Fix It! Grammar Review – Is It Worth Buying & Everything You Must Know

Fix It! Grammar Review

Are you looking for a thorough Fix It! Grammar review?

Published by the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW), Fix It! Grammar is designed for students to help them improve their language and grammar skills. It encourages students to learn and apply grammar knowledge and skills to their writing.

Fix It! Grammar Series

The Fix It! Grammar series by IEW consists of a total of 6 books. Each book in the series serves as a foundation to the book after it. Therefore, it is recommended that students begin with book 1 and continue until they reach the last book.

If you want to know more about the books, you can watch the Introduction to Fix It! Grammar webinar.

Each of these books has advanced grammar concepts in them. Therefore, even if a student knows most of the material in the book, it is best to start with the first book. They can move fast through the books along with adding new concepts to their grammar knowledge and skills.

You can also use the placement test to see where a student should begin their journey of learning grammar.

Books in Fix It! Grammar Series

As mentioned before, the Fix It! Grammar series contains a total of six books.

  1. Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree
  2. Fix It! Grammar: Robin Hood
  3. Fix It! Grammar: Frog Prince, or Just Deserts
  4. Fix It! Grammar: Little Mermaid
  5. Fix It! Grammar: Chanticleer
  6. Fix It! Grammar: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Each book retails at $19 and contains a teacher’s manual and a student book.

You can also buy the complete package at $89.

Book 1: Nose Tree

The first book of the series helps you learn basic punctuation, quotations, indents, homophones and capitals. There is information and learning material on parts of speech in the whole book along with daily vocabulary exercises and learning tools.

Book 2: Robin Hood

The second book of the series, Robin Hood, includes basic comma rule, sentence-combining using which-who, use of punctuation with opener sentences or words, and numbers. Just like book 1, this book also contains information and exercises on parts of speech in the whole book. There are also daily vocabulary learning exercises.

Book 3: Frog Prince

Frog Prince is the third book of the Fix It! Grammar series. It contains more punctuation rules, usage rules, information about run-ons, transition words and transitions, participles, semicolons and be verbs. This part doesn’t contain information about parts of speech as they have already been covered in the last two books.

Book 4: Little Mermaid

The fourth book of the series, Little Mermaid, contains more punctuation, agreements, more usage, all the essential and non-essential elements, as well as past perfect tense. The book also contains daily vocabulary exercises.

Book 5: Chanticleer

This book contains an advanced level of punctuation and grammar learning information and exercises. It also contains daily vocabulary exercises.

Book 6: Sir Gawain

This is the last book of the series. It contains advanced editing exercises based on the things learned in the last five books. It also contains daily vocabulary exercises.

Why should everyone learn grammar rules

Is Learning Grammar Really Important?

Learning grammar not only helps students in their academics, but also helps them communicate effectively.

Grammar is the glue that holds the language structure together when you are writing or listening. If they don’t know the basic and advanced grammar rules, they will just be building a house with no screws, nails or glue.  It is important to start early so that students can learn the basics as soon as possible. They can then move on to the advanced level of grammar.

Learning English grammar, punctuation and vocabulary is very important. It becomes all the more important for homeschoolers. They must have access to quality resources that can help them grasp the grammar rules.

However, memorizing grammar rules isn’t as important as using them. One should be able to make the right sentences without making grammatical errors. They should not only know the basics of grammar, but also the advanced level skills that can help them write better and also make better conversations.

How to choose the right resources for learning grammar

Choosing the Right Resources

There are so many grammar learning resources available out there that choosing the right one becomes difficult. You will get thousands of results when you search for ‘I want to learn grammar’ on the search bar on your browser.

There will be different resources, all focusing on different things and written by different experts. How do you choose the best one among them?

When you are choosing a resource for learning grammar or for teaching it to your kids or students, then you must be careful about some things. Firstly, the resource should start from the basics. If your students are at an advanced level, then you can choose a different level for their learning.

The most important thing to look for when choosing a grammar learning resource is how much practice does it offer. As mentioned before, memorizing grammar rules won’t take you or your students anywhere. You must learn how to use these rules effectively in your writing and communication.

Thus, when you are looking for a resource to learn grammar, choose the one that offers the maximum opportunities to practice the skills. Students should be able to use these skills in their writing and improve their overall language ability.

How the Fix It! Grammar Series Works

How Does Fix It! Grammar Work?

Fix It! Grammar is created carefully to ensure that the students are able to learn the maximum language, grammar and vocabulary skills in the minimum amount of time. The book is to be given 15 minutes each day during the course of a school year.

The student has to sit down with a teacher each day to complete the daily lesson. The lesson consists of reading a sentence and then evaluating it for errors. The student must focus on different grammar concepts. They should also study and learn a new vocabulary word each day and pen down sentences into a notebook carefully and correctly.

A new sentence is given each day, which builds upon the one from the previous day. This means that when a student is done with a year of study, they will not only be able to read but also edit a complete story using the correct grammar, editing skills and mechanics. Their writing skills will also improve.

As mentioned before, each book also comes with a teacher’s manual. This makes it easy for parents to home-school their children while teaching them everything about grammar, writing and editing. If you purchase the teacher’s manual, you can download a PDF version of the student book.

If you prefer the printed version of the student book, you can always order it. However, the teacher’s manual is complete in itself. You don’t necessarily have to buy the additional student book.

Fix It! Grammar is ideal for homeschoolers

Fix It! Grammar for Homeschoolers

IEW has always lived up to its clients’ expectations. The premium quality products and the reputation for offering the best have made IEW the top choice of homeschoolers.

The aim of Fix It! Grammar is to give the student a simple and short lesson to be completed each day. Each lesson lasts for approximately 15 minutes.

The student will read a passage and will look for any errors in their daily passage. They will also correct these errors as they pass through them.

The daily passage tells a story over time. It is a fun and exciting way to not only learn new grammar rules but also allow the students to apply them to the different passages. These simple exercises are highly effective in transferring these grammar skills into the writing of the students.

Fix It! Grammar provides a full year of grammatical learning and instructions, along with an opportunity to practice editing skills. There are daily passages spread across 33 weeks. In addition to this, students are also able to improve their vocabulary by learning more than 100 new words.

Repetition in the books ensures that the students are able to master the rules of grammar. Editing practices give them an opportunity to practice these skills and become better writers.

Should you buy Fix It! Grammar

Is It Worth Buying?

Now, let’s address the big question.

Is Fix It! Grammar worth buying?

Does it really give the results that it claims?

As per our experience, Fix It! Grammar lives up to the expectations of its users. IEW has never disappointed homeschoolers.

The thing we liked best about Fix It! Grammar is that it is so easy to use. Each book builds upon the foundations that were set in the previous book. Students can easily move from one book to the next without feeling misplaced.

The best thing about Fix It! Grammar is that students don’t have to learn bookish language and grammar skills. In fact, the grammar that is given in these books helps students in the real world. They are able to write better if they give each lesson its due time and practice.

If you are not sure which book you should start with, you can always take the placement test. This will give you an idea about which level your student is currently at. You can then choose the level accordingly.

However, IEW does recommend all students to start with book 1. They can pace up their exercises and complete the book early before moving on to the next. This is because, as mentioned before, each book serves as the foundation for the next book.

The students may miss advanced materials that they may not know about if they skip any book. It will also make it difficult to complete the next book effectively.

Should you buy Fix It! Grammar

Our Verdict – Fix It! Grammar Review

If you are looking for an easy but effective series of books to help your students learn better grammar, writing and editing skills, then Fix It! Grammar is a great choice. You can purchase this series with confidence.

We assure you that by the end of the series, your student will not only be able to learn all the basic and advanced grammar rules, but they will also be able to use them in writing with ease.