30-Day Writing Challenge – Interesting, Fun and Creative

30 Day Writing Challenge

Planning to follow a 30-day writing challenge?

Let us help you.

Do You Wish to Write Like a Pro?

Do you want your writing to shine and the world to appreciate it?

You must be committed to writing to be able to achieve this. But are you afraid of commitment? Following a writing challenge can take you there.

You must remember that you cannot produce volumes of great writing overnight. There is no need to make it so intense that one prefers to run away from it. In fact, all you need to do is take baby steps. You must have come across these intense writing challenges that seem like quite an ordeal. But you don’t have to put yourself through that.

We can give you a 30-day writing challenge that doesn’t require you to produce 50,000 words a month.

Our simple and fun 30-day writing challenge gives you the liberty to write as little or as much as you want. There’s no pressure and no feeling bad about not completing the number of words the challenge requires.

Our writing challenge is not about volume, but creativity and creation. It’s not intense, but interesting and fun. It has creative writing exercises, one for each day of the month that you will enjoy doing. It isn’t a task but an activity that will make you fall in love with writing and not run away from it.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our 30-day writing challenge.

Day 1

On day 1 of your writing challenge, take us on a written journey to your favorite place. But, wait, here is the challenge. You have to write through the eyes of someone else. Sounds interesting, eh? Write as much or as little as you want. Don’t worry if you don’t want to write too much. After all, it is just the first day of your writing challenge.

Day 2

Think about three of your favorite people. Now create a protagonist using the laugh and hair of the first person, the personality of the second person and the face and mannerism of the third person. You have a protagonist.

Now start writing about him or her. You can add more traits to your character. You don’t have to write a big story. How about just the first 5 minutes of their day?

Day 3

Remember your protagonist? Send them to their grumpy aunt’s place for a day. They have reached her house. Write in detail about the scene of their arrival. Add as much detail as you want.

Day 4

Oh, your protagonist just turned into a statue. On day 4 of your writing challenge, write about their thoughts and feelings now that they are a statue. Write about what they see and what they think should be different from its current state.

Day 5

Your protagonist drank a potion that has turned them into a superhero. They have some superpowers. Write about these superpowers? What can they do with these superpowers?

Day 6

Okay, enough about the protagonist. Think about the food you love the most. Have a dish in mind? No, you don’t have to write about how amazing it is. For a change, write about it and make it sound as disgusting as you can.

Day 7 of your writing challenge

Day 7

What’s your favorite movie?

Change its ending. Introduce a new character that ruins the ending. You can also do the same with a book you really like. Trust us, your love for the movie or book will not be affected and you will have something interesting to write about instead of just sitting there and thinking about what you should write about today.

Day 8

Do you have a favorite quote? Write it down in your journal and describe in great detail why you like it. If the quote applies to any life incidents, write about that too. Also write something about a person whom you really wish had read and followed this quote.

Day 9

Talk about your family. How many members do you have? What makes each family member different? Does anyone of them have a story that you are truly inspired by? Do you wish someone was a little different?

Day 10

Do you have any fears? Write about them in detail. While you are at it, also add what you like and dislike about yourself. Is there something you feel strongly about or would change? Write about it all on day 10 of your 30-day writing challenge.

Day 11 of your writing challenge

Day 11

Do you have a favorite story? Take its first line and write a new story based on this line. You are at liberty to mold the story as you want.

Day 12

What is it that makes you laugh? Think about five things and write about them. Do you make others laugh? What are the traits that others like in you? Write all about it on day 12 of your 30-day writing challenge.

Day 13

Everyone has someone they look up to. Who is your inspiration? What is it that you like about them the most? Which of their traits do you admire and what would you do differently if you were in their place? Pen it all down.

Day 14

Do you like sports? What’s your favorite? What do you like the most about it and when did you become interested in it? Are there any other sports that you wish you were good at? Do you wish to play some sport professionally?

Dedicate day 14 of your writing challenge to sports.

Day 15

Are you currently watching any television series? What is it about? What do you really like about it? If you could play a character in it, which one would you choose? Also, write about your favorite actor and why you like them the most?

Day 16 of your writing challenge

Day 16

Think about something someone said that hurt you a lot. It can be something recent or something that happened in the past. How did you react? Would you do something differently if the same thing happens again? Write about how you have changed as a person over the years.

Day 17

Do you have a bucket list? Why not tick one item off it by writing about it? Want to go to Paris? Write as if you recently went there. Similarly, you can write about any item on your bucket list and dedicate day 17 of your writing challenge to it.

Day 18

Do you have any goals? Write about where you see yourself in the next five or ten years. Explain in detail what you will be doing then and how your life would be different.  

Day 19

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Write about your strengths and weaknesses from your own perspective and then from the perspective of someone else.

Day 20

Do you believe that zodiac signs actually have an impact on your personality? What is your zodiac sign? Do you think it has an effect on your life? Write about how zodiac signs impact you on day 20.

Day 21

Imagine that you were recently hired as a writer in a big editorial firm. Describe your first day at work. Let your imagination and creativity flow. Write about how you would win everyone over. Who would be your boss and friends?

Day 22

You just met your celebrity crush. Who is it? What to do you want to say to them? Plan a day out with them and write everything that you would like to do with them on this day. Be as imaginative as you want.

Day 23 of your writing challenge

Day 23

Think about your ideal man or woman. What traits do you think they should have? How should they look physically and what characteristics should they have? Which of their features or traits do you admire and want to have?

Day 24

What is your idea about the perfect summer? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to have around? What would it be like and what activities would you do?

Day 25

It’s the holiday season. What comes to your mind when you think about Christmas and the new year? Who do you want to spend this time with and what would you do? Write about your perfect holidays and all the things included in it.

Day 26

Did you go shopping recently? Is there something that caught your attention and you really wanted to buy? What was this thing? Why didn’t you buy it? Write all about this thing and why you wanted it so badly.

Day 27

What’s your greatest fear? It can be a person, place, thing, animal or anything. Why are you afraid of it? What if you have to face it? What strengths do you need to face it? What will you do in such a case?

Day 28 of your writing challenge

Day 28

Talk about a person’s weird habit. What is this habit and why do you find it weird? What would you like to change in this person? Will you adopt this habit of theirs and how will you deal with it?

Day 29

Everyone has some guilty pleasures. What are yours? Write about all the things you can think of and spend day 29 of your writing challenge doing it.

Day 30

This is the last day of the writing challenge. Write about how you felt about the writing challenge. Did you like this writing challenge? Did it change you in any way?

Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of the 30-day writing challenge. We hope it was fun and interesting. Let us know if you liked it and would recommend it to others.