iDevAffiliate Review | Manage Your Affiliates Like a Pro

iDevAffiliate Review

iDevAffiliate is cross-platform software that helps affiliates manage their commission and payout structures in a proficient manner.

Our detailed iDevAffiliate review provides a thorough account of this affiliate tracking software.

In this article, you will get to explore what iDevAffiliate is, how it works, the main features and benefits of iDevAffiliate, pricing details, and a comparison between iDevAffiliate and similar software systems.

Understanding iDevAffiliate – What Is It?

iDevAffiliate performs tasks such as making marketing templates, activity reporting, shopping carts, and lots more. Using the platform, users can lay down their own payout and commission structure, be it flat-rate, PPC, pay-per-action, or pay-per-click commissions.

They can also switch from one commission and payment method to another. For example, they can change the percentage-based method to pay-per-click commissions to help maximize revenue. In addition to these, users have the option to choose from multiple tier methods.

iDevAffiliate offers plenty of other tools, such as customizable layouts, SEO links, etc. You can create and edit these layouts with a variety of other interesting tools. This software also offers tools that help organize and manage reporting, commission payments, surveying, etc.

This affiliate marketing software comes with a monthly training subscription, which includes video training and guidance for affiliate practitioners. The software also features content marketing strategies that can be used by affiliate marketers via social media platforms and web pages. Another feature that defines iDevAffiliate is its reporting features that offer detailed, explanatory charts, and graphs.

iDevAffiliate Review Screen

How iDevAffiliate Works

iDevAffiliate is composed of two main components – the admin center and the affiliate control panel. Both of these components offer a wide variety of features and tools that are beneficial for marketers, clients, and affiliates.

The admin center is mainly for marketers as it helps them manage their affiliate programs. It is where the set-up process is done, and changes in the affiliate program are made. This includes setting commissions, managing payments, monitoring surveys, keeping track of statistics, and so on. One of the main functions of the admin center is to maintain the user-interface design. It ensures that the software functions properly and efficiently. Plus, it makes the software appear neat and crisp so that it is easy for users to navigate through it. This is the part of the software where marketers spend most of their time.  

The admin panel has many options that marketers can use, each of them with unique functions, like the cart integration menu, the system settings menu, the commission settings menu, the general settings menu, and lots more. There is also a sidebar menu that allows you to view reports. This provides various statistics concerning the daily performance of your affiliates. There is also the affiliates function, which enables you to manage everything relating to your affiliates. On the same sidebar menu, you will find other important tools like marketing materials, traffic logs, commission functions, and lots more.

On the other hand, the “affiliate control panel” is the component visible to the customers of the affiliate program. This is precisely where interested clients view deals, offers, and other actions available to them. This panel gives affiliate marketers access to marketing tools like ads, email/text links, email templates, etc. On this panel, affiliates can acquire all types of training materials, such as text manuals, video manuals, PDF files, and plenty more.

Main Features and Benefits of iDevAffiliate Explained

Features of iDevAffiliate

1. Effective Marketing Tools

iDevAffiliate offers a number of robust marketing tools that allow entrepreneurs to promote their products and services. You can easily add these marketing tools to your affiliate dashboard. These tools include links, ads, banners, videos, and plenty more. You can access them via your affiliate dashboard whenever you want. These tools help improve your marketing strategies, and thus, maximize profit. Your sales material becomes more engaging; as a result, viewers are persuaded to invest in your products and services.

Once they have created promotional material using the effective tools at their disposal, affiliate marketers can promote them on their own social media platforms or websites and increase sales.  

Some of the main marketing features of the software are as follows:

  • Banners
  • QR codes
  • Page Peels
  • Lightboxes
  • Email Templates
  • Text Ads
  • HTML Page Templates
  • Social Media (Twitter and Facebook)
  • Videos (YouTube and Vimeo)

2. Intelligent Reporting Tools

Reporting is crucial to all kinds of businesses. And that’s where the use of reporting tools comes in. A software solution with reporting tools helps you gain better insight into the progress of your business. In addition to that, you also get to learn about the progress of your competitors. Intelligent reporting tools enable you to assess the performance of your campaigns and activities.

 iDevAffiliate provides you with comprehensive metrics of your business’ progress and the performance of other users – affiliate marketers and customers.

You can review critical statistics of your performance as well as the performance of your affiliates using the following reporting tools:

  • Data range reporting
  • Charts and graphs
  • PDF, CSV, and Excel exporting
  • Print views

3. Customizable and Editable

What sets iDevAffiliate apart from other such tools is its versatility and flexibility. The software enables you to customize your admin and affiliate dashboards via personalized HTML. Keeping your brand’s personality in mind, you can create your own logo and dashboard. You can choose the color combination you like and even change the design of your email using the available email templates. You can also change the HTML and language of your affiliate program.

The tools that help you customize your dashboards and affiliate program are summarized as follows:

  • Language packs
  • HTML/CCS templates
  • Email templates
  • Customize Logo
  • Color schemes

4. Powerful Built-In Security

When it comes to business apps and software solutions, security cannot be overlooked. A secured software system ensures that it continues to perform reliably, even when exposed to threats. Software solutions that are efficient and reliable come with a powerful built-in security system. This system helps protect the software from all types of threats – internal and external.

Similarly, iDevAffiliate also comes with solid encryption that’s built into the system. The robust security system ensures smooth payment processes for both customers and affiliates. Plus, it comes with a critical tool like password hashing that prevents unauthorized users from logging into your program.

Some built-in features that protect iDevAffiliate against various threats are:

  • Commission blocking tools
  • Advanced fraud protection tools
  • Adjustable tracking expiration
  • Double redundancy tracking
  • Password hashing

5. Easy-to-Use and Convenient Commissioning

Thanks to the customizable payout structure, the commissioning process of the software is quite smooth and convenient. For example, advertisers can manage and monitor commissioning rules for coupon codes, using coupon code commissioning. It helps identify which codes earn a commission. Plus, it also provides a detailed report and analytics of its usage. The software also offers a multi-tier affiliate benefit. This not only allows you to make commissions on your own sales but the sales of your affiliates or sub-affiliates. You can also select the type of payout you want – percentage or flat-rate. If you choose a flat-rate pricing structure, for instance, you will have to pay a small fee whether or not the services were utilized.

 You can also view the status of your affiliates. This includes approved accounts, declined accounts, and pending accounts. These accounts can help you manage and organize commissions effectively. If need be, you can add a commission manually.

The commissioning tools that the software features are as follows:

  • Coupon code commissioning
  • Multiple affiliates recruiting
  • Per-product commissioning
  • Flat-rate payout
  • Percentage payout
  • Action, Pay-Per-Click, or Pay-Per-Lead

Pricing Details

There is no free version of iDevAffiliate, and the software solution also doesn’t offer any free trial. iDevAffiliate offers four different small-business and enterprise pricing plans. Users can choose the one which appeals to their business needs. The pricing details and main features of each plan are listed below:

1. Cloud

The price of the cloud-based solution of iDevAffiliate starts at $39.00 per month. The Cloud edition is affordable and offers options that suit all kinds of business needs. It entails no transaction fees or hidden fees. Plus, there are no limits on any features. You can use the features of iDevAffiliate as many times as you want. This software also features free upgrades that are available for one year. In order to utilize the cloud version, you will need to have a web hosting account.

2. Standard

The second option is the standard edition that is available at $199. You can run this software from your hosting account. The owned license never expires. Plus, there is no monthly fee included. You can use unlimited affiliates, traffic, and commissions. However, there are only two bundled plugins involved – SEO Links and Language Packs.   

3. Platinum

This is an upgraded version of the Standard option that can be purchased for $299. Like the previous two software plans, the Platinum plan also offers unlimited affiliates, traffic, and commissions to its users. The features are customizable and free to be used multiple times.

This iDevAffiliate version comes with many cool additions, such as SEO links, language packs, private signups, vanity coupon codes, and social media marketing. You can employ these plugins to customize and improve your affiliate plans.

4. Black

The Black edition of iDevAffiliate is the costliest of all. It is available for $399. Again, there are no limitations on the features that you get with this version. In fact, this version allows you to use all the plugins available. These include SEO links, social media marketing, language packs, geo-targeting, QR codes, sliding scale commissions, custom filename, vanity coupon codes, private signups, and built-in affiliate training videos.

The iDevAffiliate Black Edition also comes with a unique plugin called the Custom Subdomain Parking. This feature allows you to customize your domain or sub-domain as you wish.

Popular Comparisons

iDevAffiliate VS. VaultPro

iDevAffiliate and VaultPro are similar software solutions built for innovative online marketers. These two software solutions are often pitched against each other due to shared tools and features. So what’s better, iDevAffiliate or VaultPro? In terms of total quality and performance, iDevAffiliate has an aggregate score of 8.2, while VaultPro has a score of 8.0. When it comes to user satisfaction, iDevAffiliate has earned 100% while VaultPro doesn’t have a rating.

Other than that, iDevAffiliate has more features than VaultPro. Popular features like commissioning, flat rate and percentage payout, coupon code commissioning, email templates, text ads, page peels, and lightboxes are unavailable in VaultPro. iDevAffiliate is also available in four popular editions, while VaultPro offers only three editions. Plus, each edition of iDevAffiliate is far more affordable than the ones offered by VaultPro.

iDevAffiliate VS. AffiliateWP

AffiliateWP is a top contender and a worthy opponent for iDevAffiliate. Both of these software solutions have amazing ratings when it comes to customer service. AffiliateWP is slightly more expensive than iDevAffiliate – the pricing of iDevAffiliate starts from $39 per month, while the pricing of AffiliateWP begins at $99.

The former features two pricing models – a monthly payment and a one-time payment. However, there is only a single pricing method for AffiliateWP, which is a monthly payment. Both of them support only one language – English.

 iDevAffiliate VS. Payment Rails

When compared to Payment Rails, iDevAffiliate is more affordable and versatile. The starting price of Payment Rails is $49 per month, while iDevAffiliate’s lowest-tier plan is $39 per month. In terms of product features, iDevAffiliate has a wider variety of features.

Important features like affiliate tracking, banner management, contest management, coupon management, social sharing, and multi-level marketing are absent from the Payment Rails.

Additional features that iDevAffiliate offers include live online training, webinar training, and documentation. Payment Rails offers all of these except for webinar training.

iDevAffiliate VS. Everflow

 The overall customer experience rating of Everflow is 89%. Plus, it is pricier than iDevAffiliate. This means that it’s not a better alternative to iDevAffiliate if you’re looking for software cost and customer service. When it comes to pricing, as mentioned above, iDevAffiliate has two pricing models – a monthly payment system and a one-time payment. On the other hand, Everflow offers a quote-based payment in addition to the monthly payment.

Both software solutions have unique product features. That being said, they share a similar in-built security system to a large extent. That’s because both of them feature customizable alerts for fraud and proxy IP blocking.

Bottom Line

iDevAffiliate has been around for more than a decade now, and it is one of the most widely used affiliate tracking software. The software offers a wide range of features that you can use to organize and manage your affiliate programs.

This software solution integrates well with all checkouts, shopping carts, and payment gateways. The system also allows you to get creative when it comes to setting up commissions and a payment structure.

Needless to say, iDevAffiliate is versatile, affordable, and a software system that every business should involve for a unique experience, and this iDevAffiliate review has covered everything that you need to know about this software solution.