Can Writing Help with Anxiety and Relieve Stress? – Why Writing Is a Great Idea

Can Writing Help With Anxiety And Relieve Stress

Can writing help with anxiety and relieve stress? Writing is a great pastime that many people enjoy. It can act as a creative outlet for many people and is even known to help people relieve stress. When it comes to alleviating anxiety, writing just might be able to help you out. Take a look at the following ways that writing can help with anxiety and stress-related problems.

Writing Eases Stress

Writing is known to be capable of easing stress. Even large universities have tested the theory that writing is capable of reducing stress levels. The findings have remained consistent and say that it can be very beneficial for people who are going through stressful situations. If you find that you are dealing with more stress than usual, then it may be a good idea to consider writing about your emotions.

Specifically writing about emotions and emotional states is going to be helpful to you. The basic idea is that emotions need to be given an outlet. If you keep your emotions bottled up inside, then it is going to eat you away over time. Negative emotions can negatively impact your mental health and will also hurt you physically in some ways if you do not address the problems.

Keeping a Journal for Mental Health Is Recommended

Experts advise people to keep journals for mental health purposes all the time. This is not simply a piece of advice that has no merit. There is evidence-based research that shows that writing down life experiences helps to create positive physiological changes in humans. This makes it easier to cope with feelings of anxiety, and it can really help people who are suffering.

Keeping a journal is not something that takes up a lot of your time either. This can be as simple as taking fifteen minutes out of your day to write down some of your thoughts. People who participate in journaling find it comforting and use it as a chance to wind down after dealing with a stressful day. Since writing can help with anxiety and stress, it could be a very good idea to start writing in the evenings before you go to sleep.

You Can Write in Your Journal Whenever It Is Convenient for You

You do not have to stick to a completely strict schedule when it comes to journal writing. Some people have erratic schedules due to varying work hours and other life responsibilities. If you have a hard time dedicating the same time period to journaling every single day, then you should just try to fit it in once per day when you can. Sometimes you may only be able to write in the journal just before you go to bed. Other times, you might wind up finding it more convenient to write in your journal during the morning hours.

The important thing is that you do take the time to do it. As long as you are doing your best to write down your thoughts, you will be journaling in an effective way. It can be good to keep a certain journaling schedule, but this may not work out for everyone. Consider the amount of free time that you have and try to set up a schedule that works for you.

Writing Is a Great Way to Gather Your Thoughts

Sometimes anxiety can really scramble your thoughts and leave you feeling flustered. This is no good, and no one wants to go through life feeling out of sorts. On the other hand, writing can help with anxiety and stress. If you can use your writing time in an effective way, then it is possible to gather your thoughts in written form. Taking the time to express yourself through the written word can really be gratifying, and it can sometimes help you come to terms with things that you have a hard time expressing.

Keep in mind that some people are going to have an easier time with this than others. If you have an affinity for writing, then expressing yourself through writing can be perfect for understanding your feelings or thoughts on certain matters. You can write about how certain people make you feel or how your current situation makes you feel. Simply taking the time to discuss things in detail by writing is very helpful.

Communicating Through Writing May Help Too

You may even find that communicating through writing is a good idea. People who suffer from anxiety will sometimes also feel nervous in certain situations. If you are struggling to communicate with others who are close to you, then writing may help you out with that. It may seem a bit old-fashioned but writing a letter can be very therapeutic.

Therapeutic letter writing is something that many people participate in. Sometimes people do this just to get their thoughts out there into the world. Other times, you will find that people will actually send these letters to friends or family in order to express themselves. This is a popular therapy method for recovering drug addicts, but it can be great for anyone who has trouble expressing himself or herself in person.

Writing Is an Amazing Creative Outlet

Everyone knows that writing is one of the best creative outlets that there is. If you are a bit of a creative person, then you might be able to make some really interesting short stories. Taking the time to write is good for your mental health, and it can give you something fun to look forward to. Whether you are building a large world through your words or you are putting your feelings into poetry, this is going to be helpful for your mental fortitude.

Being able to create something gives you a sense of accomplishment. Even if you never share the work with anyone else, it will be something fun that you know you created. It will have meaning to you, and it is a very worthwhile way to spend an hour or so each evening. Depending on how much you enjoy creative writing, you may want to make this a significant part of your evenings moving forward in order to keep anxiety at bay.

It Can Help You to Focus on Something Other Than Feelings of Anxiety

It is also important to note that writing is a good way to distract yourself. If your feelings of anxiety are intense, then always remember that you might find that they dominate your mental space sometimes. This can be very frustrating, and you do not want to feel as if you are constantly anxious. If you’re going through this emotional struggle, always remember that writing can help with anxiety and stress. Using writing as a way to distract your mind from anxiety is very effective, and many people do this every single day.

You can start writing a story or simply write down some thoughts that you are having. Whatever it is that you decide to write, it will help you to take your focus away from the anxiety or stress-related feelings that you have been experiencing. Writing requires thought, and this is going to take you into a different mental space. It can be very beneficial, and it is actually quite fun for people who enjoy writing.

You Can Use Your Writing to Change Your Outlook on Life

If you have been feeling overly negative about your life, then it may be a good idea to use your writing to change your outlook on life. Given the fact that writing can help with anxiety and stress, it makes sense that it can help you to feel more positive. Even when you address negative emotions and feelings in your writing, it will be possible to put a positive spin on things. Doing your best to list ways that things can improve will help you to move forward in life rather than staying stuck in a rut due to anxiety symptoms.

You should always do your best to promote positivity in your writing to help your own mental health. This does not mean that you need to shy away from negative emotions, but you can try to remain hopeful with how you approach the writing. Over time, your writing may be capable of fully transforming the way that you see the world. Changing the way you look at something allows you to see the world with different eyes. Keep this in mind while you are journaling or going through other creative writing prompts.

Some People Like Physically Writing with a Pen and Paper

There are a large number of people who find writing with a pen and a piece of paper to be very soothing. You do not have to write in this fashion if you do not want to, but you should know that some people prefer it. There is something very unique about sitting down with an actual pen and writing in a journal. In modern times, people tend to use word processing software more often than they do physical pens or pencils. Regardless, you will have the option to keep a physical journal rather than a digital one if this appeals to you.

Some People Like Physically Writing with a Pen and Paper

Buying a nice journal and some comfortable pens will not be very expensive at all. You will be able to find one that suits your needs and can get to journaling whenever you feel that you want to. If you want to go about your writing in this way, then it can be nice to have that physical item that represents your inner thoughts. Some people will not find this to be practical, but it is being presented to you as an option.

Understand That You Can Write Whatever You Want

You should also know that you can write whatever you want in your journal or in your stories. The healing impact that writing can have on your life is not limited to discussing certain topics. It can be good to write about your feelings and your general anxiety symptoms but take the writing wherever you want it to go. If you want to write about the latest movie that you saw, then that is going to be a fun outlet for you to discuss what you have been thinking.

Writing can be very fun, and it is meant to promote positivity in your life. Never limit yourself to certain categories or topics. If you want to write something funny or silly one day, then you should definitely go for it. You can write anything that you are inspired to write at the time. This journal that you are keeping can be completely private if you wish to keep it to yourself so don’t be afraid to go wild if you want to.

Journaling Is Very Personal

Using your journal is a very personal experience. There is no right way or wrong way to go about it. There are certainly some topics that can be fun or helpful to consider, but this is your writing outlet at the end of the day. Write whatever feels right to you at the time and try to enjoy it as much as you possibly can.

You May Also Enjoy Online Blogging

Blogging is another option for those who want to get their thoughts out there. If you are a bit bolder and wish to share your thoughts and feelings with the world, then creating some type of blog may be a very good idea. The blog does not have to be purely about your feelings or struggles as it can be therapeutic to write about virtually any topic that you are interested in. Sometimes you will simply want to relieve the anxiety symptoms by giving yourself something positive and interesting to focus on.

Having your own blog can definitely be very entertaining in its own way. You may even wind up finding like-minded people to talk to about your favorite topics. Whether you have created a lifestyle blog or you are simply talking about entertainment items or sports, blogging can be a worthwhile endeavor. It is not going to be for everybody, but anyone who wants to reach out to others may wish to consider this form of writing.

Making a Free Blog Is Simple

Making a free blog is decidedly simple, and you do not have to get incredibly fancy with it if you do not want to. Those who wish to put in the effort may find it fun to make the blog as aesthetically pleasing as possible, though. Think about starting a blog if you want to make new online friends and if you have topics that you would enjoy discussing on a public forum. It may not be a good option for those who are too nervous or shy, but it can be a good fit for many people.

Try to Make Use of Journal Prompts

There are going to be times when you just do not know what to write about. Even people who absolutely adore writing will wind up struggling to know what to write from time to time. Looking into various journal prompts can be very helpful when you are at a loss for what to journal about. You can use these prompts as good starting points, and they will get your creative juices flowing.

You will be able to find many websites that will offer you various journal prompts to consider. These do not always have to be about anxiety or stress problems either. Sometimes you will simply want to write about things that make you happy or other topics that you find interesting. Writing can help with anxiety and stress so don’t be afraid to branch out into fun topics when you see a journal prompt that you like.

Recommended Journal Prompt Ideas

The following journal prompt ideas should do a good job of helping you to get started with your writing. If you are ever at a loss for what to write, using these prompts can help you to get into the right mindset.

It makes it a lot easier to start writing, and you can always feel free to let the writing take you in other directions once you have started. These are a simple and effective guide when you are running out of things to say, or you just don’t know how to express what you are feeling in the right way.

  • What are your favorite song lyrics? What makes you feel connected to those lyrics?
  • If you could make one improvement to your life, what would it be?
  • Name one thing that you are looking forward to in life.
  • Think about a time where you felt completely safe and describe it.
  • What was the last thing that caused you to feel anxious? Why do you think it made you feel this way?
  • Name one fear that you have. Write about how you might be able to overcome that fear.
  • What is your biggest goal in life? How are you working toward achieving it?
  • List five things that cause you to stress in your life. Is there any way you can eliminate these things from your life to reduce your stress levels?
  • Name five of your personal qualities that you are proud of.
  • What one thing can you do to try to make the world a better place?

Making use of journal prompts such as this will be very helpful at many points in time. Some of the topics may be a bit general and others may be quite creative. There are a plethora of journal prompts out there on the Internet that you will be able to make use of too. Whether you are keeping your journals to yourself or if you are choosing to share them with others, this will be a good method to help you manage those feelings of anxiety.

Consider Getting a Pen-Pal

Writing journals and creating stories can really be a lot of fun. Even so, you might find yourself wishing that you could speak to another person about things sometimes. If you like communicating through writing, then getting a penpal may prove to be a very good idea. There are many other like-minded individuals who would love to exchange letters with you and discuss various topics.

Consider Getting a Penpal to Alleviate Stress

Finding a penpal in this modern era is actually pretty easy too. You can find penpals through mental health support channels and in many other places. Some penpal programs are designed to help people speak about the mental health struggles that are bothering them. Other penpal situations may be more about entertainment and giving people something fun to look forward to. Either way, this is an idea that will have merit for some people.

Exchanging Emails Can Be Fun Too

Of course, it is very easy to exchange emails with people so you can make use of penpals in this way. If you like the feeling of writing physical letters, then you can take the time to find someone else who feels the same way. Looking forward to getting a letter in the mail is a very fun feeling and it can be nice to communicate with a friend in this fashion. You may have a friend or family member who would like to do this with you. If you do not have anyone that you know in person, then you can seek out penpals online who may be interested in exchanging real letters.

Try Writing to Relieve Your Anxiety or Stress Today

It is evident that writing can help with anxiety and stress. This is a very safe and cost-effective way to help mitigate your anxiety problems. If you have been feeling stressed out and nervous lately, then trying to keep a journal will be very useful. It can help you to maintain a positive outlook on life and will also simply work to organize your thoughts.

Writing is easy for just about anyone to do. It can improve your memory, help you to process emotions, and it can even act as a fantastic creative outlet. Use writing to your advantage when anxiety and stress seem to be getting the better of you. It just might prove to be an important part of the puzzle when it comes to feeling better about life in general.