How to Become a Content Creator [12 Ideas for Inspiration]

How To Become A Content Creator

If you’re wondering how to become a content creator, you should first know who a content creator actually is. In essence, content creator is a broad term that is used by anyone who is creating content with the sole purpose of sharing it online.

Plus, given the 24/7 nature of the internet, it also means that every day, someone or the other is making more content to be shared. Even the stats reflect this factor:

  • YouTube users collectively upload around 400 hours worth of videos every minute
  • Instagram users post as many as 46,740 images per minute
  • Google receives over 3,607, 080 searches per minute on a worldwide basis

The surprising fact is that these figures are only from 2017. By now, these numbers have grown substantially. Given this factor, it is easy to see that there are a lot of content creators out there.

So, while you might be wondering how to become a content creator – it’s better to focus on how you can be a good one.

It Will Be Hard

Now, being a good content creator means that you produce quality content consistently and in order to do that, you really need to love it. Unfortunately, content creation is very difficult and an underestimated art.

You’re not going to get ideas on demand. Going forward with this thought can give you false expectations. Anytime you can’t instantly produce good content, you will get frustrated with yourself.

This doesn’t mean that you’re a bad content creator. It just means you have too many expectations and not enough experience. Don’t blame yourself, just try to acknowledge that it’s a difficult task.

Another thing that not everyone will tell you about is the exhausting amount of work. Based on what your niche is, being a content creator could mean blogging, vlogging, podcasting, tweeting, snapchatting and posting on a 24/7 basis.

It’s More Like a Cycle

Sure, you have apps like Hootsuite that automate the process of posting and tweeting. But they can only do that to a certain degree. Plus, if you don’t have content then you can’t post anything. It’s a cycle that you need to balance.

To be a content creator requires a lot of dedication. Always keep this factor in mind. Until you have balanced your content production and content consumption, you will have to produce content regularly. At this point, it is not just a hobby; it is going to completely take over your life.

So, be prepared for this. You will have to meet deadlines, work with people and work late into the night. The only silver lining here is that the payoff can be very rewarding.

It is so rewarding that most people don’t mind the drudgery that content creation entails. After all, if you want a diamond, you will have to dig around and do some back-breaking work in a mine for it.

How to Become a Content Creator

Now that you have taken a more realistic look at what being a content creator can entail, you can start to focus on how to become a content creator. This can also be a long process so take your time here.

You can jump head first into this area but, it can often lead to a lot of painful lessons and failed vlogs, channels or more.

Doing things smartly and the right way will play a big role in your overall success in this field. So, if you’re wondering how to become a content creator, the following are some fool-proof ways for you:

1. Be Original

In this day and age, there are plenty of copy cat content creators. The problem with them is that they’re just emulating somebody else’s success. It creates a certain false tone in their content and makes it more likely for them to hit a blank wall.

They will eventually reach a point where they will be unable to fool the market anymore. With content creation, the market wants originality and authenticity.

There’s no room for copycats and replicas and you will see that the ones who do replicate are the ones being called out for it.

Know Your Unique Selling Point – USP

Knowing your unique selling point or your USP will allow you to be a better content creator. It allows you to be more authentic, unique and original. Additionally, it also safeguards you from the wrath of online trolls.

Online platforms can draw a lot of criticism from others and any flaw is fodder for them. If you know your USP, you will be able to reflect it in your content. Your USP should also allow you to experience growth as you pursue content creation for the next 20 years or so.

There are many people who don’t understand how to become content creators and often have to leave after a year or two. Plus, remember that the world of online content creation is very volatile.

If you don’t know your USP and what makes your content shine in comparison with the others, you are going to be forgotten when trends start to change.

Your USP defines you and if you’re not unique or original – neither is the content that you are creating or your USP.

If you can't find your niche, don’t be afraid of stepping out of the box

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Stepping Out of the Box

When you start out as a content creator, your first step will always include having to find your own niche. This might take some time since almost every niche seems to be saturated. So, what should you do?

It can be confusing when you are faced with this dilemma, but you shouldn’t be afraid of stepping out of the box. For content creation, stepping out of the box doesn’t just relate to your creativity; it applies to your niche too.

Make Your Own Niche

In short, if you can’t find a niche, don’t be afraid to make one. This doesn’t mean that you go for something completely outlandish.

Picking a niche is actually simpler than you might have previously assumed. A lot of the times, the confusion comes from the fact that not everyone understands how niches work.

If you’re confused about it, just pay attention to the following table:

Main Category Niches
Clothing Casual Semi-Formal FormalHigh Fashion
AutomobilesSports Cars TrucksMinivansRVs
Jewelry Costume AntiquesHigh FashionDecorative

As you can see, niches are just a part of the main category. So, when you cannot find a niche for content creation, you should just create one. Coincidentally, many of the famous or popular niches available now were made in the same manner.

Just be sure to pick a niche which allows you to flourish in. You don’t want to be a content creator for 2 to 3 years only.

3. Know Your Content Type

Apart from picking a good niche, you also have to know your content type. A core component of how to become a content creator is, knowing the kind of content you will be creating. Usually, this also ties in with how you plan to distribute the content.

As a content creator, you are responsible for creating and sharing a.k.a distributing it. Now, in the past, content creation was a very slow process. This was because the mediums available for creation and distribution were rather archaic.

Our Mediums Are Evolving

Previously, all content was largely divided into three forms namely, image, text and audio. The distribution channels for these were newspapers and magazines, the radio and the TV. Now, our content type is largely the same but, it has also evolved.

Today, we also make room for interactive content. Interactive content is designed to accommodate smartphones, tablets and touch-based devices. Additionally, for online content, it is the major form that improves engagement, interaction and connection with your target audience.

For this reason, you will have to really know your content type. Without this skill set, you cannot learn how to be a content creator.

There are so many mediums available that you have to figure out your key platform as a content creator

4. Figure Out Your Key Platform

Once you have figured out your content type. It’s time to move on to the key platform you will use. This includes your distribution channels.

This is also the major area where you are able to grow as a content creator. We’ve already discussed how in the past, distribution channels included, newspapers and magazines, the radio and the TV.

Now, we have platforms such as Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Based on the platform you pick, the audience you interact with will also differ.

Match Your Strength With Your Audience

The platforms you pick also give you more freedom to match your strengths with them. If you’re a photographer, Instagram is the natural key platform for you. For a videographer, YouTube is going to be the main platform of their choice.

Just because you have a key platform does not mean that you should forget about the other channels available. These can be used to support your work too.

Consider it in this light: when a movie is about to be released, there’s a lot of promotional material released for it. This is the supplementary content which drives interest towards the main content.

Similarly, your other channels will produce the supplementary content that will drive traffic and interest towards the main content.

5. Creating Content That Inspires

You have to make sure that the content you’re creating inspires and resonates with your target audience. This is a key skill set that you have to learn when figuring out how to become a content creator.

Remember that while SEO plays a role here, your audience doesn’t always consider SEO as their main attraction. They want quality and they want content that inspires them.

Find the Answers to These Questions

So how do you know if your content is connecting with your audience or not? Try answering the following questions here:

  • Someone is searching for inspirational images on Instagram, will they find you?
  • Someone is browsing for instructional videos on YouTube, can they find you?
  • Someone is looking for quality products on Amazon, will you show up?
  • Someone is using Google to get answers, are you showing in the results?

If the answer to most of these questions is no then you should ask yourself why? Why are you leaving out these platforms? What is preventing you from connecting or inspiring with your audience?

A good example of a content creator who inspires is Nike. Yes, it’s a corporation but they’re true content creators. Their videos are mesmerizing, their images are inspirational and their text resonates with their audience.

So, maybe it’s time to stop being putting yourself on the fence and really start connecting with others.

Searching for content creation ideas can be tough but these 12 ways can help you out

12 Ways to Get Ideas for Content Creation

You might have figured out how to be a content creator but, there’s still one area that you need to master – getting ideas. This can be tedious and tiring.

Luckily, we’re including 12 innovative ways that can help you get creative ideas for content creation:

1. Talk to Your Audience

Hold a poll or just ask your audience what content they want to see. It saves you time and creates engagement with your consumers.

2. Contact the Experts

You might not be an expert but don’t shy away from asking the experts for help. Collaborative content creation is a good route for ideas in content creation.

3. Monitor Keyword Usage

Google’s algorithm can give you insight into what your target audience is looking for. From coding to even crafting, Google keywords can be your best friend for ideas.

4. Look at What’s Trending

Twitter always shows which hashtags are trending. You can capitalize on this but it can mean that you have to craft content super fast. Trends can change at the blink of an eye.

5. Do Some Research

Do some research into your target audience’s habits to see just what captures their interest. Look into demographic behavior to find out more about them.

6. Stay Relevant to Industry News

Industry related news can be a good way to create content. You’ll always have something fresh, new and relevant in this manner.

7. Give a Glimpse Behind the Scenes

Want to show others what goes into your creative process?  A behind-the-scenes glimpse is great for content creation and engagement too.

8. Get Inspiration from an Event

Go to an event and get some inspiration. Whether it’s the opera or the Cirque du Soleil performance, this can really make a huge difference in the output of your products.

9. Show Them How It’s Done

Create content based on how-to-do or use certain products. You can even show them how to be a content creator too!

10. Promote Best Practices

Make content that relates to best practices for the industry. Harmful practices can put a damper for future content creators so being mindful now is better for the future.

11. Get Inspiration from the Competition

Take a peek at what your competition’s been up to and get some inspiration. Be very mindful about plagiarism. You don’t want to be known for that.

12. Bring Your Pet Project to Life

Do you have an idea that is collecting dust on a shelf somewhere? Brush off the dust and try to bring it to life now. You never know how your audience will receive it.

With the help of the tips and these ideas, you’ll learn how to be a content creator in no time at all!