Grammarly Human Proofreading Option [The 4 Exceptions]

Grammarly Human Proofreading

Grammarly human proofreading is a popular option for people looking for a professional proofreader. It is used by thousands of people all over the world who want their documents to be checked by professional editors.

Grammarly is one of the best online grammar checking websites that we currently have. It is used all over the world and is the first choice of many people looking for an effective grammar checker. In addition to checking grammar, Grammarly also offers a plagiarism checking tool.

With all of the above, what else could you want? Well, Grammarly now offers a human proofreading tool that allows you to get your document checked by human proofreaders. Keep reading to learn all about this feature in detail.

What Is Grammarly Human Proofreading?

Grammarly offers a human proofreading option in addition to its Premium Subscription. This feature is ideal for people who are running out of time and want to make sure that the documents they submit are error-free.

Your document will be submitted to the professional proofreaders when you choose the Grammarly Human Proofreading option. These professionals will check your text for you and make it free of all grammar errors and mistakes. You can then submit your document without having to worry about any errors.

The aim of Grammarly is to ensure that your document is free of all errors and that each sentence is grammatically correct. Each document is diligently reviewed by experts. They check the document for spelling, grammar, form and punctuation.


Human proofreaders at Grammarly check your content for all the above-mentioned errors. However, they don’t restructure, reorganize or rewrite your content. Issues regarding the voice, style and content are not changed. They are left at the discretion of the author.

Can anyone access the Human Proofreading option at Grammarly

Who Can Access This Option?

Grammarly Human Proofreading option is only available for members with a Premium Subscription.  If you want to access this feature, then you must subscribe to Grammarly Premium.

Turnaround Time

Grammarly offers 3 turnaround time options for its human proofreading option.

  • Instant
  • 3 hours
  • 24 hours

You can choose one option from the above and Grammarly experts will send your edited and corrected document back to you.

How to Submit a Document for Grammarly Human Proofreading?

Submitting a document for human proofreading is simple and easy. Here are the ways you can submit your document for human proofreading.

Grammarly Editor

Accessing human editor feature from Grammarly Editor

If you are using Grammarly Editor, then you can submit your text for proofreading by selecting ‘Human Proofreader’ option. You will see this option in the lower right corner of the Grammarly Editor page.

Grammarly for Microsoft Office

Accessing human editor feature from Grammarly for Microsoft Office

For people who use Grammarly for Microsoft, they just have to click Human Proofreading tab within Microsoft Word. They then have to submit their file for human proofreading.

How Much Does It Cost?

The total price of Human Proofreading differs as per the number of words of each article. You will be notified about the price of the article when you are ordering a job. Professional proofreaders will only check your documents for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors.

Find out the submission standards for Human Proofreading offered by Grammarly

Submission Standards of Grammarly Human Proofreading

The professional proofreaders at Grammarly try to accommodate all kinds of content when they are given a job. However, they can cancel a job at any time. Grammarly has designed a set of guidelines to help them make the best decisions.

As per these guidelines, there are some kinds of documents and content that proofreaders at Grammarly don’t accept. These documents include the following:

1. Decipherable Text

Human proofreaders at Grammarly only check your text for grammar, spelling and punctuation. They don’t restructure, revise or rewrite the content. Thus, the content you submit for proofreading must be grammatically coherent.

If your document contains any of the following, it is highly likely that it won’t be accepted for proofreading by the human proofreaders at Grammarly.

  • Machine-translated text
  • Unintelligible or garbled text
  • Text that contains more than three stylistic or grammatical errors in each line
  • An incomplete or short text that requires a lot of guesswork to proofread

2. Unobjectionable Content

The human proofreaders at Grammarly reserve the right to reject a submission if it contains offensive content or language. This includes pornography, hate speech, etc.  As a rule of thumb, members should not submit content that is not appropriate for public consumption.

If you need additional guidance about submission standards related to objectionable content, then you can contact the Grammarly support team.

3. Legitimate Requests

Grammarly does not accept the text that looks and reads like a school or professional assignment. Any explicit or implicit requests to proofread such content will be declined. Grammarly only offers proofreading that can polish the already written content and make it clear.

However, the service doesn’t offer research on your behalf. So, don’t expect your school or college assignments to be done by the human proofreaders at Grammarly. Any such request will be declined.

4. Prose Work

Prose work is also difficult to proofread and correct as it deviates from traditional style and grammar rules. It becomes difficult to preserve the intentions of the author and the meaning they are trying to communicate.

Therefore, human proofreaders at Grammarly don’t proofread and correct such texts. You should look for another proofreading service if you wish to proofread your document.

If you are not sure if your text qualifies for Grammarly Human Proofreading service, then it is best to contact their customer support team. They will give you all the information that you need.

Grammarly human proofreading tool is best for you if you want a professional to go through your work

Who Should Use the Grammarly Human Proofreading Tool?

Grammarly Human Proofreading tool is ideal for writers who want an expert to proofread their work. While the free and premium version of Grammarly gives plenty of proofreading options, it is always best to have an expert check your work before you submit it.

The human proofreaders at Grammarly have years of experience and understand the language through and through. They will detect all your grammar, spelling, punctuation and form errors and will make your copy error-free.

This tool is a great choice if you want a professional to check your work before you finalize it.