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How To Get Followers On Etsy

Setting up a store on Etsy can involve a bit of hard work for newbies and once you have successfully launched your store, you are filled with a sense of accomplishment. However, many of us soon find out that our headache is far from over, as we struggle with one major question: how to get followers on Etsy? 

Despite the fact that they have this ridiculously beautiful looking store, they still have zero followers. Even though you are online, all the traditional marketing rule applies to your ecommerce store as well. This means no one will visit your store if no one knows your store exists.

If you want to get visitors to your Etsy store who become loyal followers in the long run, you will need to create your very own Etsy marketing funnel.

Fortunately, there are a whole host of things that you can work on to start driving traffic to your site and making followers. However, we won’t lie: this requires some effort and a lot of patience. But don’t worry — it is worth it.

Moving on, let’s take a look at how you can have followers on your Etsy store.

Get Found on the Etsy Search Engine

Etsy itself is a huge search engine and people use it to type search queries to find items they want to buy, be it plants, soaps, etc. Since it is a search engine, it follows all the rules of the search engine. This means you also need to optimize your Etsy store so that it gets found on the Etsy search engine.

For example, your ecommerce store is about hand-crafted jewelry boxes. When potential buyers type the search query “hand-crafted jewelry boxes” or similar variations, does your store show up on the top of the listings?

If it doesn’t, it means your Etsy store isn’t optimized. It also means no followers.

To make more visitors come to your Etsy store, you should employ search engine optimization strategies like competitor analysis and keyword research. Find out which top-selling stores have products similar to yours and what they are doing to create a winning store on Etsy. Also find out which keywords their ecommerce store is poopping up on and integrate those keywords into your store as well.

However, don’t just rely on your competitor’s research. Do your own thorough keywords research to find out more potentially rewarding keywords.,

There are so many people who try to rise to the top of the listing using the main keyword in their niche. Yes, it is important to incorporate the main keyword in your product descriptions. But it is also necessary to branch out and try to get people to come to your shop through other variants of the keywords, including long-tailed keywords and LSI keywords.

Additionally, Etsy shows one listing per shop per page. So if all your product pages are optimized for “hand-crafted jewelry boxes,” you would only get one listing on the first page for that keyword. It is very frustrating but that’s how Etsy works. So if you want people to see more fo your product pages, you need to rank them on different keywords.

Get Found On Etsy

Go Social

If your store has visitors, they won’t be able to connect to you on social media if they don’t know where to go. That’s’ why it is important to connect all your relevant social media accounts to your Etsy shop so that your visitors can easily check out your posts, see tagged pictures of your products, and be encouraged to become a follower.

Make sure you maintain a daily presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, since they are the most effective social media platforms for Etsy. By posting daily, you will keep your followers’ interest piqued and they can also share your posts to their circle of friends, who can then come to your store and become a follower.

Don’t just rely on online platforms as well. Foster your connections offline as well by including your social media information on your packaging along with a suggestion to tag and share a photo of your product on social media. This is an easy way to let your happy customers know which accounts to follow and which handles to use when posting about your purchases.

Collaborating with Influencers

Collaborating with social media influencers and blogging is one of the tried-and-true methods of effectively promoting your products online — and Etsy shops are no exceptions. This is a great strategy for newbie Etsy store owners who want to get more followers.

If you maintain a store on Etsy for some time, you probably have sent a few requests to these influencers to send them your free products in exchange for them promoting your products on their social media, website, or vlog.

If you do it right, you can expose your brand and your store to a whole new market that you would never have been able to tap into otherwise. Social media influencers have hundreds of thousands of followers, if not millions, and all of these will know about your product with very little effort on your part.

Seriously, the influencer will do all the promoting for you.

The cherry on top is that you gain credibility, so you better be prepared for a ton of people to notice you — because the influencer noticed you, so why wouldn’t their followers as well?

Use Smart Hashtags

Anything generic will only get you so far — and the same is true for hashtags. If you are using simple hashtags that a hundred other Etsy store owners are using to promote their products, you will be just one of the thousands of results that will come up in response to a search query.

Try to make your hashtags smarter and more specific. To do that, you need to know what type of customers like your listings the most. Keeping these customers in mind, come up with hashtags that your target customers are sure to use. Make sure you add as many relevant keywords as you possibly can as that will increase the likelihood of people finding your store.

If you promote your Etsy store on Instagram — and you definitely should! — use the Explore tab to search for popular hashtags related to your niche. Type a search term and then click on “Tags” and Instagram will regurgitate a list of relevant hashtags related to your niche. Selecting more nuanced keywords can help you find more exposure and reach your targeted audience.

Become A Blogger

Become A Blogger

Today’s customers are not passive buyers — they require a lot of interaction from the brand if you want them to buy your product — and there is nothing better than a blog to get people to follow you on Etsy.

A lot of the time, these blogs do not have to be directly related to your store. Write about themes that you and your potential customers care about. People looking for answers may end up at your blog and you can lead them to your store. If they like your offerings, they will stay.

Additionally, a blog can help you establish as an industry leader as more and more people come to you for information about your niche. So, this is a win-win situation for you.

Interact Through The Comments

Just sending a few posts a day is not enough to ensure visitors’ engagement. The purpose of social media is to socialize and you can easily do it through comments. Whether you are answering a potential follower’s query or just thanking a follower for posting a positive comment about your product, or starting a discussion on a content shared by someone in your target market, interacting through comments is a fun and easy way to get attention for your store and help spread the word about it.

Social media algorithms also prefer accounts that generate a lot of comments, so make sure you strive to reply to all your comments. Once your follower base grows large enough it may not be possible to reply to every single comment, but be sure to respond to every query someone asks you. You can also hire a social media manager to handle all your comments appropriately on your behalf.

Collaborating With Other Etsy Sellers

A great way to gain more followers for your Etsy shop is to collaborate with other sellers on Etsy. This could be something as simple as tagging their content on your social media channel and having them feature your products in theirs. If you want to take your partnership to the next level, you can also host Facebook and Instagram live sessions together and talk about your business and its success.

Running Paid Ad Campaigns

Run Paid Ads Campaigns

For an Etsy startup, setting aside a budget for paid advertising can be a tough and expensive choice. However, paid advertisement on social media can be a great way to reach customers you may never have reached otherwise and expose them to your Etsy store.

Paid ad campaigns are also a good way to experiment with types of content your target audience likes.

Additionally, Etsy itself released a risk-free advertising service to promote your items across Google, Bing, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. If a shopper clicks on these ads and purchases a product within 30 days, Etsy store owners can pay Etsy a small fee.  However, if the ads don’t sell, you don’t have to pay anything!

Talk about a winning deal!

What Not To Do To Get Followers On Etsy

Understand that building a sound following on Etsy can take time. It is easy to get frustrated and you may be tempted to use methods that are frowned upon in the industry and can get you banned. These include:

  • Buying followers: There are many shady sites that ask for a small fee in exchange for getting you the relevant followers. These followers, however, are usually bot accounts that are not associated with a real person and will never deliver any actual sales to you. And if your business grows too fast, they can also get you flagged.
  • Following and unfollowing accounts: This involves following hundreds of accounts every day to increase exposure to your business and then unfollowing them a few days later. You might not get many followers using this practice, but the suspension of your account is highly likely.

Bottom Line

Every person who starts an Etsy store has to look for followers — and that’s no easy thing. However, there are a lot of surefire ways that can help your Etsy store get increasing traffic that can convert into loyal followers. If you wanted to know how to get followers on Etsy, this blog post has all the tips and tricks that you need to know. You have to put in the time and patience and a little bit of hard work.

Remember never to employ unscrupulous methods to get followers quickly. Doing so will only lead to punitive actions by Etsy and will ruin your credibility as a seller.

Happy Selling!