Making use of affiliate marketing services has become a popular way to earn some extra cash.

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The practice consists of advertising certain services and products via links on your website. When the customers visit your website and use these links, you can receive a commission through different referral programs.

This performance-based model is a great way to monetize your content. For merchants, it is a great way to increase their own customer outreach and sales.

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Affiliate marketing continues to grow and has become a $12 billion industry over the years. 81% of all brands over the world rely on affiliate marketing services to expand their customer base. More and more online businesses are entering the market with their affiliate programs, and marketers continue to sign up for these programs to make larger chunks of profit.

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There is a wide range of possible affiliate programs that marketers can work with. This is why most businesses depend on their affiliate marketing services to find the right network to connect with. Along with giving them the platform to earn a commission from the sales they make, these services also help marketers develop an affiliate marketing strategy that works for them. If you want to make more money from affiliate marketing services, you can try out any of the programs below.

1. Affiliate Window (AWIN)

Affiliate Window Affiliate Marketing Services

Affiliate Window (AWIN) has over 100,000 affiliates and 13,000 active advertisers. The program is available in 11 countries and has become a really popular affiliate marketing service in Europe. There are over 1,600 brands that work with this service, and marketers will definitely be able to benefit from this program. All the advertisers and publishers are heavily vetted before they become a part of the program. This means that you will only get high-quality products to advertise on your website or blog.

The user-friendly, simple dashboard has several useful tools that you can use to expand your profits. For example, you can use Opportunity Marketplace to pitch one-off deals to merchants. These are similar to sponsored posts. You can also install the AWIN WordPress plugin, which makes it easier to convert links. Real-time reports will help you improve your affiliate marketing strategy to maximize your profits.

You will find affiliate options for retail shopping, sports, financial, home and garden, and travel products. Many big names like HP, AliExpress, Hyatt, and Etsy work with AWIN. The program is best for experienced affiliates rather than beginners who will need more feedback and guidance. You will get payouts at least twice a month ($20 minimum). They have great customer service with around 15 offices globally.

2. ShareASale  

ShareASale Affiliate Marketing Services

ShareASale has grown into one of the largest affiliate networks in the world. They have around 4,000 merchants that you can incorporate into your website. You will find that around 1,000 of them are exclusive to the network. There are 4 different ways that you can earn from this affiliate marketing service, including:

  • Earnings per Click
  • Reversal Rates
  • Average Sale Amount
  • Average Commission

ShareASale will also help you compare offers from different merchants so that you can choose the best ones to market on your website. As long as your account balance is more than $50, you will be paid by ShareASale on the 20th of every month.

3. MaxBounty

MaxBounty Affiliate Marketing Services

MaxBounty is relatively new to the affiliate marketing program sphere. However, it has become popular because it is specially built to accommodate affiliates. It works on Cost Per Action (CPA) or Acquisition formats. This means that you can earn from mobile phone users as well. The company doesn’t choose the ad banner for you. It just chooses the customer links that the blogger or publisher can choose to place anywhere on their website.

There are over 1,500 active marketing campaigns run by MaxBounty currently. This affiliate marketing service works with digital products, not physical sales. They increase conversion and leads by encouraging customers to sign up for newsletters and email campaigns. You will find affiliate programs for real estate, market research, finance, diet, social games, and dating.

It is perfect for mid-level to top-level marketers who know a bit about traffic and affiliate management.

4. Tradedoubler

Tradedoubler is popular in Europe and focuses on providing smarter results. They have developed smart technology that can narrow down the right affiliate marketing strategy. This can help affiliates and clients garner more profits in the long run. Tradedoubler has 2,000 merchants and 180,000 active publishers currently. Their affiliate marketing services have resulted in over $1.5 billion in profits for their affiliates.

They have household names, such as Groupon, HP, Philips, Microsoft, Puma, and T-Mobile and their services are available in over 80 countries. This data-driven company will ensure innovative solutions for all affiliate marketers.  

5. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate Marketing Services

CJ Affiliate is a huge affiliate online platform that has every major retailer on their program. This makes the affiliate marketing service a one-stop-shop for most marketers. Retailers have multiple ad sizes that affiliates can choose to display on their websites or blogs. Of course, this depends on a blogger’s personal preferences.

You will also find it easier to segment and compare offers on the platform. The wide variety of advertisers makes it easy to find ones that are suitable for the niche that you’ve chosen. The affiliate tracking code is easy and straightforward to find. You can begin to display all sorts of offers on your website in just a few hours once you are approved. There are powerful reporting options that you can use to enhance your sales performance.

The marketing service has a steep learning curve. This makes it difficult for beginners to utilize the reporting capabilities of the program.

6. FlexOffers

FlexOffers Affiliate Marketing Services

FlexOffers is a huge affiliate marketing network that is known for paying you faster than other services. They have a solid range of features and tools that can aid marketers in their marketing campaigns. You can also choose from thousands of affiliate programs. This allows you to promote different offers in various delivery formats, according to your preferences.

You can connect with small, medium, and large budget brands and advertisers. This can allow you to maximize your profits by targeting different customers. You can find also go through the categories and sub-categories to easily find a program that suits your niche. You can also take part in FlexOffers’ own affiliate program that lets you earn up to 50% of the proceeds.

This affiliate marketing service is great for beginners and experienced marketers alike. The service offers you your own affiliate manager who can help you out with your marketing campaign.  

7. VigLink

VigLink Affiliate Marketing Services

VigLink is specially designed for bloggers, making it a little different from other programs. In this service, the affiliates don’t choose which merchants they work with. Instead, VigLink has dynamic links which automatically change according to the merchant. This ensures that the marketing service has one of the highest conversion rates. It also means that you will be able to get the biggest commissions as well.

VigLink acts like the middleman between merchants and publishers. It scans your content and creates links depending on your payouts and conversion rates in real-time. This makes it perfect for bloggers who want to spend more time focusing on content rather than affiliate management. The service categorizes merchants and advertisers based on what is popular and trending.  

It works with physical and some digital products, and it works well across social media apps and websites.

8. JVZoo

JVZoo Affiliate Marketing Services

JVZoo is a relatively recent program but has continued to rise to the top as one of the most popular affiliate marketing services. There are no upfront costs, which makes it a great option for startups or small businesses. They earn from charging fees after the sale is made, and commissions are paid instantly via PayPal.

Affiliate marketing services work with digital products. This includes internet offers, online courses, and e-commerce. This service is better for experienced marketers who want to flood the internet with different offers. It lets marketers create and host landing pages on their websites. This means that you don’t need your own website to start this affiliate program.

Some marketers feel that JVZoo is low-quality when it comes to products and offers. This is because they have no limits on who can sell their products on the platform and don’t penalize vendors for pulling the plug on their products without any warning.

9. Rakuten

Rakuten LinkShare Affiliate Marketing Services

Rakuten LinkShare is one of the oldest affiliate programs on the internet but is smaller than other programs. There are some really useful features that set Rakuten apart.

You can rotate through different ad banners automatically. This allows you to optimize your offers, which is a huge advantage. Manual selection can be time consuming and inefficient. Rakuten offers you multiple versions that rotate when you enter a small piece of code. The service has flexible deep linking options to individual landing pages of merchants. This allows for increased customization of campaigns. It also means that you can offer different affiliate offers on a single page.

10. ClickBank

ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Services

ClickBank is one of the oldest affiliate marketing services. It used to suffer from low-quality products before it revamped the whole program. However, there are still some digital products with questionable quality, such as “How to make money” courses. It tends to focus on digital products like e-courses, online courses, and eBooks. They have also opened up to some physical products as well.

You can join the service for free, making it great for beginners, small businesses, and startups. There is also a ton of instructional information like videos, walkthroughs, and FAQs. This makes it easier to learn how to successfully use the service. They also provide assistance from experienced marketers so that you can expand your revenue easily.

An advanced program called Joint Venture Program is a second-tier affiliate program. You need to get approval from merchants before you can use their products; however, the commissions here are higher.

11. Target Affiliates

Target Affiliates Affiliate Marketing Services

Target Affiliates is similar to the Amazon Associates program. It allows publishers and bloggers to earn a solid income from selling Target’s products. For well-positioned content creators, you can earn a lot of money since American consumers trust Target. However, commissions are low, and the maximum you can receive is 8%.

Target has over a million items that you can sell. This makes it easier to target a wide variety of customers and audiences. Since cookies expire in just seven days and commissions are low, you need a lot of incoming traffic to earn money from this program. This is why this program is better for established publishers.

12. Skim Links

Skimlinks Affiliate Marketing Services

Skimlinks is perfect for bloggers and influencers who don’t want to work hands-on with affiliate programs. It creates dynamic links for your content that your visitors will use to connect with merchants. This can create a lot of commission for you since Skimlinks works with 24,000 advertisers and merchants.

Once you are approved by Skimlinks as an affiliate, you can work with any merchant under the program. There is also a higher tier of vetted advertisers and merchants that are called VIPs or Preferred Partners. These merchants pay a higher commission than basic merchants.

The service works mostly with physical goods but has some digital goods as well. They have a lot of fashion and apparel products from big names, as well as eBay, Target, and Amazon products. Skimlinks is mainly for established influencers who want to monetize the content on their website. Bloggers who want to write content around a link rather than the other way around way will benefit more from Skimlinks.

You will get the following advantages by using Skimlinks:

  • Great customer service
  • Email alerts from your favorite merchants
  • Easy-to-use and powerful interface
  • Simple integration into your website
  • Auto targets in right regions for eBay and Amazon links
  • WordPress plugin available

13. Warrior Plus

Warrior Plus Affiliate Marketing Services

Warrior Plus is a strong contender when it comes to affiliate marketing services. It is the main program used to advertise online courses and marketing programs that teach people how to make money. You will be able to get instant payments through PayPal as well.

This program is better for more experienced marketers who want to earn commissions for a variety of programs. Experience affiliates are also the only ones who make use of sophisticated methods to drive traffic to the links. Otherwise, the clunky interface of the program and the high volume of low-quality products make it hard to make commissions. You can only sell digital products, the majority of which are courses on making money.

14. PeerFly

PeerFly Affiliate Marketing Services

PeerFly has a comprehensive list of physical and digital products for affiliates to work with. It has a second-tier program for advertisers that allows you to earn 5% of everything that second-tier affiliates sell in their first year.

You will be able to browse through around 8,000 offers at a time on PeerFly. It has really great payout and commission rates, which allow you to earn a lot of money. Educational information and FAQs can help beginner affiliate marketers understand the process. They also have regular reward programs and contests that can substantially help you increase your share of the profits.

There are some physical products available on PeerFly, but most of the products are digital. You will also find big customers, such as Fiverr, CBS, and Target. The service has a very simple signup process, which means that it won’t take you too long to start making money. They have high-quality products that remain transparent and upfront.

15. LinkConnector

LinkConnector Affiliate Marketing Services

LinkConnector has exclusive deals with brands like Ironman, GlobalGolf, Writer’s Digest, and They have a strict screening process for their publishers/affiliates and merchants/advertisers. This ensures that the affiliate marketing service will always have quality products that you can sell.

However, the platform’s interface is kind of clumsy and looks outdated. It can be hard to find ‘hot’ products or compare conversions. This can leave affiliates a little in the dark about the products they are choosing.

They have both digital and physical products for sale. Naked links are available for use by affiliates. These connect with the merchant directly instead of rerouting through LinkConnector. This can increase SEO for your website. The service is perfect for those who work in the niches of home interiors, apparel, and fashion. It offers private coupon codes that won’t be hijacked.

16. AvanGate (2Checkout)

AvanGate Affiliate Marketing Services

AvanGate (2Checkout) is a popular payout and affiliate program. This program sells digital goods and software rather than online courses and form completions. It has over 22,000 software products that you can partner with including Hewlett-Packard (HP), BitDefender, and Kaspersky.

The program offers more than 4,000 vendors that you can choose from for your affiliate marketing program. You can generate custom coupon codes which makes it a great option for experienced affiliates. People with a substantial user base will find it easier to find success with 2Checkout.

17. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing Services

ClickFunnels has really great converting landing pages. It allows people to create highly professional sales funnels that can earn them a huge chunk of money. They have their own affiliate program that can generate up to 40% in commissions on ClickFunnels’ products. You can also earn 5% on the revenue that ClickFunnels itself generates.

If you are looking to enhance your monthly income by a huge margin, any of these affiliate marketing services can help you out. They all have a different range of services that you can use to expand your business. With high-performing campaigns, you will be able to truly harness the power of online selling. These services offer you the chance to connect with advertisers, publishers, and key influencers from around the world. By choosing the right marketing service, you will be able to maximize your profits exponentially.

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