Can You Sell Plants on Etsy? Make Green By Selling Greens

Can You Sell Plants On Etsy

Etsy is the go-to digital market place for all things handcrafted, vintage, and more. From home décor to jewelry to art, you can sell everything here, but can you sell plants on Etsy? You’re generally allowed to sell plants and plant seeds on Etsy, but they do have some rules and guidelines that you need to abide by.

Read on as we look at the conditions of selling plants on Etsy and whether or not it’s a profitable idea.

Types of Plants You Can’t Sell on Etsy

Certain plants and herbs cannot be sold on Etsy since they come under the category of drug-like substances. This includes everything from narcotics to CBD to marijuana, and more.

Apart from these, certain plants have properties that can be toxic or poisonous for humans, and therefore, cannot be sold on Etsy. This includes Mandrakes, Wolfsbane, Tonka Beans, and any other plant known to put humans at risk.

Plants In Jars, Ready For Delivery

Delivery of Plants & Global Laws

Plant sellers on Etsy need to abide by delivery laws set by the brand. This also includes the regulations regarding the sale of different plants based on the country/s where the plants are being sold. These regulations are updated over time, so if you’re selling a particular type of plant or seed, make sure to keep tabs on the regulations regarding its sale and delivery.

Different countries have different regulatory bodies overseeing this. In the US, it’s the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). If you’re delivering international orders, depending on where you’re delivering to, you may need to send a phytosanitary certificate as well – this certificate shows the origin of the plants, including details about how they were grown and processed.

Apart from government regulations, you’ll also need to check with the selected delivery carrier about their regulations regarding the delivery of plants. They’ll provide you with the packaging instructions, including draining the water from the plants before packing them up for delivery.

How to Start Selling Plants on Etsy

Once you’ve decided on the plants you want to sell, and you’ve set up your Etsy account, the next step is to attract customers. The benefit of selling your plants through Etsy is that you’ll still have your own store on their website, and buyers will always be able to see your store on the listings. Search engines like Google also direct many customers to platforms like Etsy, so your plant store has a greater chance of getting noticed.

Listing Plants On Etsy

Attracting Customers to Your Etsy Plant Store

Now that you know the answer to “can you sell plants on Etsy?” the next step is to figure out whether or not it’s a profitable opportunity. Research has shown that the Global Flower & Ornamental Plants Market was valued at USD 42,400 Million by late 2019. So clearly, there is a large market out there who would be willing to purchase plants online. But how do you attract them to your store enough to earn a decent amount of revenue? Here are some pointers to help you boost sales:

  • Look at the type of plants currently being sold on Etsy, including the most popular items. See if there are any types of plants that aren’t being sold and have an untapped market or those that are being sold but you have better quality ones to offer. Make sure that the category of plants you sell is quick and easy to grow for you (or your supplier).
  • Make sure your store and products are listed in the right categories on Etsy.
Selling Plants On Etsy
  • Build a solid brand name and logo that is likely to boost people’s interest. Keep it relevant to your plant store.
  • Make proper use of keywords. This includes your shop title and plant descriptions- use keywords that are likely to generate a higher number of searches to increase the visibility of your plants.
  • Do your market research. Find out who the top sellers are for plants and what kind of plants they’re selling. See who your competition is and price your plants accordingly.
  • Even if you’re operating in a niche, offer diversity. For instance, if you’re just selling succulents, make sure to offer different types, including flowering and non-flowering types, those that grow low and those that may be a bit taller, etc. The more listings you have, the more buyers you’ll attract.
  • Collaborate with other Etsy sellers and expand your network.
  • Ask for customer reviews to gain feedback and work on improving your brand and the range of plants you sell.
  • Market your plant store well – while Etsy will take care of listings, it won’t work on getting your brand to the top. Through both organic, unpaid marketing strategies like blogs, and paid promotions like advertisements on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), you can help your relevant audience find your range of plants.

How Much Profit to Expect When Selling Plants on Etsy

For most Etsy shop owners, their online store is not their main source of income. Many see it as a way to make a decent amount of revenue out of a hobby or a passion project but find that the income is not enough to support them financially. On average, sales figures range in triple digits, but if you’ve made a breakthrough and found a market that is genuinely interested in what you’re selling, you’ll be able to aim for quadruple digits. Given the growing popularity of the plant market, particularly for indoor plants, with the right business plan and marketing strategies, you can make your Etsy plant shop your main source of income.

Can You Sell Plants on Etsy?

The short answer is yes, you can sell plants on Etsy. Grow the plants that you enjoy growing (and the ones that you can grow quickly and in bulk to cater to large orders), list your products popularly, create an Etsy store that will attract plant lovers, and you’re all set.

Make sure to keep your store up-to-date. This includes using SEO keywords to generate more buyer traffic, keeping an eye on your sales figures and overall trends in the plant market to see where you’re making the most profit and which types of plants appear to be popular among buyers, and more.