Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy for Business Needs

Facebook Marketing Strategy For Business

Coming up with an effective Facebook marketing strategy for business needs that actually delivers results is difficult, but also undeniably essential.

Social media users number approximately 2.9 billion worldwide, and Facebook leads the way with 60-70% of the market share. So Facebook is perhaps the most influential platform you can use to your advantage and make your brand’s presence felt online.

However, for it to work effectively, your branding message has to be kept in mind at every step of strategy building. Each new step must be analyzed and tailored to your specific business needs.

Here are 19 practical strategies you should consider when launching your business Facebook page.

1. Sending an Email Informing Existing Customers

When you first create your Facebook page, it is bound to keep sitting in obscurity until your audience finds it and interacts with it. The best way to get your Facebook page going early on is to send out a mass email or email blast to your existing customers.

Let them know you are present and reachable on this medium, and hopefully, they’ll ‘Like’ your page.

The key is to make sure you do not come across as spammy in your email. The message must focus on your customers, not yourself. Make them realize that there is something to gain by them liking and sharing your page.

2. Promote your Page in Your Physical Store / Location

If you have a physical store or office that customers visit, you can use this foot traffic to promote your Facebook page. Have some posters printed out and posted on the soft boards or walls. Focusing all your effort online is not always enough, and some on-the-ground campaigning is never too old-fashioned. So go for it.

As a service provider, if you send out packages, brochures or newsletters via mail, a Facebook icon placed on these along with your branding will help customers connect with you.

3. Use Facebook Plug-Ins on Your Website

Screenshot of Facebook Social Plugins Page

Using a Facebook plug-in on your website to provide easier access to visitors is a great idea to channel traffic to your Facebook page. This is especially true if your website, including its blog section, has engaging content. Audiences will be tempted to share it with their friends on social media if you give them the tools to do so.

You can choose from multiple plug-in options. There is the group plug-in, the Save button, like, Share, embedded Comments or Posts and page plug-ins, among many others depending on what your end goal is.

You can find several great plug-in options offered by Facebook on their official site.

4. Posting at the Right Times

Once you have some followers, you’d want to increase engagement and have these followers spread a good word or two about you. You might not think of it, but the time of posting on Facebook has a substantial impact on how many people interact with your posts. Facebook users are indeed more active at certain times of the day.

When you create a business page, Facebook provides you insights that make it easier for you to schedule your posts at the right times.

Facebook marketing

As you can see, you get details about the times of the day when your followers are most active. This personalized, highly useful data allows you to control, to a certain extent, the engagement you receive on each post you put up.

Make sure to keep a check on this once your following continues to build up.

5. Schedule Updates

To make the most of the previous strategy, you can schedule important updates to be posted around a specific time of the day or even day of the week. Note the times of the day that get the most activity from the Posts menu and schedule your updates to appear when they will be most well-received.

The option to schedule a post is available on the settings page of your corporate account:

Facebook post schedule

6. Be Relatable

Success in social media marketing cannot be achieved by resorting to quantity. Your brand must be presented as relatable to the target audience and the posts must be tailored to this purpose.

When you regurgitate the same kind of formal language you use in emails, followers on Facebook will be put off. People want to get to know brands on a deeper level on Facebook. They want to be engaged and stimulated.

Learn more about the habits of your target audience and study the kind of content that gets their attention. Doing this will not only bring more traffic to your page but also humanize your brand, making it more relatable.   

7. Facebook Ad Services

Facebook Ads

Now, let’s consider the most critical tool of the Facebook advertising world: ad services. The ad services that this platform offers to business owners are unmatched in terms of ROI when compared to any other platform. In fact, Facebook handles advertisements for its sister, Instagram, as well.

You can strategize in multiple, detailed ways and come up with a customized ad that provides the best results. You can play around with the different marketing goals and see what works best for you. A little A/B testing never hurt anybody.

Target Audience

Target audience for facebook ads

Advertising on Facebook is a goldmine as far as pinpointing and finding your target audience is concerned. Instead of marketing your page haphazardly, Facebook offers the opportunity to connect only with those who you think would be most interested in your product or service.

Location, age, gender, language, and connections are basic target audience settings. If you want to go further in-depth, you can also target demographics, interests, behaviors, and preferences.

You can learn more about the Facebook audience on their official site.

Likes and Subscribers

The priority of every new business page has to be engagement. Instead of denying the power of numbers, business owners must admit that having more likes and subscribers does matter.

The more exposure your content gets, the more likely it is that engagement will change into cold hard cash.

Since your ultimate goal is converting leads, Facebook offers options that let you advertise specifically to enhance the attention your page receives. These ads boost your posts and directly increase comments, shares, videos, photo views, and ultimately, ‘Likes.’

Facebook Page Engagement

You can design ads that build the audience for your Facebook page. As more comments and reactions appear, the possibility for success increases for your business.

Links to Website

Many businesses have an eCommerce element, for which there is a website where customers can visit, and spend money on bookings or purchases. This is why it is a great marketing strategy to try and redirect traffic you receive on Facebook to your website.

For the ads to work, the e-commerce website must have content that grabs and retains attention. It is one thing getting eyes to your product, for which Facebook ads are great, but another to convert these visitors into paying customers.

CTAs Leading to Specific Actions

You can even tailor ads to promote specific actions for people to take on your website. For example, you could lead them directly to the product page where ‘adding to cart’ is one click away.

App Download

Many businesses turn towards mobile applications, giving in to popular demand. If increasing the number of application downloads is your goal, Facebook ads can direct people straight to the Apple or Play Store.

App Usage

Ads can be created in such a way that they generate more activity on your app.

Event Promotion

If there is an event your business wants to gather traction towards, Facebook ads can be made to promote event pages as well.

Promoting Offers, Discounts, and Giveaways

Creating offers and discounts is an established marketing strategy, but announcing it as far and wide as possible is still relevant. Facebook ads can also help promote new offers you want to put the spotlight on.

8. Contests and Giveaways

Brands that make people participate in contests and giveaways end up generating a lot of traffic on their pages. Humans by nature like to compete, and there is no feeling better than winning something. You want to use that emotion to your advantage.

9. Facebook Tagging

The tag feature on Facebook lets you send direct notifications to individuals or businesses that have a direct link to your post. If used appropriately, the name tagging feature can work as a way to build a personal relationship with clients. It’s like using first names in traditional marketing and sales.

Engagement is usually high too, unless, of course, you resort to spamming.

10.  A Custom Facebook Tab

Apart from the default tabs that include About, Timeline, Contact and More, Facebook gives you the option to create your own custom tab(s) specific to your needs. A restaurant owner, for example, can add a tab dedicated to the menu.

11.  Built-In Social Media Sharing

Similar to plug-ins, built-in social media sharing tabs can help engagement immensely, especially if you create creative content. When readers like what they see, they’ll most likely share it with friends and family as long as it is easy for them to do so. Adding a share button right under an article or webpage can direct traffic to your Facebook page.

12.  Engage with Your Followers

Setting up a Facebook page

Just tagging your followers in comments will not do the job for you. Building a relationship with your Facebook community takes more than that.

Don’t just answer queries; be responsive to compliments and complaints too. If customers perceive your brand to be considerate towards them, they are more likely to choose you next time around. A Facebook community is the best way to make your intentions known.

13.  Engage with Other Pages

It is not enough to engage with customers only. Other pages online can also work as a great traffic generator for your corporate Facebook account. Form alliances with different brands and pages on quid pro quo basis and it will work out in your best interest. If done right, it could be the next Coke and Lays union!

14.  Aesthetic Images and Videos

As mentioned before, on social media, the content has to be engaging. One thing that works as a sure shot way to attract attention is images and videos. Most people do not have the attention span or time even to read and decipher large text blocks. Make your posts impactful and easy-to-understand. Use a beautiful image or two. Videos or infographics do well too. 

15.  Interacting in Facebook Groups

Facebook groups

Facebook communities have grown from low interaction stagnant waters to microcosms that are delicately interlinked. Facebook communities have grown in stature so much over the last few years that the platform has started looking into ways to monetize them. Take a look at their revamped community page.

You too can take advantage of growing communities by marketing in groups that are likely to be interested in your products. A group geared towards skincare, for instance, can be an ideal opportunity for a brand to market its skincare product.

16.  Be Creative

Nobody wants to see the same old boring content that all business pages post. While it is important to keep your vision and goals in mind when you create content, it is also essential to bring in a fresh perspective that is yours and yours alone.

For a Facebook community that is alive and teeming with active followers, prepare to think out-of-the-box. Be as creative as you can without deviating from the heart of the message.

17.  Be Consistent

Out of sight; out of mind. The adage quite aptly explains why it is that Facebook pages must be consistent in their posting. The more frequently the name of a brand appears on the audience’s feed, the more likely they are to remember it later.

However, consistency does not just mean posting regularly. A reliable brand that aims for great success must have a consistent brand image as well. This means that you attribute traits to your brand’s personality and follow them as closely as possible.

For example, if you have established yourself as an environmentally friendly business in the public eye, you cannot start advocating posts that betray this ideology.

18.  Analyze Your Strategy

Whether you are using one of these strategies for Facebook marketing or several different ones together, it is crucial to keep a check on how well they are working. There are many tools offered directly by Facebook that can help you decide what you need to adjust to get better.

Facebook business posts

This chart – available on your business page options – rates the posts you have made according to how much engagement they have received. The tool allows you to interpret data in various ways. You could see what time fan-favorite content was posted, or study the content itself to find out what gets the most attention.

A little A/B testing could help you garner more engagement. Alter your strategy depending on your understanding of the final results.

You can also consider how you could create a wholesome strategy that includes Facebook as one of its aspects. Effective marketing tools are not one-dimensional but include multiple efforts in different areas.

19.  Make Regular Updates

Analyzing your strategy is not the last step; it is also essential to learn and grow. Once you have discovered loopholes in your strategy, or have figured out which tactics are working for you and which aren’t, it is only logical to switch it up.

Tweak your policies to suit the needs of your customer base. Their satisfaction is of utmost importance if your brand is to be successful, and they need to see you respond to criticism.

Some Bonus Reading

Work on the Feedback You Receive

Always be open to constructive criticism. In fact, take all kinds of criticism in stride and promise to do better. At the end of the day, it is the customer’s money that keeps your business running. And making sure they are pleased is one of the best ways to ensure that it keeps coming!

Share Across Platforms

Social media apps

Being on several different social media platforms does not only increase your visibility but also allows you access to audiences that would otherwise be out of reach. If your target audience is younger, for example, they are more likely to be active on Instagram or Snapchat. Do some research and share content across platforms.

Be Patient

However, brilliant your marketing strategy may be, remember that it will take time for it to yield results. Keep a positive outlook and continue posting regularly – it is bound to come to fruition at some point.

Hire a Professional

An effective marketing strategy means devising a plan, splitting it into tasks and then performing those tasks to perfection. If all this seems like too much for you to handle, consider hiring a professional marketing agency to take care of these needs for you.

Building a relationship with your clients on social media has not only become a fundamental aspect of sales, but it is also essential for the identity of your brand. The more involved you are with your customers, the more profound your connection becomes.

Following the ideas above may not be a recipe for instant success, but it certainly is a surefire way to get closer to your customers in the long run.