Content Writer Jobs – 25 Things You Need to Know for Ultimate Success

Content Writer Jobs

You’ll be happy to know that the number of content writer jobs is rapidly increasing in the marketplace. There’s definitely a need for good writers in the industry. Being an independent author is the major aim of most writers.

But, if you’re looking to brush up your writing skills and make some good money in the process; part time online writing jobs from home are the best thing for you. Now, remote freelance writing jobs can be deceptively simple on the surface. This is why you might be tempted to jump into this lucrative field.

Unfortunately, they do require a certain amount of skill sets and qualities. If you are wondering how to get content writing jobs or what it takes to get more projects, the following are a few things that you need to know.

The Perfect Platforms for Remote Freelance Writing Jobs

First of all, you need to know where you can get part time online writing jobs from home from! Unless you’re a well known freelance writer, you’re not going to have people approaching you. So as a beginner, you will have to search for these jobs on your own.

The good news here is that there are plenty of platforms. The following are some of our top picks for remote freelance writing jobs:

1. Upwork

A little challenging for beginners, Upwork is solely dedicated to writing jobs. It includes jobs for market research, developers, information security and other related fields. Finding part time online writing jobs from home on this platform is based on your expertise. While it can be hard to find good jobs in the beginning, once you understand how Upwork’s bidding system works, things will get easier.

2. Freelancer

This is the ultimate platform not just for remote freelance writing jobs but for freelancers from any industry. The site boasts listings from over 100 different niches. You can browse for jobs and get matched to them, based on your skill level, bids made and other fine details.

Establish yourself as a freelance writer on Freelancer and you can easily stay busy with consistent copy writer jobs.

Content Writer Jobs – 25 Things You Need to Know for Ultimate Success Infographic


If you’re interested in journalism-based writing, then head over to The site was established in 1998 and is the largest site for this writing type. A plus point here is that many top companies rely on this site to find copywriters.

You can find part time online writing jobs from home for a number of different niches such as public relations, non-profit, magazines and more.

4. Contently

Looking to apply for remote freelance writing jobs but need to get a portfolio made? Then Contently is your best friend. The site lets you craft an online portfolio of all your writing work. A few lucky ones are also approached by the management of Contently for content writer job opportunities.

5. People per Hour

Are you interested in working on part time online writing jobs from home on your own terms? Then head over to People per Hour and set up your own posting. You can post or just look for copywriter jobs here in almost any niche.

They also offer other freelance work opportunities apart from the writing industry.

Whether you use all these platforms or just a few, you’ll be able to garner a lot of content writer jobs through them.

Working with Clients for Content Writer Jobs

Working With Clients for Content Writer Jobs

A lot of content writers have to work in close coordination with their clients. It doesn’t matter if you’re working in an advertising agency or as an independent, online writer – you will have to interact with your clients.

For this reason, content writer jobs can require you to have a few skill sets such as the following:

1. People Skills

You have to communicate properly with your clients in order to get all the details needed for your projects. Keeping the client happy is a big task and you’re going to have to juggle different projects and different clients too.

This requires a bit of tact, some smooth talking and a lot of patience for when the client throws a tantrum. You’re going to have to really brush up on your people skills. This area is also evaluated as part of your customer experience so, if you’re bad in this, you can expect to deal with more angry clients than happy ones.

Just remember, if a client is unhappy with the writer, they are more likely to be unhappy with the work and vice versa.  

2. Be Open to Feedback

The future of your part time online jobs from home is based on the feedback you get from your clients. If you’re starting out independently, the feedback is going to be worth gold. The happier your clients are with your work, the better your feedback is going to be.

Additionally, if there is room for improvement, take it to heart. You could be a writer with decades of experience but if your clients are pointing out an issue, you need to address it. Even feedback from your employer can go a long way in improving your ever-growing writing skill sets.

3. Listen Actively

When you’re working with your clients, you need to actively listen to understand what they want. You might have ideas about the kind of content that will work best but if the client doesn’t want it – there’s no leading this horse to water.

Instead of focusing on creating content that you like, you have to focus on making content that the client wants and likes. They’re paying you to do that after all. When you’re delivering content, it needs to represent the client’s ideas and include all their details.

This means that you listen actively, not only to the details but also to any feedback and suggestions that they might have. This is a key skill set needed for remote freelance writing jobs.

4. Meet Your Deadlines

This is an especially important criterion, whether you’re working independently or with an organization. You should be able to meet all your deadlines. This involves project management skills, taking ownership of projects and at times, burning the candle at both ends to finish them.

For many content writer jobs, this is an asset in a writer which will make them more valuable. All content writing jobs are deadline based and a writer who is able to manage different writing projects properly and is able to deliver work more efficiently is going to be sought after.

Building a reputation for timely delivery of projects will also work in your favor as it will attract the right clients towards your services.

5. Communication is Key

Communication skills as a content writer are a necessity. You’re going to be talking to the client constantly and provide them with timely updates on the project. In most part time online writing jobs from home, you’re encouraged to actively communicate.

As a rule of thumb, it’s better to talk more, share more updates and constantly bug the client than just being silent. When the client is the one who’s constantly initiating communication or asking for an update, it can reflect badly on you.

Sure, the project could be time consuming but, you should take a minute or two out of your work and share an update with the client, whenever possible.

Improving Your Writing Skills for More Content Writer Jobs

Improving Your Writing Skills for More Content Writer Jobs

Apart from the skill sets mentioned above, you also need to focus on improving your writing skills. As you’ll see by now, remote freelance writing jobs are becoming more plentiful in the marketplace. Skilled writers are in high demand and if you’re wondering how to get content writing jobs, the first step lies with you.

You can start off by improving your writing skills. The following are a few ways that you can improve your writing skills to get more part time online writing jobs from home:

1. Know How to Edit

Knowing how and what to edit from your work is a necessary skill set. Most content writers work independently so they do not have an editor on board. This means that you will have to proofread your own work.

The good news here is that you can use online tools to help you out here. Tools like Grammarly are a great way to check for spelling and grammar issues. Additionally, if you must edit your own work, do it after a break.

When you check your work immediately after, there’s a higher chance you will be unable to see the mistakes made. Take a breather, proofread and then see how many errors you catch in your work. Never send your work forward without editing it first.

2. Work with an Outline

It’s always a good idea to work with an outline so that you are able to cover all the important points of the content. Some writers tend to wing it for smaller articles but, are you sure you’re staying on point then?

Having an outline helps you by making the process of writing simpler for you. Suppose that you have to write an article about the pros of remote freelance writing jobs. So, an outline for it could read like:

  • The Pros of Free Lance Content Writing Jobs – Main Heading
  • Be Your Own Boss – Sub Heading
  • Set Your Own Timings – Sub Heading
  • Make Your Own Rates – Sub Heading
  • How to Get Content Writing Jobs? – Sub Heading + CTA

In this outline, all you have to do now is fill in the headings with content and you’re good to go!

3. Researching or Writing

There’s a lot of debate on whether you should do your research first or start writing first. The simplest answer here is research. Many content writer jobs deal with clients from diverse industries ranging from the pharma industry to fashion and even baby products.

It’s not very likely that you will know everything about these fields. Always do your research beforehand so that you know what to write about. Additionally, the more you know – the better content you can produce. This is something which will be evident in your writing.

4. Always Fact Check

Never write a fact, statement or statistic without fact checking it. Misinformation and fake news are becoming a growing problem, particularly online. Stating false facts can land you or your client in trouble.

Always do a cursory check and list down your sources for your clients. The main aim is to establish credibility in your work. Additionally, it can be very difficult to trust content that displays research and statistics but has no links or sources for them.

Poor fact checking, false news and ambiguity here can ruin not only your credibility but your client’s credibility too.

5. Plagiarism is a Huge No-No

Your clients are paying you for 100% original content and if that’s what you’re promising to deliver, you have to stick by it. Plagiarism can leave you or your client, open to libel lawsuits. Copyright and plagiarism laws are becoming stricter with each passing year and you could be looking at a huge fine.

It also ruins your credibility and you can rest assured, your client will be annoyed by this. For any remote freelance writing jobs, being able to produce original content is a must. The only area where you are allowed leeway is when you’re quoting someone.

Checking for plagiarism can also be done with online tools like Copyscape. Plus it barely takes a few minutes to ensure that your content is 100% free of plagiarism. So, why skimp on this feature?

Avoid Using Filler Content when writing

6. Avoid Using Filler Content

Some part time online writing jobs from home can be more focused on the word count of the content being created. This makes it very tempting to push up the word count in order to make more money. It’s a practice as old as time and a habit that most writers can fall into.

Alexandre Dumas is the most famous example of a writer using filler content just to get more content and earn more money. However, if you’re using filler content all the time, you’re going to tarnish your own reputation. You’ll also end up not getting picked for content writer jobs that require more complexity and attention to detail because of this.

7. Stay Updated with SEO Trends

SEO trends are updated with each passing year and you need to stay updated with all of them. This is especially true for online content that you will produce. It also allows you to update your writing in accordance with the new trends.

Google also rewards websites with good content by giving them more visibility so this definitely incentivizes the need to have good content. It’s a win-win scenario and you’ll be able to ensure that your value as a writer does not decrease here.

8. Focusing on Action-based Writing

Your writing style also makes a huge difference in the readability of the content. You want to make sure that it draws the reader in and prompts them to take action. Action based writing might sound confusing but in reality, it’s really not.

All you need to do is to avoid using a passive voice in your content. Let’s compare these two sentences:

  • The villager was attacked by a lion
  • The lion attacked the villager

Do you see how dull the first sentence seems as compared to the second one?

Additionally, you should try to use more exciting words in your writing. The following is an example that highlights this:

  • In the first quarter, sales increased
  • In the first quarter, sales skyrocketed

Again, it is easy to see which sentence will capture the readers’ interest more. Action based writing is better suited for prompting a response from readers too.

9. Using Best Practices for SEO

Most content writer jobs focus on the use of SEO in your work. But did you know that you could be doing too much? If you’re just stuffing keywords, or not using enough, you can not only rank poorly but also end up penalizing the client.

Use keywords organically, naturally and where needed. Additionally, you should use meta details, alt text for images and more. You’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of tools you can use for this purpose, such as Yoast SEO.

It’ll take you barely 3 to 5 minutes to check the content on Yoast. It will then highlight areas of improvement and offer suggestions. The aim is to make sure that your content shows up in the green.

10. Make the Readability Easy

As a content writer, you might take pride in your vocabulary but, when you’re writing, always think of the readers. There’s no knowing who could come across your content so you need to make sure that readability is always easy.

This means that you’re going to use simpler sentences, easy to understand words and ensure clarity in your content. Another tool that you can use for this is the Hemmingway Editor. It not only provides readability but also highlights sentences that are hard to read.

With these tips, you can easily enhance your writing skills. Any improvements you make will not only make your clients happy but it will also help to get you more remote freelance writing jobs.

How to Stand Out in a Saturated Marketplace for Content Writers

How to Stand Out in a Saturated Marketplace for Content Writer Jobs

Now, it’s one thing to improve your writing skills and completely another to net more part time online writing jobs from home. If you’re wondering how to get content writing jobs, the answer lies in being able to stand out. In the current marketplace, there’s too much competition for writing jobs.

Luckily, the following are a few simple ways that you can stand out in a saturated marketplace for remote freelance jobs.

1. Showcase Adaptability

Adaptability in writing is a major skill set that can make you stand out in the marketplace. In this case, you need to showcase that you can switch your writing style to accommodate the writing projects in hand. It also makes it easier for one writer to handle different forms of content.

A flexible content writer is one who is able to write an article, web content or an eBook. Apart from this, they’re also able to adopt the tone or a voice that the client has in mind. This is a huge necessity and a plus point nowadays.

Rest assured that if you’re adaptable, you can expect to get a lot of part time online content writing jobs.

2. Firm Understanding of SEO

In today’s writing market, almost all writers produce content to be published online. Therefore, a better understanding of SEO is a key requirement. Based on how well versed you are, you can pick up specialized content writer jobs for this.

Additionally, if you build a portfolio based on SEO, Pay Per Click – PPC, Google AdSense and Adwords, you can easily get better jobs. In fact, if you have the skill sets, you might never have to wonder how to get content writing jobs; they’ll be coming to you from word of mouth.

Even if you’re not looking to specialize in SEO, having a basic understanding can help to produce better results and more clients for work.

3. Delivering Quality

Quality in work can be a non-tangible quality but make sure you’re doing your best to reflect it. Always deliver quality in your work in the form of better engagement, correct grammar and content that produces results. Quality work does more for your reputation as a writer than anything else.

By making sure that your work embodies quality, you’re able to ensure that any time they need a content writer; you’re the first option for them. Just provide them with the best work possible, within the deadlines and your work will speak for itself.

4. Know the Audience

When you’re writing content, keep the audience in mind. This can make a marked difference in readability, as well as the complexity of the content. If you’re writing web content, the writing style will be different from that of a blog. It’s safe to say that the audience will reflect the tone of the content.

Knowing the audience will ensure that you’re producing content which is engaging, produces results, and also captures the attention of the readers. It also improves your chances of getting more remote freelance writing jobs.

You might not think it’s a big skill set but you’ll be surprised to see just how many writers write without the reader in mind. It causes an obvious disconnect and your work will suffer. The client will also be unhappy because they’re not getting the results they wanted from you.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

Another major rule for getting the right online writing jobs from home is by not being afraid of saying no. Suppose that you’re backlogged with projects and a client shows up who wants to place a priority order. This will mean that you leave everything and focus on their work first.

Not only does this throw your schedule in disarray but if the work isn’t paying you well, you are not doing yourself any favors. When possible, say no and try to handle your current projects effectively. This might appear counterproductive but you’ll be able to ensure that you’re still producing quality work without any issues.

Overworking yourself will mean that you cannot give your clients satisfactory results and you’re going to have more issues with missed deadlines and late submissions in this manner.

Remember, You Are a Ghost when Writing

6. Remember, You Are a Ghost

One of the major conditions of working as a content writer is remembering that you’re a ghost. This means that you’ll be handing all rights to your work to the client. Once the project is finished, the client owns the content and has the right to publish it under their name.

Independent or freelance writers usually work as ghost content writers. However, this rule also applies to content writers working in an organization. You don’t get to take credit for the work done. It’s either published under the company’s name or the team’s name.

This might hurt your pride a bit but that’s how most remote freelance writing jobs are. If you want to publish under your own name, you’re going to have to become an author.

7. Your Work is Your Portfolio

Take pride in your work and deliver the best possible results because your work is going to be your portfolio. Your clients are going to give feedback which will also become a part of this portfolio. Based on this factor, you can get more content writing jobs.

Some jobs also require you to submit a sample of your work to the consumer. Considering that you’re going to get the job based on the strength of the writing piece you give, it is necessary to cultivate your portfolio properly.

One of the best ways to have a portfolio that attracts clients for writing jobs is by ensuring that you’re working on diverse projects. You’re going to garner more interest and stand out from other content writers in this manner.

8. Sticking to Your Rates

If you’ve been searching for remote freelance writing jobs unsuccessfully, you might be considering cutting your rates down. There are many writers who work for less and your clients will also remind you of this factor too. However, you’re not going to get more writing jobs in this way.

Stick to your rates; know your value and you’ll be sure to stand out from other content writers. If you’re producing quality content at market competitive rates, you’re going to make a name for yourself. Plus, if you offer discounts to repeat clients or referrals, you’ll get more online writing jobs than you would by lowering your rates.

9. Always Provide Value

Just because it’s an online based job doesn’t mean that you can’t add value to your services. Adding images, making the content interactive with infographics, explainer videos and more are all features which can add value. This feature is the one that not only nets you more content writer jobs but also ensures that you get repeat clients again and again.

Plus, prompt delivery, bonus content packages and discounts are all ways that you can make your services more appealing to your clients. Just know that adding value can be done through the little things. In a market where it is necessary to place the customer at the heart of all your services, adding value to your services for them will make you stand out more than others.

If you haven’t been doing this before, evaluate your services and try to see where you have room for improvement and to add value.

10. Get Training, if Needed

Did you know that you can get training to become a better content writer? It’s one of the key ways that you can find more part time online writing jobs from home. Being certified as an SEO specialist or a web copywriter can be a plus point that makes you stand out from the rest.

Be sure to pick a course that holds value in the eyes of the client. Courses by Udemy are a good pick but you can also look for others offered on similar platforms. By getting the right training, you can essentially showcase that you’re dedicated to providing the best results.

While courses can be a bit expensive, it’s a good idea to consider them as an investment. In this manner, you won’t begrudge the extra cost and you’ll be able to recoup the cost with the increased projects you get.

With the help of all these tips and more, you’ll be able to understand remote freelance writing jobs and how to get content writing jobs too!