The Top 23 Affiliate Sales Tracking Software You Can Use Today!

Affiliate Sales Tracking Software

Affiliate sales tracking software is a must-have, especially if you are launching an affiliate marketing campaign.

As more businesses are now investing in affiliate marketing, this software has become an absolute necessity. This is because there is definitely more to affiliate marketing than just making a little extra money on the side.

Over the years, affiliate marketing has provided tangible results which is why so many people now resort to this style of marketing to make a living.

Why Do You Need Affiliate Sales Tracking Software?

Today, around 90% of all publishers and advertisers use affiliate sales tracking software. As a result, over 81% of brands use this type of marketing and around 80% of all businesses have a dedicated affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing is complex because, to gauge your success, you have to actively monitor your campaign. Campaign insights such as conversions, link building, audience trends, and traffic generation all contribute to the end result.

With affiliate sales tracking software, you can simplify the process of collecting and analyzing this data. Investing in good software is highly beneficial especially considering how affiliate marketing is here to stay.

With every passing year, the average expenses of businesses in this area go up by 10.1%. This means that by 2020, business expenses will have grown to $6.8 billion.

You need to make sure you cover all the basics before you get into affiliate marketing

Getting Into Affiliate Marketing

Seeing just how profitable affiliate marketing is, you can understand why businesses are choosing it. However, to be successful at affiliate marketing, you need to be prepared for it.

To do so, it is important to make sure that you’re able to meet the following points:

Have a Marketable Product

Make sure that your product has a market appeal. A product with market appeal is going to sell well because there’s a tangible demand for it. Affiliate marketing capitalizes on this market appeal.

It also boosts sales, particularly for items which have short sales cycles. This is why it is said to naturally work well with e-Commerce sites. However, even if you don’t have an e-Commerce site, you can still tap into affiliate marketing.

Be Able to Manage the Traffic

It’s a given that once you launch your affiliate program, you will see an increase in your website traffic. In some cases, a campaign can generate so much interest that it can end up driving insane amounts of traffic. When this happens, the website can crash or malfunction in some manner.

To prevent this from happening, analyze your website and make sure that it can handle the increase in traffic that your affiliate program will bring. Remember that these errors can ruin the buying experience and ruin the results of your campaign, even if everything else went smoothly. Make all the necessary changes to manage traffic beforehand.

Know Your Collaborator’s Audience

Before you announce your affiliate program, consider who your ideal collaborators will be. Once you have this figured out, reach out to them. It can be difficult to hope that the right bloggers and influencers will automatically reach out to you.

In this case, you want to hand-pick your collaborators. The ideal ones are those with whom your business shares target audiences. This will help you get the maximum results from your affiliate marketing campaign. This approach will also be more targeted and will yield tangible benefits.

Have a Good Presence Online

You have to make sure that your business has a good online presence for people. This is necessary to prove your credibility and raise brand awareness. Customer loyalty also hinges on a brand that they can see around them.

Why do you think McDonald’s has so many restaurants in one city? It’s hard for the people to forget about this brand when there’s one at every street corner. So, your goal should be to apply this approach but use it online. Remember that the bigger your presence will be, the more success you will have in finding the right collaborators.

Results from your campaign will also be more successful because your audience will interact more with you. When your consumers can see that you’re a well-established business and have a strong presence, they’re going to be less picky about working with you.

Have the Manpower and the Right Tools

Once you launch it, you need to proactively monitor your affiliate marketing program. This can be a complicated task as there are many indicators of success here. For this, reason, you will need to have the right tools and use the right manpower. Also, keep in mind that this process in marketing involves a lot of different steps.

From tracking conversions to compensating affiliate partners and other fine details, you need to have the right software. So, the right software and team members will make a marked difference here. Make sure that you also have the means available to invest in such software.

Free tools generally offer only limited features. If you’re looking for some good affiliate sales tracking software, that you can mold according to your campaign and goals, it is a good idea to buy it.

Picking the best affiliate sales tracking software can be a bit tricky but needs to be done for best returns

The Best Affiliate Sales Tracking Software 

Now, picking the best software is a decision which will be based on various factors. The two major ones though are your own business needs and what you’re looking to achieve from your affiliate marketing campaign.

For this reason, we’ve scoured the internet and are listing down 23 of the best affiliate sales tracking software available. So, whether you’re just starting into affiliate marketing or are a seasoned pro, take a look at the list below. We have something for everyone!

1. Trackier

Subscription Cost: 3 Packages – $299 per month for Pro, $499 for Agency, and custom pricing for Enterprise

Trackier offers flexible affiliate marketing services

Designed to be used by large, medium, and even small businesses, Trackier offers scalable performance tracking solutions for everyone. The tool can integrate with a number of different platforms, including PayPal, Shopify, WordPress, Apsalar and around 100+ Ad Networks and mobile tracking solutions such as TUNE, Appsflyer and even Adjust.

You can also enhance your security measures because Trackier offers solutions to detect fraud, retrieve data, and even track your campaign in real-time. If you’re not ready to buy, you can try out the free 30-day trial offered for this tool before you sign up for a subscription!

2. HitPath

Subscription Cost: No pricing listed – Custom plans made

HitPath is loved because of the flexibility that it offers to affiliate marketers

Considered to be one of the most user-friendly affiliate sales tracking software, Hit Path offers scalable, reliable solutions. It’s full of different features and offers complete customization to accommodate your needs. HitPath also gives you the chance to indulge in training and get support on a 24/7 basis. It also offers a white-labeled interface to you. 

While there is no pricing available, you can ask for a demo and if you’re ready to sign up, you can get a custom plan made for your business.

3. Link Trust

Subscription Cost: 3 Packages – $399 per month for Starter, $549 for Professional, and $879 for Enterprise – Annual programs available

LinkTrust has a reputation for being among the most trusted platforms for affiliate marketing

A tool which promises to track anything, Link Trust can track sales conversions, calls, ads, and even networks in relation to your affiliate marketing program. It also focuses on optimizing your program to make your campaign a true success. Link Trust also has a completely customizable interface, offers you management of lead distribution, affiliate programs, lead validation and even security through detection of fraud.

4. ShareASale

Subscription Cost: $650 one-time cost – Recurring payments are based on overall sales generated through ShareASale

ShareASale is designed to accommodate different business needs of merchants and affiliates

Functioning for over 18 years, ShareASale has established a strong presence at the forefront of affiliate marketing solutions. They offer solutions that are custom made for businesses and e-Commerce stores in different industries and markets. Their software also encompasses all phases of your business to help it grow through their affiliate marketing program tools.


Subscription Cost: 3 Packages – $279 per month for Professional, $799 per month for Enterprise and Custom pricing available too.

TUNE was formerly known as HasOffers but it has now rebranded itself

Previously known as HasOffers, TUNE has an established history of providing the best, cloud-based affiliate marketing solutions. The company has evolved to make affiliate marketing easier for medium to large-sized businesses. They also make custom solutions to tackle any issue that your business might be facing. As a plus point, they offer automation services as well!

6. ClickBank

Subscription Cost: $49.45 one-time cost – Recurring payments are based on the overall sales generated

ClickBank is loved because it very easy to use and offers intuitive solutions for businesses

With over 200,000,000 international users, ClickBank is internationally renowned for its software for affiliate marketing programs. With a focus on growth, all solutions improve businesses in their respective fields. It hosts products that are overlooked by the experts who are hailed for their entrepreneurial abilities in their fields. If you’re looking to reach out to and identify untapped markets, ClickBank is the perfect option for you.

7. CJ Affiliate

Subscription Cost: Custom pricing – Quote based on the project and the requirements of the client.

CJ Affiliate offers award-winning services for small and large businesses

CJ Affiliate provides award-winning solutions and affiliate sales tracking software. In 2017, they won the title of Industry Network of the Year. They take great pride in providing unparalleled services to advertisers, agencies, and publishers. CJ Affiliate focuses on offering a range of services like automated deep links, quick lead generation, and global solutions. Their software and solutions are multi-lingual and accommodate different currencies.

8. InviteReferrals

Subscription Cost: Custom pricing – Quote based on the project and client’s requirements.

Invite Referrals makes affiliate marketing software easy, simple, and intuitive

Aimed at being user-friendly, InviteReferrals makes it easier for clients to efficiently handle different factors of their affiliate marketing campaign. Their solutions focus on smarter and more effective engagement. They provide compatibility with different mobile applications and collaborate with over 20,000+ customers, including brands like Coca Cola, Foursquare, American Express and more.

9. Sovrn//Commerce

Subscription Cost: Custom pricing – Quote based on the project and clients wants and needs

Sovrn//Commerce was once known as VigLink and offers custom solutions for affiliate marketing

Previously known as VigLink, Sovrn//Commerce offers custom solutions for affiliate marketing to businesses and publishers. Their work helps deliver revenue by creating engaging content. Every aspect of Sovrn//Commerce aims to simplify usage, amplify results, and automate the process to make it easier to use. They have worked with over 2 million publishers.

10. AffTrack

Subscription Cost: Packages can vary – $99 to $799 per month, based on the affiliate project.

AffTrack focuses on the growth of networks

Used by affiliate programs since 2009, AffTrack has an established market reputation and its affiliate marketing solutions have a proven track record. Their services go one step further through geo-targeting, device targeting, and detection of proxies, and handling invoicing. They also offer a customizable interface which aims to improve user experience and make integration simple and easy.

11. Voluum

Subscription Cost: 3 packages available – $69 per month for Entry, $299 per month for Basic, and $599 for Advanced – Custom pricing for corporations.

Voluum combines cloud services with the ultimate tools to optimize affiliate marketing

If you want to gather data, Voluum is the perfect affiliate sales tracking software for you. It offers real-time data, gauges the return on investment, and also gives insight on the purchase activity of your target audience. It’s designed to be useful for independent, small businesses as well as big corporations. The interface is fairly simple and user-friendly and allows you to see your progress in real-time.

12. Refersion

Subscription Cost: 2 packages available – $89 per month for Professional – Custom pricing for Enterprise packages.

Refersion focuses on simplifying the most advanced affiliate marketing options

Designed with simplicity in mind, Refersion delivers professional services that are easy for everyone to use. This tool is essential for automation of commission and approvals for affiliate orders, and can help you save time putting the pieces together. As an added plus, you can also monitor your analytics and affiliates with this tool.

13. Post Affiliate Pro

Subscription Cost: 3 packages available – $97 per month for Pro, $197 per month for Ultimate, and $477 per month for Network.

Post Affiliate Pro is designed to be as flexible as possible

Post Affiliate Pro is flexibility personified. Their affiliate sales tracking software can accommodate almost any business and comes packed with useful tools and features. They offer detection of fraud, payment gateways, support of integration through CMS, and scalable solutions. They’re the favorite tool of choice for over 30,000 professionals, brands, and businesses.

14. Affise

Subscription Cost: 3 packages available – $299 per month for Pro, $499 per month for Enterprise, and custom pricing for the VIP package.

Affise offers award-winning affiliate marketing services to small businesses and corporations

Winning multiple awards since 2017, Affise offers bespoke services on an international level. They offer compatibility with other tools and applications, including report calculations. Affise is perfect for use by advertisers, publishers, and even corporations.

15. ReferralCandy

Subscription Cost: 2 packages available – $49 + commissions per month for Premium and $3,999 per year for Enterprise.

ReferralCandy makes it easy to reward your consumers and amplify your sales

ReferralCandy makes affiliate marketing sweet and profitable for you. It helps you keep an eye on your return on investment while also maintaining ease of use. They offer one-click integration setups, support various reward options, and bring a new dimension to affiliate marketing. Rewards are customizable to include more than just cash. Discounts, store credit, and even free products can appeal more to your target audience.

16. iDevAffiliate

Subscription Cost: 4 packages available – $199 – one- time cost for self-hosting, $39 per month for Cloud, $49 per month for Cloud Social, and $59 per month for Cloud Premium.

iDevAffiliate is one of the oldest software for affiliate marketing in the market

Functioning since 1999, iDevAffiliate is one of the oldest affiliate sales tracking software you can find online. The surprising thing is that it has maintained a great track record for excellence over the past few years. This tool allows you to track and monitor activity and even supports integration with different mobile platforms. The best part is that you can use it with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

17. PeerFly

Subscription Cost: Custom pricing – Quote based on the project, and clients’ requirements.

PeerFly has slowly grown to be one of the most renowned affiliate marketing companies

PeerFly is an international platform. PeerFly not only offers tools but also educates publishers so that they can produce better results. PeerFly’s transparency is also responsible for making it a favorite. That’s why it is no surprise that brands like Target, Uber, McAfee,, and CBS are among their customers.

18. Impact Radius

Subscription Cost: Custom pricing – Quote based on the project, and clients’ requirements.

Impact Radius offers easy to use, custom-made services that accommodate market changes

Impact Radius has been functioning since 2008 as an affiliate sales tracking software. The co-founder previously founded Commission Junction and The affiliate marketing services by Impact Radius also automate procedures, enable tracking, and integrate with different customer relationship management functions.

19. AvantLink

Subscription Cost: Custom pricing – Quote based on the project, and clients’ requirements. 

AvantLink has a reputation for providing the best-quality solutions to its clients

Designed to provide innovative solutions for affiliate marketing, AvantLink focuses on bringing transparency, improving reporting, and supporting different marketing strategies. The software is compatible with different platforms such as Mac and Windows. The ease of use of this software makes it perfect for use by small, medium, and large businesses.

20. TrackingDesk

Subscription Cost: 3 packages available – $50 per month for Personal, $100 per month for Affiliate, and $200 per month for Super Affiliate. 

Dedicated to improving your ROI, TrackingDesk makes affiliate marketing profitable for you

Focused on giving you one platform for all your marketing needs, TrackingDesk offers you intuitive marketing solutions. Based on your goals, you can use TrackingDesk to keep an eye on your marketing ROI, your conversions, real-time distribution of data and overall market distribution. Keeping these features in mind, TrackingDesk also offers custom solutions ranging from lead generation to email marketing.  

21. Ambassador

Subscription Cost: 3 packages available – Starter, Professional and Enterprise – Custom pricing for all plans.

Ambassador offers you complete control over the affiliate marketing process

If you want complete control over your marketing campaign, Ambassador is the perfect tool for you. It aims to be your one-stop-shop for all your affiliate marketing solutions. The company is trusted by some of the world’s most renowned brands, including Hewlett Packard, Zillow, and Logitech. You can rest assured that you’ll get scalable, innovative, and flexible solutions when you use it!

22. Clickinc

Subscription Cost: 3 packages available – $25 per month, $69 per month, $149 per month based on features you need.

Clickinc ensures that you don’t have an issue with their affiliate marketing software

With a very intuitive interface, Clickinc is perfect for professionals who aren’t as tech-savvy as their competitors. It provides reports, graphs, and commissions, and keeps track of all sales made. The insightful data generation has led to it being a favorite of many businesses. Clickinc also makes it easier to track sales through different marketers and getting in touch with them. If you want a software which is easy to use, fair, and simple – Clickinc is the one for you.

23. LeadDyno

Subscription Cost: Custom pricing – Quote based on the project and clients’ requirements.

LeadDyno makes it easier for you to simplify your campaign and improve overall outreach

If you want to learn as you go, LeadDyno is the right tool for you. It’s designed with the average user in mind. It also offers a lot of resources to help one take their first steps into affiliate marketing. The tool has different features which are designed to help you generate the best return on investment, keep track of your leads, and increase visibility of your business.

So, there you have it. Our list of the best affiliate sales tracking software that you can find online! We’d like to mention that this list is made in random order and we have not rated them or written them in any particular order. All our readers are advised to use the affiliate sales tracking software recommended here on their own discretion.