If you are looking for the best sources of free email templates for marketing campaigns to get your first one started, then you are in the right place.

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After conducting extensive research and making the necessary comparisons, we’ve come up with a list of the best free email templates from around the web for you.

While email marketing might not be the most exciting or latest method of driving traffic to your website and business, it definitely works.

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Here is a mini-guide to the best sources around the world providing free email templates to help you jumpstart your marketing campaigns:

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1. MailChimp

Free Email Templates for Marketing

MailChimp believes that it all starts with an email. Emails help you understand your audience in a better manner to effectively build your brand.

MailChimp provides design tools to its users to help them look professional, even if they’re just beginners. The free service offered by MailChimp, allows you to send up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers per month.

Although the analytic tools it has on its free plan are quite limited, the plan does include a number of pre-designed, easily-modifiable, drag-and-drop templates that make creating high-quality emails easy and convenient. The additional segmentation feature allows you to personalize your email addresses by dividing them into lists.

2. FreeMailTemplates

Free Email Templates for Marketing

FreeMailTemplates offers 50+ free HTML email templates that can be downloaded, edited and modified as per your preference. You can also use them with Campaign Monitor or MailChimp.

The templates are specifically designed to present your special offers and services to your email list of subscribers in an easy and convenient manner. While some are very complex, many are fairly simple; which means that there are options available for each level of email marketer, whether expert or beginner.

The templates are modern, clean, and sure to make your products pop. Many templates are extremely easy to adapt to your specific brand requirements and completely free to download. If none of them work for you, however, you can download one of their paid templates at a very reasonable cost.

3. ZOHO Campaigns

Free Email Templates for Marketing

Like MailChimp, ZOHO Campaigns also allows its users to send up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers on a monthly basis. This plan is known as the ‘Forever Free Plan’. The platform has hundreds of pre-designed templates for every occasion.

You can customize them according to your preferences, and the tool also comes with some great features such as A/B testing function and clear, concise analytics.

Whether you plan to engage with your customers or sell your services and products, email campaigns are one of the most effective ways to connect. ZOHO allows you to create, send, share, and track email campaigns at a quicker pace.  

You can simply pick any free email template from their gallery or even customize the basic layouts. A stunning, eye-catching design is just a few clicks away.

4. 99 Designs

Free Email Templates for Marketing

99 Designs has created 3 different kinds of email templates to help you jump-start your marketing efforts.

  • A regular notification email
  • For a promotion
  • For a newsletter

The ‘personal notification email’ template allows you to connect with your customers by sending them an on-brand personalized email that’s both professional and attractive.

The ‘promotional email’ template lets you alert customers about any recent promotions you may be running, or to let them know if something they liked or searched for earlier is back in stock.

Lastly, the ‘email newsletter’ template allows you to feature all your important stories and helps you keep your brand relevant and your customers engaged by sending out an email newsletter on a regular basis.

All these email templates can be loaded easily into an email marketing service or your own email. Using an email marketing service to load these templates is recommended as it makes the process of customizing the content blocks easier and more convenient.

5. EmailOut

Free Email Templates for Marketing

EmailOut provides a flexible, fully-featured, and most importantly, free approach to email marketing. It doesn’t come with any restrictions or sneaky up-sells. It allows its users to send up to 12,500 emails to their subscribers monthly for free.

From utilizing powerful tools for design, delivery, and featured analytics to creating cleverly segmented campaigns, you can do it all with EmailOut.

It offers numerous professional template designs you can choose from, and edit as you desire. Along with providing its users with tools for custom fields, EmailOut also allows them to import their own HTML designs. Everything seems simple with their fun drag-and-drop editor which makes the process of designing emails and personalizing campaigns easy and convenient.

Some features:

  • Free from spam testing
  • Guarantees delivery
  • Powerful tracking and split testing
  • Doesn’t have any set-up cost
  • Free from any hidden charges
  • Advanced features are included as standard ones to allow you to generate successful campaigns

6. Zurb Foundation

Free Email Templates for Marketing

Zurb Foundation has 11 responsive HTML email templates that are simple, easy-to-use, super customizable, and allow you to jumpstart your next marketing project with ease.

Each template is a single HTML email that is specially built using Foundation for Emails. With the help of these templates, you can create responsive HTML emails that are easily readable on any type of device making. So, it is extremely useful for marketing beginners who are looking to jazz up their basic emails without implementing too many complicated procedures.

The free email templates for marketing campaigns include:

  • Basic (send basic emails)
  • Welcome (welcome new users)
  • Password Reset (send password reset email)
  • Order (send information about purchases)
  • Marketing (promote a new service or product)
  • Newsletter (include a hero image, title, body area, and logo for text)
  • Newsletter 2 (include a two-column layout)
  • Sidebar (include a sidebar area
  • Hero (include a hero image)
  • Sidebar Hero (include a hero image and a sidebar)
  • Drip  (grab attention with your call-to-action)

You can preview each template and inspect the code to understand their implementation. Or simply download them and make changes as needed.

7. Email Octopus

Free Email Templates for Marketing

The free Shrimp plan offered by Email Octopus allows its users to send unlimited emails to up to 2,500 subscribers. You can supercharge your campaigns and get the most out of your email marketing through the templates provided.

You can send emails from different email addresses and experiment with plenty of templates. Although the automation feature is reserved for paying customers, you can still use the drag and drop editor to build amazing emails that have a great appearance across all types of devices.

If you don’t fancy being a paid customer and signing up for an account, you can simply download the 11 completely free templates from their website. They are more than sufficient to up your email-marketing game.

8. Email on Acid

Free Email Templates for Marketing

Email on Acid offers a free responsive HTML newsletter template that is coded from scratch and tested across major email clients, mobile devices, and desktops.

You can customize the template to fit your branding needs. You can also inspect the code to understand and easily work with the back-end elements. The template comes in three different layouts, depending on the width of the screen.

1-3 column layout is supported by default and for ultra readability on mobile devices, it converts to a one-column layout. Using media queries, you can hide some elements to make your email short and easily readable for your mobile readers. Its display is supported on both Android and iOS platforms. This template will hopefully save you some stress and time when creating your personal responsive email marketing campaign.

9. Benchmark

Free Email Templates for Marketing

Benchmark believes that time is the most precious resource and you shouldn’t have to waste it fussing over complicated email platforms. Therefore, they offer a free starter plan which allows you to send up to 14,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers.

Although this free plan doesn’t include A/B testing, targeting, and automation features, it does allow you to build relationships with customers, accelerate your business to a great extent, and raise the bar to the fullest through robust marketing tools.

These templates will work for you if you are looking for an option that:

  • Provides beautiful yet basic templates that are editable
  • Allows you to spend less time on setup and customization
  • Gives you the opportunity to leverage your most valuable marketing assets more efficiently along with growing your audience

10. Mailerlite

Free Email Templates for Marketing

With Mailerlite you can send unlimited emails to less than 1,000 subscribers for free. It provides up-to-date marketing features that are specially designed to help you build stronger relationships with your customers and grow your subscribers. It has a wide range of template designs to suit numerous different branding styles.

Signing up for a free account not only gives you access to free email templates, but also allows you to utilize the drag-and-drop editor and email automation features.

You can also split test, deliver emails by time zone, and tag subscribers for your personalized marketing campaigns.

Their landing pages, embedded forms, and pop-ups help their users capture more attention on the Internet. With their advanced targeting features, you can personalize your campaigns and deliver relevant emails to respective subscribers.

The templates are extremely easy to set up and you can improve your metrics vastly with the critical email marketing features the platform provides.

11. Antwort

Free Email Templates for Marketing

Antwort offers 3 responsive layouts for email that both adapt and fit to the widths of different device screens. Due to the varying amounts of columns, it doesn’t overwhelm desktop users with a single-column layout that only works on mobile devices.

The columns simply become rows on mobile responsive designs. These templates are perfect for small businesses that mainly send out notification emails.

The template is compatible with major clients such as Outlook, Gmail, and AOL. The design provides maximum customization. The bulletproof layout is made with dynamic content in mind.

Antwort now also includes the pre-inlined CSS (source templates) that allows you to easily customize the template for your personal use. Each template consists of a build.html with the original source files in the ’source’ folder and the inlined CSS.

12. Mailjet

Free Email Templates for Marketing

With the free plan offered by Mailjet, you send 6,000 emails to your subscribers every month (up to 200 emails per day). Their free plan also includes an advanced statistic feature, i.e., the drag-and-drop editor which lets you easily create beautiful responsive marketing campaigns with just a few clicks.

You can add or edit images, content, or call-to-actions by simply dragging the elements from their editor and dropping them.

All Mailjet’s templates are responsive by design. Therefore, you can simply select one from their ready-made ones and customize them accordingly. As most emails are accessible on mobile devices. You can select any of their professional mobile responsive templates from their extensive gallery without requiring any programming skills.

13. Litmus

Free Email Templates for Marketing

Litmus offers several free HTML templates to help you gain speed in production and reduce errors. These templates can easily compete with other paid options available in the market. They work particularly well for retailers since Litmus has receipt and coupon templates as well.

With more than 50% of emails being viewed on mobile devices nowadays, it is essential to target those small screens. Litmus offers pre-tested templates optimum for all types of devices. You also get plenty of mobile optimization resources, inspiration, and tips on its blog section.

The 7 Litmus-exclusive email templates for marketing campaigns are now available to download for free. Each template comes with PSD source files so that you can customize it as you desire.

14. Cakemail

Free Email Templates for Marketing

Cakemail offers 56 different email templates that are downloadable and divided into the following categories:

  • Popular: Most liked
  • Business: For commercial activity
  • Restaurant: Related to eatery
  • Seasonal: Relating to particular cultural days
  • Special Events: For special occasions
  • Transactional: For commercial trade
  • Educational: For academic processes

For a small fee, there is also an option available to edit the templates using the Cakemail editor which doesn’t require you to have coding skills.

15. PixelBuddha

Free Email Templates for Marketing

PixelBuddha offers an HTML email template known as the ‘Green Village”. Its clean, minimalist, and modern design makes the template suitable for multiple purposes. The templates are also easy to customize according to your brand.

The cozy greenery of the countryside created by the handy HTML version adds a pop of color to your marketing campaign.

Moreover, the .zip includes HTML sources and layered PSD files to guarantee easy workflow. The creative team of PixelBuddha is passionate about bringing the best premium and free resources to the design community. So, after paying a small amount of fee, you can also get access to other professional email templates they have to offer.

16. Freshmail

Free Email Templates for Marketing

If you have fewer than 500 subscribers, you can send emails to them through Freshmail for free. The platform offers numerous email templates which are designed beautifully and can be accessed, edited, and sent without any fee.

The best thing about this tool is that it comes as a handy mobile application, allowing you to customize your email marketing campaigns down to the smallest detail on the go.

End Note

These 16 sources of free email templates for marketing might be just what you need to get your first marketing campaign on its feet! Remember to keep an eye out for free template offers if you use an email marketing service. Providers are likely to give them out to their customers often, so don’t forget to check your email!

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