Facebook Ad Spy Software [Keep Track of Your Competitors’ Ads]

Facebook Ad Spy Software

Facebook ad spy software is a great way to learn about your competitors’ marketing strategies.

These smart tools allow you to snoop on your competitors’ Facebook ads without letting them know.

This little sneak peek lets you know what your competitors are doing with their Facebook page, as well as how effective their advertising campaigns are. Using this information, you can optimize your own ads to get the most out of them.

If you’re looking for the best Facebook ad spy software programs, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading this post to discover the best software systems to study your competitors’ Facebook ads.

1. Social Ad Scout

Social Ad Scout Ad Spy Software

Social Ad Scout allows you to explore hundreds and thousands of social ads from all over the world. To be precise, the software allows access to social ads from as many as twenty-one countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and lots more. Owing to the wealth of information loaded in this software, you can go through all types of ads, from images to videos to those attention-grabbing sliding ads.

Social Ad Scout also allows you to search for any ad you want to. All you have to do is type in a bit of text, a URL, geographic location, demographic data, etc., in the provided space and hit the search button. The tool also provides you with some crucial details about the ad, like the ad’s ranking, the number of viewers, etc.

Key Features

  • Detailed search filters
  • The software gives users useful information about the ads they’re viewing
  • Real-time updates and notifications
  • Link to actual ads

2. PowerAdSpy

PowerAdSpy Ad Spy Software

PowerAdSpy allows you to see profitable Facebook ads around the world. However, that’s not all it does. It also helps you replicate the best ones for your campaign. You can use the software in three simple steps. First, enter the details related to your target market (age, gender, competitors, etc). Next, view the suggested results and extract key details like ad type, creativity, keywords, etc. Last, but not least, use your findings to improve your own marketing campaign. If possible, take one step forward by sharing your ad copies to help other marketers improve their strategy.    

Key Features

  • Demographics and engagement filters
  • Video and image ad integration
  • Displays the best performing ads in your niche
  • Shows any currently running ads with their landing page
  • Offer the world’s largest ads library


ADSPY Ad Spy Software

ADSPY is another terrific spy tool that you can use to keep an eye on your competitors’ Facebook ads. Out of all the ad intelligence tools available, ADSPY gives you the maximum amount of search options so you can find the information you want. You can also enhance your search through the comments section. Search for the type of ad you want to see by typing down the keyword into the search bar and get your desired result instantly.

This software provides the biggest pool of data and extensive features for just $99 – an offer worth considering!

Key Features

  • Enhanced search options
  • Use the comments section to improve your search
  • Accurate demographics
  • Largest pool of information
  • Find ads by affiliate networks
  • Prompt interface

4. AdSector

AdSector Ad Spy Software

AdSector is another tool that you can use to find your competitors’ ads on Facebook. This powerful Facebook ad spy software lets you find thousands of landing pages within seconds. It gives you insight into what is working on the internet so that you can also create effective campaigns and grab the interest of your prospects.

Because it boasts a straightforward interface, using AdSector is a breeze, regardless of how new you are to such technology.

Key Features

  • Simple interface
  • Access to thousands of landing pages in seconds
  • Discover images that connect with all types of clients
  • Provides comprehensive analytics

5. AdSova

AdSova Ad Spy Software

AdSova is one of the most effective tools for visual advertising. It allows you to spot on-going trends so that you can make wise decisions regarding what may and may not work for your campaign.

With the software’s ad tracking feature, you can find visual ads of other companies and learn from their marketing techniques.

Key Features

  • Allow you to see all the ads running on Facebook
  • Fast-loading interface
  • Shows hit trends
  • Available at three price points

6. AdLeap Software

AdLeap Ad Spy Software

AdLeap Software helps you search for the right ad that resonates with your niche; thus, saving your time, effort, and money. You can view the overall progress and stats of these ads and plan accordingly to be one step ahead of your competition.

With AdLeap Software, you can find high-converting ads and sell your own masterpiece online! The software comes in two different pricing options – single pay and flex pay. The former is a one-time fee of $97.

Key Features

  • Build your database with a simple click
  • Ad pinning enables you to spy on your competitors
  • Locate products and sell online
  • Research copies, images, videos, and lots more
  • Create high-performing ads

7. AdPlexity

AdPlexity Ad Spy Software

AdPlexity allows you to view ad campaigns from about 75 countries. These ad campaigns can be on mobiles, desktops, or both. With AdPlexity, you gain access to tons of “Downloadable Landing Pages” and “Pop-under Ads.” You’ll also learn about all the “top secret ad campaigns” that are running on mobile networks around the world.

This software is everything you need to uncover ad campaigns of local and international companies.

Key Feature

  • Extensive filters to search for keywords, advertisers, publishers, etc.
  • 100 affiliate networks
  • Discover winning ads
  • Easy-to-download landing pages

8. TrackMaven

TrackMaven Ad Spy Software

TrackMaven was built with social media marketing in mind. With this Facebook ad spy software, you can observe your competitors’ progress on their social media platforms of choice – especially Facebook. You can also improve your own marketing strategies by understanding what drives instant results, getting tips to empower your team, and ways to use the latest marketing strategies.

All of this and more can be done with the help of TrackMaven!  

Key Features

  • Improve your ad campaign’s performance
  • Track your performance against your competitors on social media
  • Help create the right ad content for Facebook
  • Manage social media calendaring and scheduling

9. Connectio.io

Connectio.io Ad Spy Software

Connectio.io aims to optimize your ad campaigns on social media through a set of effective tools. These tools include Connect Leads, Connect Audience, Connect Retarget, and Connect Explore. They are efficient and easy to use. Plus, these tools provide the precise result that they are built for.

With Connect.io, you will save a lot of your time, skyrocket your ROI, and increase profit and productivity.

Key Features

  • High quality leads for at a lower cost
  • Provides efficient marketing
  • Compatible with CRM platforms and autoresponders
  • Helps you increase your sales and boosts productivity

10. SocialPeta

SocialPeta Ad Spy Software

SocialPeta is a leading marketing spy tool that is designed to help you develop advertising strategies and expand your audience. The software also provides you with a detailed analysis of marketing data on Facebook, Twitter, AdMob, YouTube, Unity, Yahoo, and lots more.

With SocialPeta, you can get new ad content, trending apps, and marketing cases from over 50 countries, including India, China, Japan, Canada, America, and many others. It is, indeed, a vital tool for you if you want to improve your ad planning and social media strategies.

Key Features

  • Offers the world’s biggest ad library
  • Provides in-depth ad intelligence analysis
  • Shows the trending keywords and related keywords
  • Analyzes the behavior of brands on social media
  • Increases your advertising value and engagement

11. AdPlexity eCommerce

AdPlexity eCommerce Ad Spy Software

AdPlexity eCommerce is an ad tool for professional marketers who want to keep a tab on their competitors’ ad campaigns. You can access all sorts of ads that your competitors are putting out. These include mobile ads, desktop ads, native ads, and of course, eCommerce ads.  That being said, the primary focus of the tool is eCommerce ads that run on Facebook.

With AdPlexity eCommerce, you can look at over 100,000 stores and 70 million products! With just a single click, you can download your competitors’ landing pages. This saves a whole lot of your time and effort.

Key Features

  • An extensive database with all traffic sources
  • Create winning campaigns in minutes
  • Monitor all sorts of ads, including your competitors’ ads
  • Offers powerful filters

12. BigSpy

BigSpy Ad Spy Software

BigSpy is a free ad spy tool that is built to help you keep an eye on your competitors’ digital movement. This is the best software for those marketers who are just getting started in the marketing world.  

With BigSpy, you can search for classic, as well as the latest ads. Plus, you can learn effective campaign strategies by filtering Facebook ads, Google ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, etc.

Key Features

  • Discover ads for six major social networks
  • Offers a wealth of data
  • Enhanced search by filtering time, country, CTA, etc.
  • Access competitors’ data via Store Spy
  • Locate any type of product

13. Swiped.Co

Swiped.Co Ad Spy Software

Swiped.Co is a go-to source for creative marketing ideas and analysis. This software is a collection of copywriting samples of emails, classic and latest ads, sales letters, and lots more. These examples can help you create enticing ad copies.

For more inspiration, you can access your competitors’ ads and strategies. The best thing about this ad spy tool is that it guides with regard to what works for an ad campaign as well as why it works.

Key Features

  • Provides copywriting and marketing samples
  • Reveals secrets to successful ads
  • Monitors competitors’ work

14. eBoost

eBoost Ad Spy Software

eBoost is a free Chrome extension that lets you find Facebook ads of any brand. All you have to do is visit the brand’s website through Chrome and click the “ads extension.” This will open up the Facebook Ad Library in a new tab where you can access all kinds of data (keywords, money spent, etc.) of your competitors.

It is a premium tool, best for knowing what your competitors are up to. You can use this tool to come up with ideas for your own marketing campaigns.   

Key Features

  • View Facebook ads of all brands
  • See your own ads
  • Analyze and evaluate the performance of your ads

15. SpyFu

SpyFu Ad Spy Software

SpyFu is a Facebook ad tool that focuses on SEO and Pay-Per-Click marketing. It allows you to search any of your competitors, download their PPC keyword, and seek inspiration from them.  

SpyFu also offers smart recommendations to improve your ad campaigns, and thus, increase your website traffic. It also allows you to track your keyword rankings on Bing, Google, and Yahoo. The smart tool helps you connect with reliable professionals so that you can build strong partnerships and generate more leads.

Key Features

  • Monitor PPC and SEO competitors
  • Find competitors’ keywords and ad campaigns
  • Track your ads and keywords
  • Build better connections

16. Pexgle

Pexgle Ad Spy Software

Pexgle is a terrific Facebook ad spy software for new startups. It allows you to uncover your competitor’s ads and seek inspiration from them. This helps increase sales and engagements by using winning ads and content strategies. In no time, your business will achieve its targets and reach new heights of success. The software also offers trending products that can further help skyrocket your conversion rates and increase overall sales.

Key Features

  • Pexgle helps uncover best-selling products and ads
  • Creates ads by using trendy ads on the market
  • Increases sales and conversion rates
  • Scales businesses faster and helps achieve financial goals

Using Facebook ad spy software is a clever way to know more about your competitors’ overall ad game. You learn about what they are up to, what strategies they’re using, and how you can work them to improve the performance of your own ad campaigns. This powerful software is probably the most convenient way to give your competitors a run for their money!