How to Sell Greeting Cards on Etsy | The Process from Design to Sale

How To Sell Greeting Cards On Etsy

If making stunning and creative greeting cards is your thing, and you’ve come looking for a guide on how to sell greeting cards on Etsy, you’ve come to the right place.

Etsy is the perfect online marketplace for artistic souls and creative people. It is a safe online platform where you don’t have to suffer through the many hassles that freelancers usually face. Sellers and buyers can come together to explore various individual stores that have created expert-quality treasures. A lot of sellers on Etsy specialize in different beautiful versions of a single product, while others cram their virtual shelves with all sorts of different varieties of goods.

But that’s enough about Etsy; let’s talk about why you’re here. One popular item to sell on Etsy is greeting cards!

So what’s the deal with selling greeting cards on Etsy? Well, selling greeting cards on Etsy involves thinking about lettering, running the store, creating new designs, and manufacturing the products. There is a lot to do, but it can definitely be a viable business venture.

How to Sell Greeting Cards on Etsy

Should you get them professionally printed? Do you need to hand letter each card? Which paper do you use? Where do you get design ideas? The answers to these questions lie in the information given below. We’ll talk about everything related to selling greeting cards on Etsy – from the design to the actual sale.

Designing the Cards

Selling Greeting Cards On Etsy

Greeting cards are often based on themes and holidays. You can create greeting card designs for holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, and even Valentine’s Day. Other greeting cards can be created for different events that don’t feature a well-known occasion. These could be something like Get Well Soon cards and Happy Birthday wishes.

But that’s not all. At other times, people just like funny and cute cards to give to their loved ones. You need to make a list of possible events that you can design greeting cards for and then work through that. Browsing through other greeting card stores and designs can also give you more ideas for your own cards.

You also need to have a style in mind that you can follow. Every artist has a particular style that defines their work. Some like to keep it simple and draw sketches so that they can push out more products. Others like to make detailed drawings and even take on custom orders, which can be quite cool too. It all depends on your artistic style.

Scanning the Designs

Making a couple of sketches at home is very different from taking your greeting cards to the level of Etsy listings. If they are just simple fonts or designs that you have put together on an app like Canva, you can skip this step. However, if you’re planning on making the designs by hand (like many artists do), this can be a vital step.

If you’re making sketches, you’ll need the right kind of scanner and printer combination to get high-resolution results. You’ll have to consider the Dots per Inch (DPI) or Pixels per Inch (PPI) of the images that you’re printing. The standard print resolution that you have to consider is the 300dpi at the very least, but you can go for higher resolutions if possible. If you choose anything below that, the image can begin to look blurry.

You have to note that if you want more flexibility over the size of the print image, you should scan it at the highest possible resolution. Enlarging an image with a low PPI will make it blurry too. If you want a crisp printing job, you should select a high resolution to get better results.  

If you don’t have a printer with a high-resolution option, there is no need to stress over it. You should draw on roughly the same size that you are going to print on. This will ensure that you don’t face any problems when it comes to the actual printing of the cards. You can even take a larger drawing and print it on a smaller area to get a better result.

Editing the Designs

Designing Greeting Cards For Etsy

This is a crucial step that a lot of people may ignore. Editing the designs makes sure that you don’t have any imperfections to deal with after printing. You should remove the paper background and fix any details that you need to before printing it out. For this, you will need editing software like Photoshop to do the job for you.

There are plenty of tutorials available online that you can use to get the hang of such photo editing programs. Fiddling around with the options and tools can get you really far as well. You will eventually get the hang of it, and your designs will start to look really professional and sleek.

Marketing the Greeting Cards

Once you have the designs ready and printed, now comes the hard part. The key to selling greeting cards on Etsy is marketing them to make them appealing to potential customers. As such, one of the first things you should do is photograph your products.

It will be easy to market your products if you have pictures that can sell the greeting cards for you. Making them look pretty is the easiest part! You don’t need a huge studio for this task, and even a basic camera can be perfect for your Etsy store. There are some lightboxes that you can buy online, but a nice picture in the sun works just as well. If you have some photography skills, that’s great! However, if you don’t, you can take some inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, and even Google Images! Check out some other stores on Etsy and get a better idea of how to frame your greeting cards.

Do make sure to edit the final images, but don’t worry if you don’t have rad Photoshop skills. You can learn some basic tricks or try your hand on Canva.

Printing the Cards

The Right Paper For Greeting Cards

A lot of people get their greeting cards professionally printed, but if you don’t have the budget for that, don’t worry. In the beginning, it’s fine to print them at home since you will be able to handle the orders with ease. Basic printing through MS Word can also result in some beautiful results that a lot of customers will flock towards.

You can set up a production line right at home. Print the cards on an A5 paper, fold and put them into a plastic cover to protect them. Ship them in a matching envelope and they will be too cute for your customers to resist!  

Which Paper Should You Use?

It depends on your designs, but the standard is linen texture paper of 200 gsm thickness. Anything less can begin to feel cheap. You can find suppliers online that will sell you the materials at affordable prices. Buying them wholesale will be more affordable for you, but it’s best to start with 10-20. Once you have your store up and running with regular orders, you can buy bigger batches to save money.

However, before you buy anything, you should check the paper thickness level that your printer can take. Buying paper only to find out that your printer can’t handle the thickness is a huge waste of money.

Selling the Cards

Now that you have your production and marketing strategies in place, it’s time to put the greeting cards up on your store. The first thing you need to do is to set up your account and design the store. Etsy has pretty intuitive features that you can use to create a title, pictorial banner, and other features necessary to sell your greeting cards. Adding information about the products is also easy, which can attract many customers for you. Since the greeting cards are already made, you can select the 24-hour ship option, which is a great way to get more customers who want their goods in a hurry.

Next, you will have to set up the type of payment you are comfortable with. The easiest payment method for you and your customers is PayPal. Your customers’ convenience should always be your first priority. Add the items you plan on selling and open up your store!   


And there you go! Now you know how to sell greeting cards on Etsy. It’s such an easy task that can become a viable business for you easily. Have fun creating your cards and enjoying the reactions you get from your customers!