Best Productivity Apps for iPhone Users – 46 Apps to Boost Productivity

Best Productivity Apps For iPhone

The best productivity apps for iPhone users help you make the most of your time by enabling you to complete tasks quickly and efficiently.

If you think that your tasks are creeping up on you and you might not be able to finish them in time, these apps can be of immense help.

Different apps make your life easier in different ways. For instance, some apps may be synced to all the files you’ve ever saved in your phone, so if you need to access a document from 5 years ago, you’ll be able to pull it out instantly. Other apps may include time trackers, planners, etc.

While there are countless apps that claim to boost your productivity, many of them are often just a waste of space (and money if it’s a paid app). The following is a list of apps that are considered to be the best productivity apps for iPhone users.

1. Todoist

Todoist App

Before you get started on any task, the first step is to plan it out thoroughly. This where Todoist comes in. You can save certain tasks that may be a repetitive part of your calendar, color-code tasks based on their importance, and even find productivity graphs to show how you’re doing. It even includes third-party integration to programs such as Dropbox and Slack.

The app also has a “Foundations” feature that allows you to group different projects and tasks to keep your work clutter-free. The app is free, but there are certain premium features that you’ll have to pay for.

2. 24me

24me App

Similar to Todoist, 24me is designed to help you organize your day by combining a calendar, a to-do list, and a feature that helps you make notes for any of the tasks in your calendar. The in-app calendar can also be synced to external calendars such as iCal, Outlook, and Google Calendar. Apart from providing you with reminders for the tasks saved in your calendar, 24me also helps you stay on track by telling you things such as how early you need to leave for a certain appointment (based on weather and traffic conditions).

The app also has voice activation and can also be synced to your Apple Watch and Siri. Although the app is free, a paid premium subscription lets you access special features such as turning emails into scheduled tasks.

3. Things 3

Things 3 App

Things 3 is one of the best productivity apps for iPhone users and helps with task management. Once you insert all your tasks, you can organize them based on the ones you need to do the same day, ones you can do anytime, or tasks that can be delayed to a certain date.

You can also pin locations on tasks depending on whether you’re working from home, from the office, etc. You can even add a Things 3 widget to your iPhone for instant note-taking. The app involves a one-time purchase of $9.99 and a lifetime of staying organized.

4. App is another app that helps you create to-do lists, store reminders and notes, and also lets you share these with others in case of any shared tasks. You can sync the app to your desktop to access your daily schedule from anywhere.

The app also has an audio feature if you want to verbally record a task. can also be synced to your phone calendar. The app itself is free, but you can obtain a paid advanced version.

5. 1Password

1Password App

1Password is one of the best-known apps for password management. With all your passwords securely maintained in 1Password, you can save time when you log into online accounts that require detailed personal information such as your credit card number. While the app is available across most operating systems, it is particularly beneficial for iOS users, where it even has an auto-fill suggestion for 2-factor authentication that is activated the moment you receive a code through text message.

With the security and ease it offers, 1Password is certainly not free. You can opt for their 30-day free trial and then sign up for one of their packages that start at $3.99/month. The app is updated frequently to ensure that you get the best service possible, and it is considered to be one of the best productivity apps for iPhone users.

6. LastPass

LastPass App

Another great app to store your passwords and login credentials is LastPass. This is a digital password vault that also helps you create strong passwords for new accounts to keep them safe. LastPass can be used to automatically fill in forms and login details by syncing the app to your web browser of choice, as well as other apps that require a password.

The app also has a Secure Notes section to save important, encrypted data. Cross-device exchange of the password vault is also possible. The app is free to use.  

7. Cloze

Cloze App

Cloze helps you keep track of your business and professional contacts so that you can manage your work life with ease. The app is your contact manager and creates a complete domain for your contacts, social network, and emails. Essentially, it syncs information about your contacts from your social media and email so that you are constantly in the loop of what’s happening. You can even update your social media through the app. An example of this is that you can post tweets through the Cloze app.

It also highlights the people you communicate the most with as “Key People,” and their digital activity is likely to be at the top of your feed. The app is free, but you can also sign up for the paid Pro package if you want to access the app’s premium features.

8. Asana

Asana App

If you’re collaborating with a team at work and trying to balance travel or other tasks, you are likely to miss out on something along the way. This team management app makes it easy for you to communicate with your team members. You can keep them posted about the status of certain tasks, work that needs to be done, and they, in turn, can keep you informed on what you need to do next, regardless of where you are.

While most people just see this app as a tool for projects with specific start and end dates, it is also a useful tool for ongoing collaborations over uncertain time periods. The flexibility the app offers means that as a team, you can get work done quickly and efficiently and keep all your team members in the loop despite the geographical distance between you. The app is generally free, but you can sign up for a paid premium package as well.

9. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat App

When you’re on-the-go, you often run into moments where you may need to adjust a corporate document or add notes to it. This can be frustrating on a mini phone screen, but Adobe Acrobat makes the job easier by placing its tools in a way that is easy to manage with your fingers. It is very convenient to highlight, add notes to, draw on, and sign documents or PDFs. In fact, you can even share these files with your work companions after editing them.

Adobe Acrobat is free to use, which means that you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription to be able to view, edit, and share important documents.

10. DocuSign

DocuSign App

DocuSign is an app that isn’t really needed ALL the time but can be a great help in your corporate life. It serves one main purpose – to allow you to digitally sign and deliver documents in a secure manner. For instance, if you’re involved in buying or selling property, you can download DocuSign, create an account, and complete the property transfer online.

It is also quite useful for entrepreneurs who are starting out and need to sign a number of different documents within the same timeframe. Although the app is free, if you’re using the app for your own business, you’ll need one of their packages to get a proper business plan (starts at around $120/year).

11. Lucidchart

Lucidchart App

Much like DocuSign, this app also serves a very specific purpose, and while you might not need it all the time, it is useful for those who constantly need to design or revise flowcharts and diagrams. It is known worldwide for creating professional diagrams that are suitable for both corporate and personal use.

The interface is surprisingly easy to use on a mobile screen. Apart from letting you make diagrams, Lucidchart also lets you add notes, feedback, and make edits to other people’s work. The app is generally free, but you can upgrade to the premium package for $59.40/year.

12. Just Press Record

Just Press Record App

Just Press Record is a recording app for iOS users and includes features such as transcribing, note-taking, etc. Users can start recording by pressing the app icon, tapping on it from the lock screen, or even through an app notification. The app helps you transcribe your work in a number of different languages. Recordings are listed according to the date and time, but you can rename them if you want.

The app offers a great feature of letting you search through recordings for specific words or phrases! You can purchase the app on the App Store for $4.99/month.

13.  Otter Voice Notes

Otter Voice Notes App

Another app to help you record voice notes is Otter Voice Notes. Otter records notes through your phone’s internal microphone or a device connected via Bluetooth. The notes are transcribed in real-time and are punctuated along the way. There is also an option to search for and playback old recordings. You can also fix any errors in the transcription and share the text with other apps for public viewership. You can allow others to either view your work or view and edit it, too.

The free version of the app only allows you to record and transcribe 600 minutes of audio monthly, but if you need to record extensively, you can subscribe to one of their paid packages. At $9.99/month, you can take your account limit up to 6,000 minutes a month.

14. Evernote

Evernote App

Evernote is one of the best note-taking apps for iPhone users. It allows you to save notes in any format, such as a voice memo, text, picture, or checklist. You can take pictures of text, such as a certain page from a book, or the idea board at a corporate meeting. Apart from saving these pictures, Evernote also uses Optical Character Recognition to allow you to search for words in text that is both typed and handwritten. The app is free, but the premium version comes with features that the free version does not have. The paid version costs $69.99/year.

15. Scanbot Pro

Scanbot Pro App

Scanbot Pro is one of the best scanning apps available and allows you to not only scan a file but also crop it and compile and number documents into one PDF. It also lets you scan barcodes, QR codes, and fax documents (this option costs a further $0.99/page). If you are already subscribed to Evernote on the iPhone, you won’t need this app.

The app itself costs $6.99/month, but there is also a free version with limited features available.

16.  Tide

Tide App

If your day is full of busywork and other tasks, you’re likely to become stressed out and less productive. Tide is a white noise app that helps you sleep better at night or drown out unwanted voices when you’re relaxing during the day. It offers a number of features, such as the Pomodoro setting, where you can set work intervals so that you’ll get notifications when it’s time for a break.

The focus setting requires you to put your phone face down during your white noise session – if you check your messages or use your phone, the session will automatically pause itself. The app includes a range of sounds, such as that of the ocean, water, etc. You can even access some additional sounds for $0.99/sound.

17. HabitMinder

HabitMinder App

Being mindful of your daily habits is essential for you to have a more efficient and productive day. HabitMinder helps you keep a log of your daily activities to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything or lose track of time. You can add details for each task such as the time required and the quantitative output of the task (for example, drink 5 liters of water every day).

The app itself is free, but you can sign up for a premium membership for $5.99 (one-time expense) for unlimited reminders, the option to export data from the app, etc. The free version of the app lets you track 3 habits at any given time.

18.  Doodle

Doodle App

If you’re coordinating with a group of people on a project, Doodle is a great platform to use. The app lets you create a poll that allows members to vote on the date and time that is most suitable for them. Once everyone fills out the poll, the app generates the best date and time for a meeting.

It saves time that you would lose if you tried to schedule a meeting via texts or emails or phone calls. Apart from polls, Doodle also has an option for feedback or group questions to save everyone’s time. The app itself is free, but the premium membership costs $ 39/year.

19.  Dropbox

Dropbox App

For someone who needs to look at paperwork, add notes, or proofread something all the time, having an app that lets you do that on-the-go is crucial. Dropbox is a file syncing service that lets you access your files wherever you are. It also offers the option to back up videos and images. The Dropbox app is available on a number of platforms; not just for iPhones but also for Kindle, Android, etc. The app itself is free, but for additional storage, etc. you can opt for a paid plan at $9.99/month

20.  Drafts

Drafts App

The moment you start the Drafts app, it opens a blank page and a ready keyboard without wasting any of your time. This ultimate note-taking app allows you to make entries and notes that can be stored and sorted when you have the time. You can also turn your quick notes into complete documents, tweets, emails, messages, and even social media notes.

Saved notes can also be flagged according to their importance. The text editor easily lets you alter the text layout, such as the spacing, margin size, etc. The app is free, but signing up for the premium option adds new themes to your digital workspace and other handy features to make your work easier.

21. Hours

Hours App

If you have trouble keeping track of time and often miss out on important tasks, then the Hours app will help you become more efficient. It helps you keep track of your work shift, complete schedule, and provides a timeline of everything that needs to be done. This is followed by helpful reminders such as notifications that tell you when the time allotted for a task has ended.

You can view the hours, etc. spent on a task through the calendar. Apart from obtaining a complete time log, you can also get detailed reports of your activity and also export files in PDF or CSV format.

Although the app is free, the premium package allows you to access reporting features, the option to sync the app across multiple devices, and manage work as a team.

22. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 App

Fantastical 2 is another excellent app that helps you keep track of your activities and stay on top of your schedule with its easy and interactive interface. It gets the data from your Google calendar and presents it as a summary as a 5-day view or for the entire month. You can swipe through the data to access a particular appointment, etc. You can also add links to certain events such as Google Maps, Waze, etc. The app can be bought for a one-time payment of $4.99.

23.  Toggl

Toggle App

At this point in the list, you might be a bit tired of seeing so many time tracking and scheduling apps, but remember, keeping track of time is the key to increased productivity. With the Toggl app, users can time any activity, create a log for the time spent on any task, and sync the app across their phone and PC so that they’re always time savvy.

You can even create group entries to keep track of a particular task. Data can also be imported or exported in the form of CSV or PDF files. The app is free, but the premium package allows you to access features like time reminders, rules for billable time, and also project management tools to make teamwork easier.

24. Grammarly

Grammarly App

For jobs that require perfect grammar (which is pretty much always the case since even a one-liner email should be professional and grammatically correct), Grammarly is a go-to app. It helps you avoid serious typos and other punctuation errors that can put your reputation at risk, especially in a corporate environment.

This online grammar tool checks for spelling, grammar mistakes, overused words, misused words, and others to ensure that all your text is error-free. You can either import or paste data into the app or type directly into it – this way, it will correct your work as you type.

The main functions of the app are free, but a premium subscription allows you to take your work to the next level by improving the writing style and the vocabulary you use. The paid package costs $139.95/year.

25. Outlook

Outlook App

Microsoft is a global digital powerhouse, so obviously, it has an app that is likely to make you more productive. The Outlook app provides you with email access, attachments, syncing contacts, and calendars. Its built-in engine automatically displays emails with more importance at the top. It works with pretty much any email account, which is convenient if you need to access more than one of your email accounts.

26. Google Drive

Google Drive App

Since we’re looking at the powerhouses of the app productivity world, let’s not forget Google Drive. Since Google Drive is linked to the rest of the Google world, it’s a useful app to have on your phone. You can upload work from anywhere and have it saved digitally, accessible from any device.

You can also download files that are saved on the drive, share them, and collaboratively work on documents. Along with all this, you can view documents in PDF format, JPEGs, videos, etc. The app is free, but for storage beyond 15GB, you need to upgrade to a paid, premium account.

27. Launcher

Launcher App

Launcher provides shortcuts and allows you to access your apps easily. When you start the app, it asks if you want to text someone or access a frequently used app. It also helps send group messages through text or WhatsApp. Repetitive actions can be saved and activated with a single click. The app is free, but the premium features are accessible for $4.99. If you want more than one widget of the app, you need to pay an additional $3.99.

28. Teamweek

Teamweek App

Teamweek is designed to make managing work across group projects easy. The app is designed as a Gantt chart to help the team visualize the end goal and assign different tasks to different team members. Alterations can be made using the drag-and-drop option. Tasks can be created and color-coded based on who is doing which task.

Tasks can also be broken down into individual checklists. Project timelines can be shared with the team manager or client, etc. The free app allows 5 people to work on the app at the same time, but this can be increased with a paid upgrade that also provides more features, such as project and annual views.

29. Pocket

Pocket App

Sometimes, we get wrapped in interesting articles and fun stories without keeping track of time. If you’ve found an engaging read and don’t have the time to go through the entire thing, get the Pocket app. It allows you to save any articles, pictures, and videos so that you can view them in your free time. Saved items are also available offline. The app is free, but the premium option costs $44.99/year.

30. Pushbullet

Pushbullet App

Pushbullet lets you push information like web links or text from your phone to your desktop (or other devices) instantly. If you’ve stumbled across an article on your phone and wish to read it on a larger screen, you can share the link through Pushbullet for immediate viewing. If you need to type a long message and want to use a physical keyboard, you can type out the text and push it to your phone via Pushbullet. You can also send messages to friends and receive other notifications through the app. The app itself is free, but the pro membership costs $39.99/year.

31.  Shortcuts by Apple

Shortcuts App

The Shortcuts app allows you to develop automated actions with automatic triggers such as “upload the most recent file I downloaded to iCloud.” You can either type the command or speak it through Siri. The app is completely free and a great help for iPhone users who are in a hurry and need tasks completed without delay.

32. Copied

Copied App

Copied is a clipboard management app that helps you store bits of text in a space where you can immediately edit, copy and paste to another app. It can also store images and links pasted into the app. The app is free, but if you wish to sync the app to your MAC PC and access advanced formatting tools, you need the upgraded version, which costs $2.99.

33. Notability

Notability App

Notability is one of the best productivity apps for iPhone users since it makes sketching and annotation easier. You can work with both images and documents and can easily use your fingers to make changes to your work. The app can be purchased for $9.99, which is a bit pricey for such an app. However, it has an easy to use interface, and the app can be used on both your iPhone and your iPad in case you need to work on a larger project on a bigger screen. These features make it well worth the money.

34.  SwiftKey

SwiftKey App

SwiftKey makes typing easier and faster so you can work quicker and be more productive. Instead of pressing individual letters on the keyboard, you can drag your finger across the letters you need to use – when you reach the end of a word, just lift your finger. It is a smart app that also provides predictions of the entire word you’re trying to type.

It can also work with 2 languages at the same time, so when you’re using words from separate languages, you don’t have to constantly switch between keyboards. Even with great features like this, the app is completely free.

35.  Slack

Slack App

Slack improves on the concept of instant messaging by adding group chat and coordination to the mix. Real-time messaging through Slack can be synced to all your devices. You can also share files through Slack. The app allows you to divide chats into subgroups for certain discussions on specific topics.

Old chats are archived in case you ever need to access a past conversation. The app can also be integrated with other services, such as Asana. Slack is free to use, but you can get a paid, premium plan to access advanced features, such as more file storage space, better app integration, etc.

36.  Basecamp

Basecamp App

Basecamp is a great app for managing group projects. It includes options such as message threads, quick chats, pings, to-do lists, and file storage. There is even a client side setting to get client feedback on work while at the same time keeping the behind-the-scenes group work separate.

You can also set up a scheduling system so that you don’t get any work-related notifications after work hours or on off days. To set up the group system requires a bit of time, but once it starts running, your overall work as a group will be faster and more efficient. Team usage of the app starts at $29/month, but it is great for professional use, and you can test it out first with the 30-day free trial.

37. Ayoa

Ayoa App

Ayoa is a team management app, but its interface is much more unique compared to other project management apps (including those mentioned in this article). The app has a Mind Map feature where you can plot ideas and build on them in the form of branches. Once you’ve decided on the work, you can prioritize it, set timelines, and create reminder notifications. The chat, sharing, and assignment feature lets you work on the app as a team.

Ayoa offers a free 7-day trial, after which, you can use a limited free version or get the premium, paid version that starts at $10/month. The more the users, the higher the price. The account can support up to 60 users at one time!

38.  Trello

Trello App

Trello is a digital bulletin board app that helps you set tasks, notes, and more. Lists are dynamic and can be altered. They can include text, pictures, notes, etc. You can even create sub-lists within these. This information can be shared with other users who can alter tasks, add their own notes, and so on. The app is free to use.

39.  Edison Mail

Edison Mail App

Edison Mail is a handy email management app that offers features such as configurable swipe control, automatically sorting emails into different categories, and an unsubscribe option to avoid spam. Notifications provide alerts for real-time events such as a delay in your flight, a gate change, etc. The app supports pretty much all email software, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.

40. IFTT


IFTT helps you make the most of your time by helping you avoid repetitive tasks. The app has sub-apps that automate routine tasks, such as backing up your photos to iCloud, messaging your housemates about groceries, etc. You can create customized tasks in an “If This, Then That” structure to avoid basic tasks and maximize your productivity. The app is free to use.

41. Memento

Memento App

Memento reminders break through the clutter on your phone so that you’ll always notice them. You can opt for a traditional list view if you want, but the grid view is more interesting. You can also get a widget for the app and a special “For You” tab for important notifications.

Furthermore, you can even sync the app to other apps for shared reminders, so when you download Memento, you can update your to-do list immediately. The app can be downloaded for $3.99.

42.  Microsoft – Excel, PowerPoint & Word

Microsoft Office App

Microsoft Office has an entire suite of products designed to make your life more productive. With mobile versions of the most widely used software programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you can create entire documents, instantly devise slideshows, and even sort out your financials through your mobile phone.

The apps are completely free, but in order to save your work, you need to log in through your Office365 account. The apps also have cloud support, so you can even import documents from Google Drive, etc.

43. Forest

Forest App

It’s easy to get distracted by your phone in the middle of an important task, but Forest helps you stay away from that problem. Users earn credits by not using their phone and by planting actual, physical trees with the points they earn through the app! It’s free, and it’s a great way for you to stay away from your phone, stay productive, and improve the environment!

44.  30/30

30/30 App

This app helps you distribute time evenly between work and play. It’s simple – 30 minutes for work and 30 minutes for play. Essentially, the app is a work timer that distributes work in 30-minute cycles so you can relax after every cycle and not overwork yourself or get too bored with the work. The app is completely free and a fun way of managing your work time.

45. Due

Due App

If you have a lot of tasks planned throughout your workweek, you may forget something. Due is the perfect reminder app that lets you store your tasks and then reminds you to complete them. It includes features such as countdown timers and persistent timers until you complete a task. Downloading the app costs $4.99.

46. Wunderlist

Wunderlist App

While there are countless to-do list apps available, Wunderlist has an engaging format that makes it stand out from the rest. It’s a basic app that lets you create to-do lists, add subtasks, edit your schedule, share your lists, etc. The app is completely free to use.

And there you have it; a comprehensive list of the best productivity apps for iPhone users. These apps cover all aspects of productivity, including scheduling tasks, working in groups, editing, designing pictorials, and even finding time to relax and calm yourself so that you maintain a clear head and work better than ever. Find the app that best suits your purpose and start downloading!