Life as a Copywriter – 21 Things You Didn’t Know

Life As A Copywriter

Life as a copywriter can look pretty amazing, especially if you’re good at writing. However, keep in mind that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Luckily, we’re here to shed some light and show you the different components of the life of a copywriter.

You might be a little surprised to discover that there are some things that you didn’t know at all. Taking a closer glimpse behind the curtain here can reveal a lot. It might seem simple on the outside, but life as a copywriter might not be as easy as you might have originally believed.

So, here’s a look at a few things you didn’t know about working as a copywriter:

1. There are Different Types of Copywriters

Did you know that not all copywriters are the same? In fact, there are 7 different types of copywriters that you can pick and choose from. Take a look at the following:

Creative Copywriter

They’re good at handling concepts for campaigns, creating ad copy and headlines.

Digital Copywriter

These writers can create content for call-to-action, social media, on-page, micro-copy and other similar mediums and formats.

Marketing Copywriter

They’re great at understanding marketing concepts, writing eBooks and running email campaigns.

Explainer Copywriter

These are perfect for helping create materials that educate the target market. They usually focus on creating white papers, demo or product review video scripts and datasheets.

SEO Copywriter

They’re a versatile lot and can write content for blog posts, web copy, online content and more.

Brand Journalist

From curated pieces to multimedia, cases studies, blogs, articles and other multimedia, their main aim is to improve exposure and the profile of the business.

Technical Writer

These are writers who specialize in improving user experience. They craft content for FAQs, user manuals, data sheets and articles with technical instructions with the sole purpose of educating the customer.

As you can see, not only is each type different and has diverse writing projects, they also have a completely different function to fulfill. So, no two writers will enjoy the same life as a copywriter.

2. Creativity is a Necessity

Copywriters are usually boxed in as being only meant for writing. On the other hand, most copywriters are also wells of creativity. They’re able to think out of the box, tackle diverse projects and also placate the wants and needs of any target market.

To be a good copywriter, a certain degree of creativity is required. A creative copywriter will be able to figure out how to market products, educate the target market and also build exposure in an organic manner. They’re also more likely to understand the challenges a business is facing.

With their creative skills, you can easily ensure that your business does not face any setbacks. Plus, they’re always careful to use their creativity in a productive manner.

3. You Will Have to Think on Your Feet

Most people think that becoming a copywriter is easy because they don’t have to deal with any issues. That’s not completely true. While life as a copywriter can be monotonous, not all copywriters have a boring time.

For some of them, difficult clients could mean that they have to get creative with their solutions. Placating an angry client can, at times, mean coming up with a solution within minutes and with limited solutions.

While not all copywriters have this unique skill set, most of them have developed it from working freelance and having to do things on their own.

4. Think of the Readers/Audience

Always consider the readers or the target audience. This will play a huge role in the overall reception of the content created. Most copywriters pay attention to this factor. They make sure that they’re writing from the reader’s perspective.

This understanding plays a huge role in the adaptability of the writers as well. Poor writers are not able to understand this factor and can, therefore, not change according to the market trends either. Copywriters who aren’t flexible will end up creating confusion.

Their readers will not be able to understand the content and the writers will not be able to adapt to a changing marketplace.

A freelance copywriter has more challenges and difficulties to face

5. Being Freelance is Challenging

Most people who are considering becoming copywriters often pick the freelance route. You get to have complete freedom, you set your own hours and you get to choose who to work with. Unfortunately, life as a copywriter, particularly a freelance one, is not as idyllic as it seems.

When you’re working freelance, you’re responsible for every single thing. You have to manage your projects, you have to lead, edit your work, pay attention to deadlines and also make sure that you’re getting steady projects to work on. It’s enough to drive one crazy.

The good news though is that once you’re able to get the hang of it, becoming a freelance copywriter is actually easier than you would have thought.

6. Make Room for Changing Trends

Copywriters need to make room for changing trends to accommodate them in their writing. Google, Bing and other search engines are constantly changing their limitations for SEO. This means that any content pieces that don’t conform to their changed rules can be penalized, have less visibility or removed.

A good copywriter is one who is consistently growing and making room for changing trends. This also means that you’re able to create content which is timeless. This means that the content will be unaffected by changing trends or be flexible enough to accommodate it for a certain time period.

7. Be Ready for Rejections

Most people think that copywriters are akin to perfectionists. Each word they write is correct and every sentence is a literary thrill to read. That’s not usually the case. Most copywriters have to face a lot of rejection where the clients will point out as many flaws in their work as possible.

In fact, learning how to deal with rejection is necessary because most copywriters assume that they have done a very good job. When you consider life as a copywriter, about 65% of it involves having to rewrite content, fix content or even write new pieces from scratch because the client did not like it.

While it might be tough, the good news here is that you’ll learn to grow a thick skin and how to work with a difficult client. The bad news is that the process can make you hate copywriting too.

8. Plagiarism is a Sin

What’s the one, unforgivable sin that a copywriter cannot commit? It’s plagiarism. With copyrighting rules becoming more stringent, theft of intellectual property is a grievous crime. Additionally, it’s not the copywriter that gets in trouble.

The clients usually end up facing the brunt here which places the copywriter in more hot water too. In the writing industry, plagiarism is akin to committing the worst sin possible. That’s why they’re encouraged to think out of the box, be creative and provide content that is 100% original.

This is a rule that most copywriters learn very early in their career and do their best not to break. The only allowance to this rule is when you’re using quotes, titles or other details which have to be included verbatim in the document.  

9. Keeping an Eye on the Bigger Picture

Another skill that copywriters need to have is being able to see the bigger picture for their content. The bigger picture, in this case, relates to the performance of the content, what the client’s expectations are and how to make sure that they are met.

For example: suppose you’re working on an explainer video. Your main goal will be to explain the product. But, how well will the video age? Will it also increase sales or only boost the understanding of the target market? Does it tie in with other marketing components or website areas?

Most copywriters are focusing on creating content that meets this important criterion. This also means that they have more insight into the market and the consumers too.

As a copywriter, adding value to your services is necessary

10. Always Add Some Value to Your Services

Since copywriters work in a service-based industry, you have to make sure that you’re doing your best to add value to your services. This can be a major differentiating factor between you and another writer. Plus, it’s something that your clients remember, whether you’re working freelance or you’re working with a company.

A writer who goes above and beyond to appease their clientele and give them the perfect content they require is always an asset. Additionally, the market is saturated with copywriters. Your value-added services and features are the ones that will make you more likely to get the attention of the right consumers.

11. Adapting to a Visual Market

Data shows that by 2020, almost 90% of the content online will be visual. This doesn’t just relate to images. It also means infographics, visual quizzes, and videos such as explainer videos or vlogs and more. So, copywriters need to exhibit the ability to adapt.

They should be able to create content that matches the market demand and also understand the various formats that they have. Frankly, being able to adapt is an important quality as change is constant in life as a copywriter. However, if you have a positive approach to it, you’ll be able to see the fun side.

In this case, it means that you never grow bored with the projects you get.  

12. Visiting Your Clients Can be Required

Most copywriting jobs require you to work online. In fact, 95% of the work is done in this manner. But, there are some cases, such as when you’re working with an agency, where you will be required to go meet a client. Meetings with clients help you build a proper rapport and allow you to discuss and understand the project.

This isn’t always a requirement though. As you’ll note, only 5% of the time will you need to go meet a client. Just make sure to be ready to impress because you will be representing the company when you go to meet them.

13. Making a Proposal is Necessary

Proposals are an important part of most business transactions with copywriters. As a copywriter, the kind of proposal you make and have will make a marked difference in your ability to get the job. You’re supposed to showcase your skill sets, your work ethic, market understanding and more.

For this reason, you need to make sure that you understand how to write, present and adapt your proposal in accordance with the writing job. Most writers who are working on a freelance basis are able to improve their ability to get more work by making proposals that embody their work ethic.

14. Always Ask for Details

A skilled copywriter is someone who is able to work with the most minimal of details. However, if there are no details they have to be sure to discuss the project with the client first. Asking for more details is a daily occurrence for most copywriters.

This doesn’t mean that they are bad at what they do. It just means that they’re conscientious, want to do their best and ensure that the client is happy with the results. It’s also a great way to get all the details and start work. Whether you’re working freelance or with a company, asking for details is never frowned upon.

15. Establish Channels of Communication

Establishing channels of communication for the client doesn’t relate to communication with the copywriter and them. It means creating engagement for the client and their target audience through the content they are making. Good copywriters know how to add call-to-actions (CTA) and use interactive content.

This is all aimed at helping the client become more visible and also to entice the consumers to take action too. It’s the reason why most businesses also use social media – they want to establish communication with their audience. Based on the kind of content you are creating, you can not only increase communication but also create a buzz or even go viral.

16. You Will Start to Understand Marketing

Nowadays, it is more important to understand the dynamics of marketing because it plays a bigger role in life as a copywriter. In the past, copywriting did not involve much marketing. Today, marketing statistics can be applied to content to understand what the target market is looking for.

Content can be crafted that also sells products, builds engagement, and also utilizes the market demand. Interactive content such as quizzes and explainer videos are also growing in popularity because there is a definite demand for this type of content. Additionally, when used skillfully, this content lets you market, sell and raise awareness of a product.

A copywriter who doesn’t understand the impact of marketing on their work will be unable to help the client get the results they want.

Building a good rapport with your client is essential for you

17. Establishing a Good Rapport

Establishing a good rapport with your clients plays a huge role in life as a copywriter. Most copywriters look to get consistent work and the only way to do that is by having a long-term work relationship with their clients. This is why most offer discounts to repeat clients or referrals.

These are all ways that you build a good rapport with your clients. Plus, if you are providing stellar work, you also have the chance to ensure that your clients are building a good rapport with their clients. It’s a win-win-win situation so you should really try to focus on this aspect of your work.

18. Have Focus

Copywriters need to have a lot of focus because they’re usually working with information from the internet. There’s always the dreaded wiki-rabbit hole where you started on one page and end up spending hours on another. A fun topic can make research fun too but it can also be distracting and makes work output slow.

Staying focused on the task at hand is a necessary skill set because you can’t waste your time in this manner. Make sure to be focused on the task and do your best to finish the work. Once this is over, you can then reward yourself by falling down the wiki-rabbit hole until it’s time to get back to work.

19. Write How the Client Asks For It

All copywriters take pride in their writing abilities and promise to give their best work to their clients. However, don’t let your ego blind you to the fact that when you’re working with a client, you have to write as per their needs. It’s good that you know how certain formats work but if the client doesn’t want it; don’t go for it.

You want to make sure that you’re writing in accordance with your client’s wants and needs. Until and unless they ask for your guidance on how a certain thing should be done, don’t butt in either. It can make you appear arrogant and difficult to work with. Considering how many copywriters they can find online, they are more likely to move on to the next one.

20. Project Management and Scheduling

Project management plays a huge role in your life as a copywriter. In this case, it means that you’re able to look after the fine details of the project from start to completion. Most copywriters are poor planners which is why they could end up missing deadlines or having a lot of backlog or overlapping projects.

In this case, you want to make sure that you are using tools like Slack or even Trello that allow you to keep track of projects and also manage collaboration. For freelancers, these tools play an even more important role as they help them manage and schedule project submissions, juggle projects and ensure that all work is submitted on time.

Always ask for reviews when the project is coming to an end

21. Getting Reviews Is Difficult

Whether you’re working freelance or with a company, you will have to make sure to get reviews. These play a huge role in building client confidence in your work. Considering that the online marketplace is now becoming more peer opinion and user review based, your ratings will make a drastic difference in your earning potential too.

Remember to set up a system that allows you to gather the feedback you get. You want to make sure that your clients are able to leave a good word and you can display it on your website. While it can be hard to get these reviews, you have to make sure to ask every client to leave a review. Even if 2 out of 5 do so, it’s still good enough.

So, as you can see, life as a copywriter might not be as simple and idyllic as you might have supposed but it can still be very rewarding too!