Ahrefs Vs SEMrush – Selecting the Best SEO Tool for Your Business

Ahrefs VS SEMrush

The Ahrefs vs SEMrush battle looks like it will continue to dominate the SEO world for years to come.

Over the years, both organizations have been locked in a professional battle to be the number one SEO tool. Both tools have plenty to offer, but also have certain drawbacks, which is why we’re here to help you decide which SEO tool provides the better package to help you improve your rankings.

When looking at which one is better – Ahrefs or SEMrush – we will cover points such as:

  • Database size
  • Ease-of-use
  • Basic functionality
  • Additional features
  • Pricing plan

Based on these factors, you can decide which SEO tool best suits your needs.


Ahrefs SEO Tool

For an SEO tool to be effective in helping you make decisions, the data it provides plays a pivotal role. Ahrefs currently has a magnificent 9.8 billion keywords in its database, which is significantly more than many other SEO tools in the market. However, it isn’t much compared to SEMrush’s data. It operates in 171 regions across the globe.

Ahrefs is pretty straightforward; it allows you to see which websites link to a particular URL, their anchors, the strength of their backlinks, etc. Users can keep an eye on these backlinks and observe their growth. Ahrefs also provides filters to help you view only the information that is relevant to you.  

You can see what your competition is up to, find out which of their keywords are ranking, as well as their spending on advertising through certain keywords. Not only do you get to see the impact of their paid promotion, but also the organic traffic their website is receiving.

You can find out which content pieces are trending, being shared the most, and are likely to generate the most income so that you can optimize your content accordingly

Data Export

While it doesn’t offer third party integration, you can export your data to use it in conjunction with other tools such as Google Analytics.

Social Media Integration

You can see a website’s social media performance in the form of the number of likes received, shares, tweets, and so on.

Ahrefs doesn’t have third-party integration, writing assistants, or social network management tools the way SEMrush does, but this isn’t really seen as a drawback by big businesses that choose to use Ahrefs as just an SEO tool.

Pricing Plan

Initially, for $7, you can get complete access to the Ahrefs database for seven days. You can then opt for the basic package, which starts at $99/month or the advanced one, which is priced at $400/month. There is even a special agency package at $1000/ month.


SEMrush SEO Tool

As we mentioned earlier, for an SEO tool, data is key. SEMrush is the overall winner in terms of having the largest database with 16.4 billion keywords in its database, including 503 million desktop keywords and 87.2 million mobile keywords. SEMrush also operates in 190 countries. Based solely on numbers, SEMrush appears to come out on top in the Ahrefs vs SEMrush battle.

3rd Party Integration

SEMrush offers third party integration with data analysis giants such as TapClicks, and it is possible for you to link your SEMrush data with over 185 sources, such as AdWords, etc. With a heavy dataset, you can make more effective marketing decisions.

SEMrush also allows you to integrate your data with DashThis, an analytics tool that organizes your data for you and can help you customize what you’re looking for, such as changes in your position over time.

You can also connect to Listing Management, where you can find out about a particular business’ presence online on platforms such as Google and Bing. For local listings, Yext is a good option.

SEMrush has adopted the strategy of providing the best and most complete dataset to its users, which is why it even teamed up with one of its rivals, Majestic, to provide you with more accurate information about your website’s backlinks.

Extracting Data from Google

It must be noted that while SEMrush allows you to obtain data from Google’s tools, Ahrefs does not. This enables you to measure your visibility level, estimated site traffic, and the overall ranking for your choice of keywords.

Through the On-Page SEO Checker, you can further obtain important figures, such as page loading time, bounce rate, and so on. SEMrush will then provide you with ideas on how to improve these ratings.

You can also integrate data from SEMrush’s Organic Insights Tool with Google Analytics to look at backend data and figure out your position, bounce rate, etc. Think of this as a complete view of all your analytics data in one place.

Connecting the Site Audit to Google Analytics will immediately highlight the pages that require instant attention based on the number of views and other data.

The best part is that while this integration process sounds complicated, SEMrush’s website guides you through the entire process so you can obtain the metrics you need to improve your SEO ranking without having to go through too much of a hassle.

The SEMrush Writing Assistant

SEMrush is more than just an SEO tool – it is a complete marketing tool that not only helps you analyze your SEO rankings but also helps you find ways to improve them. The SEMrush Writing Assistant can be used to analyze your text. It provides scores for readability (number of sentences, words, etc.) and helps you optimize the content so that it is both reader-friendly and SEO friendly.

It also mathematically calculates the reading difficulty of your content. So, instead of using another digital tool for this process, you can improve your content on a single platform.

You’re still in charge of the work, so you’ll set your own word count and target keywords. SEMrush will nudge you along by reminding you to fully use the target word count that you’ve set. Along with that, it also provides recommended keywords (up to 20 keywords) and data about the volume of that keyword to help you optimize your content.

It will even provide title suggestions and let you know if a paragraph has gone on for too long. Once you’re done with your work, it provides you with an overall rating on your finished content.

Using SEMrush for Social Network Management

Apart from being your writing and SEO companion, SEMrush can also become your new social media toolkit. You can save and schedule drafts to save time, even if it’s months in advance. You can schedule them to be posted on any platform; Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

The SEMrush Social Media Tracker helps you analyze your profile compared to that of your competitors. You can also observe their performance over time and keep a track of the tactics they use. You can even search for the top-ranked content within your category so that you can try and beat it.

While this social media toolkit is quite basic, it is excellent for small businesses with a small budget. However, large scale companies are not likely to benefit too much from it.

New on SEMrush – Content Marketing Toolkit

SEMrush now has a content marketing toolkit that follows a 360-degree approach to help you with your content marketing needs. It helps you research topics that are likely to be engaging. It also assists you in creating a writing plan, optimizing your content for maximum viewership, analyzing the outcome, and figuring out how to improve the results.

Pricing Plan

SEMrush offers a free 7-day trial, after which you can sign up for one of their packages or create a customized one under the “Enterprise” option. Basic packages start out at $99/month and may go up to $400/month.

So Who Is the Winner of the Ahrefs VS SEMrush Battle?

Ahrefs is a great SEO tool with much to offer for marketing professionals. But SEMrush’s approach of covering every aspect, from providing SEO data to helping you write your content, makes it more worthwhile. Its third party integration provides you with a larger dataset. And its link to Google Analytics enables you to figure out how your content is being received online. The social media management tool also makes life easier for small businesses.

You can even enroll in the SEMrush academy to improve your marketing skills. So if we have to choose a winner in the Ahrefs VS SEMrush battle, SEMrush would be the first preference for small businesses still trying to find their footing.

Simply looking for an excellent SEO tool to optimize your content? Ahrefs also has a large databank of keywords to help your content rank amongt the very top of the search engine results.