Adblade Review: How Well Does The Content-Style Ad Platform Work?

Adblade Review

If you are a publisher or an advertiser and are in search of a content-style ad platform, this detailed Adblade review might be just what you need.

The world of CPC marketing consists of interesting entities, with Adblade being one of them. Adblade is one of the most innovative content-style advertising platforms available on the Internet.

The platform enables advertisers to reach over 300 million unique users. Adblade only caters to high-profile clients, including premium national and local sites. For this reason, they bill themselves as an ultra-exclusive ad network with extremely high-quality ads, as the platform is tough to get into.

Here is a detailed Adblade review to help you understand if it’s the right platform for your marketing and advertising needs:

Publishers’ Point of View

Protect Your Brand And Your User Experience

Adblade allows publisher-sites to display ads from them and earn through the process. However, in order to do so, you will need to meet Adblade’s strict requirements for publishers.

They specifically require you to have at least 500,000 monthly page-views. That is half a million views per month! This amount of traffic is quite a lot and often beyond the reach of most startup affiliate sites. However, there is one benefit that comes out of this restriction. It puts the platform beyond the reach of small-time black hat spammers.

Adblade is the first choice of a premium publisher. While it only allows publishers who fit its requirements to know further details, there are many offerings that are out in the open. It ensures brand-safety, provides strong controls and gives you access to premium ad units to help you attract the best brands possible. Not only does it help you monetize inventory, but it also gives you detailed insight and reports into the value of your inventory. Their real-time reporting allows publishers to compare how sections and sites perform. It also helps them identify price trends and set CPM’s that reflect the current demands of the market.

Advertisers’ Point of View

Choose Adblade For Your Brand-Awareness Campaigns

Adblade wants to send potential customers to legitimate businesses and blogs. The platform seeks to avoid scam sites at all costs. Therefore it does accept all verticals for advertisers but has strict restrictions on content-quality. Majority ad networks fall victim to low-quality sites. Adblade combats this issue by being hyper-exclusive. Adblade believes that long-tail domains are the modern-day equivalent of spam, and therefore entirely restrict them.

With that being said, the nature of the titles promoted by Adblade isn’t regulated. You will often find clickbait-style headlines in the ads promoted by Adblade. While they aren’t as bad as those found on smaller ad networks, they do sometimes look spammy. However, the sites that have a profile high enough to use Adblade can shrug off a minor spam-like impression. Adblade delivers a perfect combination of extensive reach, proprietary ad units, premium inventory, and brand-safe assurance. All these features are designed specially to drive maximum ROI.

Notable Facts and Benefits of Adblade

One Of The Most Innovative Content-Style Advertising Platform Online
  • The premium placements and ad units offered by Adblade allow both top publishers and brand advertisers to succeed in the ever-growing online marketplace.
  • Adblade offers unique features that allow advertisers to launch their brand along with direct response campaigns with full confidence.
  • It also offers a winning combination of massive-scale distribution of innovative proprietary ad units through top-tier publishers.
  • Integral Ad Science is a recognized brand-protection leader in the industry. It has awarded Adblade with the highest possible Brand-Safety Rating.
  • Adblade has secured a place in Quantcast’s and comScore’s top-25 ad platforms.
  • Adblade is a division of an estimated company, Adiant. Adiant is a digital media company and is committed to serving top-quality advertisers and publishers with the most innovative advertising solutions.
  • The allowance of Google AdSense at Adblade helps both advertisers and publishers to use native analytics to track traffic.

Final Thoughts

Start Advertising Now

We believe that the main reason for the exclusivity of this ad network is the cost. Adblade hovers around 50 cents to a dollar for a single click for most verticals. While there are multiple benefits to the ad network, there is one noticeable downside to the platform. Adblade’s customer support isn’t very efficient. Even if they are present to help you, you can’t expect a refund or any nice treatment. As they constantly deal with large-scale businesses, their ability to please independent smaller companies is very limited.

You really need to know your business in and out before buying traffic from Adblade. The cost involved in the process is too high. You can’t simply run CPM advertisements on your site and expect to generate a huge income. You need to have quality products and high-value offers of your own to sell. Unless you have an extremely high conversion rate, volume won’t do you any good.

There have been reports of Adblade lying about its competitors in order to get ahead in the business. However, if your only concern is legitimate traffic, then Adblade is the perfect ad platform for you. It can be a very lucrative network for publishers and effective for advertisers. To conclude this Adblade review, the advertising platform works- and it works well.