Is Spelling Part of Grammar? Everything You Need to Know

Is Spelling Part Of Grammar

Many of us often look to answer the question of ‘is spelling part of grammar?

This is one of the most common questions many people ask when it comes to writing in English. When it comes to spelling and grammar errors, many people are confused between the two.

The difference between spelling and grammar mistakes may not be too obvious in some cases. This is why many people confuse them. However, spelling and grammar are two different things, and spelling is not a part of grammar.

Spelling and Grammar

You must have come across many articles enlisting grammatical mistakes. However, the common errors that the author usually talks about in these articles are not grammatical in nature. There are various elements of writing, and spelling and grammar are two of them.

Keeping that in mind, do you think calling a misused hyphen or a common typo a grammatical error is justified?

We don’t think so.

Let’s talk about these things in detail.


Typos are technically misspellings. They usually involve extraneous, transposed or dropped letters that are common with fast or fat fingers.

Here are some examples of typos that we normally see and use each day:

Avergae instead of average.

Using you when the intention was to use your.

Than in place of that, etc.

Misspellings are common in our writing


We commonly misspell homophones and homonyms. For example, too/two/to, its/it’s, their/there/they’re, your/you’re, piece/peace, peak/peek, etc.

In addition, some misspellings are made when you don’t know how to spell a word correctly. For example, guerilla instead of guerrilla, embarassment in place of embarrassment, milenial in place of millennial, etc. We also commonly misspell words ending in ‘-ible’ and ‘-able’.

Misspellings often arise from mishearing. If you have always heard caramel as carmel, you are also going to spell it the same way. Regional dialects make these mistakes more common.

Then, there are also made-up words that we use so often in our daily lives. For example, supposably. It is not a word. The correct word is supposedly. However, we’ve been using these words for so long without being corrected that they have become a part of our daily language now.

Spelling and Grammar Mistakes – The Difference Between the Two

Now that it is agreed upon that spelling is not a part of grammar, let’s find out the difference between spelling and grammar mistakes.

Speaking Vs. Spelling

Generally speaking, it is easier for people to speak intelligently or well. However, the same person will make a number of spelling mistakes when they are asked to spell the words they used. This is because a number of words sound the same in the dictionary. In addition, a number of words are also spelled differently than their pronunciation.

However, whether or not the speaker knows the spelling of these words, they know their usage. They used these words correctly while speaking, and that is all that matters. This shows that they know the meaning of these words and how to use them correctly in a sentence.

Spelling Vs. Grammar

Some people think that if they spell a word correctly but use it incorrectly in a sentence, then it is a spelling error. This is not the case. When a person intends to use a word but ends up using another one with different spellings, then it is considered a grammatical error.

Many times words are spelled correctly, but used incorrectly or improperly. In this case, you are making a grammatical error.

These things matter a lot when it comes to writing. Here ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ cannot be used interchangeably. Similarly, its and it’s, their and there, or peak and peek cannot be used in each other’s place.

Grammar and spelling are two different things

Grammar Vs. Orthography

Still wondering if spelling is a part of grammar or not?

Well, grammar applies to the language as a whole; on the other hand, orthography deals with the written form of language only. As mentioned before, spellings don’t matter when you are speaking correctly and using the right words. However, they do matter when you are writing.

Spelling is defined as the process or act of forming words using alphabets. Grammar, on the other hand, is the way that language is used and all the rules that dictate its correct usage.

The Final Word

While you may read different responses to ‘is spelling part of grammar?’, the bottom line is, spelling and grammar are two different things. Spellings don’t have anything to do with speaking English, as long as you are using the word correctly.

When you are writing something and make a spelling error, it will still be considered as a spelling error only if it doesn’t affect the grammar. If a sentence is grammatically wrong, even with the right spellings, then it is a grammatical mistake.

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