Insurance Quotes Affiliate Programs – 15 Programs You Can’t Miss

Insurance Quotes Affiliate Programs

The insurance industry is massive and offers multiple opportunities for affiliates to make money.

This is why signing up for insurance quotes affiliate programs can be a smart decision. Insurance can cover almost anything – your car, health, home, travel, and surprisingly, even your pets!

In today’s times, where everything is in the midst of a digital revolution, the insurance industry is also following suit. You don’t have to visit an insurance office to get insurance quotes and sign up for insurance plans; you can do it all from the comfort of your home. Like all other businesses, insurance companies have also marked their online presence, making it easier for people to get insurance quotes.

With more and more people availing online insurance facilities, the opportunities for affiliates have also bloomed with insurance quotes affiliate programs. A number of insurance quotes affiliate programs have been listed below that may sound appealing to you.

1. Ladder Life Affiliate Program

Ladder Life Insurance Company

Ladder Life Insurance offers term life insurance and allows clients to apply for life insurance in a unique and modern way. Their term life insurance comes with no commission fees. They understand their customers’ need for a dynamic life insurance plan, which is why they allow their customers to decrease the insurance coverage whenever they wish without any additional fees or hassle. Moreover, you can get insurance quotes directly from their website without having to physically go to their office.

Ladder Life offers an affiliate program for those who are interested. If you wish to sign up for the Ladder Life affiliate program, you can simply go to Commission Junction, scroll to their “Advertisers” section, and sign up for Ladder Life.

Once you sign up for the Ladder Life affiliate program, you will be given access to affiliate marketing material, including banner ads, reporting and tracking tools, and text links. You will have an affiliate manager who will respond to any queries that you may have and offer you suggestions that will help you increase your conversion rates.

Ladder Life gives you many reasons to sign up for their affiliate program; easy signup process, high lead commission rate, and an easy way to buy life insurance. Ladder Life pays you an incredible $75 for every verified lead.

2. eHealthInsurance

eHealthInsurance Health Insurance Company

eHealthInsurance is one of the best health insurance companies for families and individuals in the US. Having relationships with over 180 health insurance carriers and a massive product portfolio that comprises of more than 10,000 insurance products, eHealthInsurance is among the most trusted insurance providers.

eHealthInsurance is the only company that allows you to compare insurance plans side by side, view insurance quotes, and also apply for insurance online through their eSign technology.

Considering its reputation in the market, high commissions, and long cookie life, its affiliate program is definitely a catch. Once you sign up for their affiliate program, you are provided with all the marketing material you’ll need to run a successful affiliate marketing campaign.

eHealthInsurance pays $50 for every family and individual application, $10 for a student application, $10 for a short term insurance plan, $10 for a dental insurance application, and an incredible $75 for every small business group application.


USAA Insurance Company

The USAA has been serving military members since 1922. They provide assistance and guidance in a wide variety of areas, including raising a family, establishing financial independence, and planning for retirement. They offer auto, renters, home, umbrella, life, and small business insurance.

The USAA affiliate program can be accessed from Commission Junction. This program is a complete package that comes with great marketing material like text links, banner ads, and tracking and reporting features.

USAA is a trusted brand that serves millions of military personnel. The USAA affiliate program pays its affiliates $4 for umbrella, $10 for homeowner, $5 for renters, and $10 for auto insurance quotes. Higher action amounts for auto insurance quotes can pay you as much as $14 for every action.

4. Liberty Mutual

Liberty mutual Insurance Affiliate Program

Liberty Mutual has been providing auto, renters, homeowners, general liability, and life insurance products since 1912. It is a global insurance provider, offering its services in 30 countries today. Liberty Mutual protects what you earn, build, own, and cherish.

It offers an amazing affiliate program for everyone interested in partnering with the leading insurance company. All you have to do is go to Liberty Junction’s “Advertisers” section and look for Liberty Mutual.

The Liberty Mutual affiliate program offers affiliates access to real-time reporting, tracking, and commission payouts, along with numerous marketing material options that they can use to promote their products. Moreover, Liberty Mutual also designs custom promotional material on request as well. Affiliates are also given an opportunity to earn bonus commissions.

Affiliates are paid $10 for auto, $10 for home, $3 for renters, and $17 for multi-policy insurance. The long cookie life, global reputation, and affiliate offers are all reasons why the Liberty Mutual affiliate program is a great one to sign up for.

5. Esurance

For instant auto insurance quotes and comparison quotes, Esurance is a reliable option. It was rated A+ Superior by A.M. Best. They offer their customers intuitive tools that make the process of insurance hassle-free.

The easy insurance quote procedure is the reason for boosted conversion rates for Esurance. Moreover, this is the reason why the Esurance affiliate program is listed among the best insurance quotes affiliate programs out there. Like many renowned insurance companies, Esurance manages its affiliate program through Commission Junction. The creative library offers promotion material for affiliates, including text links and banners that help affiliates promote Esurance products more effectively.

The Esurance affiliate program pays a commission of up to $13.33 per action to affiliates who have a high number of completed auto insurance quotes.

6. PetFirst

PetFirst Pet Insurance Affiliate Program

As you can tell by the name, PetFirst provides insurance for pets with better coverage and less hassle. With the shortest waiting periods and excellent accident coverage for dogs and cats, PetFirst is often the first choice of pet owners. The process is quite simple; all you have to do is send PetFirst a claim with the invoice and vet records. The claims are usually processed in less than two weeks. Deductibles and reimbursement rates are customizable to suit the needs of your pet and your budget.

PetFirst offers an affiliate program for all affiliates who are interested in partnering with the pet insurance company. Affiliates can sign up for the PetFirst affiliate program through Pepperjam. Affiliates are provided with all the promotional material they’ll need for the affiliate marketing campaign.

Since PetFirst is the fastest growing insurance company for pet insurance, signing up for their affiliate program is surely a wise decision. Their 8% commission rate on the sale of their customized plans means that you can earn a decent amount of money by promoting their plans.

7. Electric Insurance Company

Electric Insurance Affiliate Program

Electric Insurance Company offers the best condo, auto, home, and renters insurance to everyone. This includes General Electric (GE) customers, with whom they started their insurance business.

Electric Insurance Company offers an affiliate program that lets the affiliate earn as much as $11 to $14 per action upon the completion of 25 to 150 auto insurance quotes per month. Due to the ease of getting insurance quotes straight from their websites, hitting the target and earning commissions with Electric Insurance Company is fairly easy and rewarding, making the Electric Insurance affiliate program a great option for affiliates.  

8. Hiscox Small Business Insurance

Hiscox Small Business Insurance

Every business, big or small, needs insurance to ensure its future financial stability. Hiscox offers insurance to small business online in just a matter of minutes, at rates as low as $22.50 per month.

Hiscox specializes in marketing, protecting, consulting, IT, and other professional services. They tailor the coverage to meet the needs of each industry, which is what makes Hiscox one of the best insurance companies to partner with when you’re planning on signing up for an insurance quotes affiliate program. Hiscox has an incredible traffic conversion rate of 33%.

Affiliates are given access to a variety of promotional material that helps them in their affiliate marketing campaigns. Not only this, Hiscox offers additional incentives for top-performing affiliates. You can earn commissions as high as $25 with every small business insurance quote.

9. Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel Insurance

Most people today prefer having travelers’ insurance to stay protected while they travel the world. Allianz Travel Insurance is one of the most trusted travel insurance providers in the world today. It helps millions of people stay protected every year.

They deliver customized solutions for travel agents, airlines, credit card companies, resorts, etc. Being a well-reputed name in the insurance industry, the Allianz Travel Insurance affiliate program is a hot earning opportunity for affiliates. Along with a wide variety of marketing material, affiliates can earn as much as $16 to $20 per lead upon the completion of 10 to 26 leads every month. Affiliates also get a “first sale” bonus, and their commissions also increase based on the volume of leads they generate, making the Allianz Travel Insurance affiliate program a popular choice for affiliates.

10. RoamRight

RoamRight Insurance Quotes Affiliate Program

RoamRight is an insurance company that specializes in providing its customers with travel insurance at a fairly competitive price. Backed by Arch Insurance Group, rated A+ by BBB, and with policies designed for all types of travelers, RoamRight is a platform that is surely a preference of many people. They make the purchase and management of overages easy and fast.

The RoamRight affiliate program is popular among affiliates for all the right reasons. The program pays its affiliates $10 as a bonus on their first sale and a 15% commission for the leads they generate over time. The one-year cookie life provides affiliates with plenty of time to convert leads and earn steady commissions.

11. NetQuote

NetQuote Insurance Quotes Affiliate Program

NetQuote offers auto, life, home, business, and health insurance quotes. With NetQuote, you can compare insurance quotes from other insurance companies.

The NetQuote affiliate program offers robust affiliate tracking and reports, along with complete access to the company’s library of promotional material. Affiliates get a commission of $3.50 for standard health plans, $20 for agent enrollment, $2.50 for standard life insurance, $11 for premium life insurance, and a number of other opportunities that can get them paid.

With the NetQuote insurance quotes affiliate program, you can make good money when people request insurance quotes through your website. NetQuote doesn’t just pay its affiliates well but also provides them with all the tools that will help them increase their conversion rates.

12. Allstate

Allstate Insurance Quotes Affiliate Program

Allstate is an insurance company that provides its customers with motorcycle, auto, and renters insurance. With the Allstate insurance quotes affiliate program, you get a chance to earn a commission every time someone requests an insurance quote through your website or blog.

The commission rates vary with the type of insurance quotes the customer is requesting. Affiliates get paid $20 for home insurance quotes, $4.80 for every motor insurance quote, and $9.60 for auto insurance quotes. The affiliates are also given access to all the material they may need to run their affiliate marketing campaign as soon as their request to sign up for the Allstate affiliate program gets approved.

As Allstate is a renowned name in the market, the conversion of leads is not difficult. Moreover, great commissions are another attractive factor of the Allstate affiliate program.

13. True Blue

True Blue Insurance Quotes Affiliate Program

True Blue is a well-reputed, independent life insurance agency that allows customers to request insurance quotes without the need to sign a 30-page-long application. This makes the insurance quote request process simple and quick.

True Blue offers an affiliate program for affiliates who are interested in promoting True Blue products. The commissions that the affiliates are paid vary with the type of request. Affiliates get $5 for every email quote, $10 for an agent contact request, and an incredible $25 for every application submission request.

The best thing about the True Blue affiliate program is that the affiliates are offered great commissions, regardless of whether the leads convert or not. Affiliates are given numerous opportunities to make money, including account creations, email quote requests, application requests, and quote request submission forms, making the True Blue affiliate program one of the most rewarding insurance quotes affiliate programs to sign up for!

14. Avia

Avia Insurance Affiliate Program

Avia offers dental insurance for individuals, families, groups, and seniors at affordable prices. It works with a large network of dental service providers all across the United States.

Avia offers an insurance affiliate program that can generate great commissions for anyone who wishes to monetize their website. As soon as you join Avia’s referral program, you are awarded $35 for every dental plan purchased through your website.

Avis is one of the most affordable and fastest-growing dental insurance companies, with no fee on signup and a hassle-free approval process, making the Avia insurance affiliate program a popular choice for affiliates.

Avia provides all the support that its affiliates may need through a wide variety of promotional material. Not to forget the incredible $35 that you will get paid for every dental plan purchased through your affiliate link!

15. Travelex

Travelex Insurance Affiliate Program

For travel insurance and travel-related products, Travelex has been a popular insurance company since 1996. When it comes to travel insurance, cruise insurance, international insurance, and many more, Travelex has all that you might need.

The Travelex insurance affiliate program is a great way to monetize your blog or website that is about finance, travel, lifestyle, family, or other niches that deal with insurance or travel. The travel insurance plans that Travelex offers cover lost luggage, medical expenses, trip cancellations, bankruptcy, travel interruptions, and terrorism coverage.

The Travelex insurance affiliate program is managed by Commission Junction, where you will find all the promotional material you need after you have signed up for the affiliate program. As an affiliate, you will be entitled to bonuses if you manage to make it to the list of top affiliates. The Travelex insurance affiliate program pays its affiliates up to $17 on each sale.

Affiliates have a number of options to choose from when it comes to insurance quotes affiliate programs. With more and more companies enabling customers to request insurance quotes through the internet, the opportunities for affiliates has also seen a massive increase recently, and it is only the beginning!