Forums Affiliate Marketers Must Join: 17 Forums to Expand Your Network

Forums Affiliate Marketers Must Join

You might have looked at the title of this article and thought, “forums affiliate marketers must join? But forums are a thing of the past!”

Here’s where we step in to say that if that’s the way you think about affiliate marketing forums, then you need to change the way you think.

The reason we say this is because these forums have a lot of benefits for budding and even experienced affiliate marketers. This is especially true when they are utilized to their full potential. Yes, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites are platforms where people can connect with each other, but affiliate marketing forums help affiliates talk to one another and have meaningful conversations about affiliate marketing strategies and techniques. These platforms also help affiliate marketers learn about new tools that can improve their advertising campaigns.

This article talks about 17 of the most useful affiliate marketing forums and communities out there. Every affiliate marketer should consider registering with at least one of them. Let’s get started!

1. Stack-That-Money-Forums

Stack-That-Money-Forums – An Affiliate Marketing Forum

Stack-That-Money-Forums is an authoritative forum affiliate marketers must join. It provides an extensive range of tools that every affiliate marketer may need for their promotional campaigns. The STM forum features host conferences, higher education, and various local networking events that relate to affiliate marketing.

Keep in mind that it is easy to find a lot of repetitive information on this forum, so when asking a question or putting across any idea, be unique. Avoid copying the campaigns of other marketers. As we said, be unique in your approach while using this forum.

Joining this forum is as easy as clicking on the “Join Now” button that’s located on the forum’s homepage. Once you become a member of this affiliate community, you’ll be able to learn some tips and tricks that will help you expand your affiliate marketing program in no time.


• Offers valuable information

• Advanced affiliate marketing guides

• Success stories


• Some members may offer unethical guides and suggestions

2. Aff Playbook

Aff Playbook – An Affiliate Marketing Forum

Aff Playbook is a collection of courses that help users master the art of affiliate marketing. With this engaging forum, you’ll be able to learn useful techniques that will help you build websites and monetize them. Plus, you’ll learn how to choose affiliate offers, how to use paid traffic to benefit your business, and a lot of other things that will aid your affiliate marketing efforts.

While Aff Playbook might not be an online forum in the literal sense of the word (as the owner David Ford decided to switch things up), it’s still a great place of learning for beginners that may not be aware of the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. Through this platform, they can discover different ways to successfully incorporate affiliate marketing into their business and become a pro at it.

The platform has many affiliate networks that post daily and help other members with their queries. You can find step-by-step tutorials, tips and tricks, and many other things that can help you run your business successfully. It also allows you to network with the bigwigs of your industry, which will enable you to maximize profit and scalability.

To join Aff Playbook, you will need to subscribe to the forum. Only then you will gain access to the best affiliate online marketing knowledge.


• Offer in-depth training and courses

• Enables you to expand networking hub


• Paid subscription

• Costly

3. Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum – An Affiliate Marketing Forum

Warrior Forum is an amazing forum for affiliate marketers that want to make money online. It’s an interactive community where marketers gather together and discuss clever marketing strategies.

You can also learn about new affiliate marketing trends and share your experiences with other members. Members conduct money-making discussions, and if you’re a novice affiliate marketer, you need to be part of these discussions.

On this forum, you can find threads on web marketing, offline marketing, copywriting, programming, web design, ad networks, and lots more. Warrior Forum also boasts a marketplace that features exclusive products and services for its members.

This is one of the best communities to be a part of as it comprises of varied kinds of members that come from different walks of life. Interacting with them and sharing business/marketing ideas with each other help broaden the horizons of all parties. It gives you a chance to socialize with people online and build relationships that will last a lifetime.


• Offers both free and paid sections

• Gives you the opportunity to sell your products and services

• Lets you interact with millions of marketers


• May not be the best choice for experienced affiliates

4. WickedFire

WickedFire – An Affiliate Marketing Forum

WickedFire is an SEO-driven affiliate marketing forum. When you join the WickedFire forum, you get access to many interesting topics and special features for free. You can also have private chats with other members and build partnerships. The engaging forum lets you respond to polls and be as interactive as you like.

What’s different about WickedFire (as compared to other affiliate marketing forums on this list) is that you’re expected to adhere to the rules of the forum and respect their culture. As a result, people who are new to affiliate marketing forums might find this place intimidating. You should also know that the information on WickedFire is quite polarizing, so you need to be able to separate the good from the bad.

However, with all that said, it’s still one of the best forums affiliate marketers must join, as it allows you to get in contact with freelancers who are skilled in the art of affiliate marketing. You get a chance to do business with well-versed marketers. You can interact with them, promote your product/service to them, share business ideas with them, or simply build a strong business relationship. The options to grow as an affiliate are plenty!


• Contains all types of information

• Great for networking

• You can sell and buy products/services


• Slightly polarizing

• Intimidating for novice marketers

5. The Fast Lane Forum

The Fast Lane Forum – An Affiliate Marketing Forum

The Fast Lane Forum is an interactive forum where entrepreneurs from all over the world can freely engage with other entrepreneurs. They can also schedule online talks and meet-ups with them. The topics discussed on this forum include ways to start a business, how to make money, strategies to expand a small business, personal finance strategies, investing tactics, how to think like a true businessman, and lots more.

Through this forum, business owners are able to have meaningful discussions, share their business ideas, and expand their networks. The forum also features books by celebrated authors and speakers on topics related to entrepreneurship.

Currently, the forum features notable books like The Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted by MJ Demarco. These books can give you an in-depth view into the world of affiliate marketing.


  • Highly interactive
  • Open discussions on all subjects
  • Has plenty of informative eBooks that you can read


  • Overwhelming for beginners

6. Affilorama

Affilorama – An Affiliate Marketing Forum

Affilorama is one of the largest affiliate marketing communities and training websites on the internet today. It is a free forum that provides affiliates with everything they need to make a splash in the affiliate marketing world.

Affiliates will find a wealth of topics related to affiliate marketing on this forum. These include topics that relate to keyword research, video marketing, and even PPC ads. Along with all this, Affilorama provides its members with written and video lessons on how to become a successful affiliate marketer.

If you’re a beginner, then joining this forum is like winning the lottery. This forum will provide you with every minor or major detail about affiliate marketing. Additionally, there is a useful section on SEO and Link Building. You can apply the knowledge you gain here to make your website more SEO-friendly, and consequently, drive more traffic to your website. You can also access sections specifically dedicated to PPC, content creation, and website building. There is also a sub-forum for affiliate marketing programs.


• Free to join

• Free marketing training sessions

• Information on all topics

• Interesting and valuable sub-forums


• Some training sections are outdated

7. AffiliateFix

AffiliateFix – An Affiliate Marketing Forum

AffiliateFix is a highly active and engaging forum that allows you to find and connect with entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers all over the world. You can have personal chats with them and turn them into your business partners. AffiliateFix is free to join, and the information available is also free. If you feel lost at some point, administrators and moderators are there to help you every step of the way.

When using this forum, you will also come across a section of Case Studies and Success Stories. These sections will help you understand how other members are doing in their affiliate marketing journey. It also promotes step-by-step tutorials on getting started with affiliate marketing.


• One of the best forums for serious affiliate marketers

• Gives affiliates the opportunity to learn and grow

• Affiliates learn how to get the best ROI for their efforts


• Not free to join

• The yearly subscription can be expensive

8. CPAClub

CPAClub – An Affiliate Marketing Forum

CPAClub is a close-knit VIP community of Russian affiliates. This means that not everyone can get into the club quite so easily. You need to have extensive work experience, an influential profile, and a bankable income to become a member of this elite club.

That said, once you gain entry to this forum, you can make use of unlimited features, gain access to free information, read up on diverse topics, make the most of premium deals and discounts on popular products, and get valuable advice for your business.

This forum may be difficult to navigate if you can’t read or speak Russian. So, besides having an affluent profile, you will also need good command over the Russian language. With these two skills under your belt, you can easily draw on the benefits of CPAClub.


  • The forum is an elite club
  • It’s a great forum for affluent marketers


  • The language barrier is an issue for newbies
  • Not accessible to everyone

9. Digital Point

Digital Point – An Affiliate Marketing Forum

Digital Point is an active forum crowded with marketers of all nationalities and experience levels. The threads on this forum cover different topics, such as trade, design, SEO, marketing, and businesses. Hence, it is useful for all kinds of business niches.

The forum accommodates a “Cookie Search” section. This useful tool shows you what cookies were used upon visiting a website. Apart from learning about cookies and how to use them, this tool also allows affiliates to learn about things like marketshare metrics, finding cookie stuffers, etc.

Through this forum, you may also discover notable members, current visitors, recent activities, user maps, directories, new profile posts, and lots more! You can also buy and sell ad space on your sites by using Digital Point tools.

Because this forum is so diverse, it makes sense that it accommodates so many different types of affiliate marketers. There is surely something for everyone here!


• Free to join

• You can buy and sell products on this forum

• You’re able to network with other individuals

• Learn new affiliate marketing strategies


• The content looks clustered

10. AffLift

AffLift – An Affiliate Marketing Forum

AffLift is a dynamic forum that aims to make affiliate marketing easier for its users. With traffic source guides, case studies, and healthy discussions, AffLift can help you master affiliate marketing in no time. While it is relatively a new forum, it is growing every day.

If you want to improve your affiliate marketing skills, look no further than AffLift. With this forum, you will get a chance to optimize your campaigns like a pro. You will also learn how to create landing pages and how to optimize traffic to get the best ROI.

Hundreds and thousands of tips and tricks are uploaded on the forum daily. These strategies are primarily related to affiliate marketing, so there’s always a chance that you’ll learn something new every time you visit this forum.


• Multiple learning sources that new affiliate marketers can make use of

• It’s a growing forum

• You can learn how to create landing pages and optimize them for the best ROI


• The forum isn’t as well populated as others on this list

11. SitePoint

SitePoint – An Affiliate Marketing Forum

SitePoint is one of the most effective affiliate marketing forums that harvest results through digital networking. Apart from affiliate marketing, it covers other forms of marketing as well, such as web marketing, CPA marketing, etc.

You can also engage with other like-minded entrepreneurs and exchange ideas. All of this will help you become more aware and informed.

SitePoint also features multiple courses and e-books on tools, languages, and frameworks. These informative books and courses help equip you with the information required to escalate sales and profits. Marketers interested in web design and development can find terrific books by experts related to these subjects. These books are loved by developers worldwide.


  • A great place to learn affiliate marketing
  • Connect with other entrepreneurs and marketers
  • Hundreds of courses and eBooks
  • Easy to navigate


  • Offers no free trial
  • Pricey

12. The V7 Network

V7 Network – An Affiliate Marketing Forum

This is a highly-interactive forum that allows participants to voice their marketing issues and learn effective solutions to those issues. This helps members improve their sales strategies and learn something useful every day. The V7 Network covers the most interactive threads on web design, web development, web marketing, and webmaster marketplace.

On this forum, you will find four separate forums – the webmaster forum, business forum, marketing forum, and support forum. You can either join any one of these forums or be a member of all four of these four forums and gain endless insights into affiliate marketing.

This forum promotes some of the most popular web directories, such as the internet, news & media, shopping, science, society, sports, health and fitness, and government and politics.


• The best web development community

• Best for newbies and experts alike

• Helps enhance a marketer’s affiliate marketing skills

• Open discussion on varied topics


• The design of the forum is old and outdated

13. DNForums

DNForums – An Affiliate Marketing Forum

DNForums is an enriching affiliate forum that comprises of beginner’s guides, domain news, content news, legal info, etc. The content is easy, informative, and free to access by members of the forum. While this forum is suitable for all kinds of marketers, it is best for advanced affiliate marketers.

The “What’s New” section provides you with all the new content on the forum. Plus, you learn about everything that is going on in the affiliate marketing world. Through the feedback section and review section, you’ll get suggestions and advice on your activities.


  • Best for beginners
  • Contains a wide variety of information
  • Offers tips and tricks for affiliate marketing


  • May not be the best choice for experienced marketers

14. Black Hat World

Black Hat World – An Affiliate Marketing Forum

Black Hat World offers a wealth of information on a wide range of topics; from how to make money online to how to use SEO for marketing campaigns, the forum has it all. That being said, the forum is devoted to “Black Hat” tricks and tactics. So, every topic you come across will give you advice from the perspective of a “Black Hat.”

Some other popular topics you will find on this forum are Black Hat, SEO, and making money with no investment. If your interest is in any of these subjects, be a part of this informative community right now! You can join this forum for free – no signup or registration fee required. It is also easy to navigate this website as it is in English for English speakers.

You can also find a number of exclusive tools that make the forum unique and versatile. For example, you can use the Black Hat Tools and BHW Newbie Guide and improve your campaign’s quality. You can also purchase unique designs, photos, and videos to enhance your marketing campaigns. Along with this, you get SEO packages that provide complete link building packages, keyword analysis, social signals, and link building reports.


• Offers versatile tools

• Has articles on diverse topics

• Web hosting strategies

• Specialized BHW newsletter


• The forum seems buggy

15. WebMasterWorld

WebMasterWorld – An Affiliate Marketing Forum

WebMasterWorld is the ideal place to have important discussions related to marketing, SEO trends, and technical issues. The forum is simple in its design and easy to navigate. Newbie affiliate marketers won’t have any problems using this platform for their own benefit. The place offers lots of tools that you can use to enhance your business productivity and overall sales.


• Simple to use

• Free to join

• Best for beginners


• May not be the best option for advanced affiliate marketers

16. Wealthy Affiliate Community

Wealthy Affiliate – An Affiliate Marketing Forum

Wealthy Affiliate is an easy and quick way to learn about affiliate marketing. It is a friendly community of like-minded leaders, marketers, entrepreneurs, and business tycoons. This forum has been running successfully for over ten years. Since its launch, the community has upgraded its tools and functions and increased its community base as well.

The forum features some amazing tools, including live chat, a keyword research tool, WordPress themes, and lots more. Incorporate these tools in your campaigns and see them reach new heights of success. What’s more interesting is that it allows you to purchase your domains and host them right there and then.

Wealthy Affiliate is a great site to read different blogs, articles, and discussions. You can participate in community discussions that are held every day and share your two cents on topics you like. The best aspect is the free membership that allows anyone to join the forum.


• A strong, friendly community for all types of professionals

• Offers a trial and free membership

• Buy and sell products and services


• Can become addictive

• Training may not be as effective

17. W Junction

W Junction – An Affiliate Marketing Forum

This is a simple and real-time forum that has over three thousand subscribers. This demonstrates that the community is varied and dynamic. You can connect with different kinds of affiliate marketers and learn new ways to improve your own marketing strategies. The W Junction Forum conducts discussions on a wide variety of topics, including coding, hosting, cryptocurrency, sales, affiliate marketing, etc.

The forum not only has different types of members but diverse tools too. This makes the forum fun and exciting to use.


• Free membership

• Material on a variety of subjects

• Active community


• The design of the forum is unattractive

• Lack of advanced tools

Affiliate marketers, whether new or experienced, eventually realize that forum engagement is the best way to overcome most of their affiliate marketing challenges. Besides this, affiliate marketing forums provide affiliate marketers with a lot of profitable features and benefits. The forums affiliate marketers must join mentioned in this article will ensure that you get the answers to any affiliate marketing related questions you may have. Who knows – you may also find a business partner or mentor who can guide you on your affiliate marketing journey.