Best Mobile Ad Platform: 49 Platforms to Raise Your Advertising Game

Best Mobile Ad Platform

Why is it important to know what the best mobile ad platform is?

With so many advertisement avenues for businesses to exploit, why are mobile advertisements gaining so much popularity?

Well, simply put, it’s due to the fact that consumers are spending more and more time on their phones every day. It is estimated that people spend more than 6 hours online every single day. From making money online to scrolling through memes, mobile use is increasing by the minute.

With such a huge audience available online, businesses and companies are turning to mobile ad networks and platforms. However, with so many different networks available for use, the best mobile ad platform for your particular ad needs can be hard to find. To help you choose the best mobile ad platform, we’ve compiled a list of the top mobile platforms out there.

1. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Ad Platform

Facebook is a major player in the social media sphere. By 2018, it had over 1.5 billion active users. This gives businesses and brands access to a massive audience. Facebook Ads is considered to be the best mobile ad platform simply due to the sheer number of customers you can target through it.

The service gives you access to in-app ads, making it a lucrative network for ad placement. You will be able to run ad campaigns for your business through the audience network. Along with this, you will be able to reach potential users through Messenger and other Facebook apps. They are incredibly useful when it comes to re-engagement and install conversion campaigns. They have CTA buttons integrated into the ads which people can click on.

2. Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads Ad Platform

Instagram is used by 500 million active users worldwide. The Ads are managed through Ad Manager and Facebook business accounts. In many people’s minds, what makes Instagram the best mobile ad platform is the inherently native way the ads are displayed. They appear like regular posts on Instagram feeds and stories. This makes them seem seamless and organic on the platform. The only way you can tell if something is an ad is by reading the small sponsored label and optional CTA button.

Like Facebook, Instagram is a great platform for re-engagement campaigns and install conversions. It is also great for businesses that want to engage mobile users since the app isn’t used by desktop users at all. It is important to keep in mind that the app is mostly used by a younger audience. You will also need to make sure the ads are more visual-based since that’s what Instagram users are accustomed to. Ads have to be really eye-catching since you only have a few seconds to engage a user.

There are different ad formats that you can try on Instagram. This includes video ads, photo ads, collection ads, story ads, and carousel ads.

3. Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads Ad Platform

Twitter Ads has another section for mobile ads called Mobile App Promotion (MAP). This section has three main end goals: conversions, re-engagement, and app installs. They work similarly to Instagram since they are also native ads that appear on a user’s Twitter feed. You will be able to run video or photo ads through this campaign.

There are also options to add CTA buttons. Users will be able to automatically install an app or re-engage with the Twitter business account with just a simple click. You will need to make the ads visually appealing so that users stop to take a look at them.

4. Snapchat Ads

Snapchat for Business Ads Platform

Snapchat for Business is the perfect way to target Gen Z mobile users. 46% of all teenagers in the USA use this application, making it a valuable platform that businesses can use to advertise their products and services to their target audience. There are a variety of ways by which you can target users. This includes ad formats like Snapchat filters and interactive AR. Snapchat has also introduced a separate section for stories. This can increase engagement if you have the right kind of visual ads.

5. TikTok

If you don’t know what TikTok is, you are definitely an early Millennial or a Baby Boomer. This lip-syncing video application is a hit among teenagers and younger mobile users. If you want to target the Gen Z population, this is the place to be. The application is also a great way to target Asian users since TikTok is really popular with East and South Asian people.

With direct Insertion Orders (IO), you can place your ads in the application to target the US market. There is no way to automatically bid for ad placement. The ads appear in a number of different formats, and you can choose any format you like. The different formats available to you are as follows:

  • Brand takeovers
  • In-feed native videos
  • Branded challenges
  • Banner ads
  • Branded filter formats

You can also use the brand hashtag challenge to prompt users to engage with your brand.

6. Apple Search Ads (ASA)

Apple Search Ads launches ads in the App Store of iOS devices. They appear as the first result of any App Store search in a blue box. This maximizes their exposure to potential customers.

Apple found that 70% of people use the search to find the best possible app for their needs. ASA has a 50% conversion rate, which is a good enough reason to give this Ad platform a try.

ASA can be used to boost installs, re-installs, conversions, and re-engagement. Marketers and app developers can benefit greatly from this app. There are two types of campaigns that you can run: basic and advanced. The basic type only has a limited set of report details and management tools. On the other hand, the advanced tool gives you more access to reporting, APIs, and management tools.

7. Google Ads

Due to its massive reach and the fact that Google is the largest search engine on the internet, Google Ads is definitely a contender for the best mobile ad platform. You can target smartphone and/or tablet users with ease. You can also publish ads within apps, Google search results, and browsers.

The type of ads for mobile users includes:

  • Image and text
  • Video and image app promotion
  • App promotion through TrueView ads

It gives you access to the most popular search engine online. This means that you get access to a large audience of 5.6 billion users a day.

8. Google Universal App Campaign (UAC)

Google Universal App Campaign (UAC) is a separate branch that comes under Google Ads. With UAC, marketers and developers can run their ads through the product portfolio by Google. This means that you have access to a lot of applications for ad campaigns. This includes the Google Play Store, Google Search, Google Display Network, YouTube, and AdMod.

If you want more exposure on Google Play and YouTube, this is the best mobile ad platform for you. The conversion rates for YouTube are high and have the same benefits as ASA. Your ads will be viewed by a high-intent audience.

9. Bing Ads

Bing does have a smaller potential audience and a smaller market share than Google, but it comes with its own benefits. For starters, you will have to pay around 70% less for Bing Ads as compared to Google Ads. This is perfect for businesses with low advertising budgets. Every month, the search engine receives around 5 billion results. This still makes it a great contender as an ad platform.

Bing Ads also gives you more control over scheduling, location, and language. You can use Social Extension apps to increase traffic to the company’s social media accounts.

Bing is also the default search engine for Kindle Fire users. So, if you want to target the Kindle user demographic, this is the best mobile ad platform for you.

10. YouTube Advertising

 YouTube Advertising Ad Platform

Around 30 million people use YouTube every single day. It is one of the most popular video-sharing applications in the world, as well as the second largest search engine. YouTube Advertising helps target the right consumers with a bunch of key points. These include keywords, interests, topics, and demographics. You can overlay or display engaging ads in videos easily.

11. Yahoo!

Yahoo! is the sixth most visited website in the world. It receives over 1 billion active users on a monthly basis. You will be able to target them based on a number of demographic factors. There are also options that you can use to target users based on their age and geography. You will be able to display native and video ads through this mobile ad platform with ease and effectiveness.

12. LinkedIn

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Ad Platform

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions allows you to target professional users on LinkedIn. It allows B2B advertisers to promote their brands and messages with ease. Advertising on the application is a self-service program. You can target users based on job function, geography, industry, and seniority.

You will be able to target users based on their role in organizations; it’s the only ad platform that allows you to target users in this way. They also have a vast database for company size, industry, and job titles. This makes it easier to target the right kind of customer. The reporting tools also make it a great platform for marketers.

You can use 4 types of ad placement on LinkedIn:

  • Sponsored Content
  • Sponsored InMail
  • Text Ads
  • Dynamic Ads

13. Spotify Ad Studio

Spotify Ad Studio Ad Platform

Spotify Ad Studio is the best way to place ads on one of the biggest music applications. The platform has over 140 million active users, and it has become one of the largest streaming services in the market. There are four ways to advertise your content on Spotify. These include:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Display
  • Partnerships

14. Amazon Advertising

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce websites in the world. It was the first company to hit the one trillion mark and owns 44% of the e-commerce market share. Most people skip search engines altogether and go straight to Amazon to buy almost anything.

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) helps you reach the customers visiting the website. It is a self-serve app where you can launch ads from. You can share three types of advertisements. This includes helpline search ads, sponsored products, and display ads. You will also be able to get reports on conversion tracking. This allows you to see how your ads are performing.

15. ONE by AOL

ONE by AOL was previously known as mMedia (Millennial Media). It is a self-service ad platform for mobile users. You can use this flexible service to target nearly 50,000 websites and mobile applications. You can also customize creatives and target customers according to your personal preferences. If you are a small business with a small budget, this service is great for you; there is no minimum deposit that you have to worry about.

16. Airpush

Airpush is known as the best mobile ad platform since it targets more than 150,000 applications. This mobile advertising network prides itself on transparency. The users on this network have agreed to the ads being displayed, which makes them more responsive to customers on other platforms.

17. InMobi

InMobi Ad Platform

InMobi is an ad solution for mobile users. It has really unique features that allow you to increase your conversion rates significantly. The service was conceived after a lot of customer behavior research. This ensures that InMobi showcases the most receptive marketing messages.

18. Leadbolt

Leadbolt Ad Platform

Leadbolt was initially a CPA network that served to increase web traffic. It later transformed into what many consider to be the best mobile ad platform out there today. Advertisers are able to select full service or self-serve platforms according to their needs. They also have real-time bidding options. This ensures that advertisers don’t lose out on too much money by overbidding for traffic.

19. Conversant Media

Conversant Media is a great advertising platform due to the different advertising options it offers.

You will have access to a lot of different publications that they have partnered with or developed. This includes amazing services like Vice or Foxtel. Even some native ad services are available for use, such as Outbrain or Largetail.

20. Exponential

Exponential is a cloud-based digital marketing platform. It offers a wide array of services, including media buying, email marketing, search, and social. Advertisers can target customers by device, geography, and observed behavioral patterns. The network’s big data solutions allow you to identify the ideal time to serve ads to customers in order to maximize your conversion rates.  

21. SiteScout

SiteScout is the largest self-serve buying network. The company currently displays around 31 billion ads a day across 70,000 websites. You will have access to real-time bidding and reporting. This will allow marketers to keep a close tab on their campaigns and get the highest possible ROI. You will also be able to reach other consumers via networks like Appnexus, AdTech, and Google.

22. Rocket Fuel

Rocket Fuel uses artificial intelligence to help increase Returns on Investment. It is a media buying platform that allows advertisers to use advertising data according to their needs. You will be able to create personalized ads to connect with your customers in a creative and engaging way.

23. IgnitionOne

IgnitionOne Ad Platform

IgnitionOne is a digital marketing platform that uses customer intelligence to allow marketers to use their own customer data to improve their marketing campaigns.

It allows users to find and engage with their customers in real-time.

24. Verizon Media

Verizon Media was also known as at one point. It is one of the oldest and most effective online advertisement platforms. There are a number of advanced features that you can use to target your audience. One such feature is the unique Dynamic Retargeter. This allows you to deliver individualized ads to viewers across the world. You can use widgets, rich media, and videos to connect with the audience.

25. Epom Ad Server

Epom Ad Platform

Epom is an ad server that allows you to reach customers in a number of different ways. You can target them using mobile app ads, video, and display. Epom Ad Marketplace allows you to get 1 billion impressions in just the 30-day trial alone.

26. Propel Media

Propel Media Ad Platform

Propel Media was formerly known as TrafficVance. This solution is the best mobile ad platform for many people due to its popular pay per view (PPV) solution. You can use it to reach out to customers through display ads and contextual text links. It has effortless visualized analytics that allow you to monitor the trends of your campaign. There are also multiple editing features that you can use to edit your campaigns.

27. Viewbix

Viewbix is an interactive ad platform that you can use to make compelling ads. The video content can be displayed on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. You can embed the videos you make on your own website as well as videos made by other publishers. This can increase your exposure to a wider audience.

28. Atlas Solutions

Atlas Solutions are an affiliate program for Facebook. The ad platform has rich media content and a variety of tools that can help advertisers attain the best ROI for their campaigns.

It has unique targeting tools that you can use to target different devices. It also provides marketers with analytics which can measure an ad’s impact. You will be able to take advantage of Facebook’s data without actually harming your campaign on the social media app.

29. AdRoll

AdRoll Ad Platform

AdRoll has a great range of advertisement services that you can take advantage of. The platform offers multi-device display and retargeting.

The service has a regulating feature that you can use to display ads across social media platforms. The staff will also provide you with support to leverage the features of the website to their fullest potential.

30. Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience Ad Platform

Perfect Audience is a great solution for your retargeting needs. You can display ads on Twitter, Facebook, and websites with ease. Using this platform, you can target the most recent visitors to your website. These users will be the most likely to convert. You can try the service for free for two weeks and even receive $100 in credit to cover any costs that you might have to incur when making your content.

31. Chango

Chango is a retargeting ad platform. It allows you to connect with your customers in real-time. It is a really comprehensive platform and is used to target customers on multiple levels. You can use its features to bring new customers to your site as well. However, it is mostly used to deliver engaging creatives to previous leads for conversion.

32. Marin Software

Marin Software Ad Platform

Marin Software is a cross-device solution that can be used to maximize your ROI. You can target a variety of platforms through the service, including Twitter and Facebook. There are also plenty of effective analytical tools that you can use to measure ad performance. This will give you insight into how you can optimize your marketing campaign.

33. Commission Factory

Commission Factory is a leading affiliate network for Australia and the Asia Pacific. They use a Commission Per Sale (CPS) model, which means that customers can run cost-effective campaigns.

These campaigns are dictated by performance, ensuring high conversion rates. There are also some complementary solutions that you can use to boost your campaigns. This includes paid search, cart abandonment, and behavioral targeting.

34. Adblade

Adblade Ad Platform

Adblade is a premium mobile ad platform. It has over 1,000 branded sites with a reach of 300 million monthly users. The ad platform works through CPC, and the company constantly monitors the site inventory. This ensures that only high-quality publishers can serve advertisements.  

35. Outbrain

Outbrain is the perfect solution for users who want native advertisements. The website is strict about what sort of ads can be displayed so that no misleading ads can be published. They have plenty of publishers that you can take advantage of. Since they only allow high-quality ads, their conversion rates are also pretty decent.

36. Taboola

Taboola is a great native advertisement tool that is worth looking into. They have a wide reach program since they allow placement on the Taboola network’s publishers. This includes big names like Netflix, Ben & Jerry’s, The Atlantic, and The Motley Fool.

37. Revcontent

Revcontent Ad Platform

Revcontent is seen as the best mobile ad platform, and it continues to hold that sentiment in people’s minds due to its incredibly fast growth. The platform has 100 billion potential content recommendations a month. This ensures that you can test all sorts of different native ad campaigns on your target market easily. You can also target your customers through many different, highly regarded websites. This includes NBC News, Forbes, and CBS Local.

38. Opt-Intelligence

Opt-Intelligence Ad Platform

Opt-Intelligence is a great advertisement solution through which users can build their own email lists. You will be able to send opt-in forms to hundreds of websites and mobile apps. This is incredibly beneficial as it can allow a lot of brands to increase their leads.

39. Dedicated Emails

Dedicated Emails is another email marketing service that allows brands to gain thousands of leads. The service has plenty of niches that brands can explore to target different users across the world.

40. BuySellAds

BuySellAds has a bunch of different ad formats that you can use to market your products. This includes custom unit opportunities, sponsored content, media buys, and display ads. It guarantees its marketers 2 billion ad impressions in just a month. The service works with 1,500 high-quality publishers like NPR, PBS, and the Atlantic.

41. Famebit

Famebit is a video marketing platform that connects marketers with YouTube. This self-service platform allows you to collaborate with YouTubers and develop your own advertising terms. This makes it easier for influencers to understand your needs and deliver your message to their audience.

42. Midroll

Midroll Ad Platform

Midroll is the best advertising partner for marketers who want to target podcasts. The network is currently working with around 120+ shows that receive almost 15 million listeners a month.

43. SRDS

SRDS is the best mobile ad platform for those users who want information on other advertising networks. They have every piece of information you can think of about other advertising networks. This allows marketers to make more informed decisions about their campaign decisions.

44. IAB

IAB Ad Platform

IAB is a great ad platform directory. It connects businesses and companies across countless industries. Potential customers can be reached through a very limited budget plan, and paid customers can receive even more exposure.

45. BookBub

BookBub Ad Platform

BookBub is a major market for affordable, popular books. Readers subscribe to email lists for book deals and new publications. Marketers can pay to have their book promoted on the platform.

46. Adsterra

Adsterra serves 10 billion ad impressions a month. They have geo-targeting techniques that have helped over 20,000 campaigns become a success. They generate almost 6000 leads for their clients in a month and have personal account managers to help you out.

You can even choose from a variety of payment models. There are also different ad formats that you can choose from. This includes display ads, interstitial ads, direct links, and more.

47. Ad Maven

Ad Maven has got great monetization strategies that can help marketers. This includes lightboxes, banner ads, slider ads, and interstitial ads. They have served hundreds of millions of impressions over the course of their service. They persist in 200 countries, giving advertisers a good geo-targeting feature. The amazing RTB system also allows for precise targeting.

48. Ad Blade

Ad Blade is a content ad platform that marketers use to reach bigger audiences. They have a huge range of publishers, with big names like Yahoo!, Fox News, and ABC. They are very strict when it comes to the publishers they allow on their program. This ensures that you have high-quality ad placements.

49. Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media Ad Platform

Vibrant Media is a popular ad network. It helps advertisers connect with 6,600 premium publisher sites. You can display your ads in a variety of formats to engage your audience. This includes in-image, in-text, mosaic, LightBox, and storyboard. Some features that you can avail are:

  • Native ad placement
  • Real-time targeting
  • Designed to engage

Mobile advertising is a crucial part of the marketing strategy since it is a cost-effective means of campaigning. As such, choosing the best mobile ad platform for your marketing needs is incredibly important for the success of a brand. This comprehensive list of the best mobile ad platforms will surely help you choose the platform that best fits your advertising requirements.