How to Be More Creative in Writing [27 Writing Tips]

How To Be More Creative In Writing

Knowing how to be more creative in writing is a skill set that not everyone possesses. For a writer, good writing and creativity go hand in hand. The ideas, plot twists, characters and even the outline for your piece of content are all based on how creative you are.

Even non-fiction pieces of content such as reports, research studies and even copywriting content require a certain degree of creativity. With this factor in mind, there’s another important area to acknowledge: it can be difficult to be creative all the time.

But, you’re actually not supposed to be. Creativity is like a well that you can draw from but if you don’t nurture it, it will dry up. If all you’re doing is drawing from that well, without replenishing it, you will run out of supply soon.

For others, the scenario could be completely opposite. They have creativity but don’t know how to hone it, control it and use it for their content. By knowing how to be more creative in writing, you can learn to unleash your creativity in a productive manner. You can also learn how to nurture it too.

The following are some tips that you can apply when you want to learn how to be more creative in writing:

1. Take Notes in Your Journal

Creative ideas can flit through your brain at any time. You could be in the shower, taking a walk or even eating and have an idea. For this reason, you should carry a notebook with you at all times.

Note down all the ideas that come to your mind throughout the day in your journal. You don’t have to work on the idea right away. Just write it down and examine it after a while.

How to Be More Creative in Writing [27 Writing Tips] Infographic

2. Freewriting for Maximum Creativity

One of the best ways to figure out how to be more creative in writing is by trying out freewriting. This is a process where you literally write freely, without any worries. You can forget about the grammar, sentence structure, punctuation and more. Just write everything down.

When you’re done, edit your work and refine it as you want. Freewriting can be an amazing tool for you to unleash your creativity and just write according to what you feel.

3. Mind Mapping Your Ideas

Mind mapping is also a popular method through which can help you exercise your creativity. All you have to do is visualize your ideas and how they’re coming to you. Now draw them on a piece of paper and see how a single thought blooms into an idea.

Remember to use colors or graphics that make your mind map interesting. In this process, you will learn how to be more creative in writing and executing your creative ideas too.

4. Take a Walk

Do you have too many thoughts cluttering your head? Can’t get your concepts out on paper? Push it all aside and go for a nice walk alone or with your dog. Taking a walk for 20 minutes can help you clear out your head.

It also boosts cognitive function, your memory and helps to reduce stress. You will not only learn how to be more creative in writing but also get rid of some of the stress that you might be feeling. Plus, you never know what you might see on your walk that could inspire you or become a good idea to write about.

5. Try Some Meditation

If you’re still unable to shut out the noise in your mind, it might be a good idea to meditate. Meditation helps you center yourself, calm your mind and make you more focused. It can play a key role in helping you learn how to be more creative in writing.

For many people meditation can be a method which becomes a major part of their writing process. It’s definitely a good option to consider if you’re looking to get creative.

Get Done with Your Chores

6. Get Done with Your Chores

Sometimes, you’re unable to write because you’re thinking too much about the chores that you have to do. In this case, make sure to do your chores first. Whether it’s washing the dishes, dusting the house or even doing the laundry, get it all done.

How does this contribute to your creativity? For starters, these are all mindless tasks. Performing them on autopilot allows your brain to think about other things, like your writing and ideas. All you need to do then is to ensure that you note down your ideas. Once you’re done with your chores, you can then work on the idea that you had.

7. Pick Up Your Favorite Book

Don’t know how your story will turn out? Then, put it aside and pick up your favorite book. Reading will not only allow you to learn how to be more creative in writing, but it will also give you some ideas. Try not to plagiarize their work though!

This will help you learn more about how to be creative and draw inspiration. Most writers are also avid readers and fans of other writers too.

8. Watch a Movie

Not in the mood to read? Then how about drawing inspiration from your favorite movies instead? Sometimes, you never know when inspiration will strike.

When watching a movie, keep a notebook at hand to note down any ideas or thoughts that come to mind. Also, try to find the why behind your idea. Why did you like a certain scene more than others? This allows you to get more insight into your creative process too.

9. Join a Community of Like-minded Individuals

It can be invigorating to be around creative people so, try to join a group of like-minded individuals. You can join these groups, either online or look to your local library. These groups can help learn how to be more creative in writing.

They’re also great for giving you ideas and eventually turning into your support group. Writing is and can be a very tedious yet an isolating process so your support group will matter a lot.

10. Pick a Random Country

Another fun way to learn how to be more creative with writing is to pick a random country or even a city and start to write a story that involves it. For example: Suppose you picked Italy to write on. Whatever story comes in your mind, you make sure that it’s set in Italy.

It can be more creative and also more challenging to write in this manner. This method also helps you improve your research skills which are very important if you want your work to be credible.

Write According to the Jumbles

11. Write According to the Jumbles

This can take some time to prepare but it is very fun. All you need to do is take three bowls and divide them to be an object, the setting and the scene for the story. Fill in chits accordingly and put them in the bowls.

Now all you have to do is pick out three chits; one from each bowl. They can be as disjointed as “an orange, subway and early morning.” Now, you have to write a story based on the three cues. To make things even more interesting, ask your friends and family to fill in some chits for you.

12. Listen to Some Music

Make the experience of how to be more creative in writing soothing by listening to some music. Anytime you start to write, play your favorite piece. Additionally, try new genres and see how they affect your mood and your writing style.

Most people find classical music from Bach and Chopin to be very invigorating while others prefer music from pop, hip hop, jazz or even electronic dance. Certain music pieces also inspire ideas which can boost your creativity and give you a new outlook on writing.

13. Sing When You Can

You might sing in the shower every now and then but, it’s a good idea to also make it a part of your daily routine. Singing is said to improve your mood, make you happier and also relieve stress. So, if you’re feeling like your mind is clogged, just take a deep breath and belt out your favorite song.

Singing is also a very freeing activity. It helps people more likely to focus on letting go of their inhibitions. This openness is also great for creativity as it encourages one to be open to new ideas as well.

14. Write On One Idea per Day

The more you write, the better you get at it. Writing on a daily basis is an easy way for you to learn how to be more creative in writing. All you have to do is pick out one idea and write a short story on it. This can be up to 3,000 to 5,000 words long.

Doing this daily can also help you learn to switch up your writing style to accommodate different stories, plot points and characters. It’s a good way to allow you to incorporate flexibility and creativity into your writing style.

Attend a Workshop

15. Attend a Workshop

Feel like your skills are not up to par? Then why not take a writing workshop. Attending a creative writing workshop can help you understand how to be more creative in writing. This also allows you to learn some useful and nifty tricks about your writing.

Plus, there’s no need to be afraid. Many people take writing workshops at different stages in their life. Some believe that you never really stop learning at any age. So, sign up for the creative writing workshop and see the difference it can make.

16. The History of an Image

Ever looked at an old picture and wondered how it was taken? Who are the people in it? Did they know that they would continue to exist for all times to come in this medium? Try out how to be more creative in writing in this manner.

Write a story for the image and what you believe happened leading up to it. You don’t have to make it non-fiction. Some pictures can inspire creative fiction stories so go with the flow. Try some freewriting here and see what form your story takes.

17. Explain it in 100 Words

Creativity doesn’t just come from writing stories with an extensive word count. It is also in brevity. An example of this can be seen in Ernest Hemingway’s flash fiction story which is just made up of six words – “For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn.”

While it might be difficult for you to write a full story in just six words, you can still challenge yourself with a hundred words. This not only boosts your writing skills but also forces your brain to think critically. It also forces to pick and choose your vocabulary and build your sentences carefully.

18. Craft Headlines for Your Pieces

Learning how to be more creative in writing doesn’t just extend to the body of the content. It also applies to the titles that you write. In essence, your headlines and titles are the first things that grab the attention of the reader.

So, knowing how to be creative when writing a title, or a headline, is also a necessity. This way you will learn how to make titles that capture the attention of your readers. You will also understand how to avoid giving the plot away when you are picking a title for your story.

19. Try TAPE

TAPE is an acronym that covers a simple and effective strategy on how to be more creative in writing. The acronym can be broken down into the following:

  • Topic – What are you writing about?
  • Audience – Who is the reader of this piece?
  • Purpose – What is the piece expected for?
  • Examples – What examples can be used as a reference?

This gives you more insight into your mind, your creative style and also how to craft a story for your audience. Keeping the readers in mind is a necessity. With TAPE, you can easily do so and learn some very important rules as well.

20. Paint or Color

Learning how to be more creative in writing is also done through painting or coloring. This is a soothing, calming process that also enhances the critical thinking of a person. Picking and plotting the color schemes can be very similar to plotting and picking the outline of a book.

Additionally, you also get to relieve stress, get a therapeutic outlet and enhance your overall creativity. Plus, you don’t have to be good at art. Just take a few paints and start dabbling. Or, you can also get an adult coloring book or a paint-by-numbers for adults painting set.

21. Visit a Museum

If you’re not having any luck with creativity, try to visit a museum nearby. It can either be one for natural history or a library or some other museum. The artifacts here can give your creativity a spark and help you to think more critically.

A visit to a museum can also teach you a lot more about a certain genre that you have. From western cowboys to space and astronauts, you’ll find that a natural history museum is full of informative artifacts that can teach you how to be more creative in writing.

22. Know When You Work Best

Not everyone writes aimlessly. Most writers have a strict time schedule and usually follow those. It’s a good idea to adopt this and to also work out when you work best. Some writers can write up to 10,000 words in a day in the early morning, but they can find it difficult to write at night.

Similarly, others might find it easier to write afternoon. Use a time schedule to figure out this aspect. This will not only give you more awareness about your writing procedure but also highlight how to be more creative in writing in this manner.

23. Try Writing with Prompts

Another way that you can learn how to be more creative in writing is with the help of prompts for writing. These can be numerous and will help you to work out the basic outline of a story with ease. We’re sharing some good writing prompts here for you:

  • Odd things happen once night falls in this town. People usually stay locked indoors but your character doesn’t want to follow the norm anymore. One day, he stays out past the curfew…
  • Wandering in the woods one day, you stumble across a unique looking egg. It’s slightly translucent with deep jewel tones. You reach out to touch its surface. A crack appears and the egg shakes …
  • Your character plucks some unusual flowers from a field on her way home. The next day, her hands start to itch. There’s a green rash on her hands which seems to be growing…

You can easily use these writing prompts to learn how to be more creative in writing. Plus, if you want, change up the prompts to suit your story more too.

Tackle a Writing Challenge

24. Tackle a Writing Challenge

If you’re still not feeling motivated, try out a writing challenge. You can either try the 30-day challenge where you write 1000 words per day to complete one story. Or, you can also try writing in another writer’s style.

Pick from authors like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Shakespeare or even Virginia Wolf. Try to replicate their style and see if it is possible to write their stories better than them. It also teaches you a newfound respect for the writing style of each author.

25. Write a Story with a Different Viewpoint

This one is sure to teach you how to be more creative in writing. All you have to do is write a story with a different viewpoint than the pre-existing one. A good example of this can be Edgar Allan Poe’s work, A Cask of Amontillado.

The story is written from the point of view of Montresor but you can try to give it a spin by writing it from the point of view of Fortunato. You can also try and flip other viewpoints in different stories in a similar manner. It makes the writing experience more creative and you’ll definitely be able to catch the interest of others too.

26. Turn a Movie Into a Script

We’ve already mentioned that watching a movie can help you get more creative but this exercise is going to take things to the next level. All you have to do is to pick out your favorite movie and try to write down how you think the script might have looked like.

It can be daunting to start writing the script for the entire movie so pick your favorite scene for it.

Plus, if you think there were any plot holes or flaws, how would you have improved it? Let your creative side take over and see what kind of script you make. You never know; it might create a spark and help you meet your inner playwright.

27. Inject a Little Humor

It can be extremely difficult to add humor to your writings and it does require one to put in a little extra effort. If used incorrectly, it can ruin an otherwise beautifully written piece! However, if and when used correctly, there’s nothing like a little humor to make things interesting!

To give yourself a challenge, pick out passages from renowned authors and try to add humor while maintaining their writing style. This makes you think out of the box. Would Gandalf tell a knock-knock joke?

There’s only one way to find out!

With these tips, you will learn how to be more creative in writing and also improve other areas in your writing!