Credit Report Affiliate Programs [16 to Earn a Commission-Based Income]

Credit Report Affiliate Programs

If you are looking for the best credit report affiliate programs that allow you to offer credit monitoring, reporting, and credit score access to your website visitors while simultaneously earning a commission-based income, then you’ve come to the right place.

Make your website enticing with attractive banners, marketing campaigns, and links to well-known affiliate programs such as Borrowell, RentReporters, and many more! Here is a list of our picks of the 16 best credit report affiliate programs in the market to help you get started:

1. Borrowell Affiliate Program

Get Your Free Credit Score

At Borrowell, you don’t need to apply for credit in order to benefit from free credit reports and scores. They offer updated scores to their users to provide an easy score-monitoring experience over time. Unless otherwise stated, the commissions they offer to the members of their affiliate program last for as long as the account does.

Your customers can improve their financial state and perform debt-management in a better and more improved manner through the financial recommendations that Borrowell offers.

These recommendations are made specific to each individual’s scores to provide each customer with a tailored experience. With this affiliate program, get paid at the end of every month when your calculated rewards are encashable via Stripe or PayPal.

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2. Credit Sesame Affiliate Program

Begin Your Credit Growth Here

The affiliate program offered by Credit Sesame, along with being free, is extremely easy-to-join. All you need to do is visit their registration page, fill the provided form, submit it, and not wait for very long to get a response! They offer extremely competitive and flexible payouts, and that too, in a timely manner.

When you sign up with one of Credit Sesame’s credit report affiliate programs, you get a dedicated account manager assigned especially to you. Their duties include helping you end up with the commissions and terms suited to your particular requirements. Become one of Credit Sesame’s affiliates and help them assist countless members in bettering their financial states.

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3. Rent Reporters Affiliate Program

Boost Your Credit Score With Rent Payments

RentReporters allow members to boost their credit score to a great extent. Their mission is to actively help all registered renters in improving their credit by submitting the history of their on-time rent payments to the credit bureaus. With a 30-day cookie duration and a responsive and committed management team, they offer a great package.

RentReporters report payment history of up to two years of time in a short period of just two weeks. Your customers can benefit from an immediate increase in score. The organization also helps individuals in establishing their credit by making low-cost credit products accessible to them.

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4. TransUnion Affiliate Program

A Credit Reporting Agency

Are you looking for a way to increase traffic on your site, all while earning a commission by selling valuable and practical consumer credit products? The TransUnion Canada affiliate program might be just the way to go.

Along with offering an opportunity to earn an income, this program also helps you provide credit score reports and analyses to your valuable consumers. In addition to the 45-day cookie duration it offers, this program is known for its expertise in producing unbiased content that can greatly boost and improve the experience of customers of online businesses.

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5. My Business Profile Affiliate Program

View Your Business Credit Score

With the My Business Profile affiliate program, individuals can view your Experian business credit score. When you sign up for their affiliate program, traffic is driven to an online-based subscription service that allows the directors of the organization to actively oversee the management and monitoring of their commercial credit score.

The program also works towards explaining the factors that affect your credit and giving the necessary recommendations to improve it greatly. My Business Profile helps individuals unlock various sources of finance, and helps them take their online business to the next level.

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6. Experian Affiliate Program

Offer Personal Credit Scores And Reports

The Experian affiliate program allows you to offer personal credit scores and reports to the visitors on your site. Not only will your customers be able to authorize others to view their confidential credit reports with enhanced security, but they will also be able to understand their present-day credit situation in a better manner.

The Experian affiliate program offers a 45-day cookie duration. For every single order you refer to them, you are entitled to a commission. The program provides you with advanced marketing content and also helps you increase the value of your online business.

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7. Equifax Affiliate Program

Drive Revenue On Your Website

The Equifax Small Business affiliate program is ideal for individuals looking for innovative and practical consumer credit products. The program allows consumers to purchase small business credit reports in an extremely easy and convenient manner. They also provide a subscription to credit monitoring services.

With this program, you can increase traffic on your website and effectively make loyal lifetime customers. Moreover, you get to earn a commission on every sale you make. Join for free and help your customers improve their financial well-being.

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8. Free Score Connect Affiliate Program

Credit Reporting Made Fast And Easy

The FreeScoreConnect affiliate program allows you to offer your site visitors with an online tool that makes their credit score safe and secure in just a few minutes. Give your visitors an in-depth credit report and assessment, and help them create a good credit status and history.

With this affiliate program, you can help your customers  manage and monitor their payments, and actively generate an income for each referral. In case of any queries, you can rely on the helpful and knowledgeable customer support team to assist you with the process.

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9. Dun & Bradstreet Affiliate Program

Get Quick Credit Reports

The Dun & Bradstreet affiliate program allows qualified affiliates to partner with the Dun & Bradstreet leading industry in business credit. You can draw customers to them in order to help them in solving credibility issues and build and monitor their business credit.

While helping your valuable audience, you can also increase your online revenue potential to a great extent and receive a bulk of money as commission for every sale you make. This program also provides its members with a dedicated affiliate management team to help meet their particular requirements and needs.

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10. Debt Affiliate Program

Fix Your Credit And Get Out Of Debt

At Debt, they believe in providing real commissions to their partners and real solutions for the visitors of their affiliates’ websites. offers regular expert-advice about financial matters and helps its users with the process of making money, saving it, and ultimately spending it.

Provide your visitors with the ultimate debt-solution and allow them to effectively identify, explore, and invest in exclusive economical solutions depending on their particular needs. Increase your revenue while helping your readers efficiently fix their credit scores.

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11. Credit Expert Affiliate Program

Take Control Of Your Finances

Take part in the Credit Expert affiliate program to help your readers take control of their finances. With the daily Experian credit score report, and the understanding to improve credit score that Credit Expert provides, you can help your readers move one step closer to getting accepted for any kind of credit.

Whether an individual has been turned down for credit, they are planning to apply for new credit, or are seeking to sort out their finances; Credit Expert can help. Become an affiliate today to help the readers on your website with their credit issues, and earn an income while you’re at it.

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12. FreeScore360 Affiliate Program

Get Your Free Credit Scores Today

FreeScore360’s motto is, “Life can be complicated. Dealing with credit shouldn’t be.” As an affiliate marketer, you can benefit from the FreeScore360 affiliate program by driving your web visitors to a premium platform where they can easily obtain a credit report score, and that too, for free.

Introduce your readers to a 7-day free trial that includes features such as daily credit monitoring and alerts, a learning center, interactive tools, and customer support. Earn a bulk of money through commissions while helping others save thousands of dollars over the period of their loans.

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13. myFICO Affiliate Program

Stop Overpaying For Credit

Grant your web traffic access to top-notch credit management solutions with the myFICO affiliate program. Help them gain credit reports and related information, while simultaneously earning extra cash. The best part about becoming an affiliate partner of myFICO is that it won’t cost you a penny!

Take help from a dedicated affiliate management team, and use their optimized text links and banners to attract and increase traffic on your site. Moreover, you can enjoy incentive bonuses, fun contests, and attractive promotions with myFICO’s monthly newsletters!

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14. Nav Affiliate Program

Take The Shortcut To Business Financing

Lure your readers into visiting one of the largest data-driven business finance-marketing places through the Nav affiliate program. Enjoy competitive commission rates and maximize your potential of earning commissions with their 1.5-month customer acquisition window.

Help your web visitors get tailored financing advice depending on their particular credit problems, and keep them up-to-date with all the current credit product releases. As an affiliate partner, you get the benefit of a dedicated affiliate management team who will be assigned specially to help you meet your personal needs.

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15. FreeScoreOnline Affiliate Program

Get Your Credit Scores For Free

Allow your readers to protect their credit, as well as their futures, by becoming an affiliate at FreeScoreOnline. Drive your website visitors to a credit business that can help them keep their credit reports and score updated on a regular basis.

FreeScoreOnline informs customers about any suspicious credit activity and gives them a comprehensive view of their credit scores from the most-popular bureaus – Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. Help your customers protect their identity and financial future while looking out for your own financial well-being by earning a commission-based income.

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16. MyFreeScoreNow Affiliate Program

Get Your Three Free Credit Scores

With the MyFreeScoreNow affiliate program, you can grant your web traffic access to, a leading industry that provides credit scores and reports to consumers for free, and that too in an extremely secure environment.

Every time one of your web visitors completes the second step of the free trial registration process, you receive a considerable commission. Moreover, the organizations provide bright and attractive banners that feature exceptional offers to help you make your website more enticing, and as a result, expand your web audience to a great extent.

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While there are many credit report affiliate programs out there, we’ve put together a list of the best 16. Go through these to pick one that’s best for you as well as your website visitors.