21 Best Grammar Checkers Online That Can Step Up Your Writing Game

Best Grammar Checkers Online

Grammar checkers come in handy whether you’re writing a blog, an e-book, a professional email, or a long article. They can help you come across more professionally with your writing. Even more if you’re using the best grammar checkers online.

Even the most experienced writers can make mistakes. If you have a habit of proofreading your own work, you’re bound to rush through grammatical and spelling errors. On the other hand, having your work proofread by someone else is also not always possible, neither feasible.

Thanks to the digital age, we now have a variety of tools and software solutions available online that can make our writing free of any grammatical and spelling errors.

In this article, we’ll take a close look at the 21 best grammar checkers online. So let’s begin.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is currently the most trusted online grammar checker tool available, with over 10 million people using it to proofread their work. The free grammar checker version is ideal for writers working on a budget. All of your spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes and punctuation errors can be taken care of easily with this tool.

Its free browser plug-in can immediately check your email, social media posts, and anything you write online. The premium version has some added features like vocabulary enhancement and plagiarism detection.

A great feature of Grammarly is its availability on almost all platforms. It is available on the following platforms:

  • As a desktop application for both the Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • It is available on the Android and iOS platforms.
  • It can be installed as an extension in all the major browsers. These include Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.
  • It can be incorporated directly into Microsoft Word, which means that documents can be checked through Grammarly while you type.

It can even be used as a mobile keyboard on both the major mobile operating systems – Android and iOS. If you need to take things a step further, you can even try their human proofreading option.

Online grammar checking, spellchecking and plagiarism detection platform

2. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid aims to be a writing and editing companion for all types of writers. Whether you’re into fictional writing, academic writing, business writing, or looking for content writing jobs and want to enhance your portfolio, ProWritingAid can help you.

This software is used by many published authors prior to sending their work for publishing. It goes beyond grammar and spell checking and helps amateur writers turn into great writers with its powerful word exploring tool.

This tool is basically a comprehensive library that features a dictionary, thesaurus, reverse dictionary, alliteration dictionary, cliché dictionary, rhyme examples from poetry and songs, and much more. Thus, it can add great value to your writing.

3. Ginger

Another handy tool for grammar correction, Ginger also comes in free and premium versions. The premium plans can be purchased on a monthly basis, every 3 months (quarterly) or a yearly renewal.  These premium plans enable features such as unlimited grammar checking, sentence rephrasing, and error analysis.

Other than checking grammar, spelling, and punctuation, it has an added advantage for those looking to translate their work into different languages. Ginger can translate to forty different languages with an accuracy that is better than Google translate.

As expected, Ginger is available and works on just about any system. It can be integrated with Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, Microsoft Outlook, and a whole host of other applications. Ginger even has a mobile presence, working on the Android and iOS platforms, and can be integrated you’re your browser as well.

4. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke uses Natural Language Processing to get its work done. Natural Language Processing, or NLP for short, combines sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence to be able to handle wording errors or phrasing errors of a wider range than most other grammar checking software programs.

Aside from checking your work for grammatical errors, it also scores your work based on the errors so you can monitor your progress, especially if English is not your native language.

WhiteSmoke also offers a range of tools to enhance your writing. These include a writing assistant that can be incredibly useful for dyslexic people, a translator, and a toolbar. In addition to all this, it connects you to multiple blogs that talk about tips that can help you become a better writer and help you gain a better understanding of the rules of the English language.

5. Hemingway Editor

If you struggle with making your writing more clear and impactful, Hemingway Editor can help a lot. It gets rid of wordy sentences, dull words, passive voice, and boring sentence structure and helps you become a powerful writer. You can access the editor online or simply install the desktop version.

It suggests using powerful vocabulary in place of complex and weak sentences and phrases, highlighting the issues all over your manuscript. This is especially useful for people who are writing persuasive content that is posted online on blogs, social media, websites, etc.

You can access the essential editor online for free or pay for the standalone application that is supported by Android and iOS. There are enterprise packages also available for which you have to contact the creators.

6. Reverso

For writers whose language needs are more intense, Reverso can go beyond general dictionary content and word suggestions and offer specialized language support. This includes technical, medical, business, and finance terminologies.

Aside from that, its grammar and spellcheck services are available for many major languages of the world along with English. The translator tool is also powerful and accurate.

You can use it through your web browser, a Google Chrome plug-in, or as an Android or iOS application. It has offline access as well,and you can speak to the app in situations where typing is inconvenient for you.

The one downside to Reverso is its limit of 600 words per check. However, that’s not a deal breaker. Reverso is great for proofreading shorter writing pieces like social media posts.

7. After the Deadline

This power-packed grammar and spelling checker tool was invented by the same people who built WordPress. It can be used as a WordPress plugin and a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Made especially for WordPress, After the Deadline is great for bloggers. You just have to install the plug-in for free, and it automatically corrects your blog posts.

It offers contextual spell checking feature which many spellcheckers don’t. This means it can tell you things like whether you should use ‘their’ or ‘there.’

The tool, however, cannot work from within MS Office. So you have to copy and paste stuff to your browser.

Language Tool is an online grammar checker that can help you produce error free content in 31 different languages

8. Language Tool

Language Tool is an open source grammar checker tool that can be used as a standalone extension or add-on or as a plug-in for Chrome, Firefox, LibreOffice, and OpenOffice. It’s< also available as a dedicated desktop application.

It can check grammar and spelling in 31 different languages including English and its variants, French, German, Russian, Greek, and many more. This makes the tool useful for multilingual authors and websites.

Language Tool comes with premium and enterprise plans along with a free test drive option.

9. Virtual Writing Tutor

Virtual Writing Tutor has a huge number of features other than grammar, spelling, and punctuation checking. These include paraphrasing, vocabulary enhancement, pronunciation, use of target sentence structures, and more. It can actually give real English professors a run for their money.

It can also keep your content free from overused words, expressions, and cliché terms so that your writing becomes more appealing. Writers can also differentiate between conversational and academic English.

10. SpellCheckPlus

This is a useful, affordable, and easy to use spelling and grammar checker for writers whose first language isn’t English.

SpellCheckPlus makes the most of its features to explain to writers why they are making grammar and spelling mistakes and then directing them towards what to do to address those issues. It also offers interactive grammar exercises for writers who want to go one step ahead.

It’s only available to be used through a web browser. You can paste and check up to 2000 characters for free. The paid version without this restriction comes at a reasonable per year fee.

11. PaperRater

Another online proofreader, PaperRater is a plagiarism detector that comes with added features of checking grammar and spelling. This online tool is especially aimed for students writing academic papers and reports. It ensures your paper is accurately written and gives suggestions to improve the flow of your writing.

It requires an internet connection and a web browser as there’s no plug-in available to sync with other programs or apps. The free version has a limited checking capacity of five pages per submission and 50 submissions a month. To remove this restriction, you can buy the premium version that has additional features such as a vocabulary builder.

12. SentenceChecker

SentenceChecker is another free, web browser-based tool to detect grammar and spelling errors. It also catches wayward sentence fragments that can be damaging for your dissertations and other business / academic papers.

One area where it excels is that of subject-verb agreement. SentenceChecker is able to understand this rule and catches mistakes accordingly. It can even highlight whether you’ve used the right word in a sentence or not. Along with that, it removes any fragmented sentences such as appositive fragments, and subordinate clause fragments to improve the readability of your content.

13. Scribens

This online grammar checker is simple and free to use with a user-friendly interface. It claims to detect up to 10 times more mistakes than Microsoft Word. You just have to paste text on the web-based editing tool, and you’ll see a list of suggested corrections within seconds.

Scribens is a free application with no word count or submission limits.

14. DupliChecker

DupliChecker is a free online plagiarism detector with additional free tools like grammar checking, paraphrasing, word counting, and some SEO tools like a backlink checker.

It has a 1000 word limit for checking per search so for longer documents, you have to break it up into sections to get the whole document checked.

15. NounPlus

A free online language tool, NounPlus can improve your writing and increase productivity. The tool uses a different color to highlight different possible mistakes in the text related to grammar, spelling, and sentence building. It gives suggestions for improvement as well.

16. GrammarSlammer

Grammar Slammer is a reasonably priced grammar checking software that’s highly rated by users. The reason for garnering a high level of trust lies in its advanced error detection and a focus on the more nuanced and deeper levels of the English language.

17. Slick Write

Slick Write is a powerful free application that can check your writing for errors of grammar, spelling, and style. It also displays useful metrics like the total word count, the sentences that can be considered “long,” and the lengths of the average sentence and paragraphs. It even detects and highlights the use of adverbs, passive voice, and prepositional phrases.

18. Textly

Textly is a grammar checking software that uses over 2000 contextual rules for better correction and improvements on spelling, vocabulary, and sentence structures. It offers features such as missing articles, repetitive words, sentence structures, and more.

19. OnlineCorrection

OnlineCorrection is a straightforward grammar checker that has a minimalist design and is absolutely free. It highlights mistakes such as errors in spelling, grammar and also provides suggestions to the user that can help them improve their grammar and the way they structure their sentences. All this leads to more engaging content.

The website also discards all content that you submit within 30 minutes of the check so you can be sure nobody can steal your original ideas.

20. GrammarCheck

A purely web-based and absolutely free grammar checker, GrammarCheck is best suited for nonprofessionals as it provides basic a grammar checking facility without any advanced features like a dictionary, style enhancement or plagiarism checking.

However, it’s basic grammar and spelling error detection is strong and can give a quick fix to your content.

21. WordZen

WordZen is a smart Gmail plug-in that can help you write the perfect emails. It can check your emails for any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, choice of words, tone of the email, and sentence structure.

This was a comprehensive list of the best grammar checkers online. These tools can help you get better at writing and produce more accurately written content. Make sure to use the one that best suits your requirements.

able to handle wording errors or phrasing errors of a wider range than most other grammar checking software programs.

Aside from checking your work for grammatical errors, it also scores your work based on the errors so you can monitor your progress, especially if English is not your native language.

WhiteSmoke also offers a range of tools to enhance your writing. These include a writing assistant that can be incredibly useful for dyslexic people, a translator, and a toolbar. In addition to all this, it connects you to multiple blogs that talk about tips that can help you become a better writer and help you gain a better understanding of the rules of the English language.