus giving them the best chance of gaining some financial growth.