B2B Ad Networks [Top Networks for Your B2B Marketing Needs]

B2B Ad Networks

In the online media space, B2B ad networks have become a huge area of opportunity.

B2B is shorthand for business-to-business. As the name suggests, this type of marketing refers to the advertising of services and products to other organizations and businesses.

B2B ad networks allow businesses that want to run marketing campaigns to connect with websites agreeing to host them. The main purpose of these advertising networks is to gather ad space and match it to the needs of the advertiser.

If you are a publisher and need help with your unsold inventory, require an ad space, or wish to monetize your offerings, then you are in the right place.

Consider the following top B2B ad networks to fulfill your marketing needs:

1. Google Ads B2B Ad Network

In this modern world where technology is rapidly taking over, every time someone has to search for something, they turn to Google. The questions vary from where to go, what to do, and, most importantly, what to buy.

Google Ads allows your brand to appear in front of buyers when they are searching for similar businesses to yours on Maps and Google Search. The best part about this program is that you only have to pay when you see actual results, which can be in the form of calls to your business or clicks to your site.

Whether your potential customers are on mobile or desktop, an advertisement that is well-timed can turn them into valuable clients. Use Google Ads to get more phone calls, drive website visits, and increase shop visits. Google Ads also provides you the opportunity to work with a limited budget. You can set a monthly budget cap and spend accordingly.

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2. Twitter Ads B2B Ad Network

Advertise On Twitter To Achieve Your Business Goals

Twitter provides you the necessary solutions so that you can move one step closer to achieving your business goals. With Twitter, you can advertise and reach potential buyers. You can promote your Tweets and get them in front of a wide range of audience who isn’t even following you yet.

Once you start promoting your account, you’ll be able to grow your community in no time. With high-value followers, your business is sure to thrive. You also measure results in real-time. The system is extremely transparent. You can easily see how people are engaging with and reacting to your Tweets, and track the pace at which your follower base is growing.

You can reach your target audience based on gender, interests, device, location, etc. Moreover, you can target your messages and advertisements by keywords to maximize their relevance. Lastly, with Twitter Ads, you can be in complete control of your budget. Set your budget to whatever works best for you. There is no minimum amount that you need to spend, and you can start/stop at any time you want.

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3. LinkedIn Ads B2B Ad Network

Advertise On One Of The World’s Largest Professional Networks

LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest professional networks, where you can reach your ideal customers and achieve your business goals. You can target a unique audience according to your preference by their industry, job title, function, and more. By creating effective and easy ads with LinkedIn, you can generate leads, register for events, and create brand awareness.

LinkedIn Ads allow you to promote the updates of your company to specific audiences on tablet, mobile, and desktop. With their professional news feed, you can boost your content, and drive leads and awareness. You can even deliver personalized advertisements directly to your audience’s LinkedIn inboxes.

Lastly, with LinkedIn ads, you can control how much you spend. With their flexible pricing options, you get to start with the budget that suits you the best and stop at any time you like. All you need is a credit card and a few minutes to set up payment and get started.

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4. Bing Ads B2B Ad Network

Reach Customers Looking For Your Business

To promote your brand and business, you need to make sure that your potential customers find you. Bing Ads allows you to reach customers who are searching for your particular business. Whether your potential clients are searching for your services or products from work, home, or on the go, you can easily reach them anywhere.

You can target your audience by city, country, or even find them within a specific area and distance. If you’ve already signed-up for the Google Ads network, you can also pull that marketing campaign into Microsoft Advertising.

With this network, you don’t have to worry about a minimum fee. You can start with any budget that is suitable for you. In addition, you only need to pay when customers click your advertisements. You can also test timing, keywords, and bids in order to make the most of your return on investment.

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5. Facebook Ads B2B Ad Network

Target Future Fans And Customers

With Facebook Ads, you can target your potential customers. To advertise on their platform, you don’t need to be an expert at advertising. They offer DIY ads that people with any level of expertise can create and run. They provide easy-to-use self-service tools and ways to track your performance using reports that are extremely easy-to-read.

Approximately 1.6 billion Facebook users around the world are connected to small businesses on the social media site. This allows you to promote your products and services to an enormous audience. You can simply make a single ad with Facebook Ads and run it across Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, and Audience Network.

Expanding your reach doesn’t necessarily mean lessening or limiting your control over your business. Facebook provides brand controls that are easy-to-use, and permits you to set parameters on how and where your advertisements appear. 

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6. 24/7 Media B2B Ad Network

A Comprehensive Monetization Platform

With its headquarters in New York City, 24/7 Media is a technology company with 20 offices in 12 different countries. They specialize in Digital Marketing and are well-known for providing new types of marketing and digital technology solutions for advertisers, agencies, and publishers globally.

The company provides publishers with a comprehensive monetization platform. As a publisher, you get access to ad management tools with which you can run all operations related to digital advertising smoothly and effectively.

24/7 Media also allows agencies and advertisers to execute targeted, multi-channel and targeted digital media marketing campaigns. They do so by bringing together all the digital marketing channels.

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7. TechTarget B2B Ad Network

Engage Active Buyers In Your Market

With TechTarget, you can drive demand, increase awareness, and spark interest for the services and products you have to offer. You get to connect with influencers and decision-makers of the same field. They allow brand engagement and make it extremely easy to track that engagement. This helps users gather important insights leading to better relationships.

TechTarget provides unique and easy forms of advertising and marketing to create and increase awareness of your business. They monitor countless tech buying signals across a huge network of members. They then share information about real people that provide you with a better conversion rate.

You get to find the accounts that actually matter, and individuals that convert. Identify active buyers, influence them, and engage them in your relevant market. Lastly, you can download and view numerous new prospects every week in order to drive the success of your marketing efforts and sales in a measurable manner.

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8. Madison Logic B2B Ad Network

Make Your Sales Team Happy By Generating Leads

Make your sales team happy and double the conversion rate of your sales with Madison Logic. Their ABM Lead Generation generates up-to-date and accurate contacts. These contacts are generated from the target accounts of individuals who are currently searching for a solution like your business.

The platform allows you to specifically target individuals from the right industry, with the right job titles, of the right age, and more. Madison Logic gives you access to 20+ data sources that include technographic, intent, and firmographic data. With this access to the relevant data, you get to spend efficiently on accounts that are more likely to convert.

When promoting your products, it’s not necessary to do so in front of people who are already actively searching for a solution like yours. You can also target other accounts with the hyper-targeted ABS Advertising that Madison Logic has to offer. This places you on the list of possible vendors when those contacts start looking for a business like yours.

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9. Ziff Davis B2B Ad Network

Global Market Leader

ZiffDavis B2B delivers effective marketing solutions that are aligned perfectly with your business strategies. They’ve built a B2B network of media brands, and are great at targeting professionals in the fields of marketing, finance, HR, and IT. They help you identify potential customers, engage with them, influence them, and finally captivate them. With this platform, the sky is the limit.

They start with great lead generation and help you connect with people who are looking to buy what you’re selling. They have in-house experts with a lot of years of experience in media publishing and digital performance marketing space.

ZiffDavis can help you decide on the approach that is right for you in order to help you fulfill all your marketing and advertising needs. Whether you need help in creating content or targeting audiences or generating demand based upon intent insights, this platform has got you covered.

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10. Dianomi B2B Ad Network

The Advertising Platform For Financial Services

Dianomi is an advertising platform that provides financial services to its users. It is one of the largest B2B ad networks with more than 350 business and financial publishers. They serve over 5 billion content ads in a month, and over 600 finance and business advertisers reach approximately 175 million readers worldwide through this platform. At Dianomi, they help you generate leads, drive traffic to your website, and create and increase brand awareness. They also ensure safe advertising on the Internet for your brand.

Dianomi provides services in a contextually relevant environment. Their publisher network is mainly focused on, and serves business and finance brands. This content-driven advertising allows brands to reach more customers who are actually interested in what they are selling.

The advertisers get the benefit of reaching customers with their targeted native ad content, and that too on premium publisher sites. The publishers, on the other hand, benefit from achieving better ROI and maximizing their revenue potential through native ad units.

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11. Future Plc B2B Ad Network

Global Platform For Specialist Media With Numerous Brands

With diversified and scalable brands, Future is a global specialist media platform. This platform helps connect individuals to things that they are passionate about. The team at Future is agile, commercially focused, creative, and dedicated to helping their advertisers. They raise brand awareness through the original content that they create, the engaging and unique experiences they deliver, and the innovative technology they pioneer.

They have promoted many businesses in B2B and specialist consumer sectors that include creative photography, entertainment, television, music, gaming, technology, home interest, and education. Each year they help more businesses expand their reach, and more customers find what they are actively looking for.

With innovative media services, memorable live experiences, creative advertising solutions, and superior ecommerce technology, their partners look up to them to make valuable and unique connections. Future also delivers a significant return on investment for their shareholders and streams of revenue for their brands and partners that team up with them.

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12. Ideas People Media B2B Ad Network

Provides Brand With The Opportunity To Deliver Their Message

Ideas People Media is one of the top B2B ad networks and is lead by The Economist Group. The Economist Group is one of the leading sources of analyzing world affairs and international businesses. They deliver their data through various formats, including electronic services, magazines, and newspapers. They are known for original insights, objective opinions, and their advocacy of political and economic freedom around the world.

At The Economist Group, they call their readers Ideas People, due to their firm opinions and intense curiosity regarding subjects such as culture, globalization, business, and innovation. These like-minded people are the perfect audience to promote the services and products your brand has to offer.

Ideas People Media offers thought-leading organizations and brands an amazing opportunity to deliver their message and sell their offerings to a global audience. This audience includes more than 70 million people. IPM allows you to reach them with their variety of media solutions.

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We understand how finding an intermediary company is important to you. Whether you’re a publisher looking to host ads or an advertiser wanting to promote unsold inventory, we have the solution for you. Choose one of the B2B ad networks mentioned above to fulfill your marketing needs.