Email Marketing Specialist Jobs: What You Need to Make It Big

Email Marketing Specialist Jobs

Email marketing specialist jobs offer a very specific role to employees – utilizing email as a medium to make existing and potential customers aware of companies’ available products/services.

These employees generally have standard working hours within the corporate environment.

Let’s have a look at some of the basic requirements of email marketing specialist jobs.

Basic Requirements of an Email Marketing Specialist

Although job descriptions vary from one organization to another, some basic tasks are the same no matter where you go:

  • Creating emails that draw people to open, read, and potentially act upon them. The goal is to expand the list of people the emails are being sent out to by engaging with them frequently.
  • Sending emails only to the relevant audience. This is done to ensure that recipients of the email actually act on the CTA – you don’t want your email to end up in the spam folder.
  • With any email being sent out, the primary aim is to actually get people to open it in the first place – marketing emails have a reputation of being sent straight to the spam or trash folder. An email marketing specialist makes use of tactics like captivating email titles and offers such as discounts or other value deals that are likely to benefit the recipient.
  • Designing email templates for PR and ad campaigns.
  • Sending digital coupons with each email to allow the marketing head to observe redemption rates and see how effective the email campaign is.

Any and every tactic adopted by these specialists is meant to:

  • Uphold existing customer (and partner) relationships
  • Attract and retain new customers (and/or partners)
  • Use statistical figures obtained from previous email campaigns to further improve digital interaction and eventually reach an increase in sales

What Does an Email Marketing Specialist’s Job Description Look Like?

Email marketing specialists are responsible for:

  • Conducting or outsourcing market research to find out all they can about consumer behavior, preferences, etc. This itself includes a number of sub-tasks:
  • Monitoring and forecasting industry trends in terms of sales and marketing
  • Devising data collection strategies (if it is being done in-house)
  • Summarizing complex data findings into figures that can be helpful in the current campaign
  • Preparing reports for clients and higher management.
  • Reviewing the organizations’ old email campaigns to gauge their success or failure and how the new one/s can be improved for better reach and effectiveness.
  • Designing marketing campaigns that speak to the relevant audience. This includes both present and future clientele.
  • Writing error-free drafts.
  • Working together with the graphic designing team to determine the final design of the campaign.
  • Keeping track of customers who opted to receive emails, as well as the percentage of customers that were not interested. This allows marketers to better target such customers.
  • Using automation software for email distribution.
  • Keeping tabs of and reporting the progress and results of each campaign.
  • Sending edited email check-sheets and segmentation to the company’s email service provider.
  • Testing and deploying emails.
  • Supporting ad hoc email reporting requests.
  • Reporting sales revenue generated from email marketing campaigns.
  • Creating email databases to store drafts and analyze changing trends.
  • Ensuring that all email campaigns comply with industry policies and adopt the best practices possible.
  • In some cases, email marketing specialists may also be in charge of designing the company’s newsletter.

What Skills Does an Email Marketing Specialist Need to Have?

Email marketing specialists are generally marketing graduates with some knowledge of online marketing. Typically, they are (or should be) equipped with the right skills when it comes to writing emails and running tracking programs. Other required skills include:

  • Being able to communicate digitally in an effective and creative manner.
  • Incredible attention to detail.
  • Strong project management and teamwork skills.
  • The ability to devise different and unique marketing strategies.
  • In-depth knowledge of HTML/CSS, as well as responsive design.
  • A solid understanding of SQL (Structured Query Language).
  • Working knowledge of AmpScript.
  • Must be able to deal with any situation: troubleshoot issues, data issues, automation, and maintain QA (Quality Assurance) of all emails.
  • Knowledge of SEO/SEM and Google Analytics.
  • The ability to work within tight deadlines without compromising on the quality of the output.

The most basic requirement to even be eligible for any email marketing specialist job is to have an undergraduate (Bachelor’s) degree, ideally in a business, marketing, or finance-related field.

How Certain Skills Can Impact Your Pay Scale as an Email Marketing Specialist

Apart from some basic requirements, any other skills you have can either make you more useful for the organization (and, in turn, can lead to higher pay), or they may be redundant and require you to learn new things on the job:

Skills That Positively Impact an Email Marketing Specialist’s Job

  • Salesforce – this is a customer relationship management system that allows companies to connect with partners and customers (both existing and potential ones) more effectively through cloud computing. Over the past few years, employees that are skilled in Salesforce have been considered to be a huge asset for any organization.
  • Data Analysis Skills – this includes having a working knowledge of data analysis and statistical programming languages such as R and Python. They must also understand database language and must be able to work with databases (adding, deleting, and modifying data). While this isn’t part of the job requirement, it will help an email marketing specialist analyze the company’s past performance and how it impacted sales. This will help the email marketing specialist devise strategies that will lead to increased sales, which will further lead to the growth of the company. These skills can also be used to observe overall market performance to see how your company stands out among the many others in the same market.
  • Adobe Photoshop – even basic Photoshop skills can help an email marketing specialist develop creative emails that are likely to be opened and read.

Skills That Are Redundant for an Email Marketing Specialist

The following skills don’t really play a role in email marketing specialist jobs and will not give a potential employee any benefit when they hand in their resume:

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel
  • Strategic marketing and marketing communication

Is it Necessary to Have Prior Experience?

This depends on the job level – some companies require a minimum amount of experience, e.g., 2-5 years. Others take in graduates who will then be provided with on-the-job training.

How to Become an Email Marketing Specialist

While top email marketing specialist jobs require you to have a master’s degree, there are other options where you can be considered for the job with a bachelor’s degree. In fact, research indicates that most people who end up with email marketing specialist jobs usually have a bachelor’s degree.

A bachelor’s degree in market research, statistics, computer science, or even social sciences can make you eligible to apply. However, in such cases, employees will need to take certain courses on marketing, research methods, etc. They may also receive training in economics and understanding consumer behaviors.

Higher-level jobs may require additional certification, such as the Professional Research Certification (PRC).

Duration of the Job of an Email Marketing Specialist

Generally, your job as an email marketing specialist is likely to last around 2 years, after which you may be replaced or promoted based on your overall performance and growth in the organization.

The market for such jobs used to show gender disparity, but now, the ratio of men to women in this field is nearly a 50/50 split.

Becoming a Freelance Email Marketing Specialist

If you want to test your interest in email marketing or don’t have the necessary qualifications to be hired as a full-time employee, you can work as a freelance email marketing specialist:

Duties You’ll Be Responsible For

  • Implementing the organization’s existing email marketing strategy.
  • Executing email campaigns.
  • Collaborating with other departments for an effective marketing campaign.
  • Devising plans to improve the performance of email campaigns for maximum ROI.
  • Keeping track of customer satisfaction based on information from data analytics and market research.
  • Identifying behavioral patterns of existing and potential customers for maximum reach.

The Skills You Will Need to Work as a Freelancer

  • Copywriting skills
  • Data analytics
  • Strategic skills
  • Marketing and market research skills
  • IT management
  • Project management
  • QA emails

There are many digital platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, Online Marketing Institute, etc., where you can obtain certifications and diplomas and also the skills that you need before you apply for email marketing specialist jobs.


Apart from the basic certification, a degree, and technical skills, it is also important to have good people skills, good communication, and the ability to adapt to any corporate environment.

Also, as with any job, your CV is your first step through the door, so make sure it highlights everything you can offer as an email marketing specialist. This should include technical knowledge such as how to use HTML, but also some creative elements that will help you reach out to your customers.

If you have an interest in email marketing and haven’t graduated yet, you can even look for internships in email and digital marketing. This will not only provide you with experience but also the skills that will help you and your resume stand out when applying for email marketing specialist jobs.