23 Affiliate Marketing Software – Free & Easy to Use

Affiliate Marketing Software Free

Looking for the best affiliate marketing software, free to use and very helpful?

Affiliate marketers are always on the lookout for the best affiliate marketing tools that can help them earn more passive income. With so many of these tools available out there, it becomes difficult to choose one.

Read this article to find out the best free affiliate marketing software and tools that can help you improve your affiliate marketing return.

23 Affiliate Marketing Software [Free & Easy]

Here are the 23 best free affiliate marketing software and tools that you can use.

1. BuzzSumo

You can never do well in affiliate marketing unless you understand the latest market trends. Buzzsumo is a great option for research and marketing. You can track your competitors, find out what content is most commonly shared on social media sites, evaluate keywords, and also get great ideas for content.

BuzzSumo is a great research and marketing tool for affiliate marketers

Buzzsumo offers both free and paid versions. While there are some features and data limitations on the free version, you can still use it to get market insights. This will help you decide the right strategy for your affiliate marketing endeavors.

2. ClickMeter

Tracking is an important part of affiliate marketing. You need to know where your traffic is coming from and what is making your audience buy a product. You also want to see what is bringing them back to your page.

ClickMeter helps you track where your traffic is coming from and what is making your audience buy a product

ClickMeter helps you do all this. It is a conversion, affiliate and link tracker that has over 100 free features. Use these features to optimize your campaigns and track your performance.

3. Buffer

A well-known social media management tool, Buffer allows you to manage your social media posts easily. You can send out blasts to all your social media channels with just a click. What makes Buffer different from other tools out there is that you can schedule your content to be posted at a later time.

Buffer is a well-known social media management tool that can be leveraged by affiliate marketers

This allows you to manage your content easily and saves a lot of time. It also helps you post your content during optimal times, which helps increase your traffic and viewership. Using Buffer can help you optimize your social media presence, which is necessary for affiliate marketing success.

4. Adcomparator

Another great free affiliate marketing software, Adcomparator works on the Taguchi statistical analysis method. What makes Adcomparator a great option is that it allows you to compare up to 15 aspects at the same time. This helps you optimize your affiliate marketing and advertising strategy.

Adcomparatorworks on the Taguchi statistical analysis method

In addition, Adcomparator also rates the efficacy of your PPC strategies, email marketing campaigns, direct marketing, and website content. Simply put, Adcomparator tells you exactly what you need if you wish to increase your conversion rates.

5. SpyFu

You cannot do well in affiliate marketing unless you know and understand what your competitors are doing. SpyFu allows you to keep an eye on the competition. It is a keyword research tool that enables you to see each keyword that a company has purchased on AdWords. It also ranks these keywords based on efficacy.

SpyFu allows you to keep an eye on your competition and track their progress

If you are looking for a great free PPC and SEO research tool for your affiliate marketing, then SpyFu is a great choice. You can also generate better quality leads through the reliable contact information provided by SpyFu.

6. WordPress

A very famous blog, website, and app publisher, WordPress is easy to use, versatile and completely free. As an affiliate, you need a well-thought-out, well-designed, highly functional and easy to navigate website. All of this can be done through WordPress.

WordPress is one of the most famous blog, website, and app publishers

Using WordPress is very easy. Anyone can do it. You will find plenty of free templates that you can choose from. In addition, there are many other geeky tools that can help you create an awesome website or blog.

7. Headline Analyzer Tool from Coschedule

Writing attention-grabbing headlines is the first step to driving traffic to your website. Coschedule has come up with a free and great headline analyzer tool that can help you create great headlines for your content.

CoscheduleHeadline Analyzer Tool helps you write better headlines

It rates your headlines based on readability, structure, and grammar. In addition, it also checks the words to see if they are common or uncommon, powerful, or emotional. The length, keywords, sentiment and word count is also analyzed and rated.

You can make changes to your headlines based on this score and create better titles with Coschedule.

8. Blog Topic Generator HubSpot

To be a successful affiliate marketer, you must come up with regular and engaging content. Finding the right topics for this can be an ordeal. It is difficult to generate ideas all the time and then come up with amazing content for it. Thanks to HubSpot Blog Topic Generator, things have become a little easier.

HubSpot Blog Topic Generator helps you create topics for your content

It uses an algorithm that can help you come up with various topics. All you have to do is write any three keywords, and it will generate enough topics to keep you going for over a week. You just have to see if the ideas generated are actually workable or not and start writing content.

9. EMV Headline Analyzer 

The Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer determines the Emotional Marketing Value Score of your headlines. It is a free tool offered by the Advanced Marketing Institute. The headline is analyzed and scored based on the number of EMV words it has.

The EMV Headline Analyzer determines the Emotional Marketing Value score of your headlines

Using this tool can help you create headlines that will reach your customers in an emotional and deep way. This will bring more traffic to your blog and increases your chances of being successful in affiliate marketing.

10. Canva

Do you lack graphic design skills but still want to have great visuals on your blog? Canva has made it easy to create brochures, infographics, gift certificates, and ebook covers.

Use Canva to create brochures, infographics, gift certificates, and ebook covers to make your content more effective

It also allows you to edit your photographs and add text to your images. You can also make graphics with the purpose of posting them on your social media accounts.

11. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

If you are looking for a free tool to generate content ideas, then Portent’s Content Idea Generator is a good choice. It is a free tool that gives you different content ideas based on your keywords. It is especially great for creating humorous headlines.

Portent is a free tool that gives you different content ideas based on your keywords

12. Feedly

Another great tool to generate content ideas, Feedly can help you out greatly if you’ve exhausted your mental list of topics to write about. It gives you the best of the web, and you can then dive deep into each category to find a topic.

Feedly helps you find great content ideas

Feedly is a great free platform for people who like reading and want to create amazing content.

13. Google AdWords

Running keyword research is essential before you post anything for affiliate marketing. Google AdWords is one of the best keyword tools out there. It can help you find all the information and data about your keywords. It also lets you find the right keywords that can help you rank higher.

14. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools can also come in handy for affiliate marketers who are looking for free SEO tools and resources. It gives you a detailed account of everything you need to make your blog or website do better in the search rankings.

Create an account and link all your websites to it. You can run the mobile-friendly test to see how responsive your websites are. You can also check the speed of your websites. Then, finish off with optimizing your website for SERPs using the Structured Data Testing Tool.

15. Quandary Content Idea Generator

Creating quality content may be difficult, but coming up with a unique idea for content is an even monumental task. If you can’t come up with a good topic to write about, then head over to Content Idea Generator from Quandary. It is a free content idea generator that can give you hundreds of content ideas.

You can generate unique content ideas with Quandary Content Idea Generator to succeed as an affiliate marketer

It asks you about your target market once you register. You also have to answer things like ‘what your target audience wants and what they struggle with.’ Once you are done, you will get hundreds of readymade topic and headline ideas. You will have enough ideas to keep you going through the year.

16. Portent’s SERP Preview Tool

Portent’s SERP Preview Tool can help you create better and more effective meta descriptions and title tags. Just start typing your meta title and description in the boxes, and you will see how it will appear in Google’s search results.

Create better and more effective meta descriptions and title tags with Portent’s SERP Preview Tool

It is a simple, easy, and quick way to improve your search engine rankings and perform better as an affiliate marketer.

17. Google Analytics

You must learn how to use Google Analytics if you wish to be a successful affiliate marketer. It has a number of powerful features that can help improve your website and drive more traffic to it. Google Analytics helps you find out what people do on your website and where the traffic comes from.

18. Bitly

Affiliate marketers have to add affiliate links to their content. Adding those long links can affect the readability of your blog, and these never-ending links are also not pleasing to the eyes. Bitly is a link shortening tool that is easy to use and highly effective.

Bitly is a link shortening tool that is easy to use and highly effective

It comes in handy when you don’t want to add links that are too long. You can shorten these long links and add them to your content. In addition, Bitly also offers the option to bundle links together. You can also get some basic analytical reports with Bitly.

19. Linktrack

Your affiliate marketing efforts are only as good as the traffic they bring to your website. You must keep track of all the links you create to see what is getting hits and what isn’t.

Linktrack helps you keep a track of all your links

Linktrack helps you do just that. You can easily track all your links to see which ones are driving the most revenue.

20. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a free keyword tool that can be used to target larger audiences

Ubersuggest is a free keyword tool owned by marketing guru, Neil Patel. It is a simple, quick, and easy way to get keyword suggestions and ideas. It also gives you a detailed analysis of any keyword, including its trend, volume, and traffic. You can also find out the search volume, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, and cost per click for any keyword.

21. Grammarly

Grammarly is a great online writing enhancement platform. It helps you detect spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, and word choice errors in your document. You can correct critical writing errors as you type and improve the readability of your content.

Grammarly is one of the best online writing enhancement platforms out there

Grammarly offers a free version that allows you to correct a number of basic grammar and writing errors. It improves your copy and will ensure that your readers find your content fun and easy to read.

22. Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a great keyword tool that generates 1000’s of content ideas based on what people are searching for on the web. This is great for brainstorming ideas to create your content.

Answer The Public is a great keyword tool that can help you generate counltess content ideas

You must use this tool if you wish to create content that your audience wants to read. It will also improve your affiliate marketing prospects.

23. Heatmap

Looking for a free affiliate marketing tool that can help you find out how visitors use your website and interact with it?

Heatmap is a free tool affiliate marketing tool that can be used to improve the user experience

Heatmap is a great choice. You get instant feedback that can help you improve the experience of your audience. It also gives you enough data to make strategies that can improve your retention rates.

These were 23 affiliate marketing software, free and easy to use that can help you do better at affiliate marketing. Use these tools and improve your chances of being a successful affiliate marketer.