How to Become a Comedy Writer – 11 Tips You Must Follow

How To Become A Comedy Writer

Thinking how to become a comedy writer? Do you have a passion for comedy writing?

Comedy writing is not easy. In fact, making someone laugh with your writing is probably the hardest thing to do. However, it becomes a little easier when you know the tricks of the trade. Whether you have just started comedy writing or have been doing it for years, we have listed some tips that can help you become a better comedy writer.

Let’s get started.

1. Find Someone Who Makes You Laugh and Write with Them

Comedy writing is hard if you do it yourself. But one thing that’s even harder is finding the right person to accompany you on this journey. If you want to write brilliant pieces of comedy, then you must find someone who shares the same sense of humor and writing passion as you do.

If you are successful in finding this person, then you are off to a great start. You can meet this person anywhere and at any time. Finding someone alike is even more important when you are writing comedy scripts. However, make sure you decide the main writer and the co-head writer beforehand so that you don’t get into any fights.

2. Participate in Writing Competitions

There are so many writing competitions that take place. Why not submit your comedy writing in one of these competitions? You don’t have to limit yourself to the ones happening near you. Get online and just run a search for writing competitions and submit your writing.

You may not necessarily win. However, just the thought of a judge reading your comedy writing is in itself a motivation booster. In addition, someone might like your work and discuss future prospects of writing with you. Thus, make sure you enter all the writing competitions that you come across. You never know what the turning point of your life may be.

3. Read as Many Comedy Writings as You Can

There is no such thing as too much reading. When you want to become a comedy writer, you should spend time reading other authors’ comedy writings. This will help you understand the structure, pace and rhythm that you should follow in your writings.

You don’t have to copy what someone else is doing. However, taking inspiration and then coming up with your own idea will help you write better.

4. Have Fun Writing

Comedy doesn’t have to be forced. Thus, don’t try to force comedy into everything. Write what gives you pleasure and if you think the effect can be enhanced with a punchline, go for it. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourself as much as you can.

Remember, something that gives you pleasure will also give someone else the same feeling. Therefore, be as natural as you can, but make sure you understand the basics of comedy writing.

5. Watch Comedy on TV

There are so many comedy shows on TV that you can watch. Spend time watching these shows and take notes of the punch lines and how they are added to the script. In addition to taking inspiration from these shows, also note down the names of the producers of these shows.

Connecting with the right people is everything when it comes to becoming a successful comedy writer. You need to connect with them and send them scripts. You never know what someone might like and if you are lucky, you may get a chance to write for a good producer who admires your work.

6. Persistence is the Key

We know that it sounds clichéd, but persistence is the key to be successful, especially when it comes to comedy writing. If you have decided to become a comedy writer, then just don’t give up the dreams because you are not getting where you want to be.

Persistence and perseverance are needed to be successful in any field of life. Writing comedy is not a walk in the park. As mentioned before, it is one of the most difficult jobs out there. Don’t be around people who constantly weigh you down. Let go of the negative and aggressive people from your life.

The more positively you think and feel, the better it will reflect in your comedy writing.

Create and follow a writing schedule

7. Create a Schedule and Stick to It

Procrastination is the biggest enemy of writers. If you, like all other writers, have a habit of procrastination, then you need to get yourself together and let go of this habit. Creating a schedule and sticking to it can help you write better.

Another trick that works is setting deadlines. When you create a writing schedule, stick to it or else it will only be a new task with no outcome.

8. Don’t Be Frustrated with Rewrites

So, you’ve written a great piece of comedy, or at least you think you have. You show it to an editor and they suggest some massive restructuring and rewriting. You will naturally freak out. But remember, rewrites and changes are a part of the process.

Don’t expect everything to be perfect the first time around. You may have put in all your effort in your writing and may think that it’s perfect, but the truth is that there is always room for improvement. Maybe the final product turns into something that makes you a star. Therefore, never be frustrated with rewriting. It’s part of the process.

9. Timing is Everything

If you are writing a comedy story, you don’t have to be funny in every line. In fact, if you overdo it, it becomes redundant and the fun is gone. Consider the famous comedy sitcom “Friends,” for instance. While it is one of the best comedies out there, there is also a definite storyline alongside. You must do the same with your writing.

You must learn when you should continue being funny and when you should focus on other parts of the story. You should respect the story and give it the due attention it needs while also focusing on adding humor. In short, you must find a balance between the two.

Feedback helps improve your writing

10. Ask for Feedback

Feedback always improves your writing, whether you are writing comedy or any other genre. It may be brutal, but it is going to help you fine-tune your writing and will make you a better writer. You can make improvements to your writing based on the feedback and it may turn into the next big thing.

11. Write, Write and Write

Becoming a comedy writer is an all-day assignment. You never know when an idea might pop up in your head. You may even conceive an idea while you are dreaming. Therefore, make sure to always have a notebook by your side so that you don’t miss out on any humorous ideas.

Never stop writing no matter what anyone tells you. Styles of humor may change with generations, but the formulas are all the same. Everyone wants new ideas and is looking for new content. Therefore, you should never stop writing. You never know when you will strike gold.

Legend has it that Edmund Kean said the following words on his deathbed:

Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.”

The legend may be fact or fiction, but it is true that comedy is hard. As mentioned before, making someone laugh is the most difficult thing. If you aspire to be a comedy writer, you will have to bear years of dedication, practice and even rejection. However, good things come to those who wait.

Thus, continue writing and have fun on your journey of becoming a comedy writer. Think funny and write funny, and you will get there eventually. Even if you don’t become an acclaimed comedy writer, people will always love you because you made them laugh.